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App description: Discover the alphabet with Monsieur Bear !*** A funny animated alphabet book designed by the talented Virgo ! Virginie Aracil aka Virgo is back in the app world for a new adventure ! Now, she comes with an alphabet book, Monsieur Bear's ABC! This cute little bear will help your child discover the letters, the sounds and words in an original and a

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/fr/app/labc-de-monsieur-bear/id667405968?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPhone5

Total reviews: 20

Developer: Benoit L.

Amanda A.

What I liked I really enjoyed this app Monsieur Bear's ABC because it provides colorful animated illustrations for each letter of the alphabet as well as the sound of that letter which extremely important in in early childhood settings. The illustration are interactive as well as comes in Spanish.

Improvements In a future version/ wish list, I would like to see some sentences incorporated with some the words used for that letter of the alphabet. That would extend the app to kindergarten where they learn the sounds but also use words in the correct context.

General review In my general opinion, this app Monsieur Bear's ABC is great for children in either homeschool or early childhood settings. It not only gives the sounds of the letter but gives them an interactive illustration for the letter. I know kids will love the hands on learning.

Celeste G.

What I liked The illustrations are very cute and amusing and I like how they are displayed in a collage-type manner. In addition, each has an interesting animation that makes the word memorable. The narrator's voice is unique as well. And the graphics and colors used are eye-catching for toddlers.

Improvements I found the manner in which to access the parent's corner unnecessarily confusing - choosing the correctly spelled word. And I was unable to access more than the first 3 letters of the alphabet so I cannot comment on the entire app. I also feel the actual letter on each page should be set apart from the graphics more clearly in order for children to identify them more easily. I do feel more letters should be available for free, and the whole app should probably cost no more than $.99.

General review I like the app in general. What seems to set it apart from similar apps is the interesting voice and sayings from the main character. Some of the example images are unique as well - Baobab tree for instance. This may be a hindrance to learning however, as most children would not be familiar with this tree.

Jessica B.

What I liked I like how the app says all of pictures that begin with the selected letter as you explore. It's great that all of the pictures have an animation to keep the kids engaged. I also appreciate that as you select the letter, it says all of the sounds it makes. I also like the "letter" filled sentence that is read to the viewer and that the selected letter is in bold for the viewer. It can also be a nice tool for teaching vocabulary to the viewer.

Improvements I found that some of the pictures on each page are very foreign (even to adults). For example, the baobab tree is not something even I have heard of. It would be better to focus on high interest or frequently used words for preschoolers/toddlers that are just starting to read. I think that it would be fun to add a little game for identifying both sounds and letters. I think this would help out the high price point. When selecting the "parent corner", it was a little unclear why 3 words were showing up.

General review This is a good introduction to sounds and letters for toddlers and preschoolers. The animations for each picture keeps the viewer engaged in the app. I like that the sounds of the letters is also included. Some of the pictures can serve to teach vocabulary to the viewer. On the other hand, some of the pictures are unique and are unknown even to adults. Overall, a good app but a little pricey for the content. Adding a game would greatly help!

sandy g.

What I liked I felt the illustration were very colorful. I liked the animation that went along with each picture as it was tapped on. I liked the idea that it was free with in app purchases until I discovered that it only included three of the twenty six letters of thge alphabet.

Improvements As an educator in the United States I was very disappointed with the sound that was given for the letter "a". I also did not like the inclusion of the "chairs" on the "c" page as it does not make the /Kuh/ sound but is a digraph with a different sound. As the free version only contains the 3 letters I can not include details for the rest of the alphabet.

General review I was rather disappointed with this app. It states it is #1 in the App Store in several countries. I was therefore expecting a great app but rather found an app that fail to appeal to me as an educator of kindergartners. The fact that it only includes 3 letters and requires the purchase of the other letters should be included in the description instead of the general in app purchase available.

Lynn G.

What I liked This is an entertaining and whimsical app for pre-schoolers as they practice letter recognition. The animations are captivating and fun. The developer offers multiple opportunities for the learner to hear and read words with the same beginning sound.

Improvements A page following each letter with 3-4 choices for the learner to select the word that begins with the previously highlighted letter would add a level of learning to this app. Otherwise, this app offers great practice for its targeted age group to learn letters and their sounds.

General review This app is well worth downloading. The animations are cute, there are numerous repetitions of each sound, and the learner should stay engaged as they tap the screen and watch the various actions. Each letter's activity ends with a sentence using multiple words with that beginning sound. Again, plenty of repetition for young learners. Great job!

Caitlin O.

