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App reviews for "The Reading Train: A Common Core Early Literacy Tutor Version 1.0.3" [text]


The Reading Train: A Common Core Early Literacy Tutor Version 1.0.3 [text]

App description: The Reading Train is a learn to read app for children aged 4-6. Loaded with over 120 award winning picture books that kids can read all by themselves, exciting train game quizzes, a 350+ picture dictionary and 13 entertaining song books, this app will take kids on a magical journey from beginning reading to reading independence.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id702227884

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Libby C.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. I like the way this application is structured. On one hand you have a wonderful learning and reading book and on the other hand you have some mini-games to test the kids and what they learned.
2. I like that some words have explanations so kids can learn what that word means in the real world.
3. Very interesting rewards system. Kids can play with this app and have a little song reward after they finish. Very nice.
4. For a free application you get a good amount of content.

Improvements 1. The main menu is kind of hard to understand. Kids can't understand exactly what's happening there and they can't navigate on they're own. Too many trains, going and coming. Even for me it was pretty hard at the beginning. You could make it more easy to understand and more clean looking.
2. It would be nice if you could improve the adult access system. Some kids know the shapes and they could have access to the section. I would recommend something like a simple math question.

General review All in all this is a very good learning application. The design of the objects are very good and the information kids can get out of this app is also good. The books are plenty and after you finish the free stuff there is always more paid ones. Some minors improvements are needed in my opinion, but nothing critical.

Lena L.

What I liked Overall I liked that The Reading Train app offers multi-level play for children as they progress and that you can add more than one child to the app to track progress. I also like the options within the books to either listen, read, or record yourself reading. The vocabulary pop ups are great as well for harder words.

Improvements I would like to see several updates that I believe would enhance this app. First, I do not like the fact that when you click on what level you want to work on, another train pulls up that is a different level. It is confusing for the child and they might pick the wrong book by clicking on a Level C book instead of a Level A book. I also do not like that you have to hold your finger on a word for a while before it tells you what it is. The book options seem to generic and not very interesting to little readers.

General review Overall, I like the concept of The Reading Train app. I do believe that some changes and additions can be made in order to make this app great. Parents will need to make sure their child stays in the correct level of books to avoid reading frustration. Kids will enjoy getting to record themselves reading a book or listening to fun songs.

mandy N.

What I liked Love the options of listen, read, and record. This makes for a great starter series for new readers and young ones who need the books read to them or are just learning to read. Love the selection of free books that are included without any purchase. :)

Improvements Would really like to see a complete app without the in-apps. I know for this type of app that might be difficult but I know in-apps really turn me away from apps a lot. I would like to see an auto advance instead of the arrows on the "listen" selection.

General review Cute and fun books for early readers. There is a great selection of free books already included for you. although I'm not a fan of any kids app that has in-apps I would still suggest this one with this great selection to start off with. I really hope to see a full inclusive app in it's future :)

Caitlin O.

What I liked I like that the students have multiple options when' they are reading a story and can read to themselves, read aloud, or record, I also like that students find out the meaning of a word or have a particular word read aloud. I like that there are lots of different books available on each level which offers a lot of variety.

Improvements I would like to see tracking added in future versions where when the book is read to the student the word is highlighted or has a dot underneath it. I would also like to see the ability to change the voice that reads the story. This would give students opportunities to hear the same story read by multiple people. When finding the meaning of a word students have to hold down for a few seconds, it would be easier to just be able to click on enter word to hear it read and then hold down for the definition. FYI: I was unable to view the video for comments for the developer.

General review I really like this app. I think it is a great way for students to practice reading and to listened to reading. Students are able to listen to the story read, read it themselves, or record themselves reading a story. Students are able to access a dictionary type train to learn new vocabulary and while reading the story students can hold a word to have it read out loud and find out the definition.

Frances A.

What I liked What I liked about the app The Reading Train is that it breaks books down into appropriate levels for young children that are aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards. This allows for teachers and parents to choose the best books to support children's learning needs. I like that the app has books on every level and gives one book free to see why this app is worth subscribing too. The voice recording feature of the books were amazing. This is a great feature for children to listen to themselves reading a book, which is a big part of helping children learn to read and speak with confidence.

Improvements Things I would like to see improved in a future version:

- The app how it functions would not be cost effective for parents and would never have function in an educational setting due to In App Purchase Subscription. It would be better purchase the app at a fair price rather than a costly subscription for each reading levels or months at a time.

- Although I liked that books were to read to children, I did not like the monotone voice of the reader. It sounds like a computer.

- For early learners, when they click to have the book read to them. This would be great as a setting feature.

