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The Miracles of Jesus [text]

App description: Miracles of Jesus is an enhanced storybook app from NEST Family Apps that shares with young and advanced readers the powerful stories of The Lord’s miracles and those who had faith in Him. This timeless story has been reimagined into an interactive app experience that brings to life the classic animation from the popular NEST Learning DVD series.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/miracles-of-jesus/id638320420?ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone3G - iPhone3GS - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G - iPhone5

Total reviews: 20

Developer: Carmen H.

Kristy Lee G.

What I liked I like the paint/color feature. I also like how you added a zoom button. Makes coloring with the finger much easier! Also, very nice that you have different brushes! Nice, easy to use interface. Lots of pictures along with the stories, which is also great for younger readers.

Improvements I still think the page turning interface could use some smoothing out. The buttons along the top are okay but for tiny hands and kid's motor control, it would be better to also have a swipe or tap on the sides of the pages to improve usability.

The story and the app content/function are great, but the interface in general could also use some smoothing out. The page numbers are off center. Since you have the main menu collapsed, you could use that real estate for larger pictures or larger font. and I find the background behind the book to be a bit confusing and distracting.

General review Overall, I think kids will enjoy the app and I like it as well. I really like how it has more depth than just a book, but aids learning through the activities as well as the discussion questions. It's more than just a book, but a tool for parents to teach their kids.

Eusebia M.

What I liked This is a great app. The menu was great. My children really enjoyed the activities. They were fun and challenging. They can be used for fine motor, spelling, sentence formulation with my student at religious schools. The 'pages' option was nice to find a specific page in the story.

Improvements When I first opened the app I wasn't sure what story of the bible was being shown. It wasn't clear if could pick the story I wanted. I would've been great to be able to refer back to a specific page for the trivia to aid comprehension. All of the buttons on the menu weren't responsive and required multiple touches. A glossary of names, locations would be great with the trivia for learning.

General review Overall this is a great app. It's visually appealing with nice artwork and vibrant colors. There are fun activities but only one of each so children may get bored quickly. There's a great age lock on the options button to keeps little ones form making changes.

Marc Edward D.

What I liked I liked the activities and paint mode. My son also liked the paint mode. He is using this mode a lot. Glad that there is also a save to photo album feature to save my son's painting. I also liked the sound effects on some pictures. I also liked the "Facts" on each page on the Advanced mode.

Improvements Hope to see a share to Facebook or Twitter feature in Paint, so I can easily share my son's work. Hope to also see an animated gif on each page. Like make an option if readers wanted an animated GIF or just a pictures on each page. Animated GIF can also be played again by touching it.

General review This is a very educational storybook app that is very easy to use. Using the Advance mode is the best way to read this storybook. There are lots of activities to play. My son loves the paint mode. I just wish that there will be a share to facebook or twitter button in the paint mode. This is another great storybook app. Hope to see more.

Valerie M.

What I liked We love this app! There are so many things, it's tough to know where to begin. :-) It is great to be able to adjust the volumes of three separate components. The graphics are exceptional and it is great to be able to see the text highlighted even with the professional reading. Being able to touch a word and have it highlighted and spoken is an additional benefit. The errorless coloring is amazing for kids with physical disabilities. The additional activities are engaging and provide hours of productive learning. At $2.99 it is an exceptional value!

Improvements We found no bugs or problems in reviewing this app. Future enhancements would include highlighting the text in the trivia, being able to say the word or letter after you trace it in the activities to reinforce spelling and reading would be nice. Additional accessibility accommodations would include the ability to scale fonts and to visually flash page turn arrow as a cue when recorded voice has completed reading.

General review This is a great app, and we really enjoyed it! It is an exceptional value providing strong literacy and learning opportunities. With clear text and graphics as well as study materials and activities, it is well-rounded. I look forward to additional apps by this company and the opportunity to share them with friends.

Kerry E.

What I liked I love how each word is highlighted as the narrator says it when the book is being read to you. This is so helpful for beginning readers, of which I have two. I like the sound effects in the background as the story is read and how they are not distracting. The family chat at the end is nice for discussions amongst children and parents about faith and Christianity. It's a nice touch.

Improvements When tracing the letter "h" in the word "faith", the fish froze right before the end. I am not sure what happened there. Also, the narrator's voice when reading the trivia questions in the activities section is quite faint and kind of hard to hear. Other than that, I really do not have anything negative to say about this app. I think it's extraordinarily well done, and I plan on using it regularly with my children.

