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Budget Balance, version : 1.2 [text]

App description: Budget Balance is the ultimate tool for Budget Management. Stay on top of your expenses, incomes and salary requirements and detect potential problems well before they arise. keep management for your salary , incomes and expenses with just a few clicks. Budget Balance offers many unique features

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/budget-balance/id535707556?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPhone3GS - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G

Total reviews: 20

Developer: Amr E.

Courtney D.

What I liked I love the design of this app. The intricacy and detail to the income/expenses pages is fantastic. I love that it allows for recurring entries to be added. I appreciate the subcategories that can be used to allow for more specific explanation of entries for organizational purposes.

Improvements I am not sure this is even a possibility, but I would like the opportunity to sync with other accounts, like bank accounts, or to a computer site of some kind. I wish you could see the specifics like restaurant, fast-food, etc. in the diagram/pie charts. As of now it just shows the main category of food and such. I wish it could be customized. The black background is hard to look at for a long period of time.

General review For those in need of an easy system working on keeping track of finances, this is an impressive app. It is a quick way to keep on-the-go track of income/expenses. I would recommend a bit more detail (fast food/restaurants/groceries) with the graphing system, but it is a great depiction of main categories (food).

Ann A.

What I liked Upon my first review of all of the function areas, the graphics look good, the sounds are good, looks like all the right areas you'd need for a functioning budget program. I definitely like budgeting tools, especially on my mobile devices. It should make it easier to stick to your financial goals. Some particular things I liked: variety of categories and option to create my own, recurring transactions, and overview. The picture icons look pretty good and I think are fairly descriptive and appropriate for each option.

Improvements I wouldn't mind the contrast being higher between the grayish and light blue items. It can be difficult to read. The text is extremely small. I understand that it needs to be small to fit on the screen, but it is fatiguing, especially with the low contrast (black text on medium gray). I'm not sure why you need a location option in this program. I received an error every time I tried to use that feature. I just tried to add an expense with a picture and a note attached to it, which I think is a totally awesome feature, but it's stuck. I've added a video to YouTube (unlisted) http://youtu.be/WeQ0RwD8D0E

General review I really like this app! The overview is very revealing, which is a good thing. If you are using a budgeting app, you want to actually see the big picture of your finances. I love all the different categories for expenses and income and the ability to add your own. The recurring transaction feature is really good, too. Overall, I'm very pleased with this app and will attempt to set it up to use it in with my real life figures and see if it improves my money managing skills. It's been very easy to setup and the key will be if I can stick to using it. Great job.

Jessica A.

What I liked I love this app! I love all of the options on detailing my expenses and my income. I love all of the colors. It is easy to put it expenses and income both. A feature that I really like that I think sets it apart from some of the free finance apps is the reoccurring transactions. That is a great plus.

Improvements The one thing that I would like to see that I did not find was a way to password protect the app upon opening it. I know that other free financial apps have this option available. This way when my son who is two is playing with apps on my phone I do not have to worry when I step away that he will open and mess up out family finance records. The other option that I am not even sure is possible or it may be that I just don’t have the necessary devices myself. I would like to see a way to wirelessly send the report to my printer so that I could show my spouse.

General review Overall this is a great app. It is worth the money! It is customizable to your own preferences. The app also gives great graphs to show you where your finances are going. The ability to set reoccurring transactions is a plus and super convenient. I would recommend this app to friends!

Teriann M.

What I liked This app has a ton of content and is really simple to use. I have tried a couple of "budgeting" apps before but usually find the time it takes to navigate the app itself and to then enter information is way too time consuming. Budget Balance does a lot of the work for you. Totally customisable and lots of extras like being able to add the location of your purchase, a report option to track your spending graph/pie or trend style and even the ability to add a photograph and notes of your purchase.

Improvements I didn't feel the design of the app was up to the standard of the actual app. Such a high tech application deserves a high tech look. I'd also appreciate a little on screen prompting as I felt like I was flying blind a couple of times. Overall though there is not much missing.

General review This a whizz bang, all bases covered app. I actually had fun adding my information and found it really simple to use even though at first I found it a little overwhelming, due only to the huge amount of content.
I would also like a bit of prompting, especially when a mistake is made.
Budget Balance is definitely the best budgeting app I have tried.

Holly J.

What I liked I really liked the options to categorize the expenditures, and the availability of adding customizable options. I also like the reports feature, and the front feature allowing you to see how much of your salary or income is left after expenses. I also liked that it shows percentage of where your money is going.

