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Live Puzzle! Forest Animals [text]

App description: Live Puzzle! is a new kind of puzzle for kids. Forget the static jigsaw puzzles, here children are amazed by cartoon animations never stopping: the scene keeps moving while kids drag and drop the puzzle pieces.

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/app/live-puzzle!-forest-animals/id651415697?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone5

Total reviews: 20

Developer: Stanislas H.

Nathalie C.

What I liked > This is a great idea !
> The way the background and the puzzle mix and merge
> The way the pieces themselves are moving
> Lots of details : animation of the scene at the end, posssibility of hearing the name of the animal in many languages.

Improvements > Graphics are not the style I prefer, but this is tastes and colors...
> Different levels have same scene, so there is no motivation to explore further after level 1
> Difficulty could also play with a lot of movement, because it makes matching pieces harder!

General review A great and fresh new puzzle application, that really changes from what we are seing everyday on the stores. Animation and movement is a nice shift and give extra pleasure and challenge to a very old activity. We just want more of it, maybe with more diversified backgrounds and better graphics.

Marc Edward D.

What I liked I specially liked the animated scene in each puzzle. This is the first time I saw a jigsaw puzzle game with animated scene. It's awesome. I also like the interaction after finishing a puzzle. I also like the background music. It fits the game perfectly.

Improvements I really hope to see a Game Center leaderboard support and achievements. I also think that adding a share to social network button after finishing a puzzle piece would be a nice addition to promote this app on social networks like facebook and twitter.

General review This is a unique jigsaw puzzle game for the iOS. This is the first jigsaw puzzle game I've played with animated scene. It's awesome. My son can't stop playing this game. The BGM fits perfectly with the game. I like the interaction at the end of each puzzle. My only wish right now is the addition of Game Center leaderboard and achievements.

Cheryle D.

What I liked This was a great twist on puzzles! I really liked the action and movements in the puzzles. My students really enjoyed them too. It was nice to work on action words and wh- questions with this app! The pictures were really colorful and very engaging!

Improvements I like that it had difficulty levels with the different sizes and number of pieces, but I wish on the easy mode it was fixed so you can't put the piece in the wrong area. Have it so it would go back to where you picked it up from.

When you select the difficulty level, there is no way you can go back without choosing a puzzle. I wish there was a go back button.

I would love to see other puzzles...maybe put them in different themes like transportation, farm animals, ocean animals, etc...

General review This is a great twist to puzzle apps. The movements and actions in each puzzle were a hit with my students! They really enjoyed trying to figure out each puzzle and the four different difficulty levels really helped with their various levels of need. They all gave it a thumbs up and wanted more puzzles!

Courtney D.

What I liked This is a great puzzle app! I love the animation provided throughout the entire puzzle. I love that the animal name is displayed and stated. I like the variety of levels of difficulty. I believe this feature allows for moe users to enjoy this app. I like that the user unlocks more puzzles as they complete each one. I like that the user can move the puzzle pieces around once placed in the scene.

Improvements There is very little that I can come up with requiring focus. It would be easier for the user to navigate the app if there was a back button during the puzzle selection section of each difficulty level. The other item is that the picture is selected and the name is provided, but not stated without request. Instead of the animation, or maybe in conjunction with the animation, provided when the animal is selected, I would like the animal ame to be stated. This would eliminate the added step required for auditory labeling.

General review This app is fun and engaging for a variety of users. As an adult, I enjoyed the app, but my students experienced it during extended school year and loved it, too. The various difficulty levels make this app appropriate for kids from preschool to upper elementary! The best part of such a great app is the cost. I will definitely be recommending this app to other educators as a reinforcement option!

Misty G.

What I liked This is an excellent app. I like the animation because it is different than other puzzles out there. Te pictures are engaging, educational, and colorful. The different levels of difficulty are great. I also like the option of listening to the name of the animal in the puzzle.

Improvements The only thing I would like to see in a future version of this app is simply more puzzles. My kids got through the twelve puzzles on each difficulty level fairly quickly, and they were asking for more! Maybe another theme like bugs or dinosaurs would be fun, too.

General review I enjoyed this app. My kids and I loved the colorful animations. It is a nice change from traditional puzzles. They are educational, teaching animals and habitat, as well as entertaining. The different levels of difficulty make this app appropriate for kids from ages 2 and up. We can't wait to see more!

Lynn G.

What I liked The puzzles are colorful, animated, and fun. The player will enjoy seeing the completed scene once the puzzle is completed. The varied levels differ in the number of pieces per puzzle. This variation broadens the appeal of the game, allowing many hours of fun!

