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Money Math: Counting Coins [text]

App description: The goal of Money Math is to teach your kids how to add and subtract coins in various ways. We also try and sprinkle in some fun along the way with our story about General George and Benny Arnold. There are 9 different ways to work with money in this app and 3 different levels of play. We also keep track of up to 4 different players statistics.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/money-math-counting-coins/id663456334?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Scott K.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. Math is very important for kids and it's very nice to be able to teach with such a good tool. I have seen kids knowing math with money, but not with numbers.
2. The story is a very nice add on to the application. Kids can learn some important thing listening or reading it.
3. It's nice that i get nine different games. They are all very challenging and interesting.

Improvements 1. I could see some improvements in the story section of the application. It would be nice if the page would auto turn after the app finished reading the page. And it would be nice if once I tap the microphone button it would stay on until I tap again on it to stop it.
2. It would be nice if in the State Info part of the application The kids could see a map of the country with the states to tap on. They could learn where some states are located and learn about coins.
3. The overall design of the application is not too good and I can say that this is the weakest point.

General review This application is a very good tool for teaching and learning. The nine games are very good and well made and the story just adds to the overall value of the application. Unfortunately the design of the app is a weak point and needs serious improvements in a future update.

Holly A.

What I liked This is one of the best apps I have seen. I loved the historical content as well as the multiple ways to practice counting money, identifying money, adding and subtracting coins, and learning about the facts of the coins. The app was colorful and very engaging. I also loved the report card.

Improvements There really isn't much I would change. As a teacher, the app offers a lot of different ways to practice counting and adding money and making change. As a teacher, I would love to be able to add a classroom report so I could see at a glance the overall concepts my class own the whole needs to practice.

General review Like I said before, I love this apps and think it is one of the best. I will be teaching 2nd grade this year and will use it with all of my students. This app offers great content, great practice, a report card and rewards for the users. Most apps don't offer all four of these categories which are my criteria for a great app.

Kerry E.

What I liked This is an excellent app. My six year old really enjoyed learning about the different coins. I like the idea of adding all of the trivia about the coins themselves and all of the states. I did not know a lot of the info myself, and I always like learning things along with my kids in an educational app.

Improvements The coins in the How Much Do I have game were a little bit fickle as far as where they had to be to actually have them go in. My daughter tried inserting the coins and was having a little trouble getting them to go in. Other than that, the games are fun and very well done.

General review Buy this app! You get more than your money's worth with many games, facts and trivia. The developers have really put a lot of thought into making learning about money a fun thing. Your child will not only learn about coins, but all of the fifty states as well. I highly recommend this app.

Lena L.

What I liked The app, "Money Math: Counting Coins", is a wealth of knowledge for children learning their coins and counting money. There are so many different games and levels for the child to choose from. I especially like the added bonus of learning about each state quarter and the state for which they come from.

Improvements There are two things I would change in this app. First, being the pyramid game. The children seemed confused and not really interested in collecting the coins and playing the game. The other thing, is the making change section. I think it would be an added value for the child to be able to move coins into a box and learn to count up to the next dollar. Physically moving the coins would allow the child to learn this concept easier.

General review I think the app, "Money Math: Counting Coins" is a great buy for any child learning coins and how to count money. There are so many options to progress through the app and learn how to count coins. There is also an added bonus in this app that teaches a little about each state and shows the state coins. Your child will enjoy playing this app over and over.

Raphael S.

What I liked I've only tried a few money counting apps before but this one is definitely the best. I like the American themes throughout the app and all the background information about the US. The privacy features give me great peace of mind when the children use the app. It's very child friendly.

Improvements Maybe in the future the app could feature currencies from different countries along with some background information. I'm not really sure there's anything else to be improved, it's excellent for what it is and covers just about everything in it's category.

General review Unrivaled in it''s category. It's a fun way to introduce money and counting skills to children. The privacy and child friendly features are some of the best aspects of the app. The facts about the US are educational and interesting, there are also many colorful American themes.

Erin B.

What I liked I love all the different ways to practice with coins. My 6 year old needs practice and I can have him work on the exact area he is having trouble with. I love the options of differs players and the stats in the options screen so I can track how each of my kids are doing individually.
I also like the info bout the states and the coins.

Improvements We don't often use half dollars and some of the state quarters were confusing so I'd like to be able to select which coins are used. It would also be beneficial to younger kids to be able to just practice with pennies, nickels, and dimes individually.

General review This is a great app for practicing using coins in all kinds of different ways:adding coins, making change, more of less, finding a match just to name a few. Ilove that there are different levels so the app can grow with my child. My 6 year old enjoys playing the games and is becoming more familiar with the different coins, how much they're worth, and how to add them.

Christine C.

What I liked What I really liked about Money Math, is that really isn’t a good app to teach counting money for Apple products. It has a nice tie t to the Revolutionary War. Most kiddos do not get to learn about this topic until about 5th grade. I liked how it was a bit harder to get into the option screen and I liked the reporting out. It would very help full in assessing where a student. I also like that you could have multiple player and could keep track of their progress. Each of the nine games is essential skills to learn. I liked the info on each of the coins. Good work. I have been wanting a

Improvements For me (& my autistic students I work with) the game screens are a bit busy. Suggestions include: move the text telling where the background image (+ make smaller)to bottom right; simplify many of the counting mat. Don’t use the 13 and the M’s on them; colors of text are a bit distracting (no purple & orange) It would be cool if it read the info to you in the learn about section. There are little poems teachers use (Penny Penny, easily spent, Coppery brown and worth 1 cent). might be a nice addition. Also I am not sure that you need the text with the Help buttons.

General review This is one of the only apps that teaches kiddos about counting coins and making change. This is a great app that allows multiplayer to learn all about counting and even a bit of history of the Revolutionary War. And even about each of the coins. There are NINE (WOW) different games and a engaging story. The graphics are a bit busy, but the content and player engagement totally out way this drawback.

Christy S.

What I liked This app had many features that would help someone learn how to count with money. It provides a variety of information on the coins and states. The realistic images of the coins are very helpful so the learner can practice on "real" money. The various ways to count money is also a plus as it gives the learner the options to handle money and become fluent in their money counting skills.

Improvements I don't really see a lot of things to improve in this app. I thought it was very thorough as it gave the coin overview so a child could know what the value was of each coin. The information on the states was also a plus as well as the story. It also gave a progress report which I found very helpful in tracking the learner's progress.

General review This app for counting coins is a very good app to assist in learning how to count coins in a variety of ways. The realistic coin images, the coin information, and the information on the states were very appropriate as it gave a context for the topic of money. This app went beyond learning the values of coins and learning how to count them. The story was also a bonus and the narration was helpful for different types of learners such as ELL.

Courtney D.

What I liked I like the progressive games that are categorized into levels. I like the simplicity of the game and the ease by which the user can manipulate the coins on the screen. I like the positive reinforcement, which is given by a young person. I like the ability to check how the users are doing in the app. I love the added bonuses of state info and coin info. I like the positive elimination provided on the games that require a selection of a final amount. I like that the user is still given a positive.

Improvements There isn't a lot that I want to see improved. It would be helpful if the coins would state their worth in some of the earlier games. I think that would assist those that are learning coins to remember their worth, but also assist with the addition/sorting tasks. I think this could be an option that is turned on/off by the facilitator, which would change the complexity. Only by searching the app did I determine that the "options" is where to find the stats of a user. Though this is okay because it is hidden, it doesn't really fit the description of an "option".

General review This app consists of a variety of games with the same target focus in mind. Counting coins allows the user to sort the coins in an effort to reach a certain number, determine how much is left after the purchase of something, and many in between. The value of focus can be configured based on the users ability level. User stats are recorded to assist those who need to track data as well. This is a great tool for those working on counting coins!

Frances A.

What I liked Money Math: Counting Coins is a very educational and practical app that will teach children about money. The way it is set up is wonderful. The use of coins and concepts of coins are broken down into nine parts. In the first part has you add money to a piggy bank showing you how coins are added together in a visual sense. For the other eight parts you are asked various questions to check for your level of understanding and comprehension of the area such as making change. It also has a settings part in which you can change how much credit a child is given for a correct answer.

Improvements Wish List for future version:

- I like all of the information given but you should put more of your buttons as options in a parent section which is protected such as your options where you have to hold down the button in order to get the info.

- Ability to make a multi-user account (at least 6 users) then select child's level.

- Take coin and state information and make a further education or supplemental resources button and have that locked as well.

General review I think the app Money Math: Counting Coins is a great way to teach children about money. I really like that you can select the level children can play by making them player one, two or three. I really liked that all the child's statistics are presented to you and also that they earn points while playing. I think this could be a wonderful tool for parents and educators with just a few tweaks & additional features.