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App reviews for "Tic Toc Time: Break down the day to learn how to tell time" [text]


Tic Toc Time: Break down the day to learn how to tell time [text]

App description: Learning to read a clock face is not an intuitive process for children. Tic Toc Time for iPad and iPhone is the world’s first time-telling app that teaches children aged 5-8 how to read a clock face using elements that they’re already deeply familiar with: sun, shadow, night and day.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tic-toc-time-break-down-day/id647783374?l=fr&ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPhone5

Total reviews: 20

Developer: Nathalie G.

Becky B.

What I liked Seriously, this is a fantastic app. A lot of basic but important material is covered in a fun and entertaining way. The animation is cute, the music isn't overly annoying like some kids games and the app comes in many languages (a huge bonus for our multilingual household). I also like the integration of environmental themes.

Improvements Just a few details to mention: the app appears as Tic Tac Time rather than Tic Toc Time on my phone. The compass game says you've found a compass point even if you're 10-15 degrees off. The loading screen looks as though it's freezing a lot; perhaps a less graphic intensive loading screen would avoid that. Though it's a cute characteristic of the beaver, the lisping isn't a great idea as it could teach kids to mimic the lisp, which can be hard to correct later on. Also, the information on the Montessori garden reads like an ad for an different app rather than just providing background info.

General review This app is a fun way for kids to learn to tell time, use a compass, understand somewhat abstract (from a kid's point of view) ways to speak about time - such as quarter past, etc. - and understand the relationship between shadows and the sun. For the price, I feel the app could use more levels of each game but I'm still glad to have this one.

Marc Edward D.

What I liked I liked how polished the app was made. Graphics looks great on my iPad3's screen. I also liked that there are many fun activities to do in this app. I also liked the narration. Very professionally made. I also liked the feature to track my child's progress in the app.

Improvements I really do wish to see an option where I can change the screen orientation. I use an iPad case with stand and playing with the app would be much better if I can just use my iPad case's stand. I also think that adding the beaver flying around the background would make the selection screen more livelier.

General review This is a great, easy to use and fun educational app for the kids. The narration was done pretty good. There are plenty of fun activities to choose from. I mostly see my son playing the "Stop the Clock!" mode and seen him having fun with it. I like how I can keep track of my son's progress even when I am not looking. I think this app is worth its price.

Amellia M.

What I liked I really like the concept of taking the skill of telling time as far back as using the compass. I like the progression that this app uses to help the learner have a deeper understanding of the concept. The simplicity and ease of use makes this app very appealing for young users. The necessity to have to get up and move around to make the compass work is a plus. I like that when moving objects in order to answer a question it doesn't respond to incorrect answers, only correct ones.

Improvements I would like a better explanation of what the prizes are for. I think that some kind of in-app reward would be better. When the father character is in space his character seems too large. It tends to cover too much of the screen. I would like to seem him be smaller. I experienced a few issues with the sound when moving on before one audio stops. The next audio begins while the last one is still going. I would also like to see a different progression when working with the clock. The app moves from hours to quarter hours. I would like to see it go to half hour before quarter hour.

General review This is a great app for young learners to learn how the use of clocks has developed over time. I think that I gives them a more in-depth understanding of its history. I wish that there were more activities that involved manipulating the clock and actually using it to tell time. As far as matching the title of the app, I think it is on the mark.

Michelle C.

What I liked We loved the graphics, to start off, and the way the app has included a road map of tasks in order to master the final objective of telling time. My kids liked "passing levels" and I liked their engagement. I liked the novel way of explaining the concept of time and relating it to their everyday life.

Improvements We saw the "charging" screen come up in French a few times, although we just tested the English and Spanish language versions- just found that odd but never affected playability.
We liked the 24 hour clock, it would be nice to maybe add a screen or two explaining that 17h is just 5+12 etc. When the two circles come together even my 8yo was a little confused, that concept could use a little bit more explanation. The app is quite large to download and has a large lag when it gets started.
We were a bit uneasy about the Facebook connection, and when I tried it out, I couldn't get it to work.

General review We were very impressed with this app and could find little to comment on in terms of improvements. My son said "Give this one an A+" and I think this will be my first 5 star review. In my opinion, it does what an app is meant to do- take someone's creative way of explaining new knowledge and make it fun, cool, and easy to share with people all over the world. The sound quality is top notch, the localizations I listed to were well done, good work!

Cheryle D.

What I liked The five different sections to learn about time was great. This app taught so much more than just a clock and time. The sixth section was fun but a bit challenging.

I liked how each section was broken up further to 2-3 different areas to go back and review if needed.

Improvements The loading time is very long and all of the kids did not like that. One time, it was in french. The app also crashed a couple of times while playing it. It froze a few times as well.