What I liked I like that this app is colorful and interactive. My 1 year old was immediately attracted to it, he was saying hello to the bear as it gave the letter sounds. I like that their are a various items for each letter that the child can interact with. I also like the availability for different languages and that their are some tho of parents controls.

Improvements I would like to see more information about what letters are included. I was caught off guard when I went to continue on to D and had to solve an addition equation and then sign in to my account. I find that $3.99 is way to much to pay for the rest of the letters. was also disappointed when the bear gave the sound for the letter A as he also gave an incorrect sound and the sound for the letter u. As a teacher I want my students being exposed to the correct sounds. I do realize though that this app is not at this time intended for the U.S. which may impact the way letters are pronounce.

General review Overall, I think this is a good start to an app, but I am very disappointed in the cost to purchase the remaining letters. I would like to see a United States vernacular added as things are said differently here then they are in other English speaking countries.

Marc Edward D.

What I liked I like the cute design of the character. I also liked the nice animated intro screen of the company's logo. I saw my son laughed at it when the other letters starts chasing the letter A. I also liked the presentation of each item in the letter A-C. Not sure about the other letters since they are locked.

Improvements I would like to see an additional feature where the bear will sing a song about the items in each letters. Kids loves singing a long to a song. I also think that there should be a BGM on the main menu screen. I also think that the main menu screen should be animated. Like the bear is waving at the screen to make it more livelier.

General review This is a good educational app for kids to learn how to read and say each words in the app properly. This app is very easy to use for kids. The character design is good. I just wish to see a singing bear in the future update. I think it would be a nice addition since kids loves to sing a long to kiddy song.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. I like that the game has multiple languages, very useful if your kid is learning 2 languages. He can find the name of an object in both languages and make associations.
2. The design of the application is flawless. Good looking drawings, animations at every object and nice sound effects across the board.
3. I like that the object and the text are color coordinated so kids can see what is what. A simple, yet important detail in my opinion.

Improvements 1. The application is very good, BUT after finishing the letter C and tapping the forward arrow I was asked to insert my itunes password. After that I was asked if i want to make a 3.99 dollar purchase. This is not cool. After you finish the letter C, the forward arrow should be a box with the BUY the full version text, so people know that the demo part has finished. I know that I got the security math question, but still you need to let people know what's coming next
2. After finishing a letter and accessing the character section, I would like to see a game with that letter, not some sentence

General review Overall this application is very good for learning. The multi language options, the sounds, effects and drawings make this educational tool one of the best. Unfortunately the in app purchase problem is a very serious one and for this reason I have to give it only 3 stars. Please fix it because it damages a great app.

Stan A.

What I liked This app could be helpful for learning letters and words. There are several unique words and animated pictures for each letter. The narrator says the corresponding words for each letter very clearly. I like that there is a child lock that protects the outbound links and I did not see any ads.

Improvements There are only three letters available in the alphabet when I click any of the letters that are not currently available there is a child lock but nothing happens after choosing the correct answer. There should be an upgrade option available or the full alphabet should be available without an upgrade. The parent's area cursive font is very difficult to read on the iPhone, it would be easier if it was larger. The child lock is nice but since it is a multiple choice question it could easily be breached by accident.

General review I'm pretty confused about the fact that this is a trial version with an upgrade available but there does not seem to be a way to upgrade within the app. My daughter enjoyed the first three letters but she probably would have engaged longer with more of the alphabet. The app is well designed and appropriate for young children who are learning to read. I think this app seems really limited at this time; I hope it has more to offer in the future.

Amellia M.

What I liked I like that there are multiple examples of words that begin with the sound of the letter being represented. The animations are cute and entertaining for young children. It is simple and easy for young users to navigate. I like that the directions are read aloud so that reading skills aren't required.

Improvements One of my concerns with this app is letters that represent more than one sound. For example, with the letter "c". There is no representation for for the sound "c" makes in the word circus. There is an example on the "c" page for digraph "ch" (chair). This may seem unimportant to some but as an early childhood educator it is important for children to see and recognize these details.

General review I feel the idea of this app is great but might need some edits and reconsiderations especially with word choices. Letters that represent more than one sound may need examples of each sound it represents. I think that for this targeted audience that diagraph sounds be either left out or represented seperatly.

Frances A.

What I liked I liked that Monsieur Bear' ABC was filled with fun and intriguing pictures and animations. Every page is filled with various words and silly sentences all the highlight the particular letter of the page. I enjoyed that each page allowed for children to hear the letter in their long and short pronunciation with the various different words. This is a great teaching tool in itself. I think that it is wonderful that the app if offered in many different languages. This is a feature I find great for students who are English Language Learners. They can use their native language and English to learn.

