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PlayCorner TV v1.4 [text]

App description: PlayCorner TV enables toddlers & preschoolers to browse YouTube content via a kid-friendly interface and safe search process. Kids can choose from videos about animals, educational topics such as ABC’s and safety, & favorite cartoon characters. Parents can be confident that their child won’t see inappropriate videos when using PlayCorner TV.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/playcorner-tv/id647312996?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad3 - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPhone5

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Madeleine F.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. A very interesting application for kids. This is the first time I have see an idea like this.
2. I like the categories and how they are structured. It makes it very easy for me to know where to look for something.
3. Very kids friendly design for the app. Colorful and with beautiful shapes and objects.

Improvements 1. It's very nice to have a controlled environment for kids to watch videos on the web, but I imagined this app differently. I would like to search on YouTube and find what videos I like and let my kids see them. I couldn't search for my own videos here.
2. It would be nice to have the app in landscape mode. How it's all in portrait mode, but in full screen videos you can go in landscape. Please make it all in landscape.

General review This is a very interesting concept. I like the idea of controlling what kids whatch on the tablet. You get lots and lots of videos here with categories from animals to cartoons to math. The design of the app is good, but the main drawback is the inability to search for videos I want to. Please fix this and the app would be well worth it.

Maggie F.

What I liked The content is very easy for a small child to click on and view. Block button is easy to use and I like that if I made a mistake and blocked a video I can also unblock just as easily. Video are definitely geared toward younger kiddos. The videos with songs held my grandson’s (3 yrs) interest and he was able to choose other videos easily.

Improvements When rotating the iPad to make the screen larger the viewer does not rotate. I think this would make the videos much more appealing to a small child if they were larger on the screen. Orientation lock was NOT on. I did notice that many of the videos in the animal section are white boxes (no text) instead of showing a thumb nail of the video to be viewed. They did play on the iPad when I touched the box to view that video and still was a white box even after the video played.
On the iPhone the videos rotate just fine, and videos that are white on the iPad show up just fine on the iPhone.

General review This would be a very useful and safe app for little kiddos. You could be comfortable with handing a device with this app launched and they would be entertained and kept busy for a period of time. The 4 main categories makes it easy for a small child to choose what interest them at that time.

Shannon W.

What I liked I like that this is a child safe video app. I feel much more comfortable allowing my daughter to use this app instead of YouTube or Vimeo. The content is easily accessible and works flawlessly! Very easy to learn. It's also very colorful and eye catching. Also love the holiday category. Teaching my daughter now about St. Patrick's day so this was a great category to have!

Improvements I don't like the fact that it has a mainstream cartoon character category. I'd really like the option to block the whole category instead of each individual video. That is VERY time consuming, I'd like to be able to block off most of the character cartoons by clicking the character icon and clicking block. Hopefully in an update that will be available. Some of the characters I approve my daughter to watch but some of them she isn't allowed to watch!

General review Great app for parents to have when they need something quickly and briefly to entertain a child. Great for restaurants or waiting in the line at the bank. I would give this app 5 stars if I had a chance to block entire character video categories instead of manually with each video. Also perhaps having a timer on there. Have the apps hut down after 10 min of video watching, etc.

Andy B.

What I liked The choice of video categories and especially the character screen is good
There are lots of videos and the interface is pretty easy for kids to navigate (but it should offer a landscape mode, kids are used to watching most videos in landscape mode.

Improvements - images & videos seems to all be online, which take too long to load, so didn't load
- Video & Audio quality is very low
- kids shouldn't be able to block videos, parents only
- kids should be able to favourite videos
- categories need names (some aren't clear)
- app has no offline functionality
- a few unappropriate videos ( uy&girl talking about Star Trek & Star Wars, Someone smashing up their laptop
- chuggington character returned a server error, not child friendly, needs fixing
- Favorite videos should be made available offline

General review I really liked the idea and concept of a child friendly youtube app, but it seems like the videos are not being checked for quality or properly vetted! (lots of videos of gameplay, chat shows, comic walkthroughs which are not appropriate)
Of the content that I would be happy for my kids to watch, the video&audio quality is far too low (some are videos of TV shows playing on the TV)
Plus app should enable favourite videos to be downloaded offline

Frances A.

What I liked PlayCorner TV is an appropriate app for young children to use. Since children are able to be blocked from content by parent controls it is both safe and educating. Children are given a medium to interact with the app through one single tap. First appears a grid of pictures for the child to choose from. Then each category opens into a second grid with the main character on the video clip picture. One of the favorite videos was of the dinosaurs. With this app it becomes safe for children to actually use YouTube videos to learn from.

Improvements What I would like to see improved in a future version:

- It can take a very long time for the videos to lead and this creates frustration with younger children.

- This app would be even more amazing IF the videos can be accessed while a child is not connected to a wifi network. I know when using this over a few different types of networks unless the network was fast. You had to wait and if the Internet signal went off for a slight second or not strong enough children have no access to the videos.

General review Overall, I think this app provides a "win" for browsing the Internet safely, which is a big concern to both parents and educators. Using this app children are able to have some well constructed "free time" on the iPad with very few worries and they are having fun learning at the same time. The content was appropriate for children and it had many characters that children love. I like it and will continue to use it.