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App reviews for "Math Mathews : Mental Math 1.0" [text]


Math Mathews : Mental Math 1.0 [text]

App description: "Math Mathews - Mental Math" allows children to practice arithmetic in a fun way (addition and subtraction). This game prompts players to find the missing numbers in addition and subtraction problems and alternates with fun gameplay.

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/math-mathews/id705166220

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone5

Total reviews: 20

Developer: Vanessa K.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. This is a very interesting game that helps kids learn the basics of math. It's a nice way to keep a kid interested in school in this period of time when everything is digital.
2. The graphics look very crisp and the stories are interesting to read.
3. I like the multi user switcher. It's great for using the application in the classroom for lessons.

Improvements 1. I like the stories, but it would be very nice it they were narrated to kids. An option for this would be a great update to the application.
2. Some kids reported that the speed of the game was too fast and they didn't have time to play as they would like. Adjusting the speed for some kids would be a nice option for a future update. Not all kids have the same reaction times.

General review Overall this is a interesting application for teaching kids math. The app supports multi user profiles for a great experience and the stories are nice, but narration would be a good update. The overall value of the app is good and for 99 cents it's definitely a must try.

Camila A.

What I liked This is a superb app that combines a math workbook and an adventure game. The graphics are very polished and the backstory nicely written. The progressing quest provides kids with a goal to work towards. I like that the app has several difficulty levels and multiplayer support to accommodate kids at different learning stages. It's also a nice bonus that the app has neither ads or IAPs.

Improvements The game stutters when many coins are collected at the same time, which takes away the fun a bit. Also, this is just a minor issue, but the graphics for the three keys shown in the math problem dialog seem unpolished compared to the rest of the app. I also would prefer a mute button somewhere in the game as the music gets tiresome after a while.

General review Overall, this is a very enjoyable app for learning math. It has many elements that will make a hit: a fun and educational gameplay, an epic quest, and multiple player profiles. Multiple difficulty levels mean that this app would be useful for quite some time. I would consider this app a great value, especially considering the price. Color me impressed!

Raphael S.

What I liked The design looks attractive and the graphics are pleasant. The game is quite alluring and entertaining and I think that it really helps to improve their math skills. I found the difficulty settings very helpful as the game remains challenging for multiple children from different age groups. Another feature I liked was being able to have up to 10 players registered and seeing their progress report at the end.

Improvements I don't see the children completing or losing interest in the app for a little while but I would like to see some more levels added eventually. Apart from that I can't really find anything else that could be improved just yet. Perhaps in the future I'll notice something.

General review A pleasant game for children. The graphics are attractive, the app has a wonderful educational value and it allows you to track the progress made by them. It also allows more than one child to play at a time and because of the difficulty settings it's not just limited to a certain age group.

melissa r.

What I liked WOW. A fun, fast paced adventure game for kids to practice their maths. What an amazing app that will become the new best friend of many a primary (and secondary) teacher.
Engaging and mysterious this game is addictive and engaging, whilst educating. What more can one want!
Great app that can be set as homework or fun time in class when all other work is complete.

Improvements The app icon is a bit gruesome looking and not overly keen on it for use in the school or for parents to see (admittedly some boys would love it). Likewise name of app on icon is unclear.
Load time is slightly long and a bit tedious, any chance of reducing it?
Also found the jumping a bit tricky to control, it didnt seem to be sensitive enough.

General review All in all an amazing app that is brilliant for any child to practice their arithmetic. Unique, addictive, education and fun, it's edutainment at it's best. A must have app for any teacher to have in their classroom.
App is definitely underpriced!, would love to see more in the series.

Frances A.

What I liked Math Mathews- Mental Math is a wonderful app with the perfect amount of fun game play and answering mathematical questions to keep children motivated. I love that the math skills needed to win a level progresses as you collect the keys and open other levels. From easy addition to more complicated addition and subtraction this game is fun yet challenging for children. The app uses a variety of techniques to see if the child understands the mathematics they see such as placing the missing number in all areas of an equation. This fun game and storyline is great for reinforcing skills

Improvements My wish list for a future version:
- In a future version, I would like to see more math problems on every level.
- In a future version I hope to see multiplication and division added as math categories for children to practice skills in those areas of mathematics as well.

