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App reviews for "A Day in the Zoo - 1.0.1" [text]


A Day in the Zoo - 1.0.1 [text]

App description: Visit the zoo with your child and explore various compounds in this interactive book designed for children between 12 and 24 months old! Let your child interact with animals or even imitate them! This product concentrates on the urge for knowledge and drive of children at that age, when they start to understand and imitate words.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/a-day-in-the-zoo/id712909247?l=de&ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone3G

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Sebastian G.

mandy N.

What I liked I really like the bright and colorful pictures in this app. The app covers many different animals and scenes. The interactive activities are wonderful the target age group. I also like the option of turning off many different things in the app such as sound, voice, ect.

Improvements I would really like to see where the story reads and then your child can press the items on the screen but only one at a time. My son has a very bad habit of just pushing all over the screen so you can never really hear what each thing is saying. Also if you could hide the settings, back, and ? so only parents can push out of the play screen since the age group is toddler age I'm sure many would like that feature.

General review Cute, fun and friendly app for toddlers to early preK age. There's many different scenes and activities for your child to enjoy. The option of turning off the sound/music is great if you just want your child to have a quiet activity or if you just want them to be able to hear the words or music only.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. This is a very interesting application. Kids can learn how some animals look and how they sound.
2. I like the little things of this app. Like the interactivity of the images and the little tips in some animal sections.
3. The settings are very useful and the languages supported are plenty.

Improvements 1. It's nice to have a virtual tour of the zoo, but I don't understand why there are farm animals like pigs and chickens present here.
2. The app is very short. I mean there are not a lot of things to do. Two or three interactions is every animal categories. For the money I'm paying, in not satisfied with the content. It needs more content to be competitive with other similar apps on the AppStore.

General review This is a good looking mini virtual tour of a zoo, though there's a limited number of animals present here. The graphics are good and so are the sounds, but the content is not worth 3 dollars in my opinion, because there are other apps on the AppStore with a richard content and lower price point.

Lynn G.

What I liked This app is colorful and full of animations. The read aloud option is a plus for parents who tire of reading the same story over and over again. There are many options in the settings for enabling various options, such as music, voice read along, sound effects.

Improvements There are a few grammatical errors that should be corrected. I hope future versions will include updates for more animals and interactions for the child. Some of the movements required of the child may reflect fine motor skills that are not age appropriate.

General review This app would be entertaining for its targeted audience. It is colorful and interactive. The music and tone of the voice are appropriate. There are plenty of animations to entertain a young child. The actions that imitate the various animals are also cute and fun for a young child to produce.

Celeste G.

What I liked I like that on each screen of this app a child could interact with the page, including imitating sounds, petting the animals, and making the animals move. The colors and music are great for small children and the animals themselves are very cute. Its a nice option to be able to enable or disable the sounds in the app and even switch languages, making this app appeal to a broader audience.

Improvements I noticed a few grammatical mistakes and places where the narration did not exactly match the text. I think the font could be bigger and would love to see each word highlighted as it was read. My son found it hard to press some of the arrows to move within the app as they were small and in the corner, so perhaps new placement would be helpful. Finally, more animals to play with would make this app very entertaining for little ones

General review I think the app is simple - perfect for the intended age range. And with the addition of more animals and maybe even more kid characters, it would be even better. Until it offers a few more of these options, the price should probably be slightly lower, perhaps $1.99. My son enjoyed playing with it, which is most important!

Frances A.

What I liked A day in the zoo is a wonderfully fun and engaging app for very young children (1-3 years of age). With its easy to use features these young learners are able to learn about animals. On each beautifully designed page you have wonderfully interactive pictures of animals. The simple instructions are read to the child and then they interact with different animals and learn a new fact. I like that you can control the volume and turn the volume completely off. I think this is helpful for children who have auditory processing problems.

Improvements My wish list for a future version:
- I think more animals should be added. There are not enough to play with and because of that the app doesn't have a value in the long term.
- I think this is great but it is not worth the price I paid for it. For three dollars I would expect much more than a few animals. I would say it needs to be drastically expanded or the price needs to drop. I have bought similar apps with the similar features for less money.
- The zebra activity confused a few children, it seemed to never end. This caused a bit of frustration.

General review Overall, I liked the a day in the zoo. It is a cute, fun and functional app for young children. Although, I think it needs a few improvements before it could be a valuable app. The app is excellent for the target age range. The app has fine and gross motor skills that are slightly advanced for young children so I would encourage parents to sit with the children and play at first.