After receiving the seeds, water, and sun, we tried to plant them with the last section, but we only got a "Welcome in your Montessori garden" with a description saying that you can have a virtual garden. The kids were disappointed that they "earned" these items and were unable to do anything with them.

The app icon says Tic Tac Time instead of Tic Toc Time.

General review This app is a great app to learn about time. There are five sections that teach time including a compass, sun and shadows, time from space, and learning the faces of the clock. This app teaches so much more than just a face of a clock! I was pleasantly surprised with all that was in this app!

Nico D.

What I liked 1. The characters are very interesting. Kids love them and are very alert to what they want.
2. The graphics are excellent, with bright colors and good looking objects. The sounds are also top class.
3. This is an excellent tool for teaching kids the position of the Sun and the clock reading techniques.

Improvements 1. The first think I noticed when I opened the app was the screen orientation. I understand that the game must be played in an horizontal position, but when playing the clock game kids tend to keep the iPad on they're lap at an angle. So the volume buttons always get in the way. Please add an option for screen orientation.
2. I would like to see more games in this app. After learning something it would be nice to build on that with some nice games.

General review This is an excellent learning tool for teaching kids the position of the Sun and how to read the clock. The graphics look excellent and the main character in very enjoyable. The lack of games and a screen orantation problem stopped me from giving this app 5 stars.

mandy N.

What I liked Very cute graphics in the app. My kids loved the characters in the app. The app includes a lot of activities to learn time. Teaching time is a hard concept for some kids to grasp and this app will help a lot with teaching them to read and understand time.

Improvements It seems to take a long time to load. Not sure if it's just my ipad but the delay can drive some kids crazy. I think it's priced a little high at $4.99 and think the $2.99 would be a better price set as there is so many time apps on the market at lower prices. I would also like to see a way to turn off the music and not all sounds.

General review Cute, fun, and easy to use app that is wonderful for teaching time to children. Reading time can be a tough concept to teach but this app will help a lot with that. My kids really loved the characters in the app and wanted to play it again and again.

sandy g.

What I liked As a teacher, I liked the lessons being taught in this app. I like that the child can not skip ahead but must complete each lesson before moving on. The background information on how people tell time is very informative. The hands on during each lesson allows the child to learn visually, verbally, and kineticly.

Improvements I was disappointed with the bump game at the end if the app. It could very easily frustrate a child as hitting the bump button exactly as the hand is on the number could be difficult due to sensitivity of individual iPads. I rarely hit it exactly even as an adult. And the correct hand placement is not displayed if the button is not hit at the correct time. A child is not given the correct answer just knows they may have been close.

General review I liked the hands on approach of teaching telling time through the lessons. However, I feel the application practice at the completion of the app needs some attention. I understand the concept of the voice of the beaver but as an educator I feel the children need to hear correct annunciation of the lessons.

Odile L.

What I liked A very complete and entertaining learning app on the Time concept. How clever to start from the beginning, i.e understanding how men started to structure Time using the sun position in the sky! The notion of time of the day, hours and minutes are introduced step by step in a very engaging way.

Improvements The loading screens are sometimes a bit slow and shaky. The notion of minutes is introduced without much explanation. Also, for certain games, a help function with the solution would be useful when the kids are stuck. A documentary bonus with, for example, pictures of ancient solar calendar or historical clocks could be interesting.

General review Well done! There is great work behind this app. It is instructive and down-to-earth. The graphical work is also particularly neat. The multiple games give a good and durable gameplay to the app. If kids are tired to play with the clock, they can have fun with the compass. It is a fantastic idea to associate astronomy and Time concept. Kids will look at the sun and your watches in a different way.

Lena L.

What I liked What I liked about this app is the different approach it takes to teaching a child to tell time. Reading a clock can be difficult for a child to understand and grasp, especially when it comes to understanding am and pm. This app is wonderful about teaching how the earth moves and helps the child visualize time using things they already know.

Improvements The only real problem my child encountered when using the app was when having to select the correct time on the clock. Sometimes the app didn't recognize when she had the hands of the clock positioned correctly. One time was 7:30. Both my 6 year old and 10 year old kept trying to get it to recognize and it kept saying it was wrong. Finally I messed around with it and turned the hour hand to 8 and it took. I don't know if there is a way to fix the sensitivity of the hands or not but it can be hard for a child.

General review This app is such a great, unexpected, addition to our homeschool. Not only can my child learn to tell time, but they can learn many other things that I've never seen the math books teach along side telling time. My child loved learning about a compass, the sun, shadows, and more. A must have app for any child learning to tell time.

Kristina C.

What I liked Great games. Great graphics. Has great potential. Needs more clarification on where buttons are and what they do. Liked option of having directions spoken vs. written. Couldn't figure out how to get beaver to talk vs. read directions. Often when reading directions, we tapped too soon and directions disappeared. Liked the hold 3 seconds for parent info. Liked option to have 3 kids login but too difficult to get to work. When creating a login w email or facebook, often got a connection error. Finally worked, then had a very tough time adding 3 kids and saving properly. Unclear how kids login.

