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Talking ABC... Version: 1.4 [text]

App description: Each letter in this ABC is interactive and when clicked on amazingly transforms into an animated character with whom your child can have a chat using the Talking mode. Animals sing together a funny, easy to remember ABC song, and the application also has 4 built-in games that excite interest and engage.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id640478677

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad3 - iPhone4S - iPhone5

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Pavel K.

Caitlin O.

What I liked I just adore this app. I love the bright and color animations. The music is a great additon along with the various games and activities. I like that you can go into the settings and change the level of difficulty on the puzzles and the way that the letters are presented.

Improvements I would like to see additional games made with these adorable characters. A game to identify a letter by its sound or just the letter itself would be greatly. Also you could add to the app or have bother that use the same characters to practice sight words.

General review I adore this app. So do my students! It is bright and colorful with lots of great animations that attract attention. You can view not just the letters but also play games, type in ow rods to be animated and there is a cause and effect feature to each letter that is great for special needs kids.

Frances A.

What I liked What I liked about the app Talking ABC's is that it was bright, vibrant and highly interactive app that allows children to learn their letters and sounds. I loved that there were two modes of using the app; having the choice to have the app play for them, which turns into an amazing and catchy alphabet song. Then, letting a child go and explore the many letters and the brilliant things they turn into. With wonderful animations that remind me of clay a child can mold in the virtual world. This is great for letting children learn through interactive play.

Improvements What I would like to see improved in a future version:
- On iPhone 4S the app exited out when first opening it. Had to delete and reinstall app for it to work.
- I would love to see additional content added especially in games to help improve children's letter identification skill! as well as identification of letter sounds.

General review Overall, I think the app is wonderful and engaging for children. The games add so much more to the overall app. Children can choose out of four games. they can either find the animals by the correct starting letter and identify the correct letter that then turns into the animal. Children also can create original funny words and move each letter of the words and have them turn into cute animals or work on puzzles. I love it!

Shannon W.

What I liked This is an amazing app for preschoolers to learn basic ABC's. The app is colorful and looks AMAZING on the iPad with retina display! I love how the animals repeat what is said when the child speaks to it with comical expression. My daughter was mesmerized with the claymation characters as most apps don't use this type of animation!

Improvements It would be great of there was an option to change the letters from uppercase to lowercase! As a child is learning letters and beginning to read words it's better for them to use lowercase as more then 90% of words and sentences are lowercase. Other then that its a perfect app!

General review I am defiantly going to recommend this app to my friends with preschool children. It's engaging, entertaning and a piece of art. I commend the designers for creating an app with claymation characters since this isn't used in many apps. Children find it entertaining while they learn and parents love the comical expressions on the animals. This is a 5 star app!

Kerry E.

What I liked My son is still playing the app as I review it! He is three and a half, and this app fully engages him on every level. We love the animations, the sound effects, the funny letter section, etc. The app is very well thought out, and one can tell that a lot of effort was put into the animations, especially.

Improvements Admittedly, I am a big fan of the app, but the sheer size of it is very off-putting. When I am searching for apps, if it's over 150 megabytes, I usually skip downloading it. We have a lot of apps on our devices, and after a little while, we do have to pick and choose which apps to keep. Also, while the animations are good, some of the animals are a little scary for the younger crowd, and I think starting with the alligator might be a mistake. It almost scared off my son! Lastly, I think the puzzles are a bit too difficult for the target age range. There should be an easier option.

General review We love Talking ABC! You can tell that a lot of hours were spent on making this app appealing to little ones, and it definitely succeeds. My three-year-old son has now been playing with it for thirty minutes, which for him is almost unheard of! Some of the animals might seem a little scary at first, but with some supervision and reassurance that "he's a nice [animal]", my son did fine and now loves to play all the games. Well done!

Valerie M.

What I liked This app is colorful, engaging, and has a variety of games as well as an auto play mode. The settings allow you to adjust whether you are focusing on the letters or the sounds they make, you can turn the talking on or off, and you can have a choice of easy or normal puzzles. This app will allow children to make letter sound associations for emergent literacy. The claymation animation is not baby–ish, so it will even work with kids into first and second grade.

Improvements It was frustrating in the letters and animals games that there were no repeat clues or a way to trigger repeating the clue if you got the answer wrong or mis-heard the clue. It might be nice as well when you select the wrong choice if it told you what that choice was to reinforce learning. There is an option to turn the voice on her off, but it would also be nice to be able to turn the music on or off.

General review This is a colorful, engaging app with clear music, sounds, & interesting voices. Done in a claymation style it allows you to play games on letters, animals, funny words, and puzzles. It is nice being able to adjust settings, but it would help if you could also toggle the music on or off. It would be nice in future releases if they offer the option to repeat the request in the letter and animal games. Great emergent literacy app!