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Fraggle Rock Game Day [text]

App description: Meet Red, Fraggle Rock’s cute pig-tailed friend who loves being best of the best, whether she’s playing sports and competing with her fellow Fraggles. But on Record-Breaking Day, while Red is busy breaking one record after another - from washing the most laundry to making the biggest, wettest splash – all of her best friends are captured!

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fraggle-rock-game-day/id682438340?ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G - iPhone5

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Carmen H.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. The application looks very nice. The images is the book are very well made. Characters look good and they are funny. The sound is also excellent with some great effects.
2. The book is not too short as I found in other applications and the 3 modes are nice, but it needs a new one. See the improvements section.
3. The games are a nice add on to the story and the painting section has some good pages plus lots of colors to chose from.

Improvements 1. In the paint section I have found a problem. When painting, if I get over the iPad screen limit ( the bottom part) the pop up menu will get up and my work will be destroyed. It's very hard to paint in the bottom section without activating the pop up menu.
2. I would like to see an all interactive mode with full screen scenes. I found kids enjoying very much the play mode and it would be nice to get the text out of the screen so they can focus more on the characters and the funny actions they are doing.

General review This is a very nice book with some very nice modes. Narration and interactive. The design of the book is very nice, with some good looking graphics and great sound effects. The games and painting section are a nice add on for this application. For the money I paid I got a very good and complete application.

Lynn G.

What I liked There are multiple ways to enjoy this story: read with narration and interactivity, read to self with interactivity, and read without narration or interactivity. There are cues for interacting as the story is read. Cues guide the player with the interactions.

Improvements As is the case with other Cupcake Digital apps, there is very little improvement desired. The developers do a great job of making their apps appealing to their targeted audience--both parents and children. The included help pages are more than adequate to guide parents in full use of all the options available in the app.

General review Great job tying in common core curriculum with the variety of activities that support the story whether it's math or language arts. Coloring pages are included as an activity with the option to save the colored picture to the camera roll. The story has a lesson with questions available at the end for discussion. This is a great app for preschoolers and is worth the money spent to purchase.

Kerry E.

What I liked This was a cute little app about bragging and ultimately teamwork. I liked how the main character eventually learned that working together and using your talents to help others is what's really important. The kids loved the animations on each page, and we all enjoyed the games together. I like how the Common Core standards are seamlessly integrated here.

Improvements Honestly, I do not really have anything negative to say about this app. Maybe one suggestion would be to have a little less animation on each page to keep the kids not as distracted, but there is a way to turn those off and just have the book, so that's not really a valid criticism! The app is really well done.

General review This is a definite five star app! The story and animations go together well, and the educational games are really fun and made with Common Core standards in mind (which is very helpful). All three of my children (ages range from 3-6) were enthralled from start to finish. I love, love, love the games! We'll be using this app over and over.

mandy N.

What I liked Defiantly loving that you can play and hear the story read aloud! I really like all the interactive areas of this app. I'm so glad to see games and coloring as well in the apps as I think it really keeps the child coming back again and again to a reading app.

Improvements Can you make more!!!!!! It's so hard to find much more to improve on in an app like this as it is done so well. I guess I would like to see more games/coloring sheets added in the future :). It might also be great to have one page at the end of the story dedicated to the "characters" of the story wither it be fraggle rock or anyone else. Such as when the cartoon was made or how the story came to be :)

General review Love it! I didn't expect I wouldn't. Always wonderfully done with great stories and the extra bonus of games and coloring in the app. My kids always want to play and read each and everyone of them over and over again. The work really great from my youngest to my oldest each and every time :)

Nathalie C.

What I liked > Very clear and neat reading options
> Lots of various interactivities, working smoothly and very entertaining
> Very nice page with music instruments
> The humour and narration of the story
> The parents and teachers corner
> The little exercises at the end
> The coloring book

Improvements > Letter exercises might be better if they coudl be customized by levels of kids end pupils.
> the parental section is well offered, with protected link, but I don't like the way it comes at the end, as if what you've just done was not premium enough.

General review This is very well designed bookapp, with neat reading options and great activities, both educational and fun (coloring pages). Great for introducing Fraggles to the new generation of young kids !

Courtney D.

What I liked This app reminds of a storybook that a user would hold in their hands. I love the interactive component that is signaled by the bright stars. I believe this allows for all users, big and small, to enjoy the interactivity. The narrator has a voice that is easy to understand and does not have a monotone. Though there are times that it would be appropriate to not speak as fast, I would prefer a natural voice, like we hear, over a monotone, slow one. I also love that you can partake in interactivity beyond the characters themselves. This would allow for expansion of vocabulary within therapy!