General review It's so nice to see an app based on Christianity and helping teach children about Jesus. The stories are wonderful, and the sheer amount of activities make this app well worth the purchase price. This will definitely be part of our regular rotation on Sundays when I'm trying to keep the kids quiet during the first little bit of church.

Misty G.

What I liked This is a great faith-based app for families with kids of all ages. I love the different reading level options. Kids can have the book read to them, read the whole thing by themselves, or read with help when necessary. The story is very well illustrated. There are also games included such as mazes, word find, and painting to reinforce the lesson.

Improvements I did not notice any bugs, misspellings, or anything that should be revised and edited. The only thing that I would like to see is more freehand option to trace the letters. Right now, you have to wait for the dotted line to be drawn for each part of the letter. It would be nice to have the option to allow the kid to trace the letter at their pace without picking up their finger if necessary.

General review I love this app. The Miracle of Jesus is a wonderful story that teaches a valuable lesson. The different reading levels makes it appropriate for kids of all ages. The questions at the end of the story help reinforce the message. There are other activities to keep kids busy such as word scramble, word search, maze, trivia, tracing, and paint. This is one the kids will go back to over and over!

sandy g.

What I liked I like that this app has two different reading levels with the book being different at the two levels. I like the the illustrations that go along with the story. In the read and learn mode, the ability to tap on an unfamiliar word and have it spoken is a great feature.

Improvements I would like to see an option where the pages automatically turned for the child. In the tracing activity I would like to see more words included. I also think it would be beneficial to have the word stated after the tracing is completed. I also wish that in the letter tracing activity that the name of the letter would be stated ever before or later the letter was traced. This would add to the educational value of his app.

General review This is another great book app to teach about Jesus. The various activities have both spiritual and classroom educational value. This app is great to be used in a private or parochial school system to enhance the curriculum. It is well worth the price it is offered at.

Lena L.

What I liked My children and I really liked The Miracles of Jesus. The read to me option has a nice voice narration and lovely music playing in the background. I love that you can change the reading level of the story. The best surprise was all the different activities offered to go along with the book.

Improvements It is hard to improve on such a good app. The only thing I would add to this app is maybe a question and answer section that the child can fill out, like multiple choice to test comprehension. Also, a vocabulary recap or activity would be a nice addition.

General review This storybook app is a wonderful addition to our family. The children are able to learn about the great miracles Jesus performed in an easy format. The activities after the story are such a great bonus for the children. This is a storybook your kids will keep coming back to time and again.

Charlene E.

What I liked I loved the activities in the App and how they appealed to both preschoolers and older children. I think the letter tracing was done well. I liked how the music in the app was of a Jewish nature which I felt was a nice touch. The App is very intuitive and easy to navigate. I appreciated the 3 different ways one could read the book - especially the Read and Learn option.

Improvements I would like the name of the boy who was healed, David to be taken out of the story. No where in the Bible is his named mentioned. The same for the little girl, Sarah. It would be great if the pictures came to life at important points in the story. I would like to see more of Jesus' miracles in the story.

General review This App is great for preschoolers and primary school children. In addition to reading about Jesus' miracles, there are many fun activities to take part in. I appreciated the various activities that will keep kids entertained for hours and the different age difficulties provided for in the activities. The pictures were clear. I would just like greater care taken on the accuracy of the story being told to make it as close to what the Bible teaches

Maria B.

What I liked This app reminded me so much of the hardbound bible story books I had as a child, it brings the story of Jesus closer to children. I like that in addition to the stories, there are different kinds of activities for beginner readers as well as a NEST Family Chat section which reminds parents to have a short conversation with children about their faith and Jesus.

Improvements I wish there will be more stories added, presented like individual chapters. Then the children will not only learn about reading but they learn about Bible stories along the way. But I would suggest adding stories in a series of updates instead of one big push, that way, children are kept interested and coming back for more.

General review The app is polished and well thought of. It's simple yet clear approach helps beginner readers learn about reading while being brought closer to their Christian faith through stories of Jesus and his miracles. There are other activities besides reading: painting, word search, letter/word tracing and puzzles. Highly recommened.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. The story is very well put together and educational. The artwork looks very well as it dose in other applications from this developer.
2. The drawing sections is absolutely awesome. The amount of colours is incredible and you get a lot of drawing tools.
3. In the activities section you can play a lot of mini-games. From creating words to mazes and trivia questions. Our favorite one is searching for words!

