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App reviews for "Jack and the Beanstalk a Mathematical Adventure - HD V1.1" [text]


Jack and the Beanstalk a Mathematical Adventure - HD V1.1 [text]

App description: ack and the Beanstalk a Mathematical Adventure—a unique and fun way to learn and practice math! Join Jack on his epic adventure of mathematical proportions, to help him with his GIANT problems. The adventure unfolds one step at a time while learning math. This app is designed for children at an early reading stage (K-3rd Grades).

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jack-beanstalk-mathematical/id682232291?ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 20

Developer: Justin H.

Valerie M.

What I liked This is an inexpensive educational app combining reading and math. Combining a familiar fairy tale read in a pleasant voice with math manipulatives, it teaches younger children how math applies to daily life. If a task is too hard, it can be skipped. It is great that there are no IAPs, ads, or social media links. Kids will enjoy reading the story and engaging in math in simple ways. The graphics are clear and each problem is straight-forward. You can choose to start at the beginning, where you left off, or select a favorite page.

Improvements Aimed at 5-8 year olds, there should be an option to highlight as it is read. Although it is inexpensive, I feel it does not quite do justice to either the math or the story. The story has much text for only ten graphics. It is also a very broad math range from counting to multiplication and division. The clock tasks were a bit fussy and said incorrect once when they were not. Also, the amulet shapes were not as clearly defined and younger kids were confused, thinking they should drag from the basket instead of the lone one out of the basket. So much potential, but maybe a bit too ambitious.

General review This is a nice app with math tasks sprinkled throughout the story. Ten pictures, each with multiple sets of text for kids from 5 to 8 years old, although I think the multiplication and division is probably too advanced for the story level. There are no IAPs, ads, or social media links. There is no text highlighting, and some graphics for activities could be improved. Kids will enjoy hearing a classic fairy tale told new with simple math tasks.

Marc Edward D.

What I liked I like the simple design of the interface. I also like the narration. I like how I can easily choose a page I want by touching the Book icon. I also like the addition of the skip button in each page. I also like how I can easily refresh/chage each question by pressing the refresh button.

Improvements I wish to see a mini-game/s added to this app. Similar apps I've tried have a couple of mini-games. I think you should add a problem solving mini-game. I also think you should at least add a Background Music on the main menu and on each page because it is too quiet.

General review This is a great app to learn how to read and specially to learn about math. App is easy to use and understand specially for kids. You solve a problem on each page. The narration is great. I just wish there was at least 1 or 2 mini-games in this app to make it even better. Still, a fun way for kids to learn.

Christy S.

What I liked Based on the story, the game allows the user to practice math skills as the story unfolds. I liked the story element and how it was integrated into learning math facts and how to do certain skills. I also thought the text as the narrator read it was good as well as having the option to move forward in the game to skip that part of it.

Improvements I would to see the images take on a more realistic tone as well as adding animation to have the story elements move while the story is being read. Also, the submit button after giving the answer instead of showing the question mark, equal sign, and exclamation point.

General review Overall, the app is a good concept. I liked how it integrated literature with math concepts and skills. The learner is able to practice a variety of math skills such as money, measurement, operations, geometry, and other skills. I also liked the word problems that were presented and how it was worded. This gave the learner a variety on how to answer different types of problems.

Erin B.

What I liked I love that this app integrates math practice into a fun story. My kids were so into the story that the math came naturally.
The illustrations are bright and inviting.
The story is a classic itself, and this one was a great version.
I love that the math problems change each time you go through it. No cheating!

Improvements At the beginning of the story Jack climbs up the beanstalk in x hours, and at the end he climbs down in x hours. When we went through the story the times didn't match up and my kids were confused.
I'd love to see the illustrations change a bit more with the story. They're wonderful illustrations and we'd like more!
The math facts jumped around in difficultly a bit much. My 7 year old could easily do some and had difficulty with others.
I'd also like to see an option where the answer is explained for some of the more difficult problems.

General review This app is great for some fun math practice. The story is fun and entertaining, and the math fits right in! My kids were having a great time trying to figure out the math problems.
In a relatively short story, I'm impressed with how many different math concepts were covered.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. Kids love the cartoonish look of the application.
2. The story is very interesting and kids wanted more and more.
3. The math part of the app is very well integrated in to the overall application and some times kids forget that they are learning math and focus on a good app.

