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Plume's School - Saving Christmas [text]

App description: Discover and learn a lot of Christmas words. Based on a well-tried method, the child will learn and recognize different words about Christmas (fireplace, bauble, tinsel ...). Smaller kids will first discover new vocabulary, older ones will be assisted in their apprenticeship of reading during all the levels offered by this app!

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id579999568

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone3G - iPhone3GS - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPhone5

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Mathilde L.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. I have to say that the content is very good, having kids in front of the iPad for hours
2. I like that the games has two modes. If I want a specific mode to play I can acces it very easy without getting to it in the play mode.
3. I like the standings menu in the settings menu. A very good tool for parents or teachers to have.
4. There are different ways to play this game, with six different little games, each one very nicely done.

Improvements 1. In the play mode I have come across a quiz level where I got two on the same objects, letters. So if the kid taps on one of them, the other one was the correct one. Is this a bug or is this how the game was made to work, I don't know yet.
2. I like that this game has a PLAY MODE and a FREE MODE. But the play mode shoud be called STORY MODE and the other FREE MODE shoud have a different name. Naming the mode FREE, some people could understand that the other mode is with money or it's with IAP. It's an unwanted name to have in any paid application.

General review This is a very good game, with good content that provide hours of gameplay. The way the game is divided in two modes is very well done. The story mode is very good and the other mode is for kids who love a specific game. Overall I have to give this game five stars for what it is with the hope of considering my improvements.

Cheryle D.

What I liked There were a lot of different activities to do in this app. I liked that you could play the app in a game type of mode, or free mode. I liked that some of the areas had three different levels of difficulty. It was colorful and engaging for children to learn and play.

Improvements There was not a lot that I would like to see improved.

The witch/Halloween scene threw the kids off a little....maybe just keep it winter and Christmas only.

The woo hoo and positive verbal reinforcement got too repetitive. It would be nice to have more such as "way to go!", "you did it", or "awesome".

General review This is a good app that includes a lot of different activities. Some of these include following simple directions, improving vocabulary skills, improving listening skills, and improving reading skills. It will keep a child entertained with a wonderful Christmas theme throughout.

Raphael S.

What I liked I really liked the different levels and how they progressed, It's a very effective method and I've already begun to notice improvement in their vocabulary and memory. It's a nice app to get around Christmas time and has certainly had a positive impact on both their education and their entertainment. The pictures were of good quality and I didn't encounter any problems within the app.

Improvements As with a few other Christmas themed apps I've tried, I would really liked to see this app with some other holiday themes such as Halloween and Easter. I think it would be a really good way to introduce them to certain holidays and teach them words and images from them.

General review Lovely app for children. It has a immense educational value and at the same time provides festive fun. The method the app uses is very effective and you can see results in only a short time. I feel the app is child friendly and because I didn't encounter any problems I would feel very secure in letting them use it.

sandy g.

What I liked As an educator of young students I liked that the app progressively gets more difficult as the individual levels are completed. The ability for parents to track their child's progress is also an asset in this app. The pictures chosen were very colorful and appealing for a young child.

Improvements On the bubble game the cheer after completing it correctly often is at same time as the next object is being stated and it is therefore hard to hear what the next object is. I found the sound quality very poor - almost as if in a can. There were large gaps in the spoken parts of the screen also.

General review I liked the concept of this app, but was disappointed with the sound. I felt the app should include more Christmas objects for the cost of the app. I am glad that a multi-user feature will be added as the app could then be used as a challenge for points between the different users.

mandy N.

What I liked Plume is sooo cute! The voice is excellent. I love that there is a free mode included in the app. I'm very happy to see that here is a lock on the settings page to keep little fingers out of it lol. There is so many skills for children to work on in this app. It's wonderful.

Improvements There really isn't much here to wish for or improved upon! The amount of challenges is huge so it will defiantly keep a child busy for some time. Maybe some more types of challenges and some added math type skills? I would also like to see an app like this for older children such as 8yr+ :)

General review Plume is adorable. The voice in the app is excellent and very real. There is so many challenges in this app that it should keep your child busy for some time. There is two modes of play: Play! and Free Mode that makes this perfect for some children that just want to play certain things and not others :)