Improvements It would be nice if each level contained different scenes from the previous level. Even though this creates a sense of familiarity for the young player, it would create more of a challenge for the older player as they move through the puzzles levels.

General review This app is well worth the download--great graphics. The fact that the animation is contained within the puzzle pieces makes the puzzle quite intriguing and somewhat challenging as the player moves through the levels of difficulty. This app will appeal to all ages, not just children!

mandy N.

What I liked Love the interactive pictures in this app! The pics move even before the puzzle is created which is so cute!. I really like that there is multiple levels to this app as well so kids of all ages can play it. I also like that the word comes up when the puzzle is finished to incorporate reading as well :)

Improvements I would like to see where the word is read aloud at the end as this would be even another extra bonus to this app :). Even though I love that the pics move before the puzzle is completed I would also like to see where in settings this could be turned off as for some kids it can be really distracting for them.

General review So cute and so friendly! Love this app! Many different levels to choose from so it can grow with your child or be used with multiple ages. I love that the word comes up when the puzzle is all done to incorporate reading as well. The moving pictures before the puzzle is even done is amazing and fun :)

Nico D.

What I liked 1. This is the first time I've seen an animated puzzle and it's AMAZING. Very challenging and very well developed. It's much better then a classic puzzle games.
2. I like that the game can be played by all ages. The difficulty level options are very welcomed.
3. The fact that the pieces are square is great. It makes the game even challenging. It's a good thing they are not shaped like classic pieces.
4. I don't know how you managed to make such a great application FREE and as far as I could see without ads.

Improvements 1. When i'm in a level, often times one piece of the puzzle covers the music on/off switch and another piece covers the GO BACK to menu button. There is a lot of space for all the pieces, you just have to put them right.
2. If I've almost complete a puzzle and I exit it to go to another one, my first game shouldn't restart from zero. It should remain the same until I get back.
3. If for example i'm in the Hard LEVELS menu and I want to chose another difficulty level, I have to acces a puzzle in order to go back to the main menu. Please add a back button. This could be very helpful.

General review Overall this game is fantastic. The animated puzzle concept is a great one and the result is spectacular. It's a game for all ages and not only for kids. I don't know how this could be possible but this game is FREE and has a quality well over some paid applications. FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY.

Andy B.

What I liked - lovely illustrations and friendly characters
- Initial splash screen is very appealing, Logo is good. choice of levels is great, as it appealed to all ages ranges (3-9) and me. Hidden level is cool (hard but good)
- you could move multiple pieces in one go, w/ multiple fingers
- reward of cheering & extra animation.
- parent mode
- menu & navigation was clean and simple
- music & effect are light & fun
- I liked how all pictures incorporated similar background
- moving puzzle pieces were easier & more interesting to match
- liked how word and sound is provide

Improvements - I would like to see a quick preview of the scene or maybe a hint button that shows a preview.
- love to see an ocean themed set of puzzles
- I think IAP of additional puzzles sets would work.
- like to see a reset option, to reset puzzles for multiple players
- like to see a total count of puzzles completed out of 12 & out of 48
- like to be able to turn off music in main & puzzle selection screens.
- I would like to see a home/menu button in the animal puzzle selection screen to enable you to go between skill level more easily
- a solve button would helpful to kids that get stuck.

General review I totally loved this app, and found it quite refreshing, original & innovative. The Jungle theme I am sure will be the 1st of many more. Providing the child with multiple levels of skill and challenge provides repeat play & app longevity. I found the app both fun and informative as it incorporates animal names, words and sounds. A great app that I would happily recommend to parents of kids aged 3-10.

Frances A.

What I liked Right away this app quickly engaged children. As a puzzle app I expected it to have some features but for a free app it was amazing. All the children playing with it really had a little fun and did not want to share. Luckily it was free so on multiple iPads I was able to put the app. The animated graphics really made it come to life and it was completely not like any other puzzle app that I own. I love that it has four levels for children to choose from: 4 pieces; 9 pieces, 12 pieces and 20 pieces. That definitely covers all the beginners learners.

Improvements What I would like to see in a future version:
- I would hope to see the puzzles expanded beyond 20 pieces so that learners that advance past a twenty piece puzzle can still use the app. It might be hard to do a 100 piece puzzle but perhaps at least up to 40-50 pieces.
- I would also love to see the app expanded in the future to hold more than just 12 animal puzzles. Only 12 limits the app and I think this would be great to have all different categories such as animals, food, common places to all be included. There is a lot of potential.

