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Magical Music Box v1.15 [text]

App description: Magical Music Box is a musical app for kids, toddlers and babies. It plays beautiful kids songs from the whole world with an authentic sound of music box. To play the songs, children turn their finger on the screen, and the app becomes alive magically, playing the music while displaying beautiful animations.

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/app/magical-music-box/id563338639&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Stanislas H.

Erin B.

What I liked I love the music selections. They sound crisp, clear, and just right. I really enjoy the different scenes to select from, and that when the handle is turning there is something moving on the screen. That helped to keep my kids engaged in the app and listening to the wonderful music.
I also like the sleep timer. I can invision leaving the app on with the timer at bedtime for myself, or more likely for my kids.
And I love that I can set the handle to turn automatically, or have fun with the speed and turn it myself.

Improvements I'd love to see a playlist feature. it would be great to just set the songs i want to hear, especially for bedtime reasons.
It would also be fun to have the scenes be interactive. For instance, if you touch the cat on the roof, it could meow.
I'd love to see more songs! The selection is great, but even more great classic songs wold be wonderful!

General review The best part about this app is easily the beautiful music, however there are a lot of other factors that I love. The music box scenes are interesting and fun to watch. My kids love turning the handle themselves forwards, and backwards! We all love listening to the music. And a huge bonus - I can let them play with this app without worrying about any ads or in-app purchases.

Kristy Lee G.

What I liked I love it. Adorable concept and great implementation. My nephew loved cranking the handle forward and back and distorting the songs. My youngest just loved listening in the automatic mode. I kind of wish I could disable the sleep mode and let it play for longer, but overall, excellent idea and great implementation!

Improvements I find it confusing when the app goes black between screens. Some of the tones are a bit tinny and out of tune, but I suppose that is the nature of a music box.

I also feel like the preferences pull out could be a bit bigger or easier to pull out. I almost missed it there in the corner.

General review This app is a great app for young kids, even babies. The music even soothed the two month old! The interface is simplified and visually based for kids. There is also a good selection of music which I was impressed with. Overall I think you did a great job.

Courtney D.

What I liked I love the design of this app! It is simple in execution, so it is appealing to the ages intended, yet intricate in design to marvel even those of other ages. I love the multitude of song choices that are available. I love the auto play button as well. I think this is great for exposing/presenting music to young kiddos before they are even able to access the app for themselves; however, it is easy to manipulate so young users are certainly capable!

Improvements This is an app that needs limited for improvements. The only "wish list" item I can think of is a version for older users as well. This doesn't have to be for those in their teenage years, but for the older users that may not be listening to nursery rhymes/lullabies any longer. I believe there are older users who would find it entertaining to play their music in a music box fashion.

General review A great app for babies, infants, and toddlers that encompasses a music box similar to the ones of the past. This app requires fine motor skill, but could be adapted and utilized as a skill builder for those that demonstrate difficulty with such skills. There are a multitude of songs available, which allow for maximum entertainment. This is certainly an app that is appropriate for young users!!

sandy g.

What I liked I was very impressed with the number of songs included in this app. The variety of songs included is a added advantage with this app. The ability to set the timer on this app is very handy. The chose between manual and automatic playing of the songs was another thing I liked about this app.

Improvements I would like to see a pause button on the app in the automatic play mode. If a pause button is not possible then a resume button for when you hit the stop button which I am sure many toddlers will do be accident. I would also like to see the music box scenes to also shuffle automatically.

General review The inclusion of the names of the songs makes this app not only a music box but also an educational app. The inclusion of the lyrics and background information on most of the songs is an added bonus. This app would be worth the cost of the app especially for families with toddlers.

Lynn G.

What I liked This app presents music in a sweet tone that is easy to operate for a child. The music box sound is rendered beautifully, with a tone that reflects a music box quite well. It is very easy to operate, with a simple circular motion. The use of a timer is possible, so that the player does not have to continually make circles on the screen with their finger.

Improvements Hopefully, updates will include additional songs, with their lyrics. Some type of interactivity with the songs as the music plays would be a nice touch as well. As it stands, this app might be used simply as a means to play lullabies to aid in a young child falling asleep.

General review I really enjoyed this app for what it is designed to do-play songs with a music box theme. It is very easy to operate and provides a variety of songs from which to choose. A timer is provided so that the child does not have to stay tied down to the device to listen to music. The random shuffle and repeat buttons also allow finger-free operation per set. The illustrations are attractive. Nicely done!

