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App description: Category: education, subcategory family & games. Help your children learn to read with Lola’s ABC Party 2! This game teaches spelling, word construction and word recognition to children ages 5-7. Begin with short vowels and in the end master spelling of 160 words. Reading practice made exciting and interactive!

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id703406163

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 6

Developer: Tarja H.

Amellia M.

What I liked I love the way the sounds are segmented and blended when words are built and read. Most of the activities are very good, age appropriate, and fun for kids. The variety of activities and the length of them are good for the targeted age group. There is a need for this type app for this group especially giving them very good examples of how these individual sounds are pronounced and blended. It is very common for children to not hear proper pronunciation.

Improvements The activity where kids pop balloons with words on them based on categories the words would fit into doesn't seem to fit the app. It is a much more difficult skill to be able to read those words, understand their meaning, and be able to eliminate a word based on it's meaning. That is a vocabulary skill rather than a phonics or phonemic awareness skill. I would like to see this activity turn into letters on the balloons and the child be given a sound and pop the balloon with the letter responsible for making that sound.

General review I really like this app and will use it with my first grade class and will recommend it to parents. If the activity with the balloons being changed, I would certainly give this one a five. My students enjoyed this and I find it to be very helpful in helping kids learn needed skills.

Erin K.

What I liked I really liked the ways that it reinforced early reading skills through a variety of reading and spelling activities. The use of phonics was nice to see and there was a nice scaling to the difficulty of tasks that were presented in the app. I also enjoyed the coloring and overall cheerfulness of the app. My son was very engaged by the entire experience that it offered and really enjoyed the reward of making food and kites and treats.

Improvements I was really expecting the ending to be a little more engaging than it was. Even having a mini game where you fly the kite or even an animation where they eat the picnic prepared and fly the kite you made. Touching around was a little underwhelming at that point. I also would have liked to see the difficulty scale a little faster if they were getting the skills and words. Perhaps adapting to their level a little more.

General review This is a very nicely put together app. It kept my sons interest for a long time which was a very big positive. He was laughing and having a good time throughout. The early reading skills are developed well and through a variety of activities and it involves an interactive reward system that is fun as well.

Lena L.

What I liked The positive reinforcement provided by Lola Panda makes ABC Party 2 a fun game for young children. My child enjoyed playing along and would get excited when Lola would say, "You are as smart as a panda". I like the idea of finding words, spelling words, and writing them all in one game.

Improvements What I would like to see changed is the order in which words are introduced and used for play. For example, I believe it would be better reinforcement for a word to be introduced, then asked to say and write the word, followed by spelling it, and finally picking it out among other words. Then the process can be repeated for a new word. A review could be given every 10 words.

General review This app is a fun, educational game for young children. They will be asked to identify, spell, and write words. Lola panda is a fun character that encourages the children and rewards them throughout the game. It is an easy game to understand how to play and will bring hours of fun to you child.

Frances A.

What I liked What I liked about Lola's ABC party 2 is that it was a fun and interactive game that engages children in learning. I loved that children played to learn the different letters and words. Children were greeted by a friendly Panda who wants to go on a picnic. In the game you help Lola and then you get to set up all the parts of their wonderful picnic day. This app is great for letter identification, site word vocabulary expansiom, fine and gross motor skills. Children are encouraged to keep trying a wrong answer does not put them back at the start. I like this because it helps struggling learners

Improvements My App Wish List:

- I would like to see something that would be pre-kindergarten to reinforce skills learned and build confidence. It would be nice to see a simple letter identification game before they went onto more complicated games.
- When writing the words, it lets the child write the word incorrectly as long as they play with the guidance feature to write the word correctly. I think that writing the proper way should be reinforced so they learn this skill in the correct way because its very hard to fix writing habits once they reach an older age.

General review Overall, I think Lola's ABC party 2 is a very helpful tool to reinforce learning. I think it is wonderful that this learning game also gives hint so no child gets overly frustrated while playing the page. I like that the game interface is appropriate for the age group that would be using this game. It hits on major learning goals for children such as reading, writing, matching and spelling. I like the app and I think it is worth having.

Marc Edward D.

What I liked I liked the simple interface. The interface is very simple and very easy for children to navigate. I also liked the cute design of each character. I also like the narration in this app. I also liked that there are different type of activities in this app.

Improvements I just wish that there will be an additional mini-games where children can color or play a jigsaw puzzle game. I also think adding a male character will be nice. Choosing the Male character will also change the narration to a male voice. And I think, letting the other characters to play the kite would be nice. The Lion was the only one having fun with the Kite while the others were just watching him. Lol.

General review This is a great app for children to learn how to spell, write and read while having fun at the same time. Very educational app for children. This interface is very simple and well done for kids to understand easily. Lots of words to practice reading, writing and to spell. Different types of activities. Interactive and very educational app. Worth buying.

mandy N.

What I liked I love all the different activities this app has. I love how there's so many things that teach your child about reading, spelling and more all wrapped up into this app. It's great that the words are sounded out afterward to teach your child how to spell/sound out words.

Improvements Some of the activities seem a little advanced for Kindergarten level such as find all the fruits where your child must be able to read each of the words or have someone else read them off to them. I can see where categorizing things would be part of Kindergarten but might be better if there was an option of words or pictures.

General review Love this app. There is so many different parts of learning all wrapped up into one app. Great app for kindergarten and maybe even a little higher as well. The activities are fun and enjoyable for children so it encourages them to learn and keep playing longer :)