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Story Dice 1.0 [text]

App description: Story Dice is a creative tool to prompt ideas for plot, character, and setting. This idea generator can be used effectively for both written and oral storytelling. Story Dice can be used with a wide variety of age groups ranging from preschoolers to teenagers. The user interface is simple enough for ages 3+ to use without additional instruction.

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/story-dice-creative-storytelling/id525351988

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4S - iPod4G

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Ann A.

Marcel W.

What I liked This app is great for those aspiring writer in trying to get a story idea whenever they are having a bad case of writer block. Many different combinations can be created with just a roll of two to ten dice. This app will also be a great way to spend time and interact with friends and family.

Improvements It woould really be great if there are different themes for the app background and or music that can be selected by the user. Not only this will make the app look livelier but it can also be incorporated as part of the story that the user is trying to create with the dices. Adding different color of dice can also make the game appear to be more dynamic. For faster pace game we can even introduce timer so the dice will roll after time is up

General review This is really great app for people with a lot of imagination and creativities that will work great in a single or multi played settings. User who doesn't have many imagination and not familiar with what these app suppose to do might find it hard,boring or confusing.

Erin B.

What I liked There is a lot of variety in the pictures. I like that you can choose how many dice you want because I can adjust it depending on the type of game we want to play. The tips section is a wonderful resource with many great ideas on how to use the dice.

Improvements I like to see even more picture options and perhaps themes to write a certain type of story' like holidays, back to school, animals...
I'd like to see a button to "save" the dice. My 5 year old son has a tendency to tap the die he is referring to causing him to roll again and lose the ones he had.

General review Great story dice app! There are a lot of different pictures which makes for a lot of different stories to be told! I love that you can choose how many dice you want (1-10) so I can adjust it based on how many players we have, how long we want the story to be, and the ages of the players.
The tip sheet has many many great ideas on how to use the dice!

Amanda S.

What I liked I like the concept! It is a great way to spark some imagination and story telling in a simple format! I like that you can add 1-10 dice to increase the number of stimuli presented in each session. There is a wide variety of images that provide enough prompts for endless narrative fun! I will use this app as a warm up activity when I do story elements and writing in speech therapy sessions.

Improvements I think the ability to choose the which dice you want would be a great addition or update (a teacher/therapist/parent could select the specific prompts they want the children or group to talk about). The description says it would be great for preschoolers but the images are too static for the kids I tested it with. I find this more useful for older students when working on story elements.

General review I think this app is incredibly useful but you need to have a clear understanding of its implications and intended uses before you buy. The dice inlcudes pictograms that are designed to be easily identified without the need for reading tasks. I think this app is a great tool for teachers, parents, or therapists to use when guiding students in creative narritive activities. The app on its own may be confusing to students. Simple and easy to use!

Courtney D.

What I liked This is an expressive language dream! I appreciate that this application has pictures set and the only thing needed is a click of the screen! This application is a motivator because every child likes to "roll the dice". It allows for change in difficulty by using 1-10 dice, which is great when beginning with younger kiddos or trying to make it more complex for the older kiddos.

Improvements All of the dice are pictures of nouns for the purpose of the app, which is to prompt ideas for plot, character, and setting. I would really enjoy this application if it had the opportunity to use nouns and verbs. The amount of creative sentences would be endless in a therapy setting! It would also help if there were clear ideas as the use of the app without needing to discover the help section. Maybe a screen that pops up at the start of the application that can be shut off if desired?

General review This is a great application; however, I do not believe it is suitable for children beginning at 3+ without additional instruction. I believe that age would need a lot verbal instruction & prompting to use this application & it might be a little frustrating. For older kiddos, say 5+, this would be a great application to use for the multiple game ideas suggested! I am glad it is another tool I can use for the kiddos trying to expand utterances.

mandy N.

What I liked I really liked this app's ability to help build on creativity. There is no reading needed which is wonderful for my children since they have no to limited reading skills. There is soo much you can do with this app such as story creation and charades. You can make this app your own by figuring out new and interesting ways to use it.

Improvements I would love to see added to this app more symbols and multicolored dice. I would also love to see story starters right on the page for younger children that have a hard time comming up with stories on their own. The multicolored dice would make this app more colorful and bright for younger children.

General review I really enjoyed this app. It offers many story plots with the dice. I really liked that you can change the option of how many dice you can use from one dice to ten. This app can be used in many settings from preschool to highschool depending on how you wish to use this app.