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App description: Shape Pals is an educational game for toddlers and preschoolers. Our aim is to teach young children basic shapes in a fun and engaging format. We consult with preschool teachers for our game design.

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shape-pals!/id509604899?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPhone3G - iPhone3GS - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Alan R.

Courtney D.

What I liked The audio on the app is so cheery, the user can't help but feel encouraged even a wrong answer is selected. The explanation/visual of shapes in the "learn" section is great. The "play" section, which is set up with a great reinforcement system is great as well. The need for only three correct answers in a row to get a sticker makes for a great motivator. Also, the ability to put those stickers out on the scene gives an educator or parent the ability to work on prepositions as well. For example, "Put the butterfly on the tree." I know it isn't a part of the app, but an added feature!

Improvements I believe most apps should come equipped with a guide of some sort. The reason for this is because the user can spend a lot of time trying to "figure out" an app and get frustrated with it. I learned that you cannot swipe the iPad, in a similar way you would when reading a book, to switch the shapes when learning them. The user has to drag the shape in sight, out of sight, to see the next one. That is a lot of fine motor movement for someone who is at the level of learning shapes. My wish list would be for a difference in stickers. If I were a boy user, I would not enjoy the stickers provided.

General review This is a great application focused on learning shapes. The method for instruction is engaging and the reinforcement is appropriate. A few of the shapes may not be appropriate for younger children. For instance, a rhombus is not a term used until a child is older, but a diamond is a term they may understand. Beyond this, the app is a great way to focus on shapes in an engaging/beneficial way! I appreciate the incorporation of literacy!

Marcel W.

What I liked Good app to teach younger kids to learn their shape. Graphic and music are appropriate for the target age group. I like how the kids can hear the shape and see it at the same time. I also like the fact that the kids can earn stickers after only getting three correct shape in the play mode.

Improvements I feel that the app is lacking some depth, however at the price point that I got the app at (free) I am okay with what the app offer. I think the developer should add some kind of press and hold or confirmation for clear sticker because my son accidentally clear the sticker few times and that made him upset.

General review Good app that will help kids learn their shape. Learning mode will help kids get familiar with shapes before they play the game. Cute and age appropriate graphics. Stickers are given to kids when they answer three correct shapes and can be placed in sticker album.

elena e.

What I liked I liked the brilliant colors, the girl’s voice who tells us if we did it correctly or not. I liked the stickers given as rewards when the children choose the right shape.
It´s easy to play, specially designed for kids between 18 months and 5 years old.

Improvements I think it could be a good idea to add more challenges, i.e. the kid must pick the right color, number, letter, not only shapes.
You can organize the different challenges in levels sorted by difficulty.
Another improvement could be to translate the audio to other languages (I can help you with Spanish translation).
Something you should change in this app is avoid repeat always the same colors in the same shapes.
It could be great add more alternative phrases as “well done”, “you´re doing great”, “try again” between others.

General review It´s a great app, funny and educative.
It´s a good way to learn while playing games! Children between 18 months and 5 years old will love this application.
I hope the developers will add new content to make this application even more entertaining.

Jennifer K.

What I liked This app provides the opportunity for children to learn a good variety of shapes (13 in total) which reinforces curriculum currently taught at the 4K and 5K levels. I liked the ability to be able to turn off the music as that appeared to be distracting at times. Within the "play" feature, I liked that the app let the child know that they were unsuccessful using the words "oh oh".

Improvements I found that it took a little too much time for the screens to move onto another screen once a child answered a question correctly. I also would like to see the directions repeated when a child made an incorrect choice. The graphics are a little immature and are more suitable for PK students than Kindergarten.

General review This app provides the opportunity for children to learn a good variety of shapes (13 in total) which reinforces curriculum currently taught at the 4K and 5K levels (at least in my state). The app provides the ability for student to learn the shapes and then practice selecting the shapes with a "play" feature. This is a good app for students who need additional reinforcement and practice with identification of basic shapes.

mandy N.

What I liked I really like that this app has the option of turning off the music and voices. The amount of different shapes is wonderful as it is the shapes that a child should know before entering kindergarten. The app is cute and friendly and is geared perfectly to toddlers and preschooler. The stickers are perfect as an extra added goal for the child.

Improvements I would like to see the distraction of the bubbles gone or at least have them poppable as my child is constently trying to pop the bubbles. During the learn part of the app I wish the shapes would change just by tapping them as the slidding action is difficult for some children. I think the sceens are a little "babyish" for late preschoolers but the content is set for toddler to late preschool.

General review This is a wonderful app to help your toddler/preschooler to learn shapes. It's bright and colorful with relaxing music in the background. Some of the shapes are very advanced but are a must to learn before kindergarten. I do think the sceens in the app are more set toward toddler/early preschool but the content is great for older preschoolers as well :).

Jessica A.

