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App reviews for "Simplex Spelling Phonics - Rhyming With CVC Words (v 2.0.0)" [text]


Simplex Spelling Phonics - Rhyming With CVC Words (v 2.0.0) [text]

App description: Rhyming With CVC Words teaches rhyming, segmenting and blending of over 300 three letter CVC words in an approach that is aligned with many of the US Common Core State Standards for Foundational Skills in Reading for Kindergarten. It covers all 5 short vowel sounds and can be customized to reinforce both letter sounds or letter names.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/simplex-spelling-phonics-rhyming/id580762950?ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone5

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Craig W.

Kerry E.

What I liked I like the different controls at the beginning, and how you can change the display of the letters from ABC's to an actual keyboard. This is great for teaching children the layout of the keyboard, which they obviously will need to know at some point. The emphasis on lowercase or uppercase letters is nice, too. I love how you can look back and see which words have been mastered and which ones need to be worked on still. It's great to check out all the progress that has been made!

Improvements The idea of this app is great, but my five-year-old is not ready for it. I think there should be some kind of error noise when a mistake is made. It doesn't have to be loud or annoying, but if it just turns red, my daughter didn't realize that it was wrong. She continued to make mistake after mistake while spelling gibberish. She does not know how to read yet, so this app is a little advanced for her even just going by the letter sounds. My six and a half-year-old was able to do the app just fine, but she found it boring, probably because of all the repetitive sounds.

General review It seems to me like this app would be great for someone who has just learned to read. Unfortunately, one daughter is just below this, and the other is just above it. I would recommend this for a child in kindergarten. We like the series of Simplex spelling apps, and this one is also well done. We will return to it again when my daughter is able to read...it will be great practice for her!

Lena L.

What I liked I love all apps by Simplex Spelling and this app does not disappoint. I love how the app uses the approach of rhyming, segmenting, and blending to teach early readers. The app is easy for young children to learn and use. My 4 year old quickly caught on and was able to spell the words after seeing the pattern. I also love that the spelling list are provided for teachers.

Improvements I would love to see the app expanded and cover 2, 4, and 5 letter words. That way the app can reach the Pre-K through First grade range. I know you have other apps that cover harder words and different grades, but every child learns differently. I feel that offering the rhyming/segmenting approach for more grades would help those children who like to see patterns.

General review Simplex Spelling has done it again with Rhyming With CVC words. This app is a great addition for any teacher, parent, or homeschooler. The app is easy to use for young children and a great start for young readers. Spelling list are provided in advance for you to review before the child begins each level, and the child can stay on a level for as long as they need before moving on. Great app!

melissa r.

What I liked Great app that has strong educational benefits for use by both an educator and parents alike. Ability to customise the app is brilliant as well as the variety of levels and content included. Clear instructions make this app easy to use however does require and adult to sit beside student to guid them.

Improvements Would like to see app freshened up and made more child friendly, feels too regimented and not lively enough to hold the attention of a young child. Needs to be more engaging, maybe have narrators voice more animated and include some fun graphics, and even a picture of the words to help students who are pictorial learners.

General review Thorough app that is filled with fantastic educational content that would be ideal for both home and school use. Well priced app given the level of content. Needs to be made more child friendly and appealing to encourage engagement and deeper learning by children.

Anny G.

What I liked As a teacher, I love educational apps that allow me to track a number of students' progress for no extra charge. Simplex Spelling lets you have up to 40 students, which is great for classroom teachers or reading specialists. I love that I can export student progress reports. This app has a clean, no nonsense interface. It's very much an educational tool, and not a game. This app gives learners an error-free way to learn to spell simple CVC words.

Improvements Since this app is targeted at the earliest spellers, I would like to see the word augmented with a picture. This reinforces the word being taught by engaging different parts of the brain. I did have some trouble exporting the data, when I open the spreadsheet the columns don't appear to be in any useful order, at least in Numbers. I didn't try it in Excel, and Google Spreadsheets wasn't able to view it at all. I use Google Drive for almost all my data collection at work, so a different export format than .csv would be great.

General review This is a great educational tool for teaching early lirteracy. All the Simplex Spelling apps are great, and I'm glad to see they've added one for younger learners. This is not a game, but it is a powerful teaching tool for pre-K and Kindergarten students, or older students still learning to read. It's not a game, and your child probably won't love playing it. I let my 4 year old play a different phonics game after this one as a reward.

Frances A.

What I liked What I liked about Simplex Spelling Phonics - Rhyming With CVC Words is that it is a perfect app to support children learning their CVC words. Each lesson teaches the children in the same order that teachers work with students to learn their CVC words. I like that there is a lot of positive reinforcement for the children while they are working. I like that it never tells the child they are wrong but they give them strategies to be able figure out the words by themselves. Also, I like that after the child spells the word it sounds it out for them to help them learn the various sounds in words.

