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Wubbzy and The Princess [text]

App description: It's a rainy day in Wuzzleburg. Wubbzy & his friends are stuck playing indoors. To pass the time, they pretend to live in a kingdom complete with beautiful princesses and brave knights. When Daizy's princess crown is accidentally broken, Widget uses the Storymaker 3000 to transport her and Wubbzy into a magical world.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wubbzy-and-the-princess/id652151325?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G - iPhone5

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Carmen H.

mandy N.

What I liked I love all the options in this app. There is a lot of different things to do through out. I like how in the options you can control not only the music but the voice and sounds too. You can also control if you want to see when new apps are released. This is a wonderful option to be able to turn on and off with kids.

Improvements I would like to see during the read and play that it would read it aloud and then let you play in the app. I would love to see a few more videos released for the app as an extra bonus as well. I really to hope to see more of these type of apps in the future with many more familiar characters :)

General review Very cute fun and interactive book for your children. My kids just love Wubbzy and this is a wonderful addition to some of their other wubbzy apps. There is so much to do throughout that it will take a very long time for them to get board with this one :)

Amanda A.

What I liked I liked this app because it is extremely interactive. From the read aloud pages to the coloring sheets, a child will be fully engaged in the story of Wubbzy and the Princess. Also, the videos and games were a great addition as well. The interactive animated characters make the story come to life.

Improvements In a future version I would like to see on the coloring sheet feature when choosing the brush it is hard to choose the color brown on the far right side because it is covered by the eraser button. It would be nice to have all colors made easily available.

General review In general this app Wubbzy and Princess is an exciting, educational, and fun app for children who are enthusiastic about reading. This app offers read along text as well independent reading, animated videos, coloring pages, and games. It has it everything a parent or a teacher needs to engage theirs child in reading.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. The story is very well made, fluid, with very cute characters and nice artwork.
2. I like the 3 way we can enjoy the story book, you don't see this is a lot of applications.
3. The interactive part of the book is very interesting, kids tap on all kind of things and want to see what appends.
4. The extras are very welcomed: painting, videos and games are a very good add on to the main story.

Improvements 1. Kids love the two videos I have found in the application. The musicals are very well made and they are very enjoyable, but it would be nice if a fast forward button would be present and the text should be placed on the top black bar, and not on the video.
2. Gem Match is very nice, but unfortunately it's laggy on my iPad 2, after the kids play similar games that work much better, they dont want to play a laggy one.
3. It would be nice it you could add more pages to paint isection. Kids love painting the funny characters.

General review This is another great application from the WUBBZY family of apps. The artwork in wonderful and the characters and story are on top. The interactive pat of the book is funny and kids love it. Putting in the extras that you get, like games, painting and you have a great value for a 2 dollar application.

Kerry E.

What I liked All three of my children absolutely adored this app. We played with it for quite a while, even going to bed late because of it. We really like all the animation on all of the pages. It was fun trying to figure out what everything would do when you touched it. The games are wonderful. As a parent, I like knowing that the developers thought about Common Core and how to integrate learning with the new standards. You can tell the app was well thought out.

Improvements My four-year-old daughter didn't understand that when she sees stars on something, it will have an animation when you touch it. I had to point it out to her. She picked it up very quickly from that point on. Just an observation. During the numbers hopping game, I really think that the child should be allowed to make a mistake, such as counting too high or not counting enough. As it stands, if the child doesn't count enough, all the app does is wait until you hop the requisite number of times, and it doesn't let you hop any more than that.

General review I can't say enough good things about this app. My children and I loved it. There are many animations on each page, even with the months on the calendar and hours on the clock. The games after the book are well-thought-out and teach your child things like matching, shapes, and recognizing words. Absolutely recommended.

Lynn G.

What I liked This app should keep young readers engaged over a long period of time. Great animations, optional activities with core standard tie ins, and choices in reading the book will keep families coming back to this app again and again. This app is well worth the price.

Improvements The stickers can be resized, but it would be nice if they could be manipulatd even further by turning. Hopefully, future updates will include additional coloring pages. These are minor improvements to a great app; there is not much to ask for in addition to the great features already included.

General review This app provides plenty of opportunities for preschoolers and beginning readers to explore each page of the book by tapping and enabling multiple animations. The choices between oral and silent reading, animations or non-animations are more than adequate. The additional activities with common core standards tie-ins makes this appealing to parent and educators. Great value for the money!

Erin K.