Improvements 1. The narration is good and kids love lisining to stories, but if there was a background song the app would feel more alive. It would be something to complete the app.
2. A couple of stand-alone game would be very nice in this game. The math problems in the story are good, but we need more.
3. It would be nice to have spanish as an option for language. This is the kind of app to use if you are learning other languages to kids.

General review Overall this is one good application. For learning math at school or at home this is a very nice way. The app looks good, drawings are crisp and so is the narration. There are a few things to consider in an update and this app could get even better.

Michelle C.

What I liked My 8year old son was the one most enchanted by this app. He was able to follow along with the text, understood most of the mathematical questions posed, and liked the novelty of having the math woven into a loved story. The illustrations are lovely, and the integration of time, measure and weights into the story is quite clever.

Improvements The audio sounds a bit tinny on our iPad 2, and could be improved in a studio with some sound effects as well. There are a few differences between the audio and the text which need addressed as well. (to earth, to the earth etc).
It is a bit confusing when the time it takes to go up the beanstalk on one page converts into another time frame on a later page (going down). Perhaps that should be reprogrammed to give the same figure. The pause before giving the numbers is quite noticeable. The measuring of the beanstalk could also be reviewed, as well as the first screen which is really long.

General review In general, I think this app is well done and integrates well both reading a story and working on different mathematical applications in a way which makes them relevant to daily life. I know my children enjoyed it, and they would have liked it to be longer, and to continue playing. I think Kindergarten in probably too young for the app, and think it's more likely to get the attention of 1st-4th graders. Overall, it was a fun value-added story app

Lynn G.

What I liked What a fun and entertaining way to interact with the fable, Jack and the Beanstalk. This app offers a variety of ways to practice math skills, from counting to basic operations, estimation, and identification of polygons. It is colorful and interactive.

Improvements One improvement might be animations on the pages of the story that do not offer mathematics skills. Also, highlighting the words as they are read in the story would be helpful for those who are not strong readers. For those players who are strong readers, the ability to turn the narration off would be appreciated.

General review This is a great app to review a favorite story and math skills all at once. The ability to correct wrong answers is a great reinforcement for the skills being reviewed. The graphics are nice and should be attractive to the player. The math skills involved require the player to be at least 8 years of age.

Cheryle D.

What I liked This was a story and a math adventure in one! I like the colorful illustrations throughout the story. I really liked how the math was incorporated throughout the story with different types of equations involved. The math utilized a lot of word problems that correlate with the common core.

Improvements I wish there was an option to just read the story instead of having it read to you.

I wish you couldn't go on with the book until you got the math equation right. It also took a while to figure out the button to check to see if you had the right answer.

I wish there was an option to have more math equations. Maybe have a button to go into a "game" section. You could have more time questions, beanstalk equations, etc..If a child had difficulty with one particular section, he/she could practice in this area as well. I know in the book it's different each time though...I liked that!

General review This is a nice twist on an old classic with math introduced throughout. It is very colorful and engaging as well. It's great how it incorporates ELA and math into one app! This is a great app to help with students in the younger grades with math that includes word problems.

mandy N.

What I liked I love how the story integrates math into it. There is so many different type of math skills included for what seems to be at about a 2nd to 3rd grade level but with help younger kids could even work on them. The story is well read and very cute. My kids really loved the pictures in the story.

Improvements It can be a little confusing of what all the buttons are for in the app. Maybe having a few less would be better. Also when doing the math part it's hard to know if the answer is placed correctly. It seems more like it's an about guess such as when measuring the beanstalk. It would also be helpful to have a help option. Also it seems there may be something wrong with the counting beans on the stalk as my kids and myself couldn't get the answer to go in?

General review Cute and well written story with math skills built into the story. The math skills seem to be on a 2nd to 3rd grade level but with adult help younger kids could work on some the skills as well. A few little tweaks in the app could make this a wonderful app. :)

Lena L.

What I liked I enjoyed the concept of this app. My children had fun listening to the story and enjoyed the little breaks in between to solve the math problems. The problems are right on level and easy to understand. I enjoy apps such as this one that are able to entertain and teach at the same time.

Improvements I think it would be nice to see a help button in case the child needs a little nudge to remember how to work a problem. For example, a hint to count by fives on a problem. I would like to see the shape problem improved. It goes on for too long before finding the correct shape and the names get covered up. A different layout would help on this problem.

