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App reviews for "PassPro: Anatomy & Physiology Level 3 (v2.0)" [text]


PassPro: Anatomy & Physiology Level 3 (v2.0) [text]

App description: iPassPro is a richly featured Anatomy & Physiology practice exam, designed to assist tutors and students of complimentary therapies. Each 50 question test is randomised from a larger pool of questions, each one containing detailed feedback about why the answer was right or wrong. Users can also choose which subject areas to be tested on.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ipasspro-anatomy-physiology/id488876146?ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPhone5

Total reviews: 10

Developer: James W.

Christy S.

What I liked This app contained a lot of different questions that would help learning about anatomy and physiology. The tests were easy to take but the content had a mixed level of difficulty. The feedback on the questions that were wrong was especially helpful as it assisted in learning the content.

Improvements In a future version, visual images might be helpful for the learner as they can see the topic and answer the question. Also maybe adding a gifs or short video of an anatomy function or physiology function might be useful too. Also the option to adjust the amount of test questions so the learner can take shorter tests, as an hour maybe too long to take at one sitting. The learner can have the option to take shorter tests to test their skills in one area or during their free time.

General review This app assists the learner on learning about anatomy and physiology. It has a wide variety of questions and topic areas. The ability to take the test is very easy to do as you can click and swipe. The learner also has the option to take the test and have the answer revealed as they take a test. This feature can help with immediate feedback and assist the learner on learning the content. This app is a good tool as a studying aid.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. This application is an excellent tool for somebody looking to test there knowledge.
2. The design of the app is good. The questions section is very nice. I like the blurred background and the big text size.
3. I like that you can disable different sections from your test. A very good feature to have if you studied only one or two systems.

Improvements 1. The first thng I noticed is the home screen. Here you have two sets of buttons that do the same thing. Settings and results are on the middle on the screen and on the bottom on the screen. It's waisted space that could be used.
2. I would like to be taken to the next question after I answer one. It gets very bad to tap 50 questions on and on again.
3. I would like to see a native iPad application. The app is very good, but people don't typically study on they iPhone. A bigger screen with a new design is something I would really want to test out.

General review This is a very good application for studying. The design is excellent, but it needs a few changes. The amount of information you have in this app is excellent and the price is right in my opinion. I think there are a few thinks to enhance before I could give this app a 5 star rating.

Celeste G.

What I liked The questions were thought provoking yet tested general knowledge. The test was simply structured and it was easy to indicate one's answer with a simple touch on the screen. I like the fact that it could be untimed and that I could see the answers if I chose. It was important that I could select which body systems were being tested in order to narrow my focus of study.

Improvements There were a number of actual spelling errors. And many of the words were British spelling, which may be confusing to Americans. Some of the questions were too wordy. I don't believe "exam conditions" under settings was necessary as this app is for personal use.

General review This app and test would be helpful for preparation of A & P exams in a higher education setting. Some of the questions were vague and/or not constructed as the information may be presented in a lecture however. The unique question combinations at the start of each test is fantastic and provide a greater range of use over time for this app.

melissa r.

What I liked Solid app that is very useful in assisting students in revising key information. The ability to adjust the topics and timing etc are brilliant and allow the user to personalise this app to their needs. The feedback and answer justifications are great.

Improvements Would like it to have more pictorial based questions for students who learn visually. Also a few interactive questions would also liven this app and encourage students to use it more frequently. Maybe a few sound effects etc to also create a more enjoyable studying experience for students.

General review Great app that is ideal for anyone studying this subject matter. Certainly a helpful more lively and useful alternative option to studying direct from the textbook. Would love a bit more of a range in style of questions but otherwise this is a fantastic app. Not sure I would pay $4.99 for the app as it stands at the moment, maybe a slightly lower price tag would be more appropriate.

Valerie M.

What I liked PassPro: Anatomy & Physiology Level 3 has a comprehensive app testing any or all of twelve areas. I really like that the user can select whether it is a timed test or not, mimic test conditions, and allow you to pre-test by the ability to check your answers as you go along if you choose. As a former pre-med student, I found the test questions to be high-quality and reflective of comprehensive subject matter.

