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App reviews for "Kilubu : Magic Potions 1.0.1" [text]


Kilubu : Magic Potions 1.0.1 [text]

App description: Have you always dreamed of becoming an alchemist and create magic potions? It is now possible with "Kilubu: magic potions"! Your daring and curious friend Sacha is willing to try out any of the funny and strange potions you create with him.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/kilubu-magic-potions/id804794027

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone5

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Vanessa K.

Amy T.

What I liked I love the concept of making magical potions by following a "recipe". There are some very creative and silly changes we have already discovered. I like how playing unlocks new ingredients but want to see them all displayed maybe with a lock? I like the visual cues showing the player where to drag items. I also love the separate controls for music and background sounds- shutting off the music allows me to hear my students better when we are using the app. I could see me using this a lot more If both the ingredients and the potion's effects were easier to see, and more interactive/theatrical.

Improvements It would be nice if the first time the app was opened, there was a tutorial feature that would stay available in the app at a later time to show how the app scrolls to different screens. Parental gate doesn't work- I entered "10" just to see, and it opened up to the App Store for me. Moving objects in the environment (like the shaking box) were distracting, as they do nothing when you tap them (we thought perhaps the box would have items inside to use). The potion effects were hard to see - items are too tiny despite big iPad screen.

General review A very cute idea that needs bigger theatrics & funny errors when making potions- i.e. correct ingredients for a potion put in the wrong order or with too high a fire could make a silly variation, with Sacha doing something funny with his new feature. I just feel it could be so much more fun and engaging for players who just want to explore cause and effect relationships. It is good for creating discussion, making predictions & conclusions.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. This is a very funny application and kids had a lot of fun waiting to see what happened after the character drinked the magic potion. They were very happy and surprised at the same time.
2. The catalog of magic potions is vast. You have pages and pages to go through and it's a lot of gameplay. I think kids got bored of the game and the potion catalog still had some they never had a chance to do.
3. The graphics of the game are good, the character is very funny and the transformations he is going through are hilarious.

Improvements 1. The application needs more variability. Don't get me wrong, the gameplay is nice, but after some time kids get bored of doing potions. It would be nice if kids had some kind of story to go through.
2. I would like to see some transformation permanent. The character looking like what he just transformed in to. I think it would be very funny and I think kids would enjoy it too. It was a request from them.

General review Overall this is a very interesting application. The content is solid, I've got a catalog full of potions. It's very nice to use all the tools and create potions, but after some time kids can get bored. The app lacks variability and a story mode could be a nice update.

Cheryle D.

What I liked This app was fun and it was a hit. I liked that there were a lot of different potions to figure out, some were really creative. It was colorful and engaging and the different clips of Sacha when he tries them were great! I liked the steps that were needed to create the potions as well.

Improvements When you pin up a recipe, there's a question mark next to the ingredients when unknown, but the fire level just shows low. It should have a question mark next to it as well when the level is unknown. We kept doing a recipe that we thought was right when pinned, but it needed a high fire to it. It worked with 4 and 5 potions, (the question is in the circle) but not 2 and 3 potions.

When you perform a bad potion, it says "Too bad! This potion is successful", which is incorrect.

The app worked on my iPad, but it kept crashing on my iPod's.

Would like potions on other characters.

General review This was a fun and creative app that mixes various ingredients to make potions. It uses several steps per potion and the fun part was watching the outcome of the potions. It was colorful and engaging throughout. However, it only worked on my iPad, and kept crashing using my iPod's.

Frances A.

What I liked I though Kilubu: Magic Potions was a creatively fun and highly engaging app. Going through the app we meet Sacha who tries out a variety of potions that the child creates. I love that their is a guidance feature for children when they are first playing the app. Also, I liked that the whole app was highly interactive and allowed children to work with a variety of ingredients. After mastering several potions the children get additional ingredients and recipes. I love that and I am so happy that there is no IAP in order to move further with the game.

Improvements WhatbI would like to see improved in a future version:

- I would like to see additional hints given to children other than the recipe book. For example, not all children would need this but if a child is trying to figure out the recipe and keeps getting it wrong perhaps there can be a setting that give the option for additional hints to be show. This would also help in engaging younger learners in the app.
- I would also like to see more information given to children when they have to process the ingredients such as chop them. It is hard to know how to use these without seeing it do e firs

General review Overall I think that Kilubu: Magic Potions is an engaging game for children to play. As for it's educational value I can see it used as a reward or choice time pick but besides that I think this is fun fictional entertainment. I would recommend this app especially for children who do take an interest in science, math, magic and creating potions. One of the best part about this app is that it is kid friendly and fun.

sandy g.

What I liked I appreciate that there are no in app purchases with this app. The app would definitely keep an user busy with all the different potions to be figured out. I like watching the character change after drinking the created potions. The unique ingredients would fascinate the youngsters creating the positions.

