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App reviews for "Meet Science: Magnetism and Electricity (v1.0.1)" [text]


Meet Science: Magnetism and Electricity (v1.0.1) [text]

App description: Meet Science: Magnetism and Electricity inspires kids to learn the scientific concepts of magnetism and electricity. All the videos and lessons are geared toward school-aged children, but they are equally as educational and entertaining for adults.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/meet-science-magnetism-electricity/id827610928?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 18

Developer: MJ K.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. I like how this application is structured. Very clean interface and very simple. You can't get lost in this app.
2. With the help of this application, it's very easy to teach children in the classroom. It's fun and very interactive, so the kids are definitely attracted. By the way, with this app, even us adult can learn a thing or two.
3. I have to say, the mini games are very interesting and I found kids enjoying them.
4. The video tutorials were one of the best things. We played in the classroom with these experiments and kids were blown-away. They were getting in on the action.

Improvements 1. One of the things I would like to see is a settings icon on the main screen. Now I have to acces a category in order to go to settings menu.
2. It would be nice to add game center integrations for the game. Kids with this app at home could enjoy this. Or maybe some multiplayer compatibility.
3. I couldn't find other supported languages. Adding some could bust this application in the future. It's a too good of an application not to support other countries.

General review This is hands down one of the best educational application I have found on the AppStore. From video tutorials to dictionary, from great graphics to educational mini games, this application is complete. I wish one day all application were as good as this one. Incredible!

Lynn G.

What I liked Great graphics are displayed that illustrate what is being read aloud on each screen. There is a quick self-correcting quiz that follows the instruction and is effective in checking for understanding. Experiments follow the quiz that are high quality videos. A glossary and games are part of the package as well.

Improvements Some type of feedback for a parent or teacher in regards to the quizzes would be a nice feature. Other than that, this app is superb and would be useful in the classroom or at home as review of lessons taught in the classroom. This is one of the best apps I've seen in this program.

General review This app is well worth the money to help students learn about electricity and magnets. The graphics, videos, quizzes, and games are high quality, engaging, entertaining, and informative. The narrator is very easy to listen to. Some type of recording of results of the quiz would be helpful. Other than that, this app should be the perfect follow up to instruction in the science classroom.

Elena L.

What I liked The kid friendly graphics were very engaging and helped to make the complex material more understandable. The Learn section presented the material in a very organized manner. Also, the video experiments really helped reinforce the learning process. I really liked the hard pause before revealing the results of the experiment to give learners the chance to formulate their own conclusion. The mini games are refreshing and also serve to reinforce the learning especially "Tap Tap Connect the Circuit".

Improvements The only thing I would ask for is a repeat option for the Learn section. It would be helpful to re-trigger the animation that accompanies the narration. Kids tend to be visual learners. So for example in the sections that showed electrical current flows and such, the kids had to go backwards and then forward to repeat the page.

Parallel is misspelled in the initial multiple choice quiz for "A Map for Electricity"

General review This is a wonderful educational app that teaches magnetism and electricity, complex subjects, in a very engaging manner. There are quizzes after each chapter of learning. Also there is a very useful glossary. There are video experiments that are performed in a clear manner with summary notes at the end. The mini games really help to reinforce the learning, so these are games that I would encourage kids to play.

Shannon W.

What I liked I love this app! What a great educational app to teach school aged children about magnetism and electricity! I love the instructional video experiments! Great ideas to use the fun educational experiments in the classroom. Also the learning section is very entertaining and the cartoons make learning about the complex theories of electricity and magnetism easy!

Improvements This app does basically everything you would ask for in a science app! The only fix I would love to see in an updated version is if the cartoon lessons were much more interactive. Instead of just a cartoon, perhaps when the magnet is touched and a reaction happens in an interactive way it would make the learning even that much more fun! Also perhaps if the glossary pics were animated as well to give it a better grasp of understanding.

General review I really love this app. Perfect for school aged children! I really wish more educational apps were this fantastic and I eagerly look forward to more apps from this developer! Perfect 5 star app that will definitely be used over and over again on my iPad! Kudos to this developer for making such a fantastic app!