Improvements I was very impressed with the app. The only thing that I'm not sure I understand is whether or not "play" means the interactive components or the games, which are accessed through the menu. If there are two different intents for the word "play", then maybe a little explanation at the start of the app would be helpful. I found the games to be intriguing and educational, so I don't want users to miss out on them when they first start interacting with the app! I am sure over time they would be discovered!

General review Jim Hensen's storybook brings me back to my childhood years. I love the graphics and storyline. I love the interactive components throughout the app. There is very little to be improved because there are educational forte's all over! If you're a therapist, check this one out! Vocabulary & language building activities all over! I love the games that are provided to encourage learning in a motivational way, too. I would certainly recommend this app

Frances A.

What I liked What I liked about this app is that is geared for younger children and has a wide variety of activities to go along with an awesome story. The story is about the big game day that they were holding in Fraggle Rock. Red won all the contests and had a world record breaking day. For adults who grew up with Fraggle Rock, it brings it back on a different level for another generation of children. The story is about the big game day that they were holding in Frag also managed to save all of her friends as well.

Improvements My wish list for a future version:
- I would like to see more coloring pages added, one for each counting night time scene.
- On the game, find the missing letter, instead of having the correct spelling on the top of the page and asking the children to find the missing letter, perhaps it can have difficulty stages (or at least one that is different) in order to accommodate children of all abilities and learning ranges.

General review I think that the app Fraggle Rock Game Day has wonderful music and holds wonderful graphics as well. I love the great use of the Grown-Up's Corner and the amazing connection it makes to the Common Core Learning Standard. With this adults can ask kids about the story and learn about the particular standards that are being addressed throughout the app. With these wonderful feature, the app makes a perfect book with games for younger children to use

sandy g.

What I liked I love the lesson behind this story. The interactive graphic add greatly to the story while also being very colorful and appealing to young children. The chooses of how to read the book allows the book to be suitable for children at different ability levels.

Improvements On the Alpha Suds game I would like to see an option to be able to turn the spelling of the word at the top of the screen. This would allow the children , if able to, to spell the words by themselves and build their confidence level. This is my only recommendation.

General review This is a great interactive book app. As an educator and parent also I love that the common core standards are included in this app. The Grown Ups Corner is a great resource for parents to be able to use with their child to be able to discuss the book.

Amber N.

What I liked As someone who grew up loving Fraggle Rock, I was happy to see that it's made a come back in a big way. Cupcake Digital, who has made several other edutainment apps, did a pretty good job on this app. It has a fun, jazzy instrumental version of the theme song that plays in the background, the narrator's voice is upbeat and easy to hear. The app targets kindergarten-aged kids, has bright colors and a surprising amount of activities for an app, including the much beloved coloring book activity! My six year old app tester gives this a big thumbs up, he really enjoys playing the games.

Improvements Honestly, the only real downsides I'd have to say about this app is that it's a little bit sluggish at times. I'm testing on a current-gen iPod and occasionally it can lag from time to time, usually when starting a new activity up or switching between pages. The other downside is that some of the sound effects are very loud compared to the music and narrators voice, and will probably be just a bit grating to adult ears.

General review Another solid app produced by Cupcake Digital. If you have a kid who likes the Fraggle Rock gang, or just a kindergarten-aged kid who likes to color, read, and play games, this app is up your alley. It's got bright colors, a clear narrators voice, an fantastic coloring book program, and it holds kids' attention well. The only downside is that the app can be a bit laggy and the sound effects are very, very loud.

Stan A.

What I liked Fraggle Rock is one of my favorite kid's shows ever. This storybook is a fun introduction to Fraggle Rock for younger children. The hints about some of the more important hidden objects are nice. The games are excellent for teaching letters, numbers, and shapes. I like that the counting game goes up to twenty. The game narrator is very clear and easy to understand. There is a coloring book that really good with a large variety of colors to use. You can paint with or without a brush, draw, use chalk, or splatter. There are no annoying ads or upgrades and all of the links are protected.

Improvements I would like to see some Fraggle Rock videos, music videos or even some of the clips of Uncle Traveling Matt in outer space. More of these excellent educational games would be great. The page where Red eats the Doozer construction takes more patience than most kids this age have, it might be better if the complete animation happened after one touch.

General review Fraggle Rock was one of my favorite shows as a child and this interactive storybook app was a good way to introduce it to my 6 year old daughter. Unlike the Fraggle Rock show which I think can appeal to all ages, this app was made specifically for preschool and kindergarten age children. There are no ads or unprotected links. In addition to the main storybook there are also some excellent games and a coloring book that is full of features.