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Good Night Wubbzy Bedtime Counting [text]

App description: Help Wubbzy, Walden, Widget, Daizy, and some of Wuzzleburg’s kookiest residents get ready for beddy-bye in this special sleepy time story. Kids will enjoy turning off the lights, counting to sleep and saying good night to their favorite Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! friends.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/good-night-wubbzy-bedtime/id660719711?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone3G - iPhone3GS - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G - iPhone5

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Carmen H.

Holly A.

What I liked I love that Wubbzy, a popular character, the main character in the app. It will make practicing skill based activities more enticing for a young child. I liked that educational content, the different ways to receive information, via a book, video or game, and I loved the Common Core tie in.

Improvements I didn't really see much to change with this app. Navigating the app was easy. As a teacher, I loved the tie in to the Common Core Standards. If I had something to add, as an educator, I would like a report card or an assessment at the end of playing the games and reading the text. It would allow me to track my child or students' progress.

General review I thought the app was very engaging. I love the read along version of the app. It allows emerging readers to track along with the story. I thought the games were educational and entertaining. The graphics were colorful and navigating the app was simple. The concepts, teeth brushing and telling time, are great concepts to reinforce in a fun app in a fun way. Overall,this app is excellent and I would recommend it to any PK-1st grade age child.

Amber N.

What I liked This app is very well designed with a child's needs and wants in mind. The story is cute and simple, and it will hold the attention of kids with its cute design and adorable animations. One of the nicest things about the app is the clear narration of the story, which allows a young child to enjoy the app on their own if they would like to, which is a plus for kids who enjoy doing things on their own. The best feature, in my opinion, is the pop-up book like features that allow little kids the chance to explore each page to find hidden features - it really keeps their attention!

Improvements The app is solidly designed, you can tell that the designer has experience with creating high-quality apps. My only real complaint is that the five year old who tested this app with me occasionally would get frustrated when tapping on higher numbers of objects because he was having a hard time telling which ones he selected. Some kids will probably not have a problem with this, but in my personal experience it was a little difficult for the child I babysit.

General review Overall, this app is a fantastic addition to any parent, babysitter, or teacher's childhood app collection. While the app will fall flat with children over the age of six or so, children between the ages of two and five will likely enjoy the smooth narration, bright colors, and pop-up book elements that respond to a child's tapping and swiping. The five year old that I babysit gave this app two big thumbs up!

Lynn G.

What I liked The interactivity in this story is sure to keep young children locked into this app. Not only are they encouraged to count, but also to tap all kinds of objects to be surprised by animations and sounds. Counting is even incorporated through the alarm clock that appears in each frame of the story. Hints appear in each frame so that the player doesn't have to worry about missing a hidden animation. The developers didn't miss a beat in finding ways to make the most of every frame. The reader can choose to have the story read aloud, to read silently with or without the animations.

Improvements There are no improvements that I can imagine for this app. The developers have done a wonderful job creating a bedtime story that will entertain and educate. The only improvement that could possibly be mentioned is the ability to resize the stickers as they are added to a coloring page. I think it might be hard to put a child down to bed with this app open--it's so much fun!

General review This is a wonderful app for young children that could easily turn into a favorite bedtime ritual. The animations are entertaining, the story is cute and contains counting on every frame. Parents and teachers are connected to the Common Core State Standards, so they know their children are doing more than just playing a game. Videos and coloring pages are available, as well as games. Wonderful work!

Erin B.

What I liked My favorite part is that this bedtime story incorporated counting practice in with it! I love that you can count what each character is thinking about at bedtime and that it progresses from 1 to 10 - along with the time!
This is a great getting ready for bed app. It's not too exciting and rambunctious, so it's a great calming story.
The extra games are a lot of fun too. I especially like the time setting one.

Improvements I'd like for the pages to automatically advance after a certain period of time, or perhaps a period with no activity.
Also, the ad on the main page is distracting. I prefer kids apps to be ad free.

The videos are great, but I'd like to see something a bit more calm and relaxing in a bedtime app. Even a lullaby with a timer would be great!

General review This is a really fun 'getting ready for bed' app and I think it would be great for a transition from playtime to bedtime.
The story is great but not overly exciting, and it incorporates counting and telling time into it.

I also love the extra games like brushing teeth and getting pajamas on.

Great for preschool age kids!

Kristy Lee G.

What I liked I love the characters! They are engaging and adorable. I liked all the extra interactive parts such as the flying rockets or bouncing balls. This adds

The graphics were also fantastic and appealing.

I loved the yawning animation by each character. Very cute!