Cheryle D.

What I liked I like how comprehensive it is with videos, quizzes, experiments, etc.... The floating object over the magnets was a huge hit! The dictionary/glossary was great to improve vocabulary and concepts as well as to learn about various scientists. The mini games were a nice addition as well.

Improvements I would like to see the true/false or yes/no answers with words or something other than an "X" or an "O". The students were a little confused with which one to pick.

The size of the app is very big, I would like to see the size reduced. When you have limited capacity, this app will be one of the first deleted due to its size.

General review This is a great app for school-aged children to learn about how magnets and electricity work. It is very comprehensive throughout and includes videos, experiments, fun games, and quizzes. This app is well worth the price and there was a lot of thought put into it! This is a great app!

Heather W.

What I liked I really like how this app explores the subject of electricity and magnetism with a depth that provided my students many opportunities to learn and be challenged - each at their own level. The home screen is a nice touch because the workbench looks like it belongs to an amateur scientist and helps to set the tone for learning in an approachable and low key manner. I like the cartoon characters who help to relate the concepts.

Improvements I really like how the mini-games reinforce the lessons; however, I would like to have the option of turning off the timers so that the players have the time to experiment and fully grasp the concepts. The timer option could be turned back on to demonstrate full mastery. Also, I would like to see links to the glossary embedded into the lessons so that as the learner reads/listens she can quickly look up an unfamiliar word. It would also be nice if the word the narrator is reading is highlighted so that the learner can read along

General review This is a really nice app that has the trifecta of great content, enjoyable learning space and nice graphics. My students really enjoyed learning about electricity and magnetism because they could work at their own pace and reinforce their learning through quizzes and videos. We learned a tremendous just by watching the videos accompanying the experiments.

Kristina C.

What I liked The characters are cute. We loved the way it’s layed out. I loved the quiz at the end of the lesson so the kids do it automatically. The game option is great but needs improvement. Great photos & illustrations of the science. I loved the glossary.

Improvements Would love it if there was an option to read the experiments to us. Just a button option (not automatic). I think it would also be nice to have a button option to turn off the music. Experiments need a better explanation during the experiment. We found the summary did explain some of our questions, but not all. What’s a rubber magnet? What is iron powder? HOW do you make an object float in mid air? Confused about “which object blocks a magnetic force?” Games: did not understand how to play them. Especially the UFO. Directions not clear.

General review Overall we liked this app. Has great photos & illustrations to demonstrate concepts. Glossary has great definitions & illustrations to explain terms. Even has section for “scientists” & “aha” section w interesting info such as “the secret of Christmas lights”. Science is presented well with a bit of room for more explanation but overall very good. Keeps kids’ attention. The games need improvement with directions but have lots of potential.

Maggie F.

What I liked The videos at the end of each section helped to re in force the section that they just learned about. I really liked that they stopped the video and would allow for discussion before seeing the outcome. Sometimes the students were right on and sometime they were surprised at the out come.

Improvements My students were confused by the X and O on the questions. They are most used to T or F instead of an X or O.
On the Mini games “Lights ON” was interesting and the kids got the idea really easily. But the other two games were much more difficult for them to get in the time allotted. Maybe have a setting it so there is a NO TIME limit game as well, especially if you are working with 10 and 11 year olds and they are working as a group, they got frustrated with these games “Bounce Bounce UFO and Tap Tap Connect the Circuit” Showing a solution would help learning the process by giving feedback.

General review Very interesting app, my students liked and learned a lot about magnets and electricity. They especially liked the videos that show the experiments. I used this to supplement our science curriculum for electricity and magnets as a station. The games were OK but they were frustrated with having such short time to figure it out.

Holly A.

What I liked I loved everything about this app. It was engaging, had great content and provided a wealth of activities. I particularly liked the experiments the student can do. As a teacher, I feel this app is a perfect addition to our classroom science resources.

Improvements With an app so rich, I don't really see anything I'd change. If I have to answer this question, I would like a way to get feedback on my students' learning after they have used the app. A quiz on the content introduced in the app would be perfect. Along with that, if a quiz and feedback option were available, I would like to be able to let multiple users use the app so I could run a full class report.

