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Screen Time - Media Time Manager [text]

App description: Screen Time helps parents proactively manage their kids' tv and gaming interactions by setting allowances, tracking their time daily, and encouraging kids to earn screen time and even trade their time for healthier activities.

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/screen-time-media-time-manager/id412387263?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPhone3GS - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Rod L.

Michelle W.

What I liked This app has nice clean graphics. It was easy to add and delete multiple children to the app.. There is a wide variety in the preset lists for screens, tasks and rewards in the set up section which I liked and it was easy to add my own items to the lists.

Improvements I tried to reduce time for one of my children to 15 minutes for screen time and it added more time to the one hour I had already allotted. It would be helpful to have a section in set up with more details as far as adding and taking away time to the screen time, tasks and rewards. I am not a big fan of the redeem section using external sites to post to.  There should be a section in the app to check and see what was redeemed and for what.

General review I think this app is a nice way to keep track of how long your kids have to do their tasks or be on the computer. I think the redeem section is a great way to teach kids how to manage their time and money. Overall, I think it is a great app to manage tasks/time and rewards for kids.

mandy N.

What I liked I really liked how easy the app was to set up. I loved that the activities for screen time and rewards were already there but that you could also add choices if needed. I loved that there is sounds to let your child know that their time is comming close to an end.

Improvements I would love to see the links leading out of the app hidden or removed for facebook, twitter, ect. I understand some might love this feature but I know as a parent I would prefer not to have child apps have these links. It's a great way to show off the childs accomplishments but at the same time most children should not have a facebook account either.

General review This app is simple and easy to use. You can easily help your child complete task and gain rewards in this app. Set goals for your child so they can earn many different things such as reading time, ipad time, ect. This app makes all this easy and then you can post to facebook, twitter, ect. if you wish as well.

Teriann M.

What I liked Excellent concept, I love any way to keep track of my children's screen time and also the idea of earning extra time as a reward for chores or good behaviour is fantastic. I love that I am able to keep details for all four of my children in the one place and the user interface is super easy.

Improvements I would like it to be a bit easier to change times and I would also like to be able to assign my own activities and also have the option to choose what times are given as rewards. Also with the time bank I would again like the option to add my own rewards and times and times.

General review A really easy to use app that makes keeping track of screen time a breeze. My kids loved this idea and responded really well to the concept. With a bit more flexibility in the rewards and redemption option this app would be perfect but as it is still a worthwhile purchase and excellent value.

Caitlin O.

What I liked What a great idea for parents to help monitor media time. I love that there is a timer and that kids can earn time by making healthy choices. I also like that kids can earn rewards by not using all of their time. I like that you are able to see see the daily used, earned and redeemed.

Improvements I would like the option to be able to add my own rewards and delete the default ones. It is not possibly for every family to be able to take their kids to the zoo or bowling. I would also like to be able to have my kids track their own usage, so I would need parental controls that I could "lock" so that my kids could not mess with the settings.

General review Overall, this is a good app to help monitor your child or children's media time usage. It enables you to set the amount of time per child. The child can earn extra time by making healthy choices and can earn rewards by trading in time. This would need to most likely be run by the parent as it may be to difficult for younger children to use and older children may change the settings.

Frances A.

What I liked This app is a very good app for children with and without disabilities. It is easily customizable, so that every want and desire of a child can be reached. I like that you set the amount of time that they have to play. With children constantly sitting in front of a television or computer they are loosing out on building socialization skills (which is extremely important in young children) and well as everyday interactions. What I liked most about the application is that children can make the decision to bank their time and use it towards a better reward or prize later.

Improvements What I would like to see added and or changed is an automatic logging of what the child does. For example, it is the child’s turn to use the I-Pad, screen timer will come on in the background and after the 30 minutes allotted it would lock the screen and deduct the time from the total automatically. If not, on the home screen place a button to start the timer. Also, pictures are a strong reinforcement. If we could upload our own pictures or you make a picture library for parents to use this will adjust the needs of the program to children at all learning levels and in all learning categories.

General review Overall, I find this application to be helpful to manage and monitor children’s time on various activities. I like that the children can earn more time for the things they want by completing task such as cleaning their room. I love that children can bank their time for a major reward.  A lot of children like to buy toys or go to places that become costly. By using this app it gives an adult a medium to let them ‘earn” that toy or that outing.