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App reviews for "The Tiger Who Wasn't! version 1.0.1" [text]


The Tiger Who Wasn't! version 1.0.1 [text]

App description: 'The Tiger Who Wasn't!' is a fully-interactive Book app for children 3-8 years-old. It has many touch animations and sounds on every page, and includes 3 reading options, with text highlighting, as well as original Music, Games and Activities.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-tiger-who-wasnt/id653571238?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Jonathan A.

melissa r.

What I liked Cute graphics and fun storyline. Narrator has a pleasant voice that my children responded well too. Children loved the butterfly and hunting for it on each page. Interactive pictures add an extra depth to the story to help maintain interest of younger players.

Improvements Games needs to be separated from settings so children don't wrongly access settings.
Would like to see settings parent locked with a smaller icon to prevent pre readers accessing areas they shouldn't be.
Wish the reoccurring butterfly did something when touched ie fly away.
Potentially priced at a higher level than I would expect.

General review Great interactive book app that is fun and enjoyable. Interactive aspect is fun and included options that help story to cater for pre readers and reader alike of great.
Games are enjoyable, sound effects are cute and storyline is cute. Over all a lovely app that is well made.

Marc Edward D.

What I liked I liked how interactive each page are. My son loves interactive books and saw him plays with the background more before changing page. I also liked the bonus mini-games in this app. I actually liked the Hatty's Avocado Roll mini-game. My son liked the Hatty's Hide-and-Seek game. Having those 4 mini-games together with this interactive book is worth the $3.99 purchase.

Improvements Hope to see a feature where you only need to swipe left or right to change pages on the interactive book. I also think that there should be a "Fill Color" option in the Coloring with Hatty. Other interactive app I tried had this "Fill Color" option where you only need to touch a part and the color will be filled on that part. I also think that there should be a save to photo album feature in the Coloring with Hatty where kids can easily save their work on the Photo Album.

General review This is a good interactive book app with fun mini-games. My 5 year old son loves the interaction on each page and saw him laugh at some scene. I personally liked the Hatty's Avocado Roll. It's a simple but challenging game. The mini-games alone are worth the $3.99 asking price. Great app.

Ricki B.

What I liked This story at first had a lot of potential with the theme of being "different." Hatty the tiger is such a gentle tiger and was perceived as a sneaky tiger trying to trick the animals. There are cute sounds and movement on each page. It is easy to swipe forward and backward. I liked parts of the story which rhymed - this is always a nice skill to incorporate in a book. I liked Hatty's Hide & Seek Game the best out of all the games - there were partial visual hints to find the animals.

Improvements 1. Story line needs some tweeking - it went from animals being scared to not being scared....and ending with a word rhyming game with Boo. There are 2 different stories going on
2. Hatty's "hat" looks more like a pumpkin stem
3. Swipe could use a sound of a page swiping
4. Hatty's voice is an adult voice - needs to be a child voice
5. Some of the phrases could be substituted, e.g. "It's a freak" are not words I would like to see my kids repeat
6. Games need a refresh - avocado game did not work
6. The tapping of pictures and swiping of pages did not always work - some
technical issue

General review This story at first had a lot of potential with the theme of being "different." Hatty the tiger is such a gentle tiger and was perceived as a sneaky tiger trying to trick the animals. I would review the story again & decide what your theme is going to be. Be mindful of wording. Sound and visual interactions worked inconsistently and require revision. Games need revisions, except for Hatty Hide & Seek.

Frances A.

What I liked The app The Tiger Who Wasn't was a very interesting story. it tells us about a tiger who was a vegetarian! I liked that the app was designed differently than most book apps. It actually felt like you were reading a book. This story has an amazing morale value showing that it is okay to be different, as well asno matter how different, everyone can be friends. I liked that the pages were filled with beautiful colors and each page had interactions. The music was very pleasant and I loved all of the reading options the text offered; especially highlighting the text while reading on Auto Play.

Improvements My Wish list:
- In a future version I would like to see in the read to me and read to myself, the ability for a child to touch a word they do not know and it will tell them the word.
- I would like to see the setting locked so that a child cannot change then. Perhaps, having to hold the setting button for three seconds and maybe as well separate the games from settings area.
- For auto play section, possibly an option to slow the reading down, some children might not be able to move through the book as quickly as it reads it.

General review I think this app was a cute story about a tiger who was very different from all other tigers. The games offered a wide variety of fun, especially with four games to choose from, even one with various levels it makes for a fun experience each time the child reads the story. I also liked that in the games a child has to use fine and gross motor skills to play. Overall, I found this app to be quite enjoyable and would recommend it for children.

Courtney D.

What I liked This story is a great one for so many reasons. I appreciate the moral of the story and find it would be a great lesson to teach to young elementary kiddos. The interactive portions make this story even better. I love that the user has to manipulate some of the pages to be able to proceed with the story. I love that the story is filled with rhymes. I love that not all of the animals have interactive capabilities because that allows for language to be built. There are so many vocabulary words and tasks that can be done through the use of this story! Very impressive!

Improvements I only have two thoughts regarding this storybook. There were a few pages where the skunk did not have any animations, but other animals did. If that was intended, then that is okay, but I wanted to make you aware in case that wasn't the intention. Also, there were times when the interactions did not repeat. Are they meant to only be played one time?

General review This is a story that can be utilized by elementary teachers, as well as SLPs. I love that the story has rhyming words, language building, vocabulary, and interactive components. The moral of this story would be a great start to a discussion on social language as well. I am very impressed by this app and would surely recommend it!