Improvements The app says it contains a parent section, however the only thing I found was 2 other apps by the same developer. I would like to see some sort of directions to guide the user. The directions could be included in an introduction that could be skipped once the directions are understood.

General review The app would definitely appeal to all the wizard fans out there. The ability to choose to follow the potion recipe book or to freely mix ingredients and discover what you have created make this app more appealing. The app also is suitable for a wide age range of users.

Lynn G.

What I liked It is fun to create potions with Sacha, but I'm not quite sure what the point it is. This app has great graphics and interactivity, but very few directions. Hopefully, it is intuitive for its intended audience. There is the mystery of creating potions, but I'm not sure if it's engaging enough to stick with.

Improvements Some directions for the parent/teacher would be great. The parents' section didn't give much information. I am unable to see the educaitonal value in this app; apparently, the goal is to create potions for Sacha and see what happens to him when he drinks the concoction created by the player. I question the value of this app.

General review It is entertaining to see what happens to Sacha as a result of the player's mixture of exotic ingredients, but I doubt I would pay for this app. The developer did a great job with the interactivity and graphics. Hopefully, it is more appealing to its intended audience that it was to me.

mandy N.

What I liked Very cute app. Love how there is a recipe book to follow and try to make all the different potions. Love the different interactive items on the screen beyond the items used for the potion. I also like how it scores you on making the potions. It's fun to just mix a few and see if you end up with some super cool recipe without the book :).

Improvements Sometimes the 5x wouldn't show any recipes but the always came back later. :/. Not sure if it's a glitch or not. Would love a few more interactive items in the background. I like that there is some but would love to see them do a few more things such as the jumping box having something pop out of it when touched. Would love to see more added in the future!

General review I think this is a great app! It's fun to play around with and I see room for expansion in the future hopefully! :). The app provides a lot of entertainment making the different potions and seeing what happens to the alchemist while mixing all the things together at different settings :)

Maggie F.

What I liked Cute nerdy character as the “guinea pig” trying the potions made by the user. Using a recipe book with the ingredients to create an end result. Having to make several potions before getting another ingredient added to the shelf. Building on the amount of ingredients used in potions and what you do to them. I liked being able to turn off the music if I didn’t want to listen to it while playing.

Improvements The ? in the gray square had no explanation as to why it was there. Hovering over it (?) could have given the user a hint as to what they were looking for. Not enough feedback on the quality of the potion made by the user. Feed back as to why a certain potion got a 1 star as apposed to a 3 star rating. If the potion was not good enough the response from the “guinea pig” could be very small transformation or if the potion was excellent a larger transformation.

General review This is a good app to get a user using ingredients to produce an effect using ingredients,mixtures, heat and chemistry. This app could get a student possibly interested in doing further research in chemistry and experimentation, and maybe lead to a scientific research position.

Shannon W.

What I liked I think the illustrations are fantastic and the entire chemistry/alchemist theme is fantastic for early scientists. I like that its a fun entertaining game and I also like that the potions get harder as you progress throughout the game. The sounds are fun and Sacha's expressions are priceless when tasting the potion! It's a great app for children ages 5-8.

Improvements I don't like that there was absolutely no instructions to the game. Unless I couldn't find them?!?
It took me a good 5-10 minutes to figure out what to do. My app crashed the first time I launched it so perhaps there were instructions I just missed them? I'm pretty good figuring out apps but this one was a lil confusing at first. Imagine how kids would feel. I also don't like that Sacha in the app is portrayed as "geeky". Why not have the option to choose your character. A boy or girl and perhaps different personalities with each character instead of the one Sacha.

General review I give this app 4 starts. If it had actual instructions on what to do with the app or a help section I'd probably give it 5 stars. It is a well thought out fun early chemistry game to enrich early scientists! However without the instructions or options to choose your character I wouldn't be able to give the app 5 starts.

Misty G.

What I liked Kilubu is an app geared towards preschool or kindergarten age kids who enjoy experimenting with different ingredients to make magic potions. I liked the colorful graphics and animations. There aren't many magic concoction apps available. So it is fairly unique. The book of potions doesn't always have all the information necessary. Kids must experiment a little in order to make it work and get more stars for the quality of the recipe. I like that kids have to think about the steps that must be taken and the different ways the potion can be made, and how each can change the end result.

Improvements When a potion is of a lower quality, the animation change is the same. It would be more interesting and make more sense if the animation was different. If a low quality and no stars are given on the pumpkin head draft, only a portion of the head turns to a pumpkin or something similar. It would give a better visual reminder that the potion wasn't the best quality.

General review Younger kids benefit from following directions from the book and enjoying the animation when Sacha drinks their potion. Older kids will enjoy experimenting to see what they can do to change the end quality of each potion. There are 60 different potions to make, and they get progressively more difficult to make. No ads or in app purchases allows kids to play without accidentally hitting a button that interrupts their learning!