Improvements What I would like to see improved in future version:
- Younger children at time need a lot of positive reinforcement. Perhaps in a setting button that is able to be changed have a way for children to have positive reinforcement after every turn and then as time goes on the button would give the teacher/parent control to lower the amount of reinforcement as the child's confidence builds and fading the reinforcement could be done; much like it is done in schools.

General review Overall, this is an app that I would highly recommend to parents and educators. I think that this app does so much to support children with what they need to learn and master. This app can be utilized in so many ways. I love that the settings allow you to change how you want children to master the words and use the app. I also love that this app provides data on progress and can send these progress reports out as well. This is an amazing app!

Lynn G.

What I liked Very thorough practice of the spelling of c-v-c words is covered int his app. The student has ample opportunity to practice spelling words that are dictated. The adult can choose which word families to practice, as well as which lessons to practice within that word family.

Improvements A reward of some sort would be nice after practicing the spelling of the word family. The encouraging words are nice, but something else may be needed to keep the student engaged. Stickers, tally marks or a game may prompt the student to do their best.

General review This is a great way to practice 3-letter words. The student hears the word spoken, used in context,and then sounded out sound by sound after spelling the word. The speaker in the app enunciates the words clearly. A progress report can be created and emailed that lists the student's progress. Overall, this is a great way for a student to practice spelling!

mandy N.

What I liked I love the amount of instruction included in this app. It's very easy for adults and children to know how to use this app in a simple easy to use way. The words are great for the age range that this app is for. I also like how all the words are used in a sentence for your child as well.

Improvements I would like to see where you could add additional words if needed. Some schools may have some more to add so it would be great if you could manually add them along with your own sentence. I would also like to see where you could change from a female or male voice as I have seen in other apps.

General review I really like this app for my kindergartener and even my other two children for extra practice. This app seems to help them out a lot with some skills they are needing. The app is set up great and is very easy to use. The instructions are very clear for everyone :)

Libby C.

What I liked The best feature of this app is the correct pronunciation of the sounds. Too many apps have 'muh' rather than the correct short 'm' sound. I like that you can create 40 user accounts and see detailed reports of progress. Comprehensive lists are organized by first, middle and ending sounds. All short vowel sounds included, and can be practiced separately or together. Other important features include a customizable keyboard, settings for upper/lower case letters and letter sounds/names, spoken sentences for every word and a nice clear user interface. Excellent app for K and early 1st grade.

Improvements The most important addition would be to hear the phonemes blended together. When the voice reads the finished words, they are pronounced separately: m-a rather than ma. I would like kids to be able to touch the keyboard letters and hear the sounds without the letter automatically jumping into the word. Sometimes kids get confused with 'b' and 'd' and it is an extra step to remove the incorrect letter. An option to drag the correct letter to the word would be helpful. It would also be great if you could add your own spelling words to create custom lists.

General review Highly recommended for K and early 1st grade. Includes a customizable keyboard, upper/lower case letters and letter sounds/names, spoken sentences and a nice clear user interface. Comprehensive lists are organized by first, middle and ending sounds but there is no option to add custom lists. All short vowel sounds are correctly pronounced and can be practiced separately or together. Up to 40 user accounts with detailed progress reports.

Caitlin O.

What I liked This app is very simple to use. It is easy to navigate. The ability to set up for multiple users is a great feature as is the ability to change some of the settings. I also like the help section as it not only visually tells you what each button does but also verbally tells you..

Improvements I would like to see a way to turn off this hints added to the settings. Also a way to lock the settings so only a teacher or parent could change settings or add or delete users. I could easily see one of my students deleting a user account accidentally. Since this app is geared to kindergarten you could add some additional graphics when the student is given praise. It could even be something you could turn on and off like the other feedback setting.

General review As is this is a great app for reviewing word families for kindergarteners. It is easily to navigate and students cans each Have their own account, a question can be repeated with the touch of a button and everything is read aloud for our beginning readers. Developing additional features added would only make it a better app and add to its usefulness within the classroom.

Valerie M.

What I liked Rhyming With CVC Words is a very thorough, affordable app that presents phonics lessons stressing the five short vowel sounds in a customizable format. There are excellent in-app tutorials on how to best use the app, tracking, and multiple settings to customize the learner experience.

Improvements Although this app is extremely thorough and highly configurable, I found it less than motivating for struggling learners. Kids who were already proficient breeze through it, but children who needed the reinforcement needed more reward. Perhaps something as simple as a choice of frames or fonts or star rewards would engage more reluctant learners.

General review Rhyming With CVC Words is another solid educational app that aligns with common core standards for kindergarten. It is an affordable, well developed customizable app with tracking and a high level of configurability. Reluctant learners may find it a little dry, but it is good for both teaching and assessment.