Improvements Can't get About tab in parent settings to work. Did not save my games when turned off app and later got back in.Desperately needs feedback when answer is wrong.Good feedback when answer is correct, but absolutely no feedback if incorrect. Child was extremely frustrated b/c he couldn't tell if he was right or not. "It's not doing anything!" In clock game, asked to "set the time to 3:15pm". No OK button so child extremely frustrated.Needs enter button.Had tough time getting it exactly on 3:15 and wouldn't answer her if she was right. "I did it but its not working". What is the Montessori Garden?

General review Loved the way the clock was shaded for half past and quarter past etc. This has huge potential for success if they fix some things. One of the biggest problems were the lack of instructions on where the buttons were and what they were for.Never did figure out what the stamp-like square in upper right corner of screen was for. Touched it &it did nothing. HUGE issue is lack of feedback when the child makes an error. We couldn't tell if were correct

Raphael S.

What I liked I think it's fantastic that my younger siblings love this app, they actually think it's just a game. It's a very unique way familiarize children with time and clocks. I like having the option of choosing between the A/M and 24 hour mode settings. The graphics and illustrations are really nice too, they make the app a lot of fun. One of the things I like the most is being able to create multiple profiles for each of my siblings, not many apps have this option. I was surprised by addition of the compass but I think that is also a very useful tool and can be a very valuable skill to know.

Improvements I've been using the app for 10 days now and I think this app has fulfilled it's objective in helping children to learn how to tell time. I also think that it's the only app of this kind that I'd need with my siblings at this age so I'm at a loss of what can really be improved.

General review It's an astonishing app and I'm really amazed at the results in so short a time. There's marvelous illustrations and it's provided a very smooth and simple experience. I like the features it provides, many of which are rarely seen in similar apps and overall I think it sets the bar pretty high for the competition.

Frances A.

What I liked What I like about the app Tic Toc Time: Break down the day to learn how to tell time is that it does a great job introducing the basics concepts needed to learn different times of the day and how to tell time. It can be adjusted to children with various needs and it promotes errorless learning. I like that it breaks down the concepts of telling time into into several various categories, which are fun games with easy and understandable ideas. I feel that this app is great teaching aide and it keeps children very engaged as they are learning all about the time.

Improvements What I would like to see improved in the future:
- The app is nice but each of the levels took a little bit too long to load. This is the place where I lost children's attention. A quick loading game is key to keeping children engaged.
- During the game when placing sun in three areas it works but when trying to place it at multiple locations the game froze.

General review Tic Toc Time is the first app I've seen that teaches children about compass, the sun, shadow, and their relation to the time of the day. This lets children to learn about time from the view of an analog clock, digital clock, AM/PM and other terms that adults are familiar with and were taught in a similar way many years ago. The app uses a step by step pedagogical approach which is nice to see. I think this app has a lot of possibilities.

Lynn G.

What I liked I like this unique approach to teaching time. It makes sense. I appreciate that the hands on the clock are color coded with the numbers on the digital clock. Also, the difficult concept of the small hand moving as the big hand moves around the clock is appropriately taught. I appreciate the ability to repeat the question during the lesson.

Improvements This game is quite lengthy--even though the developer has done a great job covering the subject matter. It is nice that the child can resume play; is it possible that the child's play would resume right where s/he left off, without trying to remember where they were in the game? It would be nice if the rewards varied as the game progressed.

General review This is an interesting approach to teaching children how to tell time by starting with a compass, the movement of the sun during the day and of the earth from the perspective of space, to an explanation of the clock. Then meanings of the hands on the clock are shared. The Green Academy at the end of lesson is a great reward, not only with great graphics and photos, but appropriate steps in gardening as well.

Marta S.

What I liked Such a thorough app. Unique to show the reasoning behind how we tell time. The step by step introduction is a good idea. The graphics are high quality. Like the unique way of presenting the "loading" time. Liked how wrong answers when practicing were shuffled and the question asked again. The clocks were very clearly represented.

Improvements The app is sort of like a movie lesson. There is too much talking. Yes, I know it is hard to explain the process, but the script used is too long. The lisp of the beaver isn't helping. Loading time should not be so long. All the animation is not helping the app to be any more compelling. I would like to see more emphasis on actually experimenting with time telling and feedback on how the child is understanding the concept. More depth and exploration possibility, playing time vs. listening time.

General review A very thorough app, although more like a lesson, not an exploratory type app. The graphics are a nice clear quality, though animation makes it a bit too wordy. I like how the concept of time is introduced. All in all a good app to introduce and solidify a child's understanding of the concept of time.

Kerry E.

