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App description: STOP ANXIETY & PANIC ATTACKS NOW! An App For Finding Instant Comfort During Difficult Times. Anxiety and sleeping disorders affect over 80 million adults in the United States alone. By combining guided relaxations, step­by­step techniques and relaxing sounds, app users are empowered with the best methods to help themselves Calm Down Now™.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/calm-down-now/id662018700?ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPhone3GS - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G - iPhone5

Total reviews: 5

Developer: June T.

Amanda R.

What I liked We tested this app with teens and young adults on the autism spectrum. Everyone's favorite section is the Relaxing Sounds. It is a good tool to help an individual discover what sounds they find relaxing. It is nice that several sounds can be played at once so that a user could create their own sound combination.

Improvements This group of users could benefit from visuals in the other sections. Perhaps a calming picture to look at while they listen to the instructions. It would also be helpful to have more classic audio controls so that you can see how long the audio is, as well as rewind.
The timer in sounds just makes the app close. This was a bit confusing at first as we thought the app had crashed.

General review This app has some good tools for teens or adults who need help to calm down. The readers voice is soothing. The Relaxing Sounds are easy to use and since they have clear pictures, this section could used by someone who doesn't read or for younger individuals.

Chris L.

What I liked My favorite feature of this app was the relaxing sounds section of the app. For the past couple of days I have been falling asleep to different sounds every night. So far my favorite sound has been the Ocean Waves. I like the sleek design of the app as well. The blue background creates a calming effect even when you are looking at your phone. The app is also very easy to navigate even my little brother could use it.

Improvements There are a few things I think need to be improved about the app. A couple of the sounds have been skipping at night causing me to wake up. I have noticed this in the TV Static and Windy Day. Also some of the empowering techniques could be clearer such as the Tapping in Tranquility. You could maybe add video instructions to help clarify. I also have AirPlay on my computer and the sounds are very glitchy and skippy. However, this could be because I have a slower internet connection. I would like to see a more customizable interface added to the app such as different color schemes.

General review Although there are a couple of issues with the app such as a few tracks that skip and the AirPlay being a bit glitchy, I really enjoyed this app. It is an app that effectively fixes an issue many people around the world have, sleep. The past few days that I have been using this app I have seen a difference in the way I have been feeling throughout the day and I have had a lot less stress.

Kerry E.

What I liked I thought this app was absolutely amazing for the relaxing sounds to help one get to sleep or calm down from an anxiety attack. I feel like I slept much better and was calmer when I used it to help me sleep. My husband snores pretty loudly, so it is quite the accomplishment to be well rested in the morning! As for the calming techniques and other information, they did help me to relax and I found them interesting. I don't have a lot of experience with meditation, so it is somewhat difficult for me to relax that way, but it's a work in progress!

Improvements I know this is a personal preference, and I mean no offense to the narrator, for me personally, a male voice is more soothing and relaxing when I am trying to calm down or go to sleep. Also, I would love to be able to use the app in landscape mode. An iPad compatible app would be great as well. Other than than that, I think the app is well laid out and relatively easy to navigate.

General review I think this app is amazing for helping you get to sleep! It provides a variety of relaxing sounds, and you can layer different sounds together and customize as needed. I loved that I can exit the app and put my cover on the iPad without the sounds stopping. It makes for great, soothing background noise.

Terri J.

What I liked I think you did a nice job with this app. The voice is very "calming" and "emotionless". The app is easy to use and directions are all clear and simple to follow. I loved the relaxing sounds and how you can pick more than one and set a timer. Again-super easy to use. The stop panick and ground yourself also seem simple and clear to follow.

Improvements The only part of this app that I wasn't as sure about was the handbook section. When I open the tapping and unblocking tabs, I wish it could read it to me and also give a bit more info on it. It would be neat if it would also tell you a quick activity to do with that information right there on that tab.

General review Overall, this a a neat app that can be used for calming people that maybe experiencing stress, anxiety or panic attacks. It is super easy to use! There is a also a great relaxing sounds tab and you can pick and mix sounds that are relaxing to the individual - and it has a timer.

Tony B.

What I liked I like the concept, this could be useful to a lot of people and at the very least good as a free app. I like the name of the app, the icon, and generally like the colors used in the application. I also generally like the organization because it is simple and pretty straightforward. All of the audio and Relaxing Sounds are great.

Improvements The UI, although the colors were nice and calming, was just a bit amateurish. The Relaxing Sounds player was a bit confusing. Once you select a sound(s) it is available from the player, but there isn't really any way to see your current setting. If you select a sound(s) it should somehow indicate what is selected, or that there is nothing selected. Also when nothing is selected, the popup states "There are not any song in the Relaxation Sound list" but i don't see a reference to a list anywhere - maybe creating a list section within the sounds section would help these problems.

General review Overall this application is a great idea for helping people calm down. It has some simple audio tracks and relaxing sounds, as well as some step-by-step visual strategies for calming down or for doing positive affirmations.The UI could be improved a bit to make the app look more polished and "iPhone-like".