Improvements I found no bugs or major shortcomings in this app. It would be nice to have different test question quantities and different timing modes in a future edition. Flashcards of information as opposed to a pre-test study might be another future enhancement.

General review I really enjoyed this comprehensive app for testing any or all of 12 anatomy and physiology areas. Being able to choose whether or not it is a timed test, being able to mimic test conditions, and allowing pretest by being able to check answers was highly useful. I found no major bugs are shortcomings, but being able to change the quantity of questions and the amount of time for timed testing might be a nice future enhancement. Highly recommend!

Raphael S.

What I liked I liked how authentic the experience felt when taking the test(s). It certainly helps to prepare you for test conditions when the time comes. I also like being able to customize the tests and their environments to my particular areas of study and having a detailed feedback result. Another aspect I found useful was not having to be connected to the internet when taking a test because I was easily distracted by outside notifications.

Improvements While I feel it was well worth the money, some of my friends to whom I recommended the app to were put off by the price so I would suggest lowering it a little. Other than that there isn't really anything else I could have asked for but if I will keep an eye out for future improvement opportunities.

General review Very detailed tests, questions and feedback results. It's customizable to suit most individuals needs. The experience felt authentic and it'll help prepare you for the real thing. One of the things I liked most was not having to connect to the net to access the app's content. The price can be a little steep for some people but it's worth paying for what you get in return.

Maggie F.

What I liked The ability to take a quiz on all of the systems or just one, or more than one and customize is a helpful feature. After taking the full quiz and reviewing my scores I was able to see the systems that I needed to study more intensely. I liked that the test questions were not always the same when taking just one quiz over and over. I like that I could either choose timed or not.

Improvements In a quiz like this maybe if there could be some slide pictures of the cells, connective tissue, muscle, identifying certain aspects of the slide. Determining cancer cells, the different types of blood cells, muscle tissues, that are on the slide. Maybe a picture or drawing to identify a part of the body as part of the quiz.
Or a separate quiz for the bones of the body, digestive system, reproductive system, etc.

General review This app is a good tool to use to quiz each of the systems in a course like anatomy, physiology, and pathology. Price of $4.99 is fair for the app. Seeing the correct answers after taking the quiz and the areas where you will need to actually study. When you do need to quiz more on just a few of the areas the settings make it easy to do just selecting those systems and taking a quiz. You can track your progress, or email results if needed.

Frances A.

What I liked I think that the app PassPro: Anatomy & Physiology Level 3 is a wonderful tool to support students learning. I like that the settings are easily customizable and you can select as many topics or as few that the student need support in and then create a quiz that can better assess their knowledge level and in what areas they still need improvement in. I also like that you can change the time needed for testing and how many questions the students has to answer in a given time. This would be great for a studying tool and has practical use in the classroom as well.

Improvements In a future version I would like to see:

- A copy of the exact test along with the answers so that it will give a student better ways to read and review their mistakes.

- A tutor or teacher guided section where information would be held to give additional support, such as where you can find this information such as in a text book or an online resource.

- Possibly the addition of a hint button so students who can't figure out the answer get stuck on one question.

General review The app PassPro: Anatomy & Physiology Level 3 is a very great resource for anyone studying these subjects. The flexibility of the app makes it suitable for all. I like that the app allows you to see the correct answer. It also allows you to mimic the testing conditions the student will be under. One of the best parts is that you get detailed testing results. I think this will greatly support the education of students.

Kristy Lee G.

What I liked I liked how you could get more info about the answer, and check it against your own. This will help you to study as well as practice taking tests. I also like how the scores include calculations according to the area so you would know what areas to focus your studies on.

Improvements The icon and the graphics do very little to attract a user. Using a photo as the background is distracting; a solid color would be more user friendly. I also think it would helpful if the app automatically navigated to the next question when you clicked an answer (Or if this were an option).

General review The content and structure of the app is great. It does exactly what you would want it to. I think it lacks some aesthetic appeal and is a little difficult to use. The arrow navigation could be a bit larger and if the questions could autoload when you answered the previous, it would be more user-friendly