What I liked What a fantastic app!! I really, really loved how the app went into detail about how humankind saw the sun and the rotation of the earth and used it to tell time. The background was thoroughly extensive and I think it really helps the child understand the concept of time before even getting to the clock.

Improvements I would like to see more variation in rewards between completing games. You could perhaps add stickers, and give the child the opportunity to choose his or her own sticker when he or she completes a game. Also, I get that these are beavers talking, but an "S" sound as a "TH" is kind of confusing for kids on the younger and of the spectrum from 6 to 8, who are still learning their sounds. My six-year-old was perplexed as to why the beaver was saying "thun" instead of "sun".

General review I think this app is wonderful! It is well worth the money. We will be using this again and again. I can really see my children understanding why we tell time the way we do. The background of it is so important, and it is thoroughly covered in this app. My daughter will be telling time in no time at all, pun intended!

Stan A.

What I liked This is an exceptional kid's app with a very large amount of detailed information about telling time, using a compass, and the positions of the sun. The beavers are cute and likeable and I think the music is catchy while at the same time not annoying to parents even after hearing it over and over. The games are both fun and educational at the same time. I felt like I learned something from this app while teaching my daughter. I like that there are no ads or in app purchases.

Improvements The biggest thing that I see is loading times, it would be much better if they could be reduced or eliminated. Sometimes the app gets stuck loading and the session has to be closed. I did notice some typos on the about page. I did not like having to sign up in order to access all of the features, at the very least it would be nice to be told beforehand about the requirement to sign up to use the garden. The clock hands are impossible to turn or stop precisely. It is very easy to accidentally skip important information by touching the screen while the beaver is talking.

General review Overall, I think this is a great app for children to learn about telling time and it will only get better. I was impressed by the level of detail this app has. I wish I had something like this available when I was learning to tell time and I am happy to be able to have my daughter use it. I do think it will be much better if some improvements are made with the loading times and some of the touch screen settings.

Erin B.

What I liked I am amazed at how thoroughly this app covers time. I love that it starts with the compass and the sun and eases into time, explaining the science behind it.
The graphics are wonderful and eye catching.
The clocks are easy to read and I appreciate the little blue dots for the hour hand.
I love the telling time practice games as well.

Improvements The game runs a bit slow and often freezes for a moment on the loading screen.
The narrator has a bit of a lisp which makes him a bit difficult to understand some times.
I could never figure out how to add my child's picture in the yellow frame, and I couldn't figure out how to add multiple users. If that isn't an options, I'd definitely like to see it in the future.

General review Great app for teaching kids all about time - how we measure time and why, and also great practice in telling time.
The graphics are wonderful, the games are engaging, and the thoroughness of the app is amazing. Definitely worth it for any child who needs to learn how to tell time, or needs more practice in telling time!

Erica M.

What I liked WOW! First off, any app that you can log into as a parent and check your child's status is a plus in my book. This is really interactive and not in a 2 year old way. Extremely engaging! I almost found myself taking the iPad away from my daughter just so I could give it a try. I really was pleasantly surprised when I saw the section on the Green Academy Montessori Garden! What a great addition! My daughter has been helping me more this summer in our small backyard garden. And what a great way to learn a little more about what she is doing. I love that you can personalize for up to 3 kids.

Improvements I'm starting to wish this question was optional for the apps that need improvement. No one is perfect and there is nothing wrong with improvements as you simply can't please everyone at the same time. However no one is "perfect" and we can always benefit from feedback. Some might complain that the sound on this is on the loud side. However, we do all have a volume control of course. I find it refreshing that I don't have to turn it all the way up in order to hear it. Its nice and clear.

General review I said it before, I will say it again, I love this app! I'm taking it to school with me and will be bringing it forward in front of our tech department in hopes the school will purchase this app for all of our classrooms. Both young and old, its very fun. One thing I would like to say I guess, with the thought of using in classroom, would be for more than one child to play at the same time, with the addition of more than just 3 kids personalized.

melissa r.

What I liked Love the beaver character and his narrative guide meaning app is useful for pre-readers.
App reopens where child left off last playtime which allows for continuity and less frustration on child's behalf when parents/educators advise ipad time has finished. Fantastic interactivity that has players up and about while using iPad but not to a level that has parent fearing for device.
Unique app that is highly educational, never come across an app that involves compass work for children before, it's amazing.

Improvements Found the app to be quite jerky when moving from one activity to another. Also 4yo complained about the load time.
Ability for child to open grown up section is too easy with the child able to understand they need to hold button until line moves across. Remove the line and they would be less likely to hold for 3 seconds.
Really wish social media wasn't included in parent options, it's not needed.

General review Fantastic app that is truly unique and highly educational but fun. Children are learning without even realising. Useful for classroom and home application.
At $4.99 I think it is slightly overpriced as the game once finished isn't one a child would replay repeatedly.