Raphael S.

What I liked The first thing I noticed was how amazing the graphics were, someone obviously went to great lengths to create the artwork and it's totally worth it. There was a lot of laughter when using this app, we all loved how silly it is and the sounds were amazing as was the quality of them. I also liked the lack of ads and in-game purchases which can be quite common in apps like this.

Improvements I'd really like to see some more animals added soon and I think it would be nice to have a world map sort of thing where you can select a certain country and see animals native to it, for example, Kangaroos in Australia and Polar bears in Antarctica.

General review Perfect app for children just coming into their learning phase. The graphics/artwork are just exquisite and the animal sounds are humorous and great quality. The app provides much needed laughter when children are at this stage. The app is child safe as there are no ads which is fantastic. One day in the future it would be great to have some more animals added.

Erin B.

What I liked I love the simplicity of this app - it is perfect for young toddlers. It's not overwhelming and has just enough animals to keep it interesting.
The info about the animals is great and just enough for an introduction.
The little activities (rubbing the hippos belly) are just right for the age group. My toddler loves that particular activity.

Improvements I'd like an option where the reading is completed despite the screen being touched again. So often my son gets excited and starts to tap all over, so we never get to hear the full sentences.
I'd love to see more interactive activities like the hippo.
More animals would be great! Maybe sections such as rainforest animals, ocean animals, etc.

General review Great app for young toddlers! The pictures are great, the reading is just the right length for the age, and there is interesting information about a few common zoo animals.
It's interactive yet simple. All my of my kids have found this app interesting - up to 7 years old!
I love that there are different languages to choose from too. Sometimes we switch the language just to hear another language being spoken.

Valerie M.

What I liked --kids loved the clear, pleasant voice and realistic animal sounds.
--kids liked graphics, although several were confused when zebras kept changing after it declared they had all been changed to black and white.
--Activities were engaging and encouraged exploration
--read along promotes early literacy.
--multiple option settings for text, voice, sound effects, music, & choice of 6 languages.

Improvements --Would love to see option to highlight as it reads as a setting as story is read to further support emergent literacy.
--expected at least some automated text on each page since it is labeled as a book; would categorize as educational instead for now.
-- several kids were confused when zebras kept changing after it declared they had all been changed to black and white.

General review Kids loved the voice and realistic animal sounds. Kids liked graphics, but some were confused when zebras kept changing. Activities were engaging and encouraged exploration. Would love to see option to highlight as it reads to further support literacy. Expected at least some starter text on each page since it is labeled as a book. Has multiple option settings for text, voice, sound effects, music, & choice of 6 languages.

sandy g.

What I liked The sound effects were very realistic which I love! The variety of interactions on the different pages is nice. The ability to enable and disable the voices, sound effects, text, etc would come in very handy for parents of the toddlers using this app.

Improvements For the cost of this app I feel it could use some additional animals to make the price justified. I liked the "farm animals" but did not understand their inclusion in an app about zoo animals. Although there was a variety of interaction on the pages I felt some of the scenes could use more interactive activities.

General review The app is very appropriate for toddlers. The music and sound effects would captivate and hold the attention of the youngsters this app is designed for. The toddlers would find the interactions on the pages very entertaining. This app would hold the attention of the young people playing it.

Amy T.

What I liked No external links, thank you! I like the illustrations, music and layout of the animals on the front screen, to reach a more detailed page about each underneath. I enjoy the interactive pop ups that adult/child can do together! I like how tapping some items label the word. (I want more labels in each page though). I love the concept of patting the rhino's belly to make him feel better (it took forever though- my students had long lost interest as it kept going and going- the number of strokes it takes need to be less and perhaps there could be a visual/ bar indicating how far to go.)

Improvements I'd love simpler sentences; the language is much too sophisticated for babies and toddlers. The word choice is off at times i.e. "The baby monkey plays (makes) music (noise) with its rattle". When an item is labeled, the word should display near the item, not at the bottom right. I want to tap an item/animal and have just the word play, followed by a short sentence. When tapped, voice should complete before a touch there is allowed again (to avoid a message being played partially over and over without actually listening to the full model. Needs more content/ pop up areas to explore.

General review I like the concept, professional illustrations, voiceover, music, and app store safety, but I don't feel the app is developmentally appropriate Language and instructions/ feedback are conflicting at times: "You painted all zebras black and white again, thank you!" - yet the zebras are still flashing in different rainbow colors! The app misses the mark at times- i.e. the sign could actually take the child to crocodiles etc, how fun would that be!