General review I think that this app has an amazing potential to be a great app. It has an amazing amount of content but it is costly. If this was offered at a reasonable price more people would be interested in utilizing the app. Overall, I like the set up of the app and what it has to offer but I think it still needs some tweaks and fine tuning.

Lynn G.

What I liked What a great app for learning vocabulary--alphabetically or by category. The books are categorized by reading level. The learner has a choice in listening to, reading alone, or recording themselves reading the book. There are multiple books to purchase as well. This app even contains songs that can be listened to or recorded as the learner sings along with a purchase.

Improvements Future versions in other languages would be helpful to those using this app to learn the English language. The developer has done a great job incorporating multiple senses to learn the vocabulary. The speaker's voice is clear and free from dialect. There is not much to wish for!

General review The developer has done a great job with presenting a multi-modal app for reading. There are plenty of activities to do for free; these free books and songs should encourage purchase of additional books and songs, as they are well done. This app would be beneficial to English language learners as well. Assessments and student reports are available to aid in monitoring progress.

Misty G.

What I liked This is a really fun book reading app. I like the different book selection. I like the options available for each book. The story selection is nice. I also like the reading practice with the trains and the option to use coins to listen to the large song selection. There is so much to this app! I love the definition of the new words list.

Improvements In a future version, I would like to see more books available in the free version. There really is a lot to this app. So much to see and learn. I would also prefer to pay fir the app once rather than a subscription that only allows a limited amount of time.

General review This is a great app for young readers and slightly advanced readers! There is so much to do in this app. From the large selection of books, flash cards in the train yard with definitions, and the skill testing area, any child with this app could never be bored! The child can listen to the book, read it alone, or record themselves to listen to later. This is the only reading app you will need!

Shannon W.

What I liked I love the variety of stories this app has! I love that the app has different reading levels so that beginner readers can advance through the app as the reading skills progress. The illustrations are fantastic and the stories are very age appropriate.

Improvements I'd love to see the words highlighted as the narrator reads each word in the story. It is so important for beginner readers to be able to follow along with the story and highlighting the words as its spoken out loud makes it easier and more eye catching for the child.
Also, the games were confusing at times. My daughter had a hard time in the beginning trying to figure out what to do with the games. Maybe have a help section that shows what to so with the games?

General review I really love the reading section of this app. My daughter was able to read through all 3 levels with ease and thoroughly enjoyed all the stories. This is actually her favorite app at the moment. Every time I observe she is using this app. The developer did an amazing job combining the train theme into a reading app that easily attracts early readers!

Valerie M.

What I liked The Reading Train is an engaging common core emergent literacy app that will provide hours of reading fun for young children. With a series of three levels and multiple free books at each level, it is sure to encourage kids to read with pleasure. There is a reasonable subscription fee as an IAP. Children can choose to have the book read to them, read to themselves, or have voices recorded to read it personally. A wonderful concept is that you can touch on any word to have a pop up and have the word defined. This encourages expansion of vocabulary.

Improvements I would love to see a future modification so that the text could be highlighted since this is designed to improve emergent literacy. Another thing that would be very helpful is if there was an auto play mode for children with physical disabilities so that they didn't have to turn the pages. Finally, it would also the helpful if the touch time to access definitions could be adjusted for children with motor disabilities.

General review This is a great free, common core early literacy app for kids! There are a wide range of free books and additional content available as an IAP at reasonable subscription rates in a protected link. I hope that they add future literacy options to highlight text and at an auto play mode, but this is well-rounded and very enjoyable as well as educational. I recommend this for parents wanting to find quality beginning leveled readers.

melissa r.

What I liked A great educational app that has awesome extras. The games are a fantastic touch to help maintain children's interest and check for understanding. The range of levels of books is great and gives kids a sense of achievement to accomplish one level and progress. The ability for kids to buy songs with coins they have earns though reading is brilliant. Graphics are fun and appealing to all. Security settings are fantastic.

Improvements My child complained the narrators voice was too boring, it came across very monotone. Also some classics like the gingerbread man were very different to the classsic causing some kids to get annoyed. Would like the books to have a bit more to their stories to hold interest. Some levels had a lack of any neutral or girl books, this app felt like it was distinctly created for boys with girls as an afterthought.
Would love the ability for children to gave their own logins so multiple children can use the app effectively.

General review Overall a fantastic app that with a few tweaks would be amazing. Distinctly lacking books with a storyline however once that is resolved it would be a long term hit. Not too keen on the subscription packages, I'd rather just buy the books outright, even if it is on an individual basis.