General review Jack and the Beanstalk a Mathmatical Adventure is a fun, great app for young children. As the story unfolds, the child gets to solve math problems that go along with the story. Your child will have fun listening to this story and practicing their math skills.

sandy g.

What I liked I liked the different types of mathematical problems that this app included. As an educator it was great to see different skills included in this app. I loved that although this is a math app it had the story of Jack and the beanstalk read to the children using this app. It shows the children how math is used in the real world.

Improvements Although I realize that you could choose to stay on a page and do multiple problems in the given skill, as an educator, I would like to see where the child would have to solve more than one problem to move on. Putting a "just practice" screen at the end would be a possibility. Another suggestion would be to include different levels of difficulty.

General review I liked the app but felt it needed more practice considering it is described as a mathematical adventure. The cost of the app is reasonable for the amount of activities involved. The app appears to be appropriate for the early elementary aged children.

Misty G.

What I liked This was a great app that combined a classic story with some simple mathematical facts. The narrator was very easy to understand and fun to listen to. I enjoyed the graphics and animations. The short math sections tied in perfectly with the story and are great for many ages.

Improvements I think the story is great as is. I love the various math problems that are included throughout the story. The only thing that I would suggest would be to make the story a little longer with a few more problems in it. Another suggestion would be a read to yourself option rather than listening to the narrator for the better readers.

General review The classic story of Jack and the Beanstalk had a few twists and included math problems dealing with money, time, measurement, counting, weights, and shapes. I really like the fact that the math problems change each time you watch the story. So the price of the beans or height of the stalk is different each time giving the child extra reinforcement. The story is short enough to keep the attention of the younger kids.

Shannon W.

What I liked I love how this app covers all the basic math concepts that the younger grades are taught. From counting, to time management and basic shapes and measurement this is one app that entertains children as they learn. It's great to see the math problems incorporated into the fun story. I love that it not just a counting app. It also includes time telling, money and measurement. Something very few apps have these days combined into one.

Improvements It would be great if the illustrations were animated. My daughter and 6 year old niece kept touching the pictures in the story to see if something would "move". Maybe if something was interactive in the story pages. Also, I wish the words were highlighted as they are read to the child. It's easier for beginning readers to follow along that way.

General review Over all I would give this app 4 stars. I love that it does cover all the basic math concepts in an entertaining story!! However, I really think the children would be more engaged if something was animated on the pages. I love that the story is easy to scroll through by hitting the down arrow. Fast readers can scroll through the story much quicker. The basic math problems are challenging enough to keep the reader engaged!

Frances A.

What I liked I like that the app starts as a story. A story is a wonderful way to start the app, it helps the children to become engaged. Once you come to the math problems this app shows every day life situations of buying the beans like going to the supermarket to buy food. Then, this combination goes on throughout the app. It is a perfect mix of content and context. The graphics were appropriate for the story and it was fun for the children to play. One of my favorite parts of this app is that there are no advertisements or In App Purchases to worry about.

Improvements What I would like to see improved in a future version:
- It looks like there is a bug on the beanstalk page. I tried on three different ipads and the app would not let me pull the beanstalk up and down.
- It could be beneficial to early learners if there was a way that they could not move on without the right answer and also be given hints. The app is great and its good to have parental guidance but they should not have to run to their parent all the time when they can't figure it out. Perhaps make this into a two level game, supports and without supports.

General review Jack's Math is a nice twist to a beloved children's story. Using both reading, listening and math skills children can learn, practice and study. This is a great app to use for fun learning. I really likes that the child has the ability to correct wrong answers. This provides flawless learning and makes for a great reinforcement while practicing their skills. With a few minor improvements this app would get five stars! Overall, I like the app!

Amanda R.

What I liked Great idea to see a story include math and be able to functionally use math skills. Nice to see activities that use manipulative verse just math facts. The illustrations are nice and colorful. The story is clearly read. I like the controls on the story to be able to pause and replay it, skip pages etc.

Improvements The length of the story per illustration is a bit long, would like to see more pages / illustrations per section or animations in order to hold a child's interest. An option is needed to require completion or correct response of math activity before turning the page. May be nice to provide the answer or a hint after several incorrect answers.

General review Nice to see math incorporated into a well illustrated fairy tale. This would be good for grade 3 and up to review math concepts using manipulatives that relate to the story . It could be used in a classroom or with a parent or tutor as an adult is needed to check the child's work.