Improvements A tutorial option when you first open the app, to take a user through all of the features, and how to manage all of them. For recurring payments, a date selector for each month. The zero button acted as a delete button. Could have multiple account options for savings, etc.

General review This has the potential to be a great app, and one that I would use in the future if some more additional features were added! I really liked that it allows you to categorize your expenditures and allows for customization. The visual representation of your income and expenditure, should allow you to match your bank accounts. Overall, good app!

Marcel W.

What I liked I like the graphic of the app, I think it looks really nice. The build in categories are very expansive which is nice because it cover most of the basic categories out there. You can always create your own if it's not already there. Dropbox integration is very good. This way you can always restore the data in case you get a new phone. Passcode implementation is good too.

Improvements I did not see any option where I can integrate the app with my bank account or my credit card so I would have to enter all the entry by my self. The chances of tat happening all the time is almost slim to none which would make the app not very useful for me because I won't have a complete data. iPad version would be nice especially for the report etc.

General review Very good budget management tool that will allow you to get a good view of your finances on your finger tip whenever and wherever you are if you are very discipline and enter all your transactions on regular basis. Good reporting it has Dropbox integration for backup and can export report to PDF. However I can't give it five star cause it's missing financial accounts integration.

Michelle W.

What I liked Easy to use on the iphone I liked the categories that were already in the app and that you can add subcategories in them. I also liked the recurring payments, although I would like to pick the due date instead of use the date i entered the bill. The reports are easy to read.

Improvements I think the information bubble needs to be brighter, using a different color for the text would help. There are a couple words that are misspelled incomings should be income and incomes should be singular in the expense/income bar. Also Interests should be interest.

General review Great app for keeping track of your budget. I like that I could easily input expenses into categories and add subcategories/line items in them. There is also a notes section in the category so you can note the specifics of the transaction, which i find to be very useful when looking back at a transaction.

Caitlin O.

What I liked I liked the ability to add different categories and different items to each section. This gives the ability to tailor the app to your specific needs. I also like the ability to carry over various transactions from day to day, week to week or month to month.

Improvements I found it frustrating when trying to add a debit or credit to a month other than the current month. While viewing a specific month, say June (with the current month being August) if I tried to add a debit, it would be added to August unless I went in and changed it. I felt like if I was viewing June then it should be added to June.

General review This is a good app to help you balance your household budget. It is a little overwhelming when you first open it, but easy to become accustomed to. You can customize it by adding your own categories. It also produces graphs to show you your debits verse income ratio.

Terri J.

What I liked I think this app provides great information and breaks it down into very specific categories so that you can easily view the reports to see the overall picture. I like how it allows for entering things by month, week, day,etc. and that you can make notes on your entries or even a picture. Love the graph options.

Improvements My family uses a budget on a computer spreadsheet. I thought this was actually too cumbersome and specific. I felt like I had to keep hitting buttons and making choices when I just wanted to quick enter a total for groceries and move on. I wish it there was a way to just have a list and enter the amounts and then have a graph capabilities. I was disappointed at the time it took for me to click buttons and enter info.

General review This app gives you a very specific budget picture. It allows you to get very in depth and thorough so you can produce a variety of graphs to track your spending. I wish that it was not as detailed so that it was quicker to make your data entries.

Tony B.

What I liked Once you get the hang of it, I think you can generally input expenses and incomes quickly and easily. The methods to view your balance between income and expense are great. Tab bar navigation makes it very easy to switch between options. Information on the overview screen is easy to read and very helpful to see at a glance, particularly the Balance percentage and the Daily Average dollar amount.

Improvements Spelling and grammar problems are far too prevalent in this app. When seeing this many easy to fix errors, it makes me not trust the application as much, and trust is very important when you want your users to enter their personal financial information. Tab bar options and order could be improved in my opinion, they should be: Overview, Incomes, Expenses, Reports, Settings. Ability to share this information with another user (for example, husband and wife managing finances together) would be an amazing feature!

General review Once you learn how to enter data, this application can be very useful for viewing your income vs. expenses, monthly budget remaining, and daily budget allowance. Some of the buttons are small and there are far too many spelling and grammar problems, but if you are ok with those then this app does everything it should and even looks kind of cool - particularly the overview screen and report visualizations.

Frances A.