Improvements What I would like to see in a future version:
- I do not like In App Purchasesso hopefully there will be an option to buy this app as a full app so it can be used more in an educational settings.
- Since the last update I am unable to get anywhere past the home screen. It either freezes on the opening animation of the company name or right on the home screen to start using the app. Up until the update on the 20th it worked fine. I wanted to look one more time to just check that I did not miss anything key for the review and I can't get past frozen screen. Deleted and redownloaded several times

General review The app is enjoyable for children to play and flip through the pages to learn their ABC's along with words that belong to each letter. Sometimes it is hard to understand all of the words since the fonts on each page are different and some young children might have not encountered particular words such as "quiche" but either way it is still fun for the children to use and I really like the multiples language feature for children. Overall good app.

Shannon W.

What I liked This is a fun, educational and artistic app. I love that it is extremely easy to use for even the youngest iPad users! It is colorful and well thought out. I had very young toddlers around 1 year old test this app and they were able to maneuver their way around the app with ease.
My 4 year old was able to read all the words in the app easily, I love how it has different languages as well. My daughter is learning Spanish now so this was a fantastic tool to help!

Improvements I'd love to see a way to change the fonts. It's great that the words are written in different fonts on the alphabet page. But when Monsieur Bear speaks the sentence the font is in script. This is very hard for early readers to understand. I wish I could change that somehow. Also when Monsieur Bear speaks the sentence it would be great if the words were highlighted while he speaks so early readers could follow along better.

General review It's a fun alphabet app for early readers to use! The app did crash a couple times while launching. I had to do a hard restart and it seemed to work fine after that.
If I had the option to change the fonts in the sentence I would rate this app 5 stars.. But since that isn't available yet I would rate it 4 stars.
Is a well throughout artistically made app that entertains young children from ages 1-5. The developer did a great job designing it!

Kerry E.

What I liked First of all, as a translator, I love the fact that this app is offered in three different languages. It's a great way to expose children to different sounds and words. The animations are wonderful, and my kids really enjoyed all the different choices within each letter. I like how the narrator shows how certain letters can sound differently depending on the word that they are in.

Improvements The start up screen takes a while to load, and it's bright white, which is a little hard to look at. It should have some sort of "Loading" text, so the user is not confused about what's going on. Also, when you click on an animation within the app, sometimes you're clicking right on it, but it doesn't register or start the animation.

General review This app is very well done. My six and a half-year-old complained that it was too baby for her, but I know she had fun with it, too. My five-year-old and three and a half-year-old had a blast with it. All three kids really enjoyed the letter "C", since it has a poop joke. They played it over and over again for me, laughing hysterically every time. I guess the developers know the target audience! :-)

Cheryle D.

What I liked This app was on the right track to introduce letters, their sounds, and words that begin with each letter. I like the animations of the pictures that go along with the letters. Some of them were cute and pretty creative. The app was pretty colorful throughout.

Improvements I would like to see the letter said when you choose it. Maybe the second page that has the letter and the sounds should go first and then the page with all of the pictures. The "c" page did not say the letter sounds though. I would like to see the letter and sounds for each one.

I would like to see less pictures on each page and then add more pages for each letter.

When clicking on the letters that are locked, other words randomly pop up. I pressed the "z" and "koala" popped up. The same goes for other links like the "all the letters" button, I got "jaguar".

General review This app has potential with some improvements made. The buttons/links need to be fixed instead of random words popping up. Even the parents corner link doesn't work. The only link that works takes you to a site that says is under construction. As it stands, this app needs some updates.

melissa r.

What I liked Cute and educational app with graphics young children are sure to adore. The range of objects for each letter is perfect in number and variety. Narrator is clear and precise assisting children to understand. Pleasant app for parents to listen to while children are playing.

Improvements Would prefer to see the animals do an action or make a noise that kids will recognise ie for the alligator have him snapping his mouth shut or have the bear growl. This will help to make the app more interactive and engaging for preschoolers. Would be great to give the kids an opportunity to trace the letter too.

General review Cute, fun and interactive app that is sure to be enjoyed by most preschoolers. Pleasant for adults to play and listen too! Not sure I would pay $3.99 for the app, however if it included letter tracing I think the price point would be justified. Graphics are gorgeous and both my daughters responded positively to this app.

Valerie M.

