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App reviews for "Score Screator for iPad v.2.2" [text]


Score Screator for iPad v.2.2 [text]

App description: - A music composition app that helps musicians create sheet music for multiple instruments. - Provides a very new and handy interface that allows the users to input music notes, lyrics and chords quickly, just like typing text on a normal text keyboard. - Songs can be exported into MIDI or MusicXML formats that can be imported to other apps on PC

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/score-creator-for-ipad/id627486149?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Phuong T.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. The design of the application is very simple and this is a thing I really love. You don't get your eyes on all kind of cool designs and you focus of the usability of the application.
2. I like the import feature. It's nice to have one of my favorite songs in this app and play with it.
3. Exporting is also nice, with file format features.
4. The amount of thigs I can do with this app is outstanding. If you know what you are doing, this is a very powerful song compositor tool.

Improvements 1.I would like to see the main menu get improved. So I don't have to press on "help" or on "songs". It would be helpful to press on the row and not on the spelling to acces it.
2. Unfortunately the full verios is not described in the application. So people don't know what they buy and they will not buy it. Add what's in the full versions, so people see the advantage of owning it.
3. When adding notes, if I tap too quickly on them the response is not straight away. There is a delay in responding to what I press. If I try adding notes slower, it okay. I don't know it this is a glitch or a limit

General review This is a very nice application if you are into creating or playing with songs. You can import them straight from iTunes and export them in different formats after you are done. The design of the app is simple, but the app is powerfull. Unfortunately there is an IAP to upgrade to the full version, but with no description. It's a free app so it's nice to have a chance to try it out.

Raphael S.

What I liked I like the icon, it's very creative. The "note keyboard" is something I've not seen before and it works wonderfully, it's new and unique and very easy to pick up on the longer you use it. I like the range of music notes it has as well as the number of instruments it supports. I like being able to add lyrics as well. I also enjoy the simplicity of importing and exporting songs.

Improvements The graphics are pretty basic and in some ways I enjoy that but sometimes it's nice to see a little bit of color. Maybe an aged light brownish color in addition to the white. Other than that there's isn't anything I can think of that could need improving.

General review Wonderful score creator, great for songwriting. There's a decent range of music notes and instruments the app supports. It's speedy and enjoyable to use. The note keyboard makes things much simpler and is really unique. Importing and exporting songs has never been easier.

Frances A.

What I liked I like that while using Score Screator for the iPad, you were able to create pages of music with various instruments. You have the ability to mark your sheets with the information for what instrument was used and create the music that you want on your score with that instrument. I like that it had a demo song that show the possibilities of what that this app can do. It is quick and easy to make your scores everything is simply lined on the page for you. Simply hit the notes you want and your musical piece is created. This was a very user-friendly app.

Improvements What I wish to see updated:
- Personally, I am not a fan of free app that you MUST have the in app purchases before you can really do anything. It would not let me save my music because it was too long in the free versions opinion to save. So, unless I purchase options this app is useless. It only lets you save one line!
- The first thing you that you see is to upgrade to the full version of the app for $3.99; when you go to save your music, you must upgrade to the full version in order to save it. I would make this a full priced app and market it that way with a short free trial period.

General review Overall, I think the Score Screator has amazing potential. It is a great app for both muisical enthusiast and creators. I think It is a wonderful to use especically when you want to create your own music with several instruments. It has fast and easy access to write down words to your songs and musical notes while on the go with your iPad.

Nathalie C.

What I liked > the write music function is really cool, with nice note and chord boards to input scores.
> the multiple tracks for different instruments is very cool too
> the app can export and import several formats and this looks great too.

Improvements > Where is the welcome & explain to me screen on this iPad? I might hve missed it, but it's really better when there is one.
> The "help" text is really hard to read
> It is very hard to understand quicky what you would get for 3,59 €. So your transformation rate might be low

General review This app certainly has great potential for musicians who know about music and are able to write a score and then have it played. It is great also for apprentices, who can copy the score given by their teacher, and get an idea of what they are supposed to reproduce.

Ruth B.

What I liked The idea of this app is very appealing, a simple way to notate music. You select your composition’s name, tempo, time, key signature, number of tracks (usually called staves) and instrument at the start. After making these choices, you move to a screen with a visible staff. When you touch the staff, a pad with note choices appears below. You can select the pitch of the note you want by touching the letter names that appear with the notes. The duration values (quarter, eighth etc) appear below the pitches and must be selected before you select a pitch. Adding lyrics was quite simple.

Improvements This is a unique approach to music notation. Unfortunately, I found the “free” version inscrutable, so I purchased the in-app upgrade. Identifying the pitches without clef signs was confusing. I did not understand the commands, S, C, P and N. I also could not figure out how to enter chords stacks. It was tedious having to change the duration value for every entry. Help menus would be invaluable. For writing songs, there should be a voice (instrument) option. This has potential but needs work.

General review This is a good idea but needs quite a bit of work for it to be useful in composition. I like the note touching feature, but the duration value should self cancel after a pitch is chosen. Same goes for the dot, sharp, slur etc. Again, help screens are really needed here.