Improvements 1. It would be nice to have a pause button in the read to me mode so I can pause everything it something comes up and the kid gets distracted.
2. After i finish reading the book, at the end screen it would be nice to automatically rise the menu so people can see that they can do other activities. Make them more visible because they are very good.
3. If for example we play "word search" and we find a couple of words and then exit this mini-game to the main menu, when we return it stars all over again. The two words we found should have been saved and we should continue from there.

General review Overall this is a fantastic book for teaching kids about Jesus's Miracles. The book is definitely educational, it looks and feels very good with stunning graphics and lots of mini-game where kids can show what they learned. There are a few things to tight up here and there but nothing major that coud keep me fron giving this application a 5 stars rating.

Courtney D.

What I liked Incredibly impressed by this app. From the story, to the pictures in great detail, to the activities available to users, this app has it all! I love the different activities the users can participate in. I love the pictures that accompany the story. I love that the narrator has a voice that is easy to listen to! I love that there are questions at the end of the story that help users to communicate their thoughts with family members. I appreciate that there is an early reader and an advanced reader option, but more specifically that there is a difference in story content!

Improvements I have very little that I feel needs to be improved for a future version. I would suggest the ability to highlight a word and have it repeated. I would suggest a pause button in the "read to me" section, so that the user doesn't miss out on the story if a distraction arises.

General review A fantastic, comprehensive, app about the miracles of Jesus. This app doesn't only encompass a story that is read, with brilliant pictures, but also a "read to me" and "read to learn" option. The "read to learn" option includes definitions and supplemental verses. There are activities that are fun and engaging. I would recommend this app to parents and educators alike!

Frances A.

What I liked I liked the app The Miracles of Jesus. I liked that there were varying levels for all different readers. I liked that it gave children three choices; to use the story as just a book, have it read to them or to read it all by themselves. I love that the stories go through the many miracles that Jesus performed while keeping children engaged for hours. I like that there is a great wealth of content that can be taken away by utilizing the apps full potential. I also really like the painting portion and the four choices it gives children the choice to color with; brush, spray can, draw and chalk.

Improvements My wish list for future versions:
- An expansion of the activities
- A parent lock on the options this way children could not change the preferences (such as holding the lock down for a few seconds or tapping it four times in a row)
- It is nice that it offers for early readers and advanced readers but perhaps an additional level for children who fit in between early and advanced.

General review Overall, I think this book is wonderful because it truly teaches children of all the miracles Jesus performed. Each story gives a nice amount of information so that you can go over the information and do mini lessons about them. This app also comes with a great amount of activities such as writing letters and words. These wonderful activities help to reinforce everything learned and is broken down so children can all learn and play together.

Lynn G.

What I liked Another great app by the NEST developers. Nice illustrations compliment the stories of Jesus' miracles. Activities are included as well. The questions at the end of the story are great discussion starters for families. Young learners will be engaged many times over as they read or listen to the story.

Improvements I would like to see more interactivity for the reader on the individual pages of the story. The images on each page change at least once, but it would be nice if the reader could manipulate characters as the story unfolds. All other aspects of this app are more than adequate.

General review Young readers will find this app to be very appealing. The illustrations are colorful and vivid. The effort to reach readers at various levels is appreciated. There are plenty of activities to complete that relate to the story. Even though this app is not as interactive as it could be, it will still engage the reader many times over.

Shannon W.

What I liked This is an amazing app for children of all ages. It's educational and has fun activities to keep children entertained with the app. I liked that the words were highlighted as the story was read out loud. The narration was very clear and easymon the ears! This helps early readers to understand what they ae reading! It kept my daughter entertained throughout the whole story. Also love how well the painting activity works!

Improvements Would love to see the illustrated pictures come to life. Perhaps having them as animated cartoons on the pages instead of just cycling through the illustrations. Other then that it's a great app and can't ask for many other changes. Perhaps have the option to add another story to the app with an upgrade.

General review I really like this app. The developer did an amazing job with this app and I didn't find any problems or bugs with it. I like the fact that there are so many different activities to entertain children of all ages! Not a lot of apps do that these days! Also the story is very entertaining and the narrator doesn't have an annoying voice! Bonus rating for that!

melissa r.

