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iTooch Math Grade 5 [text]

App description: With more than 4,500 exercises, iTooch Math Grade 5 is a new and fun way of practicing and learning Mathematics for 5th Graders. Used by more than 1,000,000 users, iTooch apps are a full learning solution which helps parents, teachers and students to identify and address their learning needs in a fun and motivating way.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/itooch-math-grade-5-maths/id423778530?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone3G - iPhone3GS - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G - iPhone5

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Michel G.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. The first good thing about this application is the quality. The app is very fluid and the content is very good with all kind of exercises that take you threw all of the 5th grade math. The geometric part is very well illustrated with very good examples. Kids learn very well with visual examples.
2. The Game Center integration is nice. It's very rarely that I see an educational application with achievements. I don't know why, but this application is a good example that we can have these extra challenges included.

Improvements 1. I would like to see an auto page turn after the kid taps on a result. Even if it's wrong. You display that the answer is wrong and auto turn the page. This would make the game more playable.
2. It would be nice to color with green the tests kids have passed so we can see in the main menu how we've done so far, the progress.
3. Kids are familiar with the iPad keyboard where the 0 key is the last one in the numbers row. In the application it's the first one. They get confused because they know for a long time that the key was in the opposite position.

General review This is an excellent tool for 5th grade kids how are learning math. The design of the application is very simple and the content is a lot and has great quality, I see a few minor esthetic problems, but nothing major. I have to give this app 5 stars for that it is.

Raphael S.

What I liked I like the progress chart, it makes it very easy to track the improvements made. I also like the design of the background within the app, it looks like a chalkboard in a classroom which creates a familiar learning atmosphere. The questions are well laid out so it's easy for children to understand. The achievements have been a very useful incentive for learning, some children see this something to work towards in a fun way.

Improvements I did experience a crash of the app after completing a chapter so I would like to see that fixed. I would also like to see the app support more than one user, it's hard to see who did what and to track what they've learned when there are more than one child using the app on one device.

General review An intricate educational app with a design that creates a learning atmosphere. It's very easy to track the improvement made by a child. The game center achievements are popular with children, it makes using the app seem like more fun to them. There are many questions and chapters so it will last quite a while which is very good value.

melissa r.

What I liked Appreciate the leader board that can be used for classroom play and to monitor external play but in addition the ability to turn it off for those not wanting that functionality.
The questions, variety of them and random mix are brilliant. Also enjoy the practice then timed testing function. Students also appreciated the blank background for writing out their workings and the ability to capture this in ther photo album for help after playing.

Improvements Found it irritating as I tried to drag finger across to select items that should be in brackets and the instructions/help sheet kept appearing. Found the concept of having to tap each individual element very restrictive.
Would like maybe a few more sound effects ie applause or verbal words of encouragement.
Also would like social media connection to be removed or password locked as in many countries it is illegal for children under 12 to use Facebook etc and likewise many schools have a no social media policy.

General review Fantastic app that provides students an excellent opportunity to reinforce their knowledge learnt. Enjoyable, challenging and rewarding this app is brilliant. Appreciate the ability to use it within the classroom setting and even to set homework etc. It is definitely more appealing to a Grade 5 to be set homework on their device then a textbook.

Caitlin O.

What I liked I like how this app offers practice of a variety of math skills in an online format. With all of the testing students now have to do online and learn to use online tools this app provides an educational way to practice but still keeps some of the excitment in by letting the students earn points. I also like how when doing the practice you are able to pull up information to help solve a problem.

Improvements I would like to see video tutorials added. Maybe not directly in the app, but make it so you could click a link that would take you to a video. This will help learners who are visual or who are not able to read the tutorial provided. Also to make the app more accessible for students with disabilities you could have an option to that've the question read aloud.

General review I really like the set up of this app. I think it provides a lot of need practice and reinforcement for students. This app could be used at school or at home to practice online test taking skills or just to practic math skills. Some minor adjustments such as adding a read aloud option will make this app more accessible to a greater variety of students.

Cheryle D.

What I liked This is a very comprehensive app for math. It covers the areas needed for 5th grade curriculum with the common core standards in mind. A lot of thought went into this app!

I really like how the five main areas are broken down further into subcategories to learn/practice/test on specific targets. There are so many exercises included in this app.

The lessons included for each question are excellent. They are very colorful and informative. This is a great app!

Improvements If you take too long answering a question, the iTooch character will go to a skeleton, lay down and whistle, look at his watch, show a clock, etc... I know you should answer quickly, but a child who really struggles in math and school might not like this. It can also be too much of a distraction with a child (ADHD, developmental delays, etc..) Sometimes the picture is too big as well and it covers up the question and/or answer.

General review This is a very comprehensive app that ties in with the common core math standards for fifth grade. It covers a wide range of categories/areas. There is a practice and a test mode. In practice mode, there are descriptive lessons with diagrams. This is an excellent app for fifth grade math!