What I liked I enjoyed the variety of activities that were in the app. The fact that there were so many games and activities was a great assest and I enjoyed that they each seemed to be geared at different levels of readers and skill levels. The voice for the reading was also very energetic and pleasing and the book really kept my sons attention.

Improvements We had several instances when the app crashed and had to be restarted. Once was while listening to the book, on the page where the crown broke. The next was when opening the crown jewels game, and it also crashed several time while we tried to start the painting portion of the app.
There were also almost too many things to click on the book. The interactions with the characters, toys, and things like the calendar and clock worked well, but many of the others just took my son out of the book.

General review Overall, this was a great book app. The way that all the elements went together was fantastic and it seems like a great value at the price that it is listed and what it provides. Definitely an app my son will come back to unlike many of his book apps. The only downside is the crashing problem which really frustrated my son. Without that I would have given it a 5.

Dina Maria K.

What I liked Wubbzy and The Princess is a very interactive app. Pre-School and Kindergarteners can have tons of fun with all the animations and games. As in all Wubbzy's Apps there is a section called Grown-Up’s Corner, which contains suggestions for topics to discuss with their children. Always a plus when there are NO In app purchases.

Improvements What I would like to see in the future is more interactions with common core and basic words. I would like to see more spelling and pronunciations word games. Less on the arcade versions of games and more on the educational games of spelling, sounds etc. Games like Word Bingo or Math Sequencing. You can even make a bejeweled game using letters.

General review A great app for a rainy day.Whether your a boy or a girl you can enjoy a Wubbzy Story App. Beautifully engaging animations, and every page has fun sound effects.There are No in app purchases to catch you off guard. Always love when a story app comes with three reading modes: Read to Me, Read and Play, and Just a Book. Wubbzy and The Princess also includes four educational mini games dispersed throughout the story. The graphics are beautifully

Sheri A.

What I liked This is a wonderful app with many options for play and interaction. As a parent, I especially appreciated the highlighting of the words when the story is read, the questions in the "Grown Up Corner," and various early learning activities (shape matching, counting, word matching). The coloring activity was well explained and had a variety of options for play.

Improvements I would like to see a word matching activity with simpler words for the Kindergarten-1st grade level who would be possibly playing with this app (especially phonics based words). My son also thought the "3 in a row" activity went on too long for younger age attention spans.

General review Overall this is an app worthy of the cost. It is engaging and interactive with both general enjoyement activities and learning activities included. I would use this app with kids with special needs for various purposes - developing an index finger point and speech development.

Stan A.

What I liked This is a very cute interactive story that is just the right length for young children with three different modes available and plenty of hidden surprises throughout the story. The app remembers your page if you leave the story. Lots of bonus activities make this app a great value including several games, music videos, and a coloring book full of features. There are no ads or upgrades and all of the outbound links are protected by age verification.

Improvements The app sometimes freezes or slows down considerably when the home button is pressed in the coloring book which requires the session to be ended in order to continue. It would be nice to be able to disable the tutorial in the coloring book after seeing it the first time. In the Read To Me mode the pages take a while to turn, speeding it up without removing anything would make it more enjoyable. It can be slow to respond sometimes when you press the button that says "Great Job!!! See What Happens Next" after winning a game.

General review This is one of the best Wubbzy apps that I have tried. The story is fun and it is the perfect length for my daughter's attention span plus it has lots of hidden objects on each page to find. There are a generous amount of bonus activities including games and a coloring book. It is a little slow to turn the pages in Read To Me mode but it's not too bad considering how much is going on there.

Frances A.

What I liked Wubbzy and The Princess is one of the best apps from the Wubbzy collection that I have seen! I love that this is a positive and constructive story about friends finding something to do when they can't go out to play. They use their imaginations and write their own story book. Every friend has a part to play. Great teamwork is displayed by all of the hair actress working together. Another thing that I like is when there was a word on the page you can click on it and it will read you the word, So this can help to improve sight word recognition.

Improvements My Wish List:
- I would hope to see in future more videos added. Especially some to do with the theme of the app.
- I also would like to see additional pictures for painting in the paint section, six is nice but with a lot of different scenes in the book it would be nice to have additional pages to choose from.
- I would create a locked parent/teacher information center, Instead of leaving it at the end of the book.

General review I love that this app was aligned to the common core learning standards. I feel this makes the app that we appealing to teachers and educational professionals. Once an app is aligned to standards it becomes very easy to integrate within an educational setting. I also love that the book was so interactive. Every page was interactive and the app let you know that by shinning over different items to let children know that they were there! Great app!