What I liked I like the positive reinforcement. The incorrect answer choice disappearing after it was chosen was a cleaver feature that I liked. I love that stickers are earned heightening the motivation and giving the game another facet. I also really like that the name of the shape appears at the bottom of the screen to help with the early reading skills. I also really like that you can turn the voice on and off and reset stickers.

Improvements Overall I thought the app was very cute and developmentally appropriate for toddlers. The only thing that I think could have been better would be unlocking the more difficult shapes after a certain number of basic shapes correct maybe. I like the variety of shapes but I think to start off with it could have been basic shapes and then maybe thrown in the more advanced shapes one at a time as the game is played more and more. I was a little frustrated to see that when I went on to write my review that it was free after I had paid for it a week before.

General review I really like the variety of shapes available on this app. I would have rather seen basic shapes first and maybe after a set number of stickers were earned maybe you could trade them in or earn the more advance shapes. I really liked that the app has the written name of the shape on the screen when the child is looking for it so that will aid in early literacy skills. This app is fun and educational!

Frances A.

What I liked I like about the application’s basic functionality. It let’s children identify shapes in a field of three. What I like most about this application is that it rewards students after they identify three shapes right. This serves as a great positive reinforcement for them. At the bottom of the child screen they will see a flower added when they identity a shape right. After three right answers, they are given a reward. The reward is a cute sticker that goes into a child's personal sticker book. I also like that they are not given the flower token if it is not the right shape on their first try.

Improvements What needs to be in a future version of the app is a separation between basic shapes (circle, square, etc.) and advanced shapes (trapezoid, pentagon, etc.). It would also make the app more user friendly for children at different learning levels. Early learners will not need to practice identifying advanced shapes. Having advanced shapes should be placed in a different section or app. I also would like to see the graphics improved in the future. The background with child should be a realistic child or even include a child’s personal picture so that identifying shapes could be fun and motivating

General review Overall, I think this app is very fun and can be good for educational purposes. I feel it needs a few minor improvements to become the amazing app that it could be. While using Shape Pals the children responded well to the game. They were engaged while identifying the shapes and they like getting a reward for correct answers. They cheered and clapped for being right. The application serves as a resourceful tool to help children learn their shapes

Amy T.

What I liked The characters are cute and the voiceovers are pleasant, as well as the background music, and I really appreciate how the settings include the option to shut this off, as it may be distracting for some children. I really like how more complex shapes beyond your typical circle and square are included. I think the swiping motion to go through the different shapes is great. I like how the app is divided in to the three sections Learn, Stickers, and Play. I like how the app is not overly punitive when an answer is incorrect, and instead focuses on allowing the child to get the correct answer

Improvements In the "Learn" section the voiceover for the word "Crescent" is incorrect- the beginning is cut off. Ditto on the voiceover for "Heart". I would like the option to display the shape titles in lowercase instead of uppercase letters. I would love a bit more interactivity built in to the sticker scenes, like a whistle sounding when the train is touched, lights in the house turning on/off, more stickers making sounds etc. 3 right now, 4 with the voice fixed and 5 if you add more interactivity and/or data collection. A nice app.

General review This is a cute shape app and I love how it includes more complicated shapes such as "parallelogram" and "crescent" I appreciate how this app gives visual and auditory feedback to the learner when an answer is correct or incorrect, and it also allows the learner to try again until the correct answer is chosen instead of moving on to a new answer. I'd love to see the app collect data on correct/incorrect responses.

Terri B.

What I liked I liked the preteaching strategy, especially when using the app with toddlers. After spending a few minutes in the LEARN mode, we would switch to the PLAY mode, and performance improved. My clients loved the sticker scenes. There was a nice assortment of backgrounds to choose from, and stickers were earned easily and quickly.

Improvements The voice became monotonous and irritating after a few minutes. I think it was the speed of the speaker - speech was slower than normal and my kids got tired of waiting for the narrator to finish speaking. Also, moving from one stimulus item to the next was slower than I liked. There should be a way to sweep to the next page, or an arrow to speed transitions up.

General review Overall, I liked the premise of this application, and my youngest clients enjoyed using it. It is one that has been chosen over and over on my IPad. If the voice and the speed of transitions are improved, this will certainly receive 5 stars from me. Until then, I will give it 4.

Terri J.

What I liked I like the idea behind this app to help teach shapes to young children. The app has colorful shapes and uses bright colors which would be engaging. I also apprecitated that you can control having the music off and voice off if you want which helps if a student is distractable.

Improvements I like the basis of this app, however; I do think that some of the shapes are not appropriate for a young child (ex. rhombus, parallelogram, ec). The children that will find this app "fun" are not of an age to learn these "higher level" shapes. I would also like to see the people be either more animated or have a "higher" tech look.

General review The ideas behind this app are great. However, I do think some of the shapes may be too difficult for a young child. For example a rhombus or parallelogam would be more for an older child. This app is designed for young children and the basic shapes (ie. square, heart, and triangle, etc) are appropriate.
Overall, I think portions of this app would be beneficial for young children learning their shapes.