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App reviews for "Hide & Seek: Fun With Animals (v1)" [text]


Hide & Seek: Fun With Animals (v1) [text]

App description: Hide and Seek is a game were different animals are hidden in the park, a snowy forest and the desert. Kids have to find the animals while listening to different audio cues that indicates where are the animals hiding.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/es/app/hide-seek-fun-with-animals/id777748107?l=en&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPhone5

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Cristobal V.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. This is the first time the kids played a game like this. And I have to say that it's unique. Very interesting gameplay.
2. The graphics are very good and sharp, even if the design of the characters can get confusing sometimes.
3. Kids love the different worlds you can play on. Each is better then the last.

Improvements 1. The parent section is something very nice to have, but it would be nice to see it integrated into the app. Now it's just a link to a site.
2. The characters from this app are very cute, but some of them need a little more work to resemble a read animal. This game is based on recognizing what they are.
3. The game is pretty short. The worlds you get are very well done, but for the money I paid, it's too little. It needs more content.

General review Overall this is a very interesting little game. It's the first game I see with this gameplay and I have to say that kids are very interested. The graphics look very good, but it needs a little work. I wish it had more content, the current gameplay can finish very fast.

Frances A.

What I liked What I liked about Hide and Seek: Fun with Animals is that it was a fun game that was easy to use for younger children. When the game open the child is given a chance to put in their age. Once they enter their age they are taken to a fun filled and beautifully designed game page. Once the child starts playing the app, they are immediately greeted with different animals that they must find hidden in all the different areas. More animals are added when child advances into the game. I like that the game gave the child verbal cues and directions as help.

Improvements What I would like to see improved in a future version:

- I would like to see a pinch and zoom or double tap to expand or minimize the screen. You cannot see the entire board to find the animals at one time. It is also hard to scroll around the board and spot every animal. This feature would help children, especially those with vision problems.
- I would like to see additional game boards and more animals added.

General review i think this app was well designed for children in the appropriate age range. The app is both fun and engaging. I liked that the parent section was locked so that children were unable to enter. I liked the different scenes of a park, snow filled. forest and desert. Overall a good app for young children.

Lynn G.

What I liked This is the perfect app for children ages 1-3. They will be thoroughly entertained by the characters in this app as they attempt to find the characters as they hide. The graphics are colorful. There is plenty of interaction that will keep the player engaged and coming back for more,

Improvements It would be great to see more scenes added in updates for the player to continue this hide and seek adventure. An introduction to the characters might be helpful as well before starting the game, so the player connects the name that is stated with the image of the character. Also, as the character to search for is announced, maybe the image on the left could be highlighted as a visual cue for the player.

General review This is a wonderful app for toddlers as they learn how to interact with apps. Learning the language while finding cute characters that are hiding is a great way to keep the young player coming back for more. It is colorful and entertaining. the developer did a great job creating an engaging game for young learners.

Stan A.

What I liked I like the high quality cartoon look and feel of this app. My daughter enjoys looking for the different animals. The hints are helpful enough to give an idea where to look for the hidden animal but not so much that it is too easy. Balloon popping is a good reward for finishing the levels.

Improvements Sometimes it seems like the individual animals are not sensitive enough to touch or the area that needs to be touched is too small which can be frustrating when the correct animal needs to be touched multiple times. The hide and seek game is great but I would like to see some added activities. The characters would be good in videos or additional educational games. It might be helpful to add the name of the animal that the child is looking for to reinforce learning the words.

General review This is a unique children’s hide and seek game that is well-made. The cartoon illustrations and narration are very good. There are no ads or upgrades and the lock on the parent's area is pretty effective. There is only 3 levels of hide and seek and no other activities so it would be nice to see more stuff added in the future.

Misty G.

What I liked This app is very colorful and interactive. Lisa the cat and her friends hide in three different scenes, and you have to find them. I like that the animals hide somewhere different each time, making it a little more challenging. I like that kids learn the names of animals, sounds they make, as well as different items in the scene. I also like ability to pop balloons at the end of each scene.

Improvements For a paid app, I think there should be more to it that three scenes. Also, the parent area link is not working. I am not sure what is included in the parent area. Other than that, I think the app is great for it's intended target, and my kids enjoyed it.

General review Hide & Seek is a fun and exciting app for preschoolers. Lisa the cat and her friends hide in 3 different scenes. Kids are asked to find each animal one by one. The name of the animal as well as the sound it makes is said. Hints to where the animal is hiding is also given such as tree, bush, or lake. The animals hide in different places each time making it a little more challenging. Kids will have fun playing hide and seek with their new friends.