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PicoToons Coloring Book (v1.0.1) [text]

App description: PicoToons is an art application for kids ages 3-9, with over 130 beautiful toon-like illustrations and a plethora of tools for drawing, painting and special effects. The App comes with 3 difficulty levels ( each with its own User Interface ), and customizable child-lock features.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/picotoons-coloring-book/id835925555?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Boleslaw W.

Frances A.

What I liked What I liked about PicoToons Coloring Book is that the app is user friendly. Also, the app has three difficulty levels, which made the app functional for older children. While using PicoToons Coloring Book a child has the ability to explore and pick a specific theme in example fairies and then can choose a picture to color. The app has ove 100 pictures to choose from. Another feature that I really love about the app is that a child can choose to color the picture by a painting, using crayons, markers, spray paint and a large variety of other special effects.

Improvements What I would like to see in a future version:

- I would like more categories to be offered with more pictures.

- I would like the app to offer a way to save the pictures to our devices camera roll. Also, another nice feature would be an in app collection that children can view and possibly edit their pages a their skills improved.

General review Overall I think that PicoToons Coloring Book is a fun and engaging app for children. With so much content in the app, it has the ability to not only have a child having fun but they will be learning various different skills such as reading, fine and gross motor skill, and hand and eye coordination. I would recommend this app for teachers and parents!

Jessica B.

What I liked I love this app, especially that there are no in-app purchases. I love the amount of variety for pictures to color that are geared for both girls' and boys' interests. I love that the app includes the ability to simply fill-in a section of the picture or for more advanced learners, you can draw/color outside the lines. The amount of colors is vast and also includes patterns for coloring, which I haven't seen before. I love the ability to use textures, stickers, and the magic particles to complete your picture. The child-lock features are also very parent-friendly! The ideas are endless!

Improvements In a future version, I would love to have a spot set aside for your favorite colors/patterns. There are so many options, this feature would help save time looking through all the colors. I would also love to have a few more font choices/options for the user to select in the ABC set. My last request would be for the Undo/Redo button to be engaged for the beginner user as well.

General review PicoToons Coloring Book is an amazing, all encompassing coloring and design app. I love the variety of pages to color, amount of tools available to use, and the ability to easily use it with younger and older children. The only minor criticism is that there is so much available, it is a little overwhelming. Thanks for the great app that is better than any other coloring app I have come across!

Misty G.

What I liked PicoToons is a fun coloring book app for kids. It is one of the largest and best app I have seen. The 3 difficulty levels allow access to certain features for different age levels. There are so many parental controls that you can always feel safe letting your little one play with this alone for hours! My favorite is the gallery drawing limit where parents can set how many drawings can be saved! The number of pages is perfect, the 5 different books/categories appeals to a wide audience, and the amount of tools and colors makes this app limitless!

Improvements While I love math, my husband does not! When he was trying to enter the parental control area, he had to pull out the calculator or paper to make sure he was able to accurately do the math problem with the carrying and adding 2 and 3 digit numbers. It was funny to me, but that would be my only suggestion for improvement, maybe less difficult problems to enter! Or maybe make it harder by having them solve some algebraic equation!

General review PicoToons is one of the most parent and kid friendly coloring book apps. With over 100 pages to color and 5 different books to choose from, it appeals to kids all ages and interests. There are numerous colors and tools available including a sticker tool, magic particle tool, pencil, marker, crayon, brush, and spray. Kids can color in free hand or use the fill tool to color more precisely. The sketchbook allows for creating images to color.

Lynn G.

What I liked What a great app to introduce children to a true drawing program. This is much more than a coloring book: it offers sticker and fill tools that do much more than simply add a sticker or fill an area with color. The magic particles tool adds different kinds of shapes to the drawing. This app is multi-leveled by drawing tools that are available to the user, so it could easily have a long life for your child!

Improvements In all honesty, I cannot find any area to improve in this app. It is easy to use, is leveled for use by multi-ability users, and allows creations to be saved to the camera roll of the iPad. The addition of coloring books would be a nice feature to add to this app.

General review This app will put other drawing apps to shame, so if you choose to purchase, you won't be disappointed, and may find other drawing apps unable to come close. Your student/child should be entertained for a long time with the multiple levels of engagement.

Cheryle D.

What I liked I like that there are three difficulty levels to color the illustrations.

The different patterns instead of solid colors were a big hit with all of the students.

There were a lot of pictures to choose from in a variety of categories.

The child lock features are good, except, see below.

Improvements I wish there was a child lock to get into the settings. A child can easily get in there and turn off the locks that the parent sets. This defeats the purpose of the mathematical equations.

I would like to see speech bubbles and/or have the ability to add text to the pictures. I know there are the letters, but that is more difficult to manage.

More pictures would be great. There was a request for vehicles from a student.

It would be great to be able to put these pictures into a cartoon strip or graphic novel type of page to create a story with the pictures.