Cheryle D.

What I liked This is a wonderful app! I really liked the variety of songs and the different music boxes. I liked that you can make the music by hand or have it automatically done for you. I liked the ? button that told you the title, composer, and details about the song.

Improvements I liked the pictures for each song so children know which one to pick, but I wish you also had the titles for adults to read and be able to choose more quickly what song to play.

It was a little confusing at first picking the other songs. I thought we would see a new music box, but it just went to the last one that was picked. For example, we picked a Christmas song so I thought it would go to the Christmas music box, but it went to the space one since that was the last one played. Maybe have it so you can pick the song and then pick which box you want.

General review This is a really great app with a lot of different songs and music boxes to choose from. It also gives a description of each song. It is really simple to use and very calming as well. The pictures were so colorful and the movements were fun. This was a well thought out app!

Fides C.

What I liked I love the different music box animations to choose from. All have beautiful graphics and animations. There are many types of music to chose from including classical, nursery/children, cultural, and holiday. You can either "turn" the key to the music box to play it or have it play automatically. What I love most is that it provides information about each song including composer, year, lyrics, and any story behind it. It also has a player control (play, stop, random, and repeat)

Improvements I like that you can turn the music box key to play the song, but I would love to have it function like a traditional music box key where you can turn it all the way and then when you let it go, it will play the whole music. I would love to see more music selection as well.

General review Magical Music Box is a great music app for infants, toddlers, and older children, Little ones can enjoy listening to music while watching the music box animation. Older kids can learn more about the music they listen to be and be introduced to composers and time periods. There are various music box styles and music to chiose from. You can't go wrong with this app!

melissa r.

What I liked Gorgeous graphics on an awesome and unique app. Refreshing to see a new idea bringing music to the iPad in a fun and engaging manner. Arrow guiding children what to do is fantastic. App is one children as young as two can play alone or with others yet still entertaining for school aged children. Loved the ability to control the tempo yet also use autoplay. Great to be able to skip to next song and the additional control options.

Improvements Would like to see a more inviting and attractive icon. The app is amazing and kids adore it but they aren't drawn to the icon when browsing their apps. Like to see other countries national anthems or option to select your own to include. App crashed once when looking at the written list of songs. On song selection page there appeared to be no difference when pressing with of the two icons on top right of screen. For quality of app I would describe this app as underpriced.

General review What an amazing, unique and fantastic app. A massive hit with preschoolers and adults alike. Fantastic ability to choose songs and background with educational aspect of history of the song for family discussion and auto play for tempo guidance. Altogether a very impressive and unique app that will definitely remain a firm favourite of children and adults alike for a long time.

Frances A.

What I liked This app is wonderful for young children! I love that each child is greeted with a wide array of sweet children songs that they can interact with on several different pages. The app is set up as an old fashioned music box, so as the child spins their finger in a circle around the screen the music will play. Also, children can choose to make the music play with each different scene spinning of its own. I really like that the app also lets you change the song associated with each picture, so a child will always be interested in playing.

Improvements My Wish list:
- I would like more scenes added for the children to pick from. There is a lot of music but only 8 musical scenes. That would be a huge improvement.
- I would also like to see the app more interactive. It is nice they can move everything in a circular fashion but if they could click on the items and there was a reaction it would be great. Especially, when a child puts the app into auto-play mode. The additional interactivity would make the app more engaging for children.

General review I love that this app has 31 songs to choose from. My favorite part of the app is that it does not contain third party ads or in-app purchases. I also like that it contains a protected parent section in which you will find links to our other apps, to our website and to social networks. This app is very well suited for younger children but can be appreciated by children of all ages! I would recommend this for educators and parents of children.

Nathalie C.

What I liked > This app has never ceased improving since its debuts last october, 10 months ago : news music boxes, new songs, improved navigation, more intuitive and nailed down controls and more options.
> I liked the new and improved centralized interface, that authorize changing the box, the music and playing at the same time.

Improvements > Ergonomics has so much improved since v1 that it is now really far better, but it still needs some tweaks to be completely perfect. It's still easy to get lost.
> Text presentation could be improved : the font chosen is not very nice, and the way the text displays is not very elegant.
> As a side note, French translation could be improved.

General review It's always a real pleasure to see an app improving day after day. This is the case with most Kidoteka apps, and they now offer almost 40 songs and music from all over the world in a nice and fun set of different music boxes, ready to be listened to or played with.