General review Overall, I really enjoyed the app. The children using it loved it, I just hope for an expansion of the amount of puzzles that can be done at each level. The animations are wonderful and this was even better than I hard hoped for. Seeing that the app is free, I say this is a home run... Please keep expanding!!!

sandy g.

What I liked I absolutely loved the moving animation in this app. This moving animation will not only entertain the children playing this app but I personally feel it helps with the completion of the puzzles at the harder levels. I also loved that the name of the animal in the puzzle is included upon completion.

Improvements I do not feel this app needs any improvement. I was very happy with this app as I have been with their other apps that I have tried. If I had to state one thing I might wish for it might be a timer to challenge the children to beat their own times for completion of the puzzles.

General review I was very impressed with this app. With the different levels this app would be suitable for both early preschoolers through early elementary aged students. I loved the inclusion of the final level with pieces that sometimes need flipped to complete the puzzle. This higher level thought process is a great educational value that is included in this app.

Shannon W.

What I liked My daughter loves this app! The animations are fantastic, the sound effects are great and I love how they put the name of the forest animal under the puzzle after its done! My daughter has learned so many animals since playing with this app. Also, the illustrations are adorable and really show the animals behavior in the forest!

Improvements Would love to see maybe more interaction with the animals after the puzzle is finished. The little animations are cute and my daughter likes them but maybe if you can feed the animals or play with them better after the puzzle is done. It would make for a better reward and increase motivation to finish the puzzle. Also, maybe have a little story or some sentences explaining more about the individual forest animals after the puzzle is finished! And perhaps have a feature where the user can play with virtual stickers of the animals that they earned after finishing the puzzle! Kids love stickers!

General review Like I said before I love this app. The puzzles are fantastic and I love how you can change the different languages so that the user can learn the forest animal names in a different language! My daughter is actually learning the names in Japanese now and that is fantastic! I recommend this app to every Mom I know that has an iPad! The developer did an awesome job with this app!

Maria B.

What I liked My 5-year old son likes Live Puzzle! Forest Animals (and Live Puzzle 2: Wild West Bugs) A LOT! It helps that the puzzle pieces are animated and it is interactive, thereby keeping children interested to continue to the next level. The graphics are simple but hits the mark with its target audience, specially the use of baby monkey growing up to indicate difficulty. I thought that was a nice touch.

Improvements The concept is great and with minor adjustments this is a real winner. One of the things that need to be put in is a back arrow to allow children to change difficulty levels as well as when the child is already in a puzzle (example, level hard monkey puzzle), there is no way to get out of it unless you finish the task and this can be frustrating to younger children who were perhaps just exploring or someone who wants to change which animal puzzle they want to do instead. the same goes for when one wants to change difficulty levels, there is no clear navigation for that.

General review Live Puzzle! Forest Animals live up to its description of being a different kind of puzzle game for children. Puzzle pieces are animated with complementing animal/zoo sounds providing for an entertaining app. After downloading this app for free and working through the puzzle with my son, I realized, if the developer made a few adjustments on navigation and a better App store description, I wouldn't have minded paying something like .89 upfront.

Andrew M.

What I liked Very entertaining and well made app. All three of my daughters (aged 2-6) LOVE it and either fight over the iPad or help each other. I think the concept of having moving pictures in the puzzle pieces is brilliant. Using the same pictures for the different difficulty levels helps the children figure out the harder levels.

Improvements It appears that new levels are unlocked as each puzzle is solved. However, either I have missed something or the levels on the two most difficult sections don't seem to be saying unlocked. It would be nice if this process were clearer/more consistent.

General review A very fun game, puzzle pieces combine to form a moving picture - a whole new twist on puzzle solving! The fact that puzzles range from four to twenty pieces expands the age-range to which this app appeals considerably. The promise of additional puzzles under development is welcome news. I'm sure my children will do their best to talk me into an upgrade if that's what it takes. Well done!

Jonathan R.

What I liked This is a great application for children, the best I've seen in a while. It has great graphics and sounds with an amazing gameplay. It also has great difficulty settings. The best part is that it is educational too! I can't say enough about how great this application is!

Improvements I can't really think of that much that could be improved upon. I would always love more puzzles or even a harder difficulty too to expand the age range. I also wish that there was a leader board and achievements through Game Center or another system like open feint.

General review This is a great application for children, the best I've seen in a while. It has great graphics and sounds with an amazing gameplay. It also has great difficulty settings. The best part is that it is educational too! I can't say enough about how great this application is!

melissa r.

