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App reviews for "My Rockin Fairy - Music Game for Kids by Twiny Vine V. 1.0" [text]


My Rockin Fairy - Music Game for Kids by Twiny Vine V. 1.0 [text]

App description: My Rockin Fairy is a kids music creator for musicians of all levels with fun to tap, unique instruments and rockin background rhythms. This app helps young girls gain confidence in music, learn timing and explore self expression.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/my-rockin-fairy-music-game/id664950150

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone3G

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Jill P.

Courtney D.

What I liked I love the simplicity of the app. I love the fairy concept. I love the ability to turn certain acoustics on and off. I love the ability to change colors of things, such as the raindrops, which in turn changes the instruments. I appreciate that, even though, as an adult, I can't carry a tune to save my soul, I enjoyed this app and found it to be entertaining. I like the encouragement that is provided. I like the snippet for parents on what to expect for the app. I like that the entire screen has a purpose. By that, I mean even the stars are included. Great use of space! Great app!

Improvements The app crashed on me twice while reviewing it. It could be just a glitch on my end, but I wanted to make you aware. Both times were in the "home" screen; however, I had exited the "play" area and was reverting back to the "home" screen when it happened. Beyond that minor issue, I still found in enjoyment in the app. I am anxious to see how some of my students will respond to an app like this.

General review This app, in all its simplicity, is a great app for "young" musicians. It's engaging, creative, motivating, exciting, and above all else, fun! In this app, beyond just pushing buttons to gain music, the user can manipulate different objects to create an even more individualized tune. This is an app that has all the bells and whistles for a low price! I would highly recommend it!

mandy N.

What I liked I really love all the colors and sounds this app includes. There is many different things to push to explore different sounds and beats. My kids loved the calming colors of this app and loved pressing all the different things. They really liked when they found out they could press her charm and change the sounds below.

Improvements I would love to see where you could get different characters in this app or dress her up in different outfits. I would also like to see the voice changed from robot sounding to human voice instead. I seen the original price is $2.99 and I would really expect a lot more for a app priced that high. At 99cents it's perfect. The only issues I ran into are it did shut down on me twice when the menu button got pushed and a few times the directions wouldn't stay up when I pushed the button. Also I think there should be some type of music or sound on the menu screen :)

General review Cute, friendly, colorful both visually and sound wise. My kids loved pressing each of the different things to see what kind of sounds and music they could make. Simple and easy for a young child to use but still fun for the older girls as well. With a little work this would be a five star app no problem :)

melissa r.

What I liked Cute, fun app that was enjoyed in our household. Children from a young as two enjoyed the fun free play. Great to see an app that allows children to play freely, express their creativity without being instructed in order to achieve a specified result! Allows kids to role play being a DJ etc.

Improvements Loading time was long and tedious and added frustration was when child accidentally tapped out of the game play page it then had to load again.
Would like to see a record and save function to allow kids to replay for friends and family.
Like to see a button for verbal instructions for pre reading age group.

General review Great app that is loads of fun for 2yrs +, even adults can have some fun. Girls instantly drawn to fairy aspect and love the creativity element. Safe app for kids to play without access to Internet or social media. Music is fun and young girls loved playing dj's and having disco parties!

Frances A.

What I liked There is a lot to like about the app My Rockin Fairy. First, I absolutely love that It opens up with a famous all from an author all about faries. I think that is absolutely inspiring and a very nice touch by the developer. Next, the fairy is very appealing to young girls. They like that she commented on all of their actions. They also like when they touched her wings they got visual feedback for doing a great job; the work rockin appeared across the screen.

Improvements What I would like to see in a future version:
- Identification of musical notes that are touched, so that children may also learn how to read music while they enjoy playing it.
- A place for children to record their songs and have it played back for them.
- A teacher or parent page for support on using this app with children.

General review I think that the app My Rockin Fairy is wonderful and holds so much potential to teach and inspire children to have a love of and for music. Every aspect of the app is supportive to children. Everything they touch has an action. Every action causes music. From the earliest learners to the oldest learners there is something that someone can take away from this app. This app plays music that is mixed with some nice beats behind it. Good app choice.

Nathalie C.

What I liked > I liked the smooth and nice colors on the fairy (and my little 5 years nephew liked it too)
> I liked the way this app lets kids discover music just by trying and playing
> I liked the range of sounds and rhythms to be discovered in the app.
> I always like when an app is part of the know what's inside program

Improvements > I had no time to read or realize what was on splashscreen (before getting the "play" big big button and the title), but it sounded with lots of text and a little bit weird. I killed the app to reboot it, but didn't get time to ead it all anyway. Is this a message?
> I had the impression the app was more dedicated to young girls rather boys.
> I liked the fact that the fairy talks, but think the animation is a little bit weird (when she gets bigger)
> I was wondering whether kids will not be very quicly demanding other types of sounds and ryhtmes, to experiment further

General review This app is a nice tweak to a simple piano app. I's designed to let 2 or even 3 kids to play together and explore music composition. Very quickly, you'll see kids play and experiment with rhythms and sounds.
The different range and types of sounds will encourage creativity.