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App reviews for "Sailing Home – Learn Animal Habitats.Version 1.0" [text]


Sailing Home – Learn Animal Habitats.Version 1.0 [text]

App description: Sailing Home – Learn Animal Habitats is a lovely and colorful kids’ app that combines education with fun. Discover interesting facts about animals and help the Captain take them to their habitats. The app ideally suits children from 3 to 6 years old.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sailing-home-learn-animal/id834307183?ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad3 - iPhone5

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Anastasiya K.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. I think animals are very important and this application dose more then teaching animals. It links the animal they already know to some habitats, places that kids must know that exist.
2. I really love the cartoonish graphics, although these kind of graphics aren't always a good idea. See the second part of my review.
3. The photo taking is one feature they really enjoy. It's nice that they can go and review them later on.

Improvements 1. As I always do in an educational application I have checked the settings menu. On one hand I can say thai it needs more settings. Like adding animals or removing others from the game, maybe a voice on/off switch. But the most important thing that is missing is a safe question preventing kids to access the menu
2. I personally love these kind of cartoonish graphics, but some island look really alike. So it's kind of hard for kids to know where to put the animals
3. The game can become boring very fast for kids, because after every 3 animals you have to go thrue the the whole process again.

General review This is a very interesting application that dose a good job on linking animals to their natural places. The graphics are very nice, but the islands need some more work and you have to do something with the settings menu. For now only 3 stars, but this application is worth more if some of the problems I pointed out are fixed.

Stan A.

What I liked This is a cute and educational children's app. I really like the animation style and the narrator sounds just like Adam West. It is appropriate for young children; there are no ads, upgrades, or unprotected links. There is plenty of information included to learn about each animal. My daughter enjoys popping the balloons.

Improvements The game play seems like it could be improved so that you can pick up more animals as you are playing instead of having to start over. It would be nice to be able to choose which animals to take instead of having random and frequently overlapping animals chosen for you. My daughter's favorite animal right now is the giraffe; she was disappointed that they were not included. Some of the habitats look similar to each other; it might be helpful to make them more unique looking. There seem to be a lot of redundant animations; it would be nice to have a skip feature after the first viewing.

General review This is a good quality app for young children to learn more about some of their favorite animals. It would be nice to see more animals featured in the app. There are some improvements that could be made to make it more fun to play but it is definitely a solid educational app.

Valerie M.

What I liked Sailing Home is a cute, engaging app that teaches children about animals and their habitats visually and orally. By tapping on one of three animals in a boat, you can learn about them and their habitat. You can then test your memory of which environment they belong on and take pictures of your correct answers as well as play a balloon popping game after successes. This app is both educational and motor skill reinforcing.

Improvements The kids I had play with this wanted more control in the camera function. They wanted to be able to rotate the frame and to be able to resize it to catch more or less area. Also, they wanted the pictures to talk or review information. As a parent, I would love an option for text for reading on animals and habitats as well as options to select animals for presentation. Younger children were slightly confused thinking all animals lived on islands from the way the graphics presented.

General review Sailing Home is a colorful, engaging app that works on early fine motor skills like dragging and dropping while teaching children about animals and their habitats. There is room for growth in both motor skill areas and increasing educational feedback, but kids enjoyed playing with this.

Marc Edward D.

What I liked I like the graphics in this game. Very colorful and cute. I am pretty sure kids will love it. I also like the background music in this game. Very catchy tune. Fits this game perfectly. I also like the voice-over in this game. I also like the interaction in this game. Brings more fun.

Improvements I hope to see an option to choose from different sets of animals before sailing. I also wish to see some mini-games in this app. I think a pairing mini-game would be nice where kids needs to pair or match an animal to their habitat. Coloring and puzzle would also be a nice addition too.

General review This is a fun way for kids to learn where each animal lives. Very colorful and cute design. Kids can also interact with the animals by touching them. The background music fits this game perfectly. Have lots of animals to help and bring to their habitat. Easy to play for kids. This is a nice interactive educational app.

Raphael S.

What I liked I'm planning on taking a cruise soon and I think this app will really help adjust and encourage young children to get into the mindset to go. I like the whole sailing theme as it hasn't been done much and the graphics are really pleasing to the eyes. I also liked the characters and the variety of them. The little facts were interesting and informative and I thought the games were very fun to watch. The child safety features are common in most apps like this but I'm still glad to have them.

Improvements Ideally it would be brilliant to have different versions for each of the continents including the animals native to them. I think it would be a great way to teach or introduce them to the worlds animals and maybe it's geography. I'd very much like to see some more mini games in the future as well.

General review Very well designed app with beautiful graphics and loveable characters. I think a lot of detail went into making the games as well. The information was valuable in my opinion and I too found it really interesting. Aside from that there are also some enjoyable games to take part in. It's excellent for parents who want to feel secure thanks to the safety features and I look forward to future updates and games.