General review As I said before, I really love this app. It is age appropriate (for the advertised age). The content is appropriate and engaging. I plan on using this app in my classroom and would like to use the videos demonstrations/experiments at a center for our science night.

Jo B.

What I liked I love that this app addresses the needs for middle and older elementary students. The lessons are kept short to insure retention and assimilation, and are logically presented. Each segment complements and is built on the foundations of the previous lesson. The short quiz at the end of the lesson really helps to reinforce the material, and if you are incorrect, the correct answer and why is explained rather than harsh criticism. I think that this really keeps motivation high. The experiments are wonderful, and are fitting for family exploration or to be conducted in the classroom.

Improvements The only thing that was hard for me were the mini games. I could not get past the first level with any of the three games presented. I would love a tutorial or a visual play through as I felt the directions were not enough. Even if there were a hint button - which there may have been, but it was not obvious to me. This really was my only complaint as the app ran smoothy on both my iPad 4 and iPad Air.

General review Meet Science:Magnetism and Electricity is an incredible app for elementary students. It fills the gap for this age group that is often overlooked. The material is presented in a progressive and logical fashion with quizzes and mini games to help reinforce the material learned. The glossary that is included, is quite extensive and the experiments are FUN! Both families and classrooms would benefit from using the app to encourage future scientists.

Valerie M.

What I liked Meet Science: Magnetism & Electricity is an in depth, multi-faceted science app that offers a wide range of tool to augment science education and exploration for primary school students. I love the format that has lessons, a glossary, experiments and engaging mini-games. It can be used for self-directed learning and exploration, or to augment an existing curriculum.

Improvements I would love to be able to change the size of the text, and have the option of reading it by myself, & the ability to highlight text and/or click on words for definitions. It would be nice to be able to have different levels of abilities in the games, but all in all they are lots of fun.

General review This is another great learning app designed to provide hours of fun and learning for primary students. With a few tweaks and additions, it could also be an excellent tool for students with disabilities. Used as a supplement or standalone, it gives kids great hands on opportunities to explore and learn about magnetism and electricity.

Misty G.

What I liked This app is amazing! It is perfect for kids and adults of all ages. It is also great for homeschoolers. The app has tons of information. There are lessons,games, experiments, quizzes, a dictionary, and a list of famous scientists. The experiments are easy and mainly use gousehold items. They really help make a connection to the subject being taught.

Improvements I love this app. The only improvements would be to expand to include possibly more subjects and/or additional experiments. Everything else about the app is great. I definitely
Ike the characters and music! I hope you have more educational apps such as this.

General review This app is the perfect app for homeschoolers or little science lovers of all ages. This covers electricity and magnetism. It is a wonderful app with great graphics and catchy music. The app is full of lessons, quizzes, experiments, games, and even a dictionary. It explains these scientific lessons in language easy to understand, and the experiments attracted my kids attention for a long while!

mandy N.

What I liked I love all the activities this app includes. There is so much to learn and explore in this app about magnets and electricity. The app is very user friendly with the instructions that it includes. The little characters are very cute and the app is bright and inviting.

Improvements I would love to see in the future more science apps like this. There's so much included it's hard to find room for improvement in this app. I wouldn't mind seeing a version for younger children that might just need basics to start out with but otherwise app is great!

General review This app is awesome! So much info included with mini games, glossary, experiments (that you can do at home) and learning all wrapped up into on fun app. This app is great for just about anyone to learn more about electricity and magnetism. Really great for school-aged kids!

Frances A.

What I liked The app Meet Science: Magnetism and Electricity is a wonderful app to intrigue the imagination of children. Even though there are subjects in science that are very complex, the app makes learning about the varying topics engaging and differentiated. This allows for both younger and older children to follow along. I loved the experiments were turned into videos that can be followed and can become a science activity in the classroom such as why things stick to a magnet. This allows for real world and practical use of the app at school and around the house.

Improvements What I would like to see improved in a future version:
- The mini game section is great but I think the addition of a few more games would be good as well.
Also, the mini games are not appropriate for all children. Younger children or children with disabilities could have a very hard time completing the mini games. A mini game such as matching pictures would be an addition that I would like to see.

