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