What I liked I love the app. It lets you carefully watch over and balance your budget. The graphics are amazing for adults who are more visual and need to really "LOOK" at their budget to figure out what they need to change in it. It lets you easily manage your money and keep your money management safe and secure with a pass code with a back up for your personal information. What I like best is that it gives you your average daily spending and breaks it down into sub-categories so that the user may be more aware of where there money is going to because we all wonder where does our money go each month.

Improvements What I would like to see changed in the future is to have an I-Pad version. Many users like to be able to have their budget everywhere on the go. I know while using multiple devices, I hate not being able to pull up the same information on all interfaces. If I cannot get the data from my iPhone to my iPad it is not as useful as other apps for money managements can be. I would like to see this app sync to your accounts to accurately pull all of your information from your credit cards, bank and any other personal accounts. This is easier for users than adding in all of the information yourself.

General review Overall I think this is a very good app for balancing your budget but it needs to be able to be used on both the iPhone and iPad platform, This would make it an excellent application. You can budget the exact amount of money you would like to spend every month. You can import your salary and all of your bills; which is an amazing and not very common feature. I think this app is user friendly and overall an everyday app with great possibilities.

elena e.

What I liked I liked the nice graphics with many colors to choose.
It´s a great feature for the user to add placemarks in the map to his transactions.
This app have so much features to help the users manage his budget.
I like the icon, it´s important for me to choose a new app.

Improvements I would like to see the tutorial translated to many languages.
I think it would be a good idea to offer the user two options to get started. One with all the features offered by the application and in the other, th user begins to build a simple budget withouth complex features, (this is for people who do not usually use this kind of applications).

General review This is a great, great app.
It´s useful. Everyone must have it to manage his budget easily.
But I think the developers must offer a simple way to manage a budget to people who do not usually use applications like that.
Perhaps, maybe a free app to try with less features.

Kerry E.

What I liked This app has a lot of good initial ideas as far as budgeting goes.  There is a lot of information, which is covered in a help section that the user can go to if he or she is confused.  However, I really have to say that there was not much that I liked about the app. I don't think the ideas were well implemented.

Improvements This app needs a lot of improvement. The help section is riddled with grammar errors and typos, and as a professional proofreader, upon reading the help section, it is unlikely that I would keep the app on my device.  I understand having a typo here and there, but there's really no excuse for how many there are.  If you can get past the typos, the help section is still confusing, and it creates more questions than answers. I would say the help section needs to totally be redone.

General review Honestly, I think the actual app has a lot of great ideas. But the execution of those ideas is poor. The help section was so confusing that I had a hard time understanding how to use the app. I think if the developer revamps the help section, this could be a good app. It does have great potential.

Amy T.

What I liked I really like the scrolling interface to easily access all categories, and the auditory feedback given as buttons are tapped. I love the email/print out a PDF report of our expenses, and it was easy to relabel or add a subcategory. Silly of me-, but I also appreciate the aesthetics of the app icon- I like having it in my dock. I like that I can flip between a monthly or yearly view to see what percentage of my expenses are being allocated where. I love all the options included like the ability to add a photo, pin a gps location, change a date for a transaction etc.

Improvements I want to replace the standard circular tabs with my own custom ones so I could name a tab for each of my children, and easily track their medical expenses etc, instead of having to tap the kids tab, choose medical, lump both of my kid's medical expenses together. I'd like to drag an drop existing categories + subcategories when they are pressed down. I see I can delete a subcategory this way, but I didn't want to delete the suggested subcategories- I only wanted to drag my custom subcategories to the front to give them priority. I want to email/print a bar graph too, not just the pie graph

General review I really like this- it was easy to figure out how to use right away, and has pleasant tones when the buttons are tapped. I want to edit the main circular icons with my own custom ones and see drag/drop capability so I could put my custom subcategories to the front without deleting the preexisting choices. It's easy to navigate, add/ view entries, or edit them after the fact. lots of options too- add photos, current location, view/send reports!

Seth B.

What I liked This is a wonderful app for any individual with a hectic life that hates keeping track of complicated receipts when on a tight budget. Being able to track individual expenses is a huge highlight of this app because receipts can just be added in at the end of your work day. The graphical interface is very sleek and makes using the app even more fun. Accessibility and the ability to add expenses and salary with just a few taps is amazing since most apps of this type take you through a maze of different combinations.

Improvements Although I have experience with bills and keeping track of expenses this app is almost too advanced for the basic user like myself. It is full-featured no doubt, but it would really help to have the option to keep a simple user interface if you don't need all of the features. When dividends and stock options came up I had to ignore them because I really have no clue how to do any of that. In some areas, such as the 'New Transaction' screen the text and options became a little cramped on the small iPhone screen. Perhaps spacing things better would be a viable option to fix this.

