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The Amazing Digestive Journey [text]

App description: The Amazing Digestive Journey is a graphic adventure designed for kids to learn about the organs involved in the digestive process and how they work together. Starting in the mouth, kids solve puzzles to make progress down through the esophagus, stomach, liver, pancreas, small and large intestines... with a fun surprise at the end.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id598920877

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Raquel S.

Nathalie C.

What I liked > The exploration way of letting kids understand what is going on (even if I think it is far too much here).
> The 2 levels quiz with labels and questions, great way of discovering what''sgoing on there
> The detailed map of digestive journey with many detailed information given

Improvements > The homepage is really really strange and can just throw users away from your app.
> Font is pixelized on iPad 4 and intro section is not very appealing.
> It is very unusual to open an app, and have no clue of what could be done, what should be done, and why.
> The music doesn't fit the app
> Icons look strange
> Ergonomics is not easy. I could'nt manage to use the backpack at all
> I didn't like the way the cavities are represented and cured

General review To be honest, I was blocked in this app quite early and think it's a shame because it has a great potential, like other isygames apps I know (that are also quite hard to use and figure out). Great potential here too, then, but some bits and pieces to fix maybe, before unlashing this potential.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. The application is very educative, if you know the basics of biology.
2. The application is very interactive, so you can interact with the humain body while you learn.
3. The images of the body are well made and they reflect the reality in a proper way.

Improvements 1. It would be nice if i could drag objects on to the screen instead of tapping on the object and on the place where I want them to be placed.
2. The refrigerator door opening animation is very baggy on my iPad 2.
3. Unfortunately I did't see lots of explanations and I was stuck for some time at certain parts of the journey.
4. I don't think this application is for kids. It uses specific words that are known only by people in the biology or chemistry branch, like pepsine. I learned what this word is in my first year on the Biology University. You have to know the basics to use the application.

General review This is a good educational application, but not one for kids. Unfortunately it has lots of specific words and you have to know some biology to use it and pass all the challenges. I like that the humain body is well structured, but again this app is not for everyone.

Lynn G.

What I liked This app has great graphics and is very interactive. The developer has also added a bilingual feature-text can be read in both English and Spanish. The tests for the digestive system are varied in difficulty-easy and hard. The handy wall chart makes for a great learning tool before taking the test.

Improvements Directions would be necessary to improve on the overall rating. I had to tap on everything in sight to try to progress through the game. By the time I made progress, I wasn't sure what I did to progress. I even had my 20 year old daughter stumble around in the game and she had difficulty as well. The game is not as intuitive as the developer might have believed. Also, I muted the music initially, but it began to play as I tapped various elements in the game. When I returned to settings, the icon indicated that the music was still muted; this happened repeatedly. Very annoying.

General review This app has potential, but needs a help screen or directions to be of any value. It's a great concept-I think elementary students would benefit from this game if they knew what to do upon opening the app. I would rate higher if I knew how to progress through the game.

Kristy Lee G.

What I liked I really enjoyed the expressiveness of the characters. The graphics are really well done. The music in the background is nice. There seems to be a lot of depth to the game and various points to look into which is great. Lots of great ideas built into this app!

Improvements After playing with it for a while, I still don't really understand how to use it. I didn't see any help or support and it is not intuitive at all. It needs better instructions and helpful clues on what needs to be done to complete the level and what the objectives are (if any).

General review In general, I think its a great concept and there are a lot of great ideas here. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to use the app and after fighting with it for a while I gave up. It is far too advanced for kids and needs support built into it as well as a more intuitive layout and design.

Frances A.

What I liked The Amazing Digestive Journey is a great app to teach young children about the body and its processes on a level where they can see and understand what is going on. I like that is starts out with the teeth and showing that they need to be cleaned. Another feature I liked is that a child had to get the prescription for the cough syrup showing e importance of not touching things in a medicine chest and going to the doctor. I also thought the graphics used where very child friendly and the app was very informative. I liked that it had quizzes on the iPad so that you can check for understanding.