What I liked Fast loading with bright and entertaining music and graphics.
Love that levels slowly increase in difficulty and that the hardest levels keep even adults entertained!
The animated graphics are unique and lots of fun. My children thought hey were hilarious.

Improvements Would like to see the change of language option to be hidden within the parental settings.
Would be great if on the easier settings a noise was jab made when pieces placed in wrong spot for added guidance.
When puzzle pieces are being moved to a different place it would be helpful if the new piece to be place bumps or moves out whatever piece is already in place.

General review Fantastic app that is perfect for every member of the family to play. The graphics are entertaining and a unique and novel idea. Internet safe for the younger members of the family to be able to play unsupervised. Great idea, well executed and a winner in our house. Most importantly this app has longevity, it won't be a one hit wonder.

Alison H.

What I liked Easy to use with an integrated parent lock to prevent little fingers from getting into social media. I liked the variety of levels ranging from very easy to hard enough for a teenager. I also liked the language choices as well as the twelve pictures which were consistent from level to level. The graphics and animation were bright and easy to match. I also liked that you could turn on and off the music.

Improvements Stickers or a reward system for completing each series of puzzles. It would be great if the animals varied from level to level so that kids could learn additional content. Pinch and zoom would be nice when spinning the pieces to fit them into the puzzle. It might be nice to stop the animation when putting the puzzle together as my young tester found it distracting.

General review Live Puzzle! Forest Animals by Kidoteca is an interactive universal app for iOS that is designed for children from toddler through elementary school and afult. The app contains jigsaw puzzles and once they are completed – they are animated with the name of the animal displayed as well as spoken. The app practices fine motor, problem solving, hand-eye coordination as well as the ability to find hidden objects in the forest.

Valerie M.

What I liked This is free? Wow! Great critical thinking/fine motor skill puzzle app that teaches about animals, too! Multiple levels, multiple languages, , engaging graphics with lively animation, and lots of puzzles will keep kids busy for a long time. There's even a hidden surprise if you complete all the puzzles in the highest level.

Improvements Seriously? I love it! Maybe music choices or little story blurbs about animals and where they come from or an option to see the name in other languages to give kids a start in additional languages. You could offer an option to add sounds for correct placement or visual prompts after inactivity.prompts

General review Live Puzzle! Forest Animals is an excellent free app! It is engaging with rich, engaging animations and graphics. The multiple skill levels and multiple language choices have broad appeal and opportunity for skill building. Complete with a bonus puzzle for highest level completion, this app is sure to provide hours of entertainment! I don't give 5 stars easily, but this is a must for young children's iPads! (Parents might enjoy it, too!)

Caitlin O.

What I liked I wasn't sure what to expect when I started this app, but I love how the puzzle is animated. The kids find it extremely engaging. I also like that there is a variety of difficulty levels provided and 10 languages to choose from. The feature to lock the parent controls is also helpful. The visual and verbal feedback with the animal names is great also.

Improvements I would like to the additional animals added,maybe different ones on each level. Also when you click on the help section there is no how to play, just an email address. It would be nice to have a frequently asked questions or a tutorial to help relieve some of the emails you may receive.

General review I wasn't sure what to expect when I started this app, but I love how the puzzle is animated. The kids find it extremely engaging. I also like that there is a variety of difficulty levels provided and 10 languages to choose from. After completing the puzzle it says the name of the animal and the name is also given visually. Great app to work on fine motor and visual acuity skills.

Amy T.

What I liked I liked the unique concept- this is the only one I know of with pieces that animate while solving the puzzle, which helped my kids problem solve. I also like how if you drag the piece to the general area of where it belongs it will accept the piece and snap it into place. I liked the variety of difficulty levels so that the puzzles can be used across developmental levels. I like the controls that let us shut off the music, as it can be distracting for some, and most importantly the visual cue of the puzzle grid turning red when wrong or green when correct is much appreciated.

Improvements When a puzzle is completed could there be a "redo" button? This would keep a child from having to exit the puzzle to the previous screen and then renter to complete the same puzzle again. Also there is a forward button when you enter a puzzle, but no way to go back easily, and it disappears when a puzzle has begun- the child may want to pick the next or previous one. My child on the spectrum would benefit from having these options.

General review My 5 and 9 year olds really enjoy this, and I think it is a nice deviation from more traditional puzzles. The motion of the puzzle pieces help them think about which pieces belong together, and they like the fun animations after completing each puzzle too. It keeps their attention and is challenging yet fun. I love that you can do the puzzles in a number of different languages, although there is at least one typo -cocodrilo , not cododrilo.