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Strawberry Shortcake Berry Best Friends [text]

App description: Join Strawberry Shortcake and her berry best friends as they practice their special talents for the Berry Bitty City Talent Show in their very first interactive story adventure! Who will win first prize? Kids will love the engaging story packed with adorable animations and fanciful activities.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/strawberry-shortcake-berry/id662089667?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G - iPhone5

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Carmen H.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. I like this application for the 3 ways kids can enjoys the story. The interactive part is very good, I found kids tapping all over the screen waiting for something to happen. And the narrated one is good for kids who are not completely in to reading.
2. The app looks very good. Graphics are very well made, with vivid colors. I can see that this is a polished app.
3. The 3 mini games are also a nice add on to the storybook. They are very enjoyable and kids love them.
4. Painting is great. Very good templets. It's fun and easy for kids to paint. There are lots of colors to chose from.

Improvements 1. The story is excellent and pretty long. So I would be nice to have an option for auto page turn. After some time, it's kind of boring for kids to tap on the arrow. It would be nice to have this as an option in a future update.
2. Unfortunately there is not enough difference between the "Read and Play" mode and the "Read to Me" mode. It would be nice to have some animation or something exclusive to the play mode. Now you can play in the "Read to Me" mode too.

General review This is a very good application for kids. You get a very nice storybook that has some interactive value and a good narration. The design of the app is very good. Graphics look sharp and the colors are vivid. There are a few improvements to make, but nothing to affect the value of the app. Putting in to account the mini games and the paint section and you have a 5 stars app.

Frances A.

What I liked I thought the app Strawberry Shortcake Berry Best Friends was a very cute books with a lot of fun and engaging scenes. It let each of the girls show their individuality, while using their talents to work together. It is beautifully written, allows children to relate to the story and characters as well as has the ability to help children build critical thinking skills. The games are absolutely delightful, children loved deigning hair and nails and finding the matching combinations to fill each of the drinks.

Improvements My Wish list:
- It would be great if more games are added for children to play with that relate back to the story.
- It would be nice to add a section where children could color pictures or draw a picture related to the story; such as a picture of what they would do for the talent show.

General review I think this would be a wonderful story especially for young girls. The app shows children great models to follow. The story show children how it is important to help each other, what real friendship is, cooperation, understanding and not to be competitive even when there are situations where you are competing to win. I love that it gives follow up questions for adults, relates the story to the Common Core Learning Standards. Overall a great app.

elena e.

What I liked I like the graphics, I like that there are many options in this application, such as games, painting pages and reading the book. I think you can improve this application to make it really better.
I like the features of the painting book, you can choose crayones, pencils, brushes, etc.

Improvements All characters and objects do the same when you click on them. It would be better different effect for each one, for example, touching a cloud, it rains. I've seen books that develop much better pc this feature, such as "living books" produced by Broderbund. Please take a moment to play those interactive books.
Another thing, the app crashes one time, if you want the report of my iPod, please give to me an email address, so I can send it to you.

General review I think this is a good application for kids, but you can make it better.
For example, you can translate the text to many languages, i.e. spanish, chinese, portuguese, french, etc.
Another idea is to develope more books of the same characteres, are you thinking about it?

Erin B.

What I liked The read and play area is great. The animations are fun but do not distract from the story. I like that if you touch a word just the single word is said, not the entire sentence. My 7 year old could read this book, but if he were to get tripped up on a word he could easily get the answer.
I love that there are also read to me, and just a book options.
The games are great. For the hair and nail styling games, I like that there are a lot of options to choose from.

Improvements While in the Read and Play we got stuck on the coloring pages. The Home button seemed to just to work.
I'd love to see a few more options for games, or perhaps even an interactive game as part of the story.
The story was great, so I'd love to see another story or two added on.

General review This is a great Strawberry Shortcake app! It has everything you'd expect in a true Strawberry Shortcake fashion. The story is lighthearted and fun with simple animations that add to it. There are 3 games to add to the story that kids are sure to love (hair stylist, nail design studio, and berry blitz)
I also love the coloring pages! There are options to paint, color, add stickers and more!

melissa r.

What I liked An attractive app that is fun and girls and very appealing to young girls of all ages. Great value for money with a fantastic variety of extras such as games and art as well as a cute interactive book. Daughters loved the book and it held their attention. Icon is great!

Improvements Some sound effects were annoying for someone not playing the app ie the sound of clicking on menu when within the app started to drive others in the house crazy! Games are great although would prefer not to have the candy crush style game included, as don't feel it's as age appropriate as the rest of the features.

General review A fantastic app with gorgeous graphics. Interactive story alone is brilliant and with the additional features (games and art play) this app is fantastically priced and great value for money. This app is sure to be loved by little girls everywhere.

Eusebia M.