Amellia M.

What I liked The fact that the text is read to the child is good. Changing the problem each time the child arrives at a page requiring him or her to work with a problem is great. It is also a plus that so many different math skills are integrated into the story allowing not only math skills to be covered but also includes language arts skills.

Improvements The navigation arrows are confusing. It would be great to be able to step back one page or have the option to have the text reread. When I clicked on what I thought would allow this nothing happened. When finishing a task, it isn't very clear for a child what to do next. The audio was a little choppy. The amulets cover up the words when matching the shapes making it hard to see the name of the shape. As a 1st grade teacher, I don't feel that the skill levels and concepts are age appropriate for Kindergarten and first grade students. I would find this more appropriate for third graders.

General review In general, I don't find this to be age appropriate for the age range specified for this app. The concept for it is great. If the difficulty of the problems were adjusted I would be able to rate this app higher. I would be good for classroom use however I don't see that it would maintain a child's interest over an expanded period of time.

Kerry E.

What I liked The kids and I really enjoyed the games and how they incorporated math into a classic fairytale story. We also like the options of starting from the beginning, continuing a previous session, and going directly to a favorite page. This really makes it possible for a child to practice a specific skill without having to wade through the whole story. We have seen other apps where you have to start completely over if you got out of the app and had to do something else before returning to it.

Improvements As a proofreader, I immediately notice things like missing commas, and there were a lot of commas missing in this app. I really think a proofreader needs to go over all of the text and correct any mistakes. Also, I realized after the first couple of times that when the narrator was pausing before saying a quantifiable number, it was so the app could change every time a child played it by having different equations to solve. There just needs to be less of a noticeable pause; it sounds like there's something wrong with the app instead of what is really happening.

General review In summary, my kids were all interested in the app. They all enjoyed the games, and everyone wanted to participate. The developers just need to go over the text to correct any mistakes. We will be using this app again as my older daughter advances in math. Right now she's only in first grade, so there's not a lot of estimating going on, but that's a useful skill to have, and I appreciate that it is included in this app.

Caitlin O.

What I liked I like that this app provides practice for various math skills in a fun way. The story in interesting and interactive. I like that the story is read aloud with the words for students to follow along, this providers not only the opportunity to practice math skills but also reading skills.

Improvements I would like to see options added to turn off the narration so that students could read it themselves, I would also like to see options for varying levels of difficulty, the app would then be suitable for a wider range of children. There could be an easy, average, and difficult setting, the easy setting could give clues as to how to solve the problem by having things light up, etc.

General review I think this app is a good start but has room for improvement. The math incorporated into a story is a great attention grabber for students. Adding various levels and additional problems would be a definite plus along with the option to turn off the narration.

Raphael S.

What I liked I particularly enjoyed this app because I thought it was a splendid way to introduce my siblings to a traditional children's story that I grew up reading: "Jack and the Beanstalk". Another thing I like was that the app isn't limited to one subject so there's a number of things for them to learn while enjoying a good story.

Improvements The artwork was a little basic but in some ways I sort of admired that. However, I would love to see some fine tuning in that area and perhaps some animations to keep the young ones interested. I'd also like to see some more traditional children's stories added such as Snow White.

General review A magnificent children's app. I love the classic story and how it had a happy ending. I also like how there are multiple topics for children to learn from. The artwork/illustrations were very quaint and simple but I'd like to see them polished a little someday.

melissa r.

What I liked Attractive graphics and pleasant narrator, great concept that engages children. Storyline is the friendly jack and the beanstalk we all know and kindergarten aged kids and early school years will enjoy the app as a stand alone book. The maths aspect will create a more challenging book/game app for older kids.

Improvements Buttons all different colours are confusing visually. Maybe have the various proceed buttons green?
Dollar amounts need to be read in full ie four dollars and twenty five cents not four twenty five. To increase clarity.
Hard to figure out how high the beanstalk should be against the measuring tape. Maybe increase the size of the tape?

General review Great app that follows the beloved Jack and the beanstalk fairytale. It's maths adventures are fantastic and engaging for children. It isn't however suitable for kindergarten and grade 1 age groups who would become highly frustrated with it in its current format. Maybe divide into two options, one with maths one without? . Great idea and lovely designed app overall, just needs a few tweaks.