General review Overall, my opinion Math Mathews- Mental Math is that it is a great game. The graphics to the game are great and the concept of the app is wonderful and makes a great follow up to their first app. This app is wonderful to use working with children. I really enjoyed the app and will continue to use it to work on children's math skills.

Cheryle D.

What I liked Another great math app from this developer. Like the other one, it is connected to a game and will keep the student engaged longer. The game is pretty fun and the graphics are good. It moves pretty quickly too which is important to keep them interested. I like the hints and tips section that explains mental math.

Improvements It took awhile to get the controls (holding your finger down on the screen) to get the hang of the game part. Maybe a quick tutorial with this would be beneficial.

I wish there were more math problems to solve each time. There were only 5 problems to solve each time. I wish there was a setting to be able to choose how many you would like. Then it could be customized further for each child.

General review Another great app from this developer! While it focuses on addition and subtraction using mental math, it also makes it fun to learn for kids! This is a great app for children to learn/practice their math skills in a way to keep them engaged through a game with great graphics and sounds.

sandy g.

What I liked The four different levels makes this app well worth the cost. I liked that at the first levels you were given choices for the answer but at the higher levels you have to type in the correct answer. I also liked that addition and subtraction are intermixed at the higher levels also.

Improvements I turned the sound off while playing a round but as I replayed the music came back on. I would like to the option to completely turn the music off as I found it distracting. I also wish the dialogue was either read to the players or an option to turn it off also.

General review This app would be great for schools to use to differentiate instruction and practice for students at different levels. The price is also very reasonable. The abilities to enter different players is also a big benefit included in the app. I would highly recommend this app to other teachers to use in their classrooms.

mandy N.

What I liked I like the game format of this app. My kids really enjoy being able to catch all the little dots in the game. It's similar to some older games but with added math skills. I love how it makes them think quick but not to quickly that they just get sloppy. The different levels of skill is also great.

Improvements I would really like to see the game slow down a bit when your collecting the coins. It seems to go by way to quickly where most of the time you barely can even see the screen you just jump around hoping to hit something. Also while it's fun collecting the coins what is the goal with them? I may be missing something but it's something my kids asked me too.

General review Great app especially for the price. I would like to see it slowed down just a bit as it seems to speed by to quickly to see the screen clearly when collecting coins but the math skills it includes are wonderful. Your child needs to think quickly but not so quickly they don't have a chance to get it correct.

Erica M.

What I liked One of the best disguises a app can have. This app sure is sneaky throwing all this math at you and my child seems to blow through it like she don't even know she is learning something on the way. I'm impressed the developer was able to throw so much educational information in this app as this is extremely game oriented.

Improvements I'm wondering if there is almost too much information for a child to choose in order to actually play the game. I set up my daughter as a user, and even though it shows her name the app seems to think we have not set anyone up yet. This app has also froze up and seems slow at times

General review Overall a great app with great potential. A few bugs that could use some tweaking with the record keeping areas of the game. The game is a really good idea and I love the different equations. My 7 year old daughter has fun playing this app, however I find not that shortly after she started the app, was she ready to go to a different app to play something different.

Jessica B.

What I liked I enjoyed Math Mathews and the theme behind it. The mixture of game and math skills was the appropriate level, because you were able to play for a little while before answering a few questions. It was a good balance between play and work. I liked that you earn more keys when you get the answer correct right away. Within the game, I appreciated the ability to pick a difficulty level and that as the difficulty level increased, the number of answer choices increased as well. Thank you for making a game that is very parent/teacher friendly with no ads or in-app purchases.

Improvements I'm not sure that I appreciated that characters discussions back and forth. It didn't seem to add anything to the game. It would be nice to allow someone to choose how many answer choices as an option from the start menu. As a teacher/parent, it would also be nice to view the actual percentage of correct answers in the logbook instead of just the letter grade. It would also be nice to allow for the user to turn off sound.

General review Overall, this is a good math game. It allows for the student to play a game similar to other popular games while practicing their math facts. The balance between play and "work" is perfect. I love that it is family/teacher friendly by not having any ads or in app purchases. A few changes to the app would make it really beneficial to teachers in the classroom and allow for them to better monitor the student's progress.