- Another thing that could be useful is when learning about an item we find text and a picture. If they are able to click on an unfamiliar word in the sentence and just that word is repeated.

General review Overall I think the app is a great tool for teaching and a great resource for parents as well. It has nearly everything that you could want from an app. We go from areas to learn and play to a glossary of terms then back to wonderful videos showing how materials can be put together and used in science. I would recommend this app!

Lena L.

What I liked I like that the app is fun, engaging, entertaining, and full of experiments. Kids have many areas to explore and learn using the app. It is bright and attention grabbing. The graphics are great and I love the glossary area. The app is easy for children to use and learn on their own.

Improvements A personal pet peeve I have is people saying magnets stick. Tape sticks to paper, magnets do not stick, they attract and repel. Even though this is an app to make science learning easy for children, we still need to teach them correctly from the beginning. Also, I would like to see more scientists added in the glossary area. You should also include a disclaimer on every experiment that they should have an adult or teacher around to help. You wouldn't want a kid using a hammer and getting hurt.

General review There are so many ways for a child to learn using this app. From fun games to neat experiments and more, children will be entertained. Science is so important and lacking in the US educational system today. This app will help explain a lot of the important concepts children should know, in a kid friendly manner.

Raphael S.

What I liked It's based on a wonderful topic that isn't covered much on most educational apps and I must say I'm quite impressed with the colorful graphics. The app has a nice interface that's very child friendly, it's also explained really well and it detailed stages which make it easier to understand. The fun and interactive games makes processing the information learned less of a hardship.

Improvements I didn't have encounter any issues whilst using it and I actually don't think that there's anything to improve. The developers really took their time and made a well designed app with everything working as it should. If there's anything I would wish for, it would be more of the same and perhaps in different subjects.

General review Well designed app with colorful, high quality graphics. It's interactive, the user interface is child friendly and easy to pick up on. The topic is a very brilliant one that you don't see much of elsewhere. I'm impressed with the high quality, colorful graphics as well. It balances education and entertainment quite well and that makes it engaging and allows the information to really be absorbed.

Erica M.

What I liked Both myself and my daughter really LOVE this app on our iPad. This is loaded with information and really fun and addicting games as well. My daughter would actually ASK to play this app as part of her school work (she is homeschooled). I love the experimental videos that give you great ideas to try at home on your own.

Improvements As much as we love this app there is always room for improvements of course. Having more experiments added on a "regular" basis would be a great addition. Ongoing updates on a regular basis to look forward to instead of wondering when the next one will be added.

General review This app is loaded with educational information that engages not only my child but myself as well. The characters are colorful and funny. The option to add words from the Glossary to save in your own dictionary is a great touch. Find lots of information on different Scientists by name in the Glossary as well. A must add app for the curious indeed.

Amy T.

What I liked So educational and fun! My 6 year old and I enjoyed the simple science experiment videos-my son has asked to get the items used in the videos so we can recreate them at home- they use common materials in the house or that can be purchased easily. We loved the narration and use of real photos and video footage to teach about magnetic forces and electricity. Good for all ages. On top of the educational activities, fun games reinforce some of the concepts learned. I as an adult am finding two of the games addictive- my son likes the one where you assemble the pipes to allow electricity to flow.

Improvements Perhaps when tapping a picture of items needed for a particular experiment, the labels could be spoken when touched. Would love to be able to download experiments individually as needed to keep the app size down- the app is big and space is at a premium on our iPad. Really happy with the quality of this app. Bugs- froze up, had to exit when score saved w/out a name. Froze and said times up times up repeatedly when my son played many times in a row? Other than above, runs great on out iPad 2!

General review We are both really enjoying this app- finding an app that a 6 year old and an adult both love is not an easy task, but the app really makes learning about magnets and electricity fascinating. The visual/audio glossary is excellent! Challenging, fun mini-games keep a child's interest (and an adult's too) in the app long after the experiments have been watched and conducted. I can't wait to see more apps from this developer along this line.