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App description: Listen to your favourite CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Radio programs on your iPhone / iPod Touch. Enjoy live streams and more than 60 of CBC's most popular programs on-demand. Browse archived episodes and create a favourites list so you can go straight to the programs you love.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/cbc-radio/id325946767?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G - iPhone5

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Raymond S.

Tony B.

What I liked The app downloaded quickly and start up was quick and clean. The app seems pretty straightforward despite having no familiarity with CBC. It was easy enough to figure out that the main categories on the Home page are the different stations and it was very quick and easy to start playing something. I like the clean and structured layout which gives easy and quick access to lots of content.

Improvements There were only a few minor problems I found. One is that the Back button appears dim on most pages until you get to a station/program that is playing then it looks normal/enabled. I'm not sure why this happens but it makes it look like the Back button is disabled. Also, when adjust audio for a program, it appears to work correctly until volume is turned up past 1/3 volume, then it appears to jump to full volume, although the actual volume still works. For a wish list item, it might be interesting to see other methods of finding programs, like sorting by popular or most listened.

General review Overall this app is really good and allows very quick and easy access to a lot of CBC live programs and on demand programs. It is a clean and simple application and is organized well in order for people to be able to find what they want as quick as possible. You can have an interesting program playing within seconds.
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Nico D.

What I liked 1. The first thing I can tell is the quality of the sound. Very very good quality with no interruptions or loss of signal.
2. I love the background audio in this application. I can browse the web and work with the email client and still lisin to radio.
3. The content of the stations is very good. I'm lisining for some days and I enjoy it.
4. I like the user interface on the iPad. Much better then the iPhone version.

Improvements 1. The volume button has some cosmetic problems. When I get to almost 50 percent in volume the entire volume meter gets colored.
2. The user interface of the iPhone version is not too good. The text is small and so are the images. You could look at the iPad version and copy some elements over to the iPhone.

General review Overall this application is very good for listening to radio on demand or podcasts. The user interface is very good on the iPad, with big images and nice background, but not so good on the iPhone. The background audio feature makes this application great for working and enjoying music in the same time.
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Terri J.

What I liked This app has many features and has many shows/channels available to the user. I liked the On Demand area as it was "sorted" and easier to follow. I liked how it has different CBC radio 1, 2 across the top. I don't think this app will pull in people that aren't familiar with CBC. My family does listen to Public Broadcasting etc. and I think we'd really like the CBC if it was visually more simple (think in terms of if you don't know Canada - what would people need to easily navigate this app). (an an example -see the app called Public Radio Player for easy visual app to follow).

Improvements This app is not "user friendly." The screen is very cluttered in appearance and one feels like you need to "work at it" or play with it a lot to get it going like you want. I would also like to see things like: Jazz, Blues, Comedy, Bach, etc. I think what you have is great, just de-clutter the screens to make it user friendly. I also had difficulty getting things to start playing when I put them in favorites - loads forever...

General review I would love to see less visual clutter and have things more organized by genre. The on demand area is nice and is somewhat sorted. It is nice that you can establish your favorites. A few items took way to long to load, but overall this app allows you to access the CBC. May even be able to tell music teachers or humanities teachers about it for teaching purposes if the genres were easy to access.
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Frances A.

What I liked What I liked about the app that is was very well put together. You can search and find radio shows that you know about that we don't normally get here in America unless you have satellite radio.
- I liked the variety and the content that the CBC radio held. There were smooth transistors in and out of all stations and the content was vast. Most shows I saw had over 50 episodes that you could stream live and it was wonderful.
- I loved that everything is crisp and clear as if you were right in the radio stations as if you were in the live in the studio audience.

Improvements What I would like to see improved in a future version:
- At times such as CBC TV and the actual CBC radio accessing it was a bit slow and I was sitting there just waiting for it to load. I would like it to load as easily as the other parts of the app such as shows on CBC Radio 1 and 2.
- I would like to see some more footage of what is going on live on the show. I know a lot of shows in the USA give us a live feed. That would be wonderful if that is something we could have from this app as well.
- An easier way to schedule listening and watching shows.

General review Overall, I think that CBC Radio is a great app to keep yourself up to date and listen to some of your favorite shows that you might not be able to get on your radio stations. I think with a few fixes for the speed of CBC TV and CBC Radio (last two tabs on top) this would be a worthwhile app to have. I found it amusing and engaging as it has everything to comedy to the news that was on right now. Nice app and I am looking forward to future updates
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Video review once the app was mastered

Andrew M.

What I liked Very rich content. It appears obvious that this is the app to have for everyone interested in CBCRadio. The service is amazing. I used this app during a long-distance drive (in the US) the week after I downloaded it. The feed never faded out in spite of the fact that we were in rural and mountainous areas. The content is also very well organized to the benefit of the new/casual user.

Improvements Honestly, I don't know what there is to complain about with this app. Perhaps a search feature would be nice, but the app is laid out in so logical and useful way that this would be a matter of convenience more than anything. Future version: this developer should make an app for NPR!

General review Well designed, logical, simple. This app places CBC broadcasting at the iOs user's fingertips without the need for a radio. The ability to share, "bookmark", and chose between archived and live shows results in a product so fantastic as to make me wonder why anyone would ever own a radio again.
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