Amellia M.

What I liked I liked the fast pace of this app. I like that in order to get to "play" you have to answer problems. It has a good look and feel. There are multiple levels of difficulty which make it nice for multiple children to use or to allow a child to use this app for a longer time. It is helpful that it will track and monitor progress. The "hints" option is a plus.

Improvements The reading level is too difficult for younger children. It would be much better if the text was read aloud to the user. The reading level in the text of this app is too difficult for a young child. In order to use this app an adult would have to assist them. The speed of the moving graphics was hard to follow and a little painful on the eyes.

General review I like the idea of this app. It is a very appealing way to get kids to practice their mental math facts. If there were an option for the text to be read to the user it would be much better and more age appropriate. The speed is a little too fast but would encourage quick thinking for the user. The need for this type app is huge and I would love to see it with just a few tweaks.

Marc Edward D.

What I liked I like the main menu screen. It's polished and very easy to access. I also like the gameplay where you collect coins and keys. I also like the option where I can create a separate profile for each players. I also like how I can see other players score to compare with mine.

Improvements I wish the loading will be much faster. Loading is a bit slow in the current build. Also wish to see a fix for the slowdown/lag I am experiencing on my iPad3 when collecting coins. It lags when there are many coins in the screen. I also wish to see a power-up/s like coin magnet added to the game. Would be nice if there are power-up/s that player can buy before starting the game.

General review This is a very challenging math app for children and also for adults. I had fun playing this game in Expert mode. Would be better if there was a timer when trying to solve a problem in Expert mode. The gameplay where you collect coins and keys is fun. Glad that there was an option to create additional profile for other players. I can even check their score through the player selection screen. $0.99 well spent.

Jonathan R.

What I liked Overall it is a good application to help children develop their mental math skills. It has an adventure aspect to it that will really draw children into. I like how it has the different difficulty levels so that children can move up as their skills improve.

Improvements The only criticism I have with this application is that it can get a little repetitive after a while. I would suggest some more variation between the levels and as well as a quicker way to progress between levels. Overall, it is still a great mental math learning application.

General review It is a good application to help children develop their mental math skills. It has an adventure aspect to it that will really draw children into. The different difficulty levels are great for children as their skills improve. Overall, it is still a great mental math learning application.

Nathalie C.

What I liked > This is a great app for mental mathematics, with features that are really to be liked :
>> several players can play with the same app
>> each player can play at his own level
>> there is not too much stress associated with errors: time is not limited,and errors just result in less points (the player will only play longer)

Improvements > The game and the exercise are not really associated in the gameplay. They do alternate and that's it. The exercises don't serve the game or opposite.
> There are no pedagogical explanation to help kids have success in their mental mathematics strategy.

General review Overall Math Mathews Mental Math is a nice app, wery well done, that does a great job in motivating young kids to play more and more, and improve their mental mathematic skills. It retains even weak players, helping them to do it again,and again.

Lynn G.

What I liked This is definitely a fun way to practice addition and subtraction. The game is entertaining and certainly hooks the player into trying more problems in order to continue through the game. The player can choose the level of difficulty with the math problems which will keep many students engaged.

Improvements I think the game takes away fromn the math practice--too much emphasis on the game and the story revolving around the game. The game seems to be the focal point. There are too many characters in the story and not enough math practice. The game seems to go on too long.

General review I can see how the game in this app could draw students in, but I don't think there is enough there to keep the student playing. It would be better if the player could progress through the game at a quicker pace by answering groups of math problems more frequently. The graphics are great and the concept is good, but needs more math content and less story.

Misty G.

What I liked I love the Math Mathews app. This app is a fun way for kids to practice their math facts (addition and subtraction) while playing a game. I love the colorful graphics and animations. The characters are fun and very fitting with the story. I like the fact that you can chose the difficulty level so it is perfect for a wide age range.

Improvements I enjoy the math apps and love being able to allow my kids game time while sneaking in some learning. That said, I wish there were more difficult levels. The expert level is the most difficult, of course, but the answers are very easy to pick out. Most of the answers are completely different. So if you can add the last 2 digits in the problem, there is only one answer that would fit. You don't have to solve the entire problem to figure out the answer.