What I liked Fantastic app that is great value for money. Quality narration with great use of time that will hold even the youngest of players attention. Highlighting of words and pictures changing also add an additional dimension. Great variety of activities that appeal to a large age group making this a truly family app!

Improvements Would love a few more pics in the early level of the book to help hold preschoolers attention. Also feel beginning of book needs a bit more of a preamble as to Jesus being Son of God and the conception etc. Would be great to have some questions to help families reflect on the story together.

General review Absolutely brilliant app that is fantastic value for money. Amazing range of activities that will meet the needs and attention span of most family members. Video like pictures have a novelty affect that keeps even the younger kids amused. All in all a fantastic app created by a truly quality developer.

Larry S.

What I liked The layout and setup of the app is very easy to figure and use; young children should not have any problem with it. The variety of activities were fun and entertaining. I appreciated the Family Chat section after the story to help foster discussions. The music, story, and pictures were very good.

Improvements I found the text hard to read on the iTouch 5 screen. The ability to pinch to zoom would be a nice feature to include. Also I could get the help menu button to work properly. Adding more content such as more stories and activities would be good for the price of the current app.

General review Overall this a very nicely done educational and Christian app. The Read to Me section worked well as did the Read to Learn. The activities and vocabulary I thought were appropriate for elementary school aged children. Regarding the activities there is a nice variety of things for the kids do and this app could be a easily used in a Sunday School setting.

Kaylene M.

What I liked Again another exceptional app from this developer. Children in my second grade class enjoyed the digital version and this stimulated a huge amount of dialogue. The miracles are explained in simple terms for even the youngest viewer. Great activity pages - my favorite is the quiz associated with the miracles. FANTASTIC!!!

Improvements For older children reference to the passages in the Bible would provide independent work where children can reference and read the passage and make connections with this fabulous app. I love the tracing activity relating to the miracle of the loaves and fish but unfortunately this miracle is not mentioned in this app and younger children would not connect between the two. Would love to see more content (miracles) included in the app.

General review Nothing but praise for the developer of this fantastic app.Being privileged to teach children in a Christian school, this app is precise, eye catching and above all stimulates the youngest of mind to enquire about the content. The quiz provided as an activity allows teachers to quickly scan children's understanding of each miracle, allowing for follow up teaching if needed. Love this app!!

Lisa W.

What I liked This app is a storybook that tells about Jesus and some of the miracles he performed. It was written at a level easy for my young children to understand and read on their own. I really liked that one can chose many options from the main menu. One can choose the early reader version or more advanced level of book. One can choose multiple from of reading the story: reading it on your own, having it read to you, or reading it on your own, allowing text to speech on words selected. Also, the activities included are entertaining and help reinforce learning. Excellent Biblical storybook!

Improvements In the next version, I would like to see a way to interact with some of the illustrations. Also, highlighting the words on the Family chat page as the questions are read aloud would be a nice feature. Noting the biblical scripture reference somewhere in the book would be helpful in order to integrate the story in the Sunday school class.

General review This entertainig and educational app offers different accessibility options. The text to speech feature ensures every word will be read to your child, even if they cannot read the word him/herself. While reading to him/herself, when he/she finds an unknown word, he/she can press the word and it will be read aloud. The stories are aligned with many of the Biblical miracle stories, using common, child friendly vocabulary.

Andrew M.

What I liked Excellent app. All parts of the app are very well designed and work smoothly. I especially like the three reading options to support children who are learning to read. I also like the fact that the coloring activity actually allows you to color the picture - instead of just auto-filling the section. Impressive amount of extra activities.

Improvements This is the second app I have reviewed from this developer and I am frankly impressed at the number of improvements. However, if I MUST ask for more, I would say that each activity could have more permutations. For example in the (delightful) tracing activity, would it be that much more difficult to have ten or fifteen words to trace, instead of two? Also, a pause button in the "read to me" version would be nice.

General review The app is very well designed. Functionality, narration, and in-app activities all work exceptionally well. Unlike other children's book apps, this includes a wealth of activities - all of which are equally well designed. Of special note are the three reading options sure to support the process of learning to read for young users. At $2.99, this app should be expected to engage your child for hours ... it will.