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App reviews for "Kids Planet Discovery. Version 1.4" [text]


Kids Planet Discovery. Version 1.4 [text]

App description: Kids love to explore, learn and play, so help them discover the planet with these fun and engaging games in a safe, ad- and spy-free setting with enthralling graphics, delightful characters and easy-to-use screens.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/kids-planet-discovery-games/id533055109?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Albert J.

melissa r.

What I liked Fantastic value for money app that has loads of content and varying levels. Educational and engaging, a hit with both genders over a large age group. Fantastic to see extra original idea such as musical memory and dress up game of different cultural outfits etc. Videos are a great way to show children visually other countries. A great app that is jam packed full of content and educational fun!

Improvements A quicker download process ie if buying whole pack then not having to click on each item to download. Errors need to be fixed up, Australia in particular has major errors, the continent game incorrectly depicts Australia and her inhabitants, animal names also has an error. Not all cultural videos loaded either.

General review Fantastic app that is jam packed with fun and educational content. A serious shame about the errors which I feel injects a degree of uncertainty regarding the accuracy of the content. If errors are resolved this would certainly be a 5star app that I couldn't praise enough. So many different angles of play that engage even the most reluctant players. Would love to see even more areas focusing on more individual countries, happy to pay extra.

Erica M.

What I liked My daughter and I both liked the wide range of activity options that are provided in this App. Colorful, fun, as well as educational. A great start to encouraging our little ones to explore our world while having fun at an early age.Game options were easy enough for my daughter to figure out on her own without getting frustrated. Her favorite was playing the memory card games.

Improvements As much as we love this app. I was slightly disappointed that it was misleading being advertised as a FREE App. And even though it comes with very limited options at no cost to use, in order to have the full experience you are asked to pay $5.00. This is a very reasonable fee for this sort of app filled with real life educational information about different parts of our countries and cultures. However, I feel for the price it really should include more. Having more levels would be awesome as well as adding more places to visit and learn about!

General review The Kids Planet Discovery Version 1.4 is a great starter app. I feel after more improvements and upgrades adding more learning levels with more challenges, as well as adding more areas to discover and learn about would move this app right to the top of the educational apps out there. For now, its a keeper, but as it sits, it will get old fast, unless more information is added. Love the idea that this developer has come up with.

Nico D.

What I liked - It's very nice that the game is FREE and you can try it out because you chose if you want to spend more money on the full version of the application.
- the fact that the game is on categories is definitely a plus. You can chose very quick the part of the game that you are interested in.
- the four mini-games are very different, girls tend to play more dress up.
- the characters that appear at the end of the levels are very cute, kids love them.

Improvements - in CONTINENTS, I had some problems with the puzzle game. The lines are very faded out and it's hard for kids to put the pieces together. Also, the next piece is in the top right and it can interfere with the corner piece
- in CONTINENTS, in the legend menu the puzzle sign is a purple triangle, but on the word map it's a blue one
- even though this is a kids game, it would be nice to rate you game performance in a scale from one to three stars. Now you only get tree stars if you complete one game regardless how many mistakes you make
- The downloading time is very bad. I had to wait a lot

General review This is a wonderful game for children. The four mini-games are very well developed and they look awesome. The game needs some little work on the puzzle game and the rating scores, but the biggest problem is the downloading time for the categories. It takes forever! Overall a great game with nice replay value and a honest price.

Misty G.

What I liked This is a great educational app for kids of all ages. It is attractive to kids with the colors and animations, and also offers a great learning opportunity with geography, music, culture, and animals of different regions. There are exciting puzzles and games as well as videos to explore. My favorite is the state map where you have to put the states in the proper place.

Improvements I think this is a wonderful app. My kids can't get enough of it. My ONLY wish would be a read aloud option so that each area where there is reading content, it could be read to the kids. My 2 year olds love the app, but they don't get the full use without someone reading through some of the screens.

General review I can't say enough good things about this app! You get so much more for the money! It has so many areas to explore and learn. My kids loved every part of it. The games are educational and fun. It helps kids learn geography and culture from around the world in a fun and exciting way. It is very kid friendly and one of the first apps my kids go to now! I will definitely be seeking out more apps by this developer.

Julianne F.

What I liked - My favorite games were the Discover Africa and Discover India. I liked that it tied a story into the games, it makes the information more memorable.
- The depth of the app is phenomenal. There is so much for kids to explore.
- The artwork is great and the aliens were cute and original

Improvements - To make it accessible to younger audiences, there should be an option to have the prompts read aloud. Since some of the words were unique, even kids that can read may struggle with some of the prompts.
- It would be nice to incorporate more background music, like an African sort of background track when exploring Africa, etc... I think this would add another cool dimension to the app.
- I really liked the "discover" games with the story lines. It would be great to have one for each continent.

General review I thought that the app was awesome. It had a very polished look and feel and the content was presented in a fun, exciting way. It is a perfect compliment for a child learning geography in school. My favorite games were the Discover India and Discover Africa, which tie a storyline through the games.