General review This is a fun app to color a large variety of pictures. The app consists of three difficulty levels to cover a wide age range. The colors and textures to choose from are quite varied as well. There are also child-lock features that are an excellent way to keep parents informed of what is being saved and done.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. I really like that this application has multiple age modes. It's nice to see this in an educational application. The changing user interface is also a very nice touch for these different ages.
2. I like that the drawings are put togeder in different categories and we could find then very easy. 3. The number of colors and textures are overwhelming. Lots and lots to chose from.

Improvements 1. For me and for some kids, sliding from one drawing to another is not that smooth. I really have to slide to the edge on the screen in order for it to work. I would like some touch improvements.
2. In the colors and textures panel, there are some dots above the DONE button. I don't know what they do. I don't know if they are purely decorative, or they should had shown on what page I'm at the moment. This could b cleaned up a bit.

General review Overall this application is very interesting. It has lots of content for kids to draw and lots of colors to make a unique little monster. The facts that this app is structured for 3 age groups is very nice and a look forward to how it can be used. It doesn't need much to be perfect.

Raphael S.

What I liked My little brother loves to draw and color and since we can't always bring along his art set wherever we go this app seemed like the next best thing. I like the option of having multiple tools because each drawing feels like it needs a certain one and I really enjoyed seeing the different categories to choose from. The colors are vivid as well. I think the child safety features are wonderful too.

Improvements I'd like to see some more categories besides the first five and perhaps some holiday and family movie themed options that also come with the same themed stickers. Other than those requests I can't really see anything else that I would wish for right now.

General review It's a nice app for children that allows them to bring their creativity along with them wherever they go, there are some great child safety features that would make any parent feel secure. The illustrations are of excellent quality and the colors are vivid. There are a decent amount of categories to choose from so most children can find something they like. Having the option of different tools also keeps things fresh and more personal.

Shannon W.

What I liked What an amazing, fun art app for younger kids to play with! I love all the different categories and the infinite amount if fun coloring with this app. Love that there are tons of stickers to use and different art tools. The best part about this app is the settings section. You can choose the level depending on the child's age and what tools are available for them. This makes a great transitional learning app for kids to use as young as 2 years old that can grow with the child as the get older and learn the different art tools!

Improvements I would love to see another option to change the music. The song playing in the background is fantastic however after hearing it play over and over again it can get a bit redundant. Also, under the occupation and animal category maybe put the names under the illustration. For instance the word cat or ballerina or astronaut under the illustration so younger children can learn to read the word as it it being colored. Also it would be awesome of there was an option to make the illustrations animated. Perhaps have them wiggle or dance after they are completely colored.

General review Amazing art app. This is one of the best art apps I have seen, actually maybe the best one I have seen in terms of tool options and colors and textures, etc. Illustrations are fun and welcoming. The developers did an amazing job with this app. If I had the option to change the music I would give this 5 stars on the App Store. This is definatly one of my favorite apps that will be used daily by my daughter!

Amy T.

What I liked We love the variety of images, fun textures and tools to choose from; I love having both paint and fill options as some of my students have motor difficulties making the typical paint option too difficult. I like the complicated child lock feature to keep kids out of the settings with the option to disable it completely when not needed. I love the separate controls for music and sound effects. This is a wonderful coloring/ creativity app for kids, am glad to have it! Thank you for saving the kids' art into a gallery in the app instead of my photo roll!

Improvements I'd like an option to view all images in a category on one page, versus swiping through pages and pages of items to get to the one we want. I love the "dial" feature that pops up when applying a sticker, but want to be able to turn it off for students who don't have the motor control to swipe between the options. I like the preset ability levels but also want to create a custom setting, selecting the exact features to include. I really want the "sketchbook" category to be displayed first, as it is the one we will use most often though. Wish list items: glitter paint & ability to insert photos

General review Lots of fun! I really like how you can choose from different ability/ age levels, and that there are so many fun textures and stamps to choose from. We love the open ended sketchbook category, but there are also tons of premade pictures to color in and decorate! My only wish list items are glitter paint and ability to add our own photos to drawings. My kids really like this. I also really appreciate the in-app gallery, my camera roll thanks you

Marc Edward D.

What I liked The first thing I liked in this app is that there are so many illustrations to choose from. I also like the ability to add stickers in the illustration. I also like the amount of colors and patterns to choose from to use on each illustration. I also like the background music in this app.

Improvements I would love to see a share to social sites button after finishinig an illustration for easy sharing. I think it is more convenient for parents or kids if this button exist with of course a lock like the other buttons. I also think that there should be a choice to save to in-app gallery and own gallery after finishing an illustration. Current build only lets you save to the in-app gallery. You need to go to the in-app gallery in order to save the illustration to your device's gallery.

General review This is a great coloring book app with lots of cool colors and patterns to choose from. There are so many illustrations to choose from. You can also add cool stickers to your illustration. You can even create or draw your own illustration. There is also a nice lively background music. Highly entertaining coloring app for kids.