Improvements Wish List:
- A help button (or hint button) would be nice while in the actual scenario. the help line is a great clue but it does not support them when they cant figure out an answer. Some of the kids got stuck after they finished a section and then the app went back to beginning. The help line was good but quite a few children got stuck placing the food in the right places. It was really frustrating for them.
- I would like more content for early learners. Pictures and simple explanations would be a wonderful help to include teaching to all elementary school level children.

General review Overall, I think this app has amazing potential for use in an educational setting. I really like that a medical doctor oversaw the making of the app and approves its content. The quizzes are nice but I think it could contain more educational content. Such as a section of pictures explaining the tongue and all of the taste buds. I would recommend this app more for upper elementary and middle school students.

Mary O.

What I liked The app had clear graphics and the graphical elements were visually appealling. The content was educational and the education elements were provided in a relevant context. The price was minimal. The icons were easy to find. The children were initially quite attracted to the app by the graphics and items to touch.

Improvements My two child testers are six and eight, both very bright and iPad savvy. They were initially quite taken with the app but quickly lost interest from the lack of guidance about what to do when. It appears to be based around a theme, but there are not enough road maps and messages about what to do or try. They got frustrated and gave up quickly.

General review The education content was appealing and provided nice differentiation. However, the lack of guidance about how to use the content, help when incorrect choices were made and lack of useful hints about what to do next frustrated both the children and the adult.

Andrew M.

What I liked The app is a clever and inventive way to teach children about the major organs in the human body. I especially liked the fact the the learning process was "gamified" so that players learn about how the body works without really feeling like they are having a "lesson".

Improvements The game was a bit tricky to get the hang of. Perhaps the target audience (children) will have had enough experience problem-solving and self-orienting in games like this, but for me (and my young children) it was difficult to get started without more instructions or clues.

General review Detailed app uses gaming and problem-solving approach to teach the major organs of the human body and how digestion works - a great idea for teaching these facts to children! Once you figure out how the app works, the clue/item collecting is fun and learning happens without being laborious.

mandy N.

What I liked I really like the layout of the app and the idea behind it. It does offer a lot of information about the digestive system. I could see many more apps about different parts of the body made like this app. This could be a bonus to students that are learning about the digestive system.

Improvements I would really like to see more instruction throughout the app without having to go straight to the emergency phone. There is some weird things such as sledgehammers that would play no part in a real doctors office so doing things with them is really confusing as to where they would even go. Also some of the emergency calls are even vague. Right now I'm stuck on the first one cause he won't take the milk :/. There should either be a time limit before instruction is given or just hints. It says take it it out of the fridge and give it to him but it went into my inventor now I can't get it :/

General review This app offers a lot of information about the digestive system. I really like the quiz they have on the body parts of the digestive system especially since it is in two different levels of play. I think this app needs some more tweaking to become a 5 start app by offering more direction on what to do but other then that great app!

Michelle C.

What I liked The topic focused on in this app sounded really interesting to me and my children. I think it is an area without many apps, but a high curiosity area for children.
We liked that the app was bilingual although the potental to make it a learning app would be stronger with audio and a glossary.

Improvements I was not very impressed with the interface, which my kids found too open-ended as well. I'd like to see mre guidance ( on screen or via audio) in regards to what can be done. It wasn't clear how to vary the exchanges, and the kids didn't undertand how to progress. Hints would be a nice upgrade.

General review Overall we thought the description of the app felt more complete than the app itself. We imagined more of a trip through the digestive process and less of a game. It seems really relevant for school and kids learning about organs, and the content presented is correct , but the games were pretty simple and repetitive.

Raphael S.

What I liked The atmosphere of the app creates a relaxing environment for the kids to learn and enjoy themselves. It's really educational, there were topics and information that I myself didn't know and I'm glad the children have learnt. The graphics are excellent too, very detailed. It also encourages the user to better take care of there body.

Improvements I think the app pretty much covered everything that was relevant to the topic(s). At the present time I can't see any room for improvement but I am very interested in seeing future apps by the same developer, perhaps featuring the digestive journey of some other animals.

General review It's a fun, educational app for all age groups, especially children. The app covers the whole digestive journey, every little detail. The graphics are fantastic. Knowing more about the process of digestion and how hard your body works, it makes you want to take better care of it. I'm looking forward to seeing more apps by this developer.