What I liked Monsieur Bear ABC's is a cute, colorful introduction to the ABC's. It offers multiple languages (English, French, Spanish, & British English), currently with a Christmas twist. You can choose which letter you want to focus on, with the free version offering the first three letters of the alphabet. Once you have chosen your letter you can touch and item and it will be highlighted, animating as it announces the word. Additionally you can touch on the letter here are pronounced, and then used in an alliterative sentence.

Improvements The children I tried this with were somewhat confused by inconsistent case and font since few had been exposed to cursive. I feel that this should be marked as a lite app since you only have access to three letters. Because a child will not return for three letters, it is strictly a motivator to purchase and I feel that $3.99 is too pricey for the content. Also, at one point the child was instructed to touch the arrow and more than one child thought the home icon was an arrow.

General review Monsieur Bear ABC's is a cute multilingual ABC app that allows children to explore words, sounds, & simple alliterative sentences. This is a lite app requiring an IAP of $3.99 to unlock the full alphabet. Although it is a cute and appealing app, the free version is so limited that children will not play it more than once or twice and I feel the full price is too high. Nice, but with so many apps out there, not for us…

Raphael S.

What I liked The drawings are fantastic and look like they've had a lot of hard work and care gone into them. The animations also look great and they preform quite well also really liked the selection of words accompanying each letter. The bear character is adorable and I think kids will love him/her. The sound effects are a nice perk as well. Another thing I liked was having the choice of languages can be very useful for when you go on holiday or to introduce them to a new language.

Improvements What I'd like to see improved? It's a tough question because I feel like the app already has so much to offer. I suppose there could be a few more languages added and I hope in the future the app will continue to update it's theme for each holiday because I loved the Christmas decorations in this version.

General review It's a quaint but modern children's book with real care gone into creating the illustrations and designing the animations both of which look fantastic. With added sound effects it makes the app entertaining too. I really liked the selection of words accompanying the letters of the alphabet and the choice of languages can be a very useful feature.

mandy N.

What I liked I like how there is many different words/pictures for each letter. I also like how the bear sounds out the letter and says a sentence that includes the letter that is shown. I like that your child can not just click out of the app (even though I'd like to see it harder) this is a nice addition.

Improvements Not sure I really like the phrase "who pooped?" seems out of place in the app and kind of inappropriate :/. Anytime my kids pressed on anything it tried to have them do a simple math problem that two of my kids could figure out very easily. I would like to see where to go out of the app it was more difficult.

General review This app is cute and introduces sounds to young children. I also like that it comes in many different languages to introduce how letters sound in a different language as well. This app could be helpful to some learning a new language or teaching a young child letter sounds in different languages.

Sheri A.

What I liked Upon initially opening this program,my son and I were excited to get started after seeing the initial graphics. The pictures accompanying the few letters we could see were engaging and the movements interesting after tapping on the pictures. We would have liked to explore this program more.

Improvements Unfortunately, using Ipad version 6.1.3 and Ios 7.0.4, we were only able to see the letters A, B, and C and while touching the figures did create animated movements in the character/pictures, we also had no sound. I was not able to access the parent corner. While pushing the various pictures, a math problem would also randomly apear.

General review I was not able to access this program fully using my current Ipad system. While it looked like it might be an interesting and engaging program, I am not able to give it a better review given the lack of access that I experienced. I wish I was able to provide more input.

Amy T.

What I liked The illustrations and sound effects are lovely and I really love the narrator- his voice is very animated. I love that this app is multilingual- a fun way to learn some Spanish or French vocabulary or explore words that start with each letter of the alphabet in English. I am thrilled to hear Portuguese will soon be an option as I speak it and love to share apps in Portuguese with my children. It is easy for kids to navigate among the letters and enjoy the different words on each page.

Improvements This app could use a better gated link mechanism- it is too easy to tap randomly on one of the three words, get the one spelled correctly and access the App Store and Parents area. I'd love a feature to prevent multiple rapid taps of a word in a row- this way a child who doesn't quite get the concept of tapping and waiting can hear bus instead of b-b-b-b-b-bus. I'd like to see different vocabulary selections to better represent the phonic sounds. For example I wouldn't include "chair" to represent C as it makes a "ch" sound, not the common /k/ or /s/ sound a child is taught.

General review I like the format- a page of interactive words for each letter- the animations and sound effects are very charming. I love how tapping the letter icon on each page makes the bear say a sentence featuring a word with that letter although the sample sentence for C was a bit awkward grammatically. "It was the cat", not "It is the cat". My 6 year old loved the bathroom humor however! I would like to see the text for the sentences in a standard font.