General review This is an excellent app for kids of a wide age range. My 6 and 10 year old kids are both able to chose the level most appropriate for them and play. I like the ability to view reports on each level for each child (and you can have 10 registered players). This app is family friendly with no ads or in app purchases. Any educational game that my kid enjoys is a win for me!

Christy S.

What I liked The app has a story line that is engaging. The map showing the different levels immerses the player into the game and propels them to keep playing. The addition and subtraction facts are presented in a fun way to test basic math skills. The various levels make it easy for building upon basic math facts.

Improvements I would like to see the car object slow down as it is distracting when looking at the background as a whole. Often times, it was difficult to focus on the car because the speed was too fast and it was difficult to refocus and play the game (jumping and getting the round objects). When it was time to answer the basic addition and subtraction facts, I found myself taking a moment to refocus my vision and then proceeding to answer the question.

General review Overall, I enjoyed the app. I found the app to have an engaging story line, the graphics were good, the characters contributed to the story line. Learning basic addition and subtraction skills was presented in an engaging way. The various levels offered in the app allowed the learner to build upon their skills. The hints also helped as it provided some strategies for the learner to use.

Valerie M.

What I liked Math Mathews: Mental Math is an engaging math and arcade action game app for learners of many abilities. This is a nice educational app; multilevel math interspersed with arcade action to motivate reluctant learners to advance through math skills. Making problem solving fun, it provided hours of play; working on motor skills and problem solving. Nine levels of play with four levels of difficulties allows kids (and adults!) to work on math skills on a broad scale. It is great that there are no IAPs, ads, or social media links.

Improvements Images in starting are very slow to load on my iPad3. It would be nice if there was an untimed mode for questions and a way to slow games for kids with disabilities. Also, it would be nice to have an option to toggle off the reading passages or have them be able to be read out loud and highlight text for younger players. There is an online logbook to track progress, but it would be helpful if there was a way to generate parent/teacher reports online or via email like so many other apps.

General review This is an educational and fun app; strong math lessons and arcade fun mixed together. Nine levels of play with 4 levels of difficulty. It is great that there are no IAPs, ads, or social media links. There is an online logbook to track progress, but it would be helpful if there was a way to generate parent/teacher reports online or via email like so many other apps. Kids will enjoy working on addition and subtraction skills while playing.

Courtney D.

What I liked This app caught my attention from the beginning. I love the interactivity to start the work task. I think that brings in some fun before having to get to work! I also love that the app has a way to track how someone does on a task. I love that the map movement is based on a certain number of keys, which means each level may have to be played more than once. I love the differentiation in difficulty level; however, I wish you could change the difficulty of the fun, too!

Improvements I wish there was a way to see the breakdown of each score. I have "A" listed, but I know that I didn't get 100% correct, so from an educator standpoint, it would be nice to have a way to see how that "A" was achieved because 90% and 100% are different.

I noticed that the difficulty in level impacted the speed of the fun prior to the math. I just fear that would frustrate young users.

General review A fun, motivating, entertaining app focused on learning! There is limited that needs to be altered because this app has it all! I was impressed by the interactivity prior to the math tasks. I think engaging students in learning is a key component in maintaining progress and enjoyment of learning! I would certainly recommend this one for users of all age levels!

Erin B.

What I liked I love that this math game isn't all math - it's a real video game that incorporates math. When my kids they are eager to get to the next level.
I love that you can select which math facts to practice. My son needs more work on 1-10 so that's what we chose for him.
Also, I appreciate that there are no ads or in app purchases!

Improvements I would love an option for the math facts to be timed.
The logbook is great. I wouldn't mind a more detailed log telling which math problems they are having difficulty with and which ones they know well.
A similar version of this game with even simpler math concepts - like counting, patterning, shapes, identifying numbers - would be great!

General review This app is perfect for math practice. My 7 year old enjoys playing and his is greatly improving in his math facts as he plays.
I love that it is safe for him to play - no ads, no in-app purchases, etc.
The story line is fun, exciting, and exchanging for him.