Improvements I found a few bugs in the games section. I couldn't get the clock or the pajamas section to work at all. The text on the alarm clock page stretches beyond the screen on the iPad2.

Lastly, I found the animations and the page turns a bit slow. There was a lag when when touching on an item to count, or when turning a page.

General review I think the concept is fantastic. The characters have great depth, the graphics are cute and engaging. Lots of extras to keep kids interested and make the app interactive. I do think it could use a bit more polish though. The slow speed of the animations and page turning really a deal breaker for me.

Courtney D.

What I liked Oh my! I don't know if everything I want to say is going to fit, but know you hit this one out of the park! I love the tutorials provided. I love that the user can interact with the story by turning off the lights and then experiencing counting. I love that the narrator speaks with a voice that fluctuates with the sentences. I love the option of painting by clicking, but also the option of coloring by swiping over various areas. I love all of the language building opportunities that can be found throughout this story. It's a great story for an SLP to use within the therapy room!

Improvements When the user selects the objects in the "dream" bubble, it would be nice if the voice explaining what needs to occur would stop. The directions are still being spoken while the user is counting and it becomes hard to decipher. Without problem solving skills, the user may not be aware of the options to click the light switch or the moon, etc., so an initial prompt might be helpful!

General review This is my favorite of the Wubbzy apps so far! I love all of the opportunities to build language and vocabulary based on this app. I love the educational focus! The interactive capabilities throughout this app are exciting and engaging, which will allow the user to continue to be exposed to great things while having fun! Very impressed!

Cheryle D.

What I liked Another great Wubbzy app. I love how you put the different characters to sleep. I really like the different options for reading. The interactions, videos, and the games are also great. The tutorial in the coloring section is also good. The tie in with the core curriculum is also a plus.

Improvements This section is always tough with Wubbzy apps because they are so good! Maybe have the book end with the "Good night" or the Grown-up's corner. It continues into the games and the Common Core. Parents might just want it to end there with just the book, but kids may see those arrows and want to play the games. Have the games access only through the menu.

General review This app does not disappoint! None of the Wubbzy apps do though! This one is a great bed time story with games and activities to go along. Putting each character to bed by counting their favorite things (1-10 in order) is so cute! The videos are also a plus!

melissa r.

What I liked Fantastic fun and engaging app for preschoolers and even early school years. Loads of extras included in this app makes it really well priced. Love the colour choices, they are bright and inviting but not gladly. Educational element is fantastic and had my 4yo predicting what number would occur next.

Improvements Not often do I find an app that I struggle to think of improvements! congrats to the developers!! Only minor adjustment would be to move the placement of the options to the front screen and to age lock it as well. It is currently right in a place where a young child accidentally plays with it then gets frustrated when they have accidentally turned music off!

General review This app was well liked by both 2 & 4 year old who insisted on trying it out. The additional elements of the app such as colouring, games, videos and interactiveness means this app is one that will most certainly be one children will enjoy for a long time.
Well developed app which is missing all of those annoying features of other apps!

Frances A.

What I liked Good Night Wubbzy Bedtime Counting is an amazing and engaging app. It is fun way showing children many lessons such as counting, telling time, importance of being quiet and many more. Integrating counting into the story was a fun way to learn how to count the numbers 1-10, while they count items that paired with their day in order to fall asleep.

Improvements My wish list for a future version:
- I would like to see more coloring pages added, one for each counting night time scene.
- I would like to see more colors added to create a wide range of colors for children to color and depth to the photo. It would be nice to even have multiple shades of colors.
- An additional game, perhaps one for counting.

General review This wonderful interactive book can help your child play, learn to count and even learn time. With errorless learning children can set characters clocks to the right time. This supports the general concept of learning numbers to telling time to the hour. As with all apps in the Wubbzy collection. I love how the story also has also music videos, games and coloring pages for extra fun and learning. This is a wonderful app and I would recommend it.

mandy N.

What I liked I love how there is options for read to me, read and play, and just a book. The bonus features are great with all the extras such as the videos, paint, ect. The games fit the app very well and are educational. My kids favorite has to be the tooth brush one :)

Improvements I would like to see where the app doesn't end up talking over the instructions in some of the games. It would be great if there was a button for instructions or if they were read aloud before being able to start the game. I also would love to see an option of read to me and play. Where the app will read to the child and then they can play on the page :)

General review My children and myself love all the Wubbzy apps! They are all fun and very unique from other book apps on the market. This app especially has wonderful, fun, and educational games attached to it that help preK- to early elementary learn time, teeth brushing, and more :)