General review My experience with this unique budget tracker app was quite positive. Although at times it seemed like I needed a magnifying glass or a dictionary to understand what the application was asking for, overall it can be very instrumental in keeping up with what can be spent.

Adrian G.

What I liked I like that to add a transaction it’s only a takes a couple of clicks on my iPhone. I also like that there are different views, like you can look at stuff by day/week/month/year. Also how you can see the different locations you spent the money. I also like how clear the images are on retina devices such as my iPhone 4.

Improvements I would love to see Paypal integration right into the app so all your payments that are sent through Paypal are already in the app without any extra effort from you. Another cool feature to add would be to have accounts so you can edit your expenses and such across all your IOS devices.

General review It is a very helpful app to use especially if you are on a tight budget and need a convenient way to keep track of all your money. It even helps if you are not on a tight budget and just want to have a quick and simple way to see where your money is going.

mandy N.

What I liked I really like the layout of this app. It's very easy to use and is very clear. The reports are helpful since you can see your expenses in three different graph formats. I really love that you can add income and expenses all in one easy to use screen. It's wonderful also that there is a backup and a passcode if needed.

Improvements I found one bug I believe and it's when you click camera and you choose from camera it kicks you out of the app. I would also like to see where you can use the camera a little bit more advanced in the since of saving things like receipts. The camera function was the only part of the app that slightly confused me of what it's function is for. I like that it's there just not completely sure why.

General review Wonderful budget tracker. Very simple and easy to use for just about anyone. This app works very well on your ipod but also works very well with the times two button on your ipad. Many of your usual expenses and incomes are already built right into the app so you can get started very easily :) Highly highly recommend :)

Chris L.

What I liked I love how this app works. It allows me to help me keep track of what I'm spending and earning, and I have noticed I have spent less when I went to the market earlier because I could actually see how much I'm earning vs. how much I'm spending. It's great how I can put everything I buy under the transactions section and it shows me the exact date and time that I purchased each item. Another things that I found with this app is I could use Geo-Location to show where I was when I bought everything that I have mapped on my transactions list. It's also great how it has numerous different currencies

Improvements There is really not much that could be improved with this app. One thing that I can think of that I would like to see added is different themes for the app because it looks kind of boring the way it is set up now. I would also like to have it so my info could be shared to my iPad so I wouldn't have to enter in all this data twice. These are really the only two things that I can see need improved about this app.

General review In all this app is great for what it was made for. You can easily track how much you are earning and spending to save money. And I can say I did save a little money earlier at the market because I could see that I probably couldn't afford as much as I had in my cart. The design is a bit boring, but it's not too much of an issue. So my opinion is that if you need to track your spending better, get this app.

Oscar G.

What I liked This app definitely has potential to be a good app for a lot of people especially during the current economic times. One of my many favorite things about this app is how organized everything is when using this app. I like all the filters there are in this app like the type date and cost. Also i like the ability to back it up and restore your finances with jsut a few simple clicks.

Improvements If i were the developer of this app i would definitely add computer support. I also would add a setting to take away the confirmation messages for when you edit the transactions, in my opinion it gets in the way and slows down the overall speed that you can edit a transaction in. Another thing this is kinda my personal feeling i would enable the ability to export into your google drive instead of just a pdf or into dropbox.

General review I see myself using this app very often to keep track of my money. I could also see this becoming one of the more popular apps in this field because of all the options it gives you. All the other apps i have seen have much less options. Also in my opinion this app makes it very easy for the average Joe to keep track of his money.

Terri B.

What I liked I found this app to be well organized and easy to use, once I got into it. At first, I was overwhelmed by all the options. Once I got into the app and played with it a little, I was able to enter my income and monthly expenses and I got a clear picture of where our money goes!

Improvements I wish there was some type of a tutorial that would show you how to utilize the different options in the program. It took me a bit of time to figure out how to enter the information, then what to do with it once it was entered! Once I figured it out, it was easy to use. I haven't been able to figure out if the program is password protected, which is something I think it needs to be, since all my financial information is there.

General review Overall, I like the app. I will continue to use it, as I spent a fair amount of time entering information into it. As noted above, I would like a password protection. It would also be beneficial to have two or three accounts available, as I can see using the program for my teenage daughters, as well.