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Princess and Knight [text]

App description: Educationnal game for kids between 2 and 6/7 years old. Theme : middle age. This app leads your child through: · Learning basic vocabulary · Following simple commands · Practicing the alphabet · Reinforcing memory skills and recall speed · Practicing fine motor skills · Having fun!

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/princess-and-knight/id783665797?ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4S - iPhone5

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Mathilde L.

Stan A.

What I liked This is a fun learning tool for young children. The middle ages theme is pretty unique and teaches words that are unlikely to be found in other educational apps. I like that the levels have to be unlocked in order to progress. There is a variety of educational games and the price is very good for a children's app that has no ads or upgrades.

Improvements I thought many of the levels seemed to be redundant. It would be nice to have the content change more from level to level. It seems like there are a lot of bugs in this app. There is a persistent freezing bug on the quiz that is the 6th level. The quiz games frequently cut off the narrator from saying the word of the item that is being found making it impossible to know what the item is the child is looking for in higher levels. I was stuck on the link activity which is on the 36th level; it would not acknowledge correct answers until I closed the session and started over.

General review This is a unique educational app; I like the unique concept and the theme. I think there are a lot of bugs for a live app and many of the levels are too similar too each other. This would be a pretty solid app and a good value if more content was added and some of the bugs were fixed.

sandy g.

What I liked I did like the vocabulary words that the children would be exposed to. I liked that you could have a word repeated on the various screens. I appreciate that there were no in app purchases. But I am sorry to sat that is all the positive I can find with this app.

Improvements As a kindergarten teacher I feel the letter (spelling) is too difficult for the age this app is designed for. I would like to see link (matching) part of this app require the child to go from left to right as you do when reading. The letter (spelling) also should require the child to spell from left to right.

General review As a teacher of kindergartners I was not impressed by this app. The pictures were not overly appealing and am not sure they would appeal to youngsters. The app locked up on me and on the linking at that point had two of the same pictures and words and only one correct way to match them to be correct.

Cheryle D.

What I liked This is another fun and educational app from this developer. I like the variety of activities throughout the app. I also like that there are 3 different difficulty levels to play. The app is colorful and engaging throughout and my students enjoyed playing with it.

Improvements I would like to see the parental lock change each time you attempt to go in. I tried several times and it was the same each time with the answer in the same position. I would also like to see the puzzle section increase in difficulty. Maybe break the individual pictures up into sections for different levels.

General review This is a fun app that works on vocabulary skills, following directions, letter recognition, spelling, and memory skills. It's colorful and engaging throughout. With three different difficulty levels, it will grow with your child. This is another nice app from this developer.

Frances A.

What I liked The app Princess and Knight was amazing. It is fun, filled with games and was very engaging for children. I like that the app starts by telling the children a story and then Immediately involves them into the story. The player must save the children from the witch Cupid since she was not invited to the party. Te children then play a series of educational games in order to earn stars and free the children. After a few activities a child is free which is a great incentive for children to keep playing the app. The sticker book was also a nice touch because stickers are a great reward for working.

Improvements My Wishlist-

- On the intro to the app the wording appeared with a white background. This took away from the page the children were looking at. Perhaps see if you can make the text right over the picture.

- For the age of the children playing the app the words will be way above their knowledge and decoding skill especially from ages 2-4.

- The sticker pages were nice but not always appropriate for the stickers given. Perhaps use a general background for all of the stickers such as the inside of the castle or in the forest. This way the stickers can continued to be played with and moved.

General review Overall, I think this app was very fun, contained a lot of levels for the children to complete. Also, the app progressed as the children progressed and showed mastery of levels in the game! New items and people were introduced and the game allowed the children to recognize them and learn them. I this this is a great app that children will enjoy!

Kerry E.

What I liked We liked the bubbles game, and the links game. The pictures and illustrations are well done, and I liked that they included some words that the kids didn't know, like "banquet", "peasant" and "catapult." The reward system of stickers is nice, and the kids enjoyed seeing the different stickers that they could receive.

Improvements The soundproofing in this app is not good at all. Especially when you get a sticker as a reward...it is painfully obvious that the narration along with that was done in a different room. In the quiz game, we cannot hear every syllable of the word being said. It is often cut off, and at least one syllable is missing, making it very difficult to understand what it is you are to find. Also, the witch's voice is obviously a man trying to do a woman's voice, and it just sounds weird.

General review The premise of this app is cute, but the execution of it leaves something to be desired. I have to be honest, I was kind of disappointed in this. I know the developers are capable of a much better app. My kids enjoyed it well enough, and I think kids in general will enjoy it, but adults will notice the shortcomings in the sound and narration.