What I liked This app had great options for play including volume control for the voice and music. The app is very pretty to look at and immediately attracted my daughters. The games were great!! I love the nail design game with personalized skin tone. These games would be great for following commands, vocabulary development, story development and pragmatic (social) language play. The berry blender game is so addictive! You'll have parents fighting kids to play it.

Improvements Once I turned down the music to read I got static feedback. It stopped as I turned the pages then started again when on the new page. This only happened when I was reading the book. Directions would be nice, I didn't know the each page was interactive, although the stars were a nice visual once I caught on. There isn't much to change about this app, it was a lot of fun.

General review Very bright, colorful, interactive app.Very fun story and lots of options. The games are great and can entertain children of various ages, even adults! I can use this with students and allow them to personalize the games to fit their difference and that's a very nice touch. This game is great for social language play, following directions, building vocabulary asking and answering questions and story development.

Samantha L.

What I liked I really enjoyed this story app: it has a great message for kids about helping our friends out. The games included are well thought out and easy to use. The characters are familiar ones from the previous stories and the show, so my kids are drawn to play with this storybook app more than the ones about unfamiliar characters. Nice bright colors throughout the app, easy to use interface. I love the grown up corner at the end of the story, with questions to get kids thinking!

Improvements I'd like to see more questions if possible in the grown ups corner at the end of story, esp some to work on things like improving attention to detail and memory. I'd also like to see another game added if possible. Maybe a puzzle, or a problem solving type app where they could try to fix the broken keyboard (that would be one I may pay extra for as an in app purchase, even).

General review This was a great app. I had to work hard to find even one thing to improve upon or add in the future. Everything seems very well thought out. The app works well for both my 3 year old special needs son, and my 10 year old sister who just needs a bit more practice reading. It's certainly worth the $2.99 for the familiar characters and story with a good friendly message. The games and coloring pages are a good bonus to have in there, as well.

Marc Edward D.

What I liked I like how interactive each page is. There are many things to touch on each page that I think will make kids have fun while reading the book. I like how there were other fun activities to do in this app like the mini-games and the paint mode. I like the Berry Blitz mini-game.

Improvements I wish to see an improvement in the Berry Blitz mini-game. I noticed in the current version that you can only match fruits one at a time. You cannot match 2 or more at once. I also think adding a jigsaw puzzle or a dress em up mini-game would be a nice addition.

General review This is a good interactive book with 3 fun mini-games and a good Paint mode. Each page is very interactive that you can almost interact with anything you see in each page. The bonus mini-games are good, specially the Berry Blitz. This works perfectly on my iPad3. This is very worthy for its price.

Lena L.

What I liked I like the fact that this app is not just games, but also has a story with a meaning that goes along with it. The story is cute and teaches the child something. I like the questions at the end of the story to test comprehension. The games and coloring pages are fun and entertaining as well.

Improvements The app is great and I didn't find a lot to change about it. Maybe you could add in fractions in the Berry Blitz game. It could be a way to "sneak" in math as well. For example, the strawberry blender could so 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 full once they collect that level of strawberrys. That way they will have a fraction along with picture showing how full each blender is.

General review I think this app is fun, engaging, and entertaining for young children. My children loved reading the story and discovering all the little "extras" hid on the page that make the story come alive. After the story, they enjoyed playing the games. My girls loved the salon games the most. They enjoyed painting nails and fixing the girls hair. Great app!

Andy B.

What I liked Poppy really enjoyed the colours and the overall story
We both enjoyed the thinking & talking page
Poppy really liked all the strawberry people
Poppy liked the juggling and hair style activity
Poppy liked the stage reveal scene..a lot!
Poppy liked the dancer the most
Poppy liked the singers, but would have liked a song to play.
The 'twinkly' interactive aid was helpful
Poppy like flowers (P17)
Poppy liked the rings and painting nails
Would you want daddy to buy? - yes
Would you play again? - yes
Favourite part of app: Story
Rating - 5/5

Improvements background music too loud by default
voices are too quiet by default
Music was too distracting, so turned off
Apples are too close to next page icon (P3)
Animations over talk story, especially annoying as often the same words.
commas to close to words (P3 Cafe,)
Repeat of 5,6,7,8 is annoying, especially as poppy loved scene (P6)
word 'blech' should be blurgh (P13)
tairas don't line up with certain hairstyles (hair game)
each time you scroll it it selects the item when scrolling (hair, stickers etc)
I really don't agree with getting kids into jewel type games
new hair style changes colour

General review Strawberry Shortcake is a well known character and much loved by children, so to have an interactive book is a real delight. The story is fresh colourful and modern and the main interactive parts support the story well. This story app will appeal from 3-8 year olds and the great games and 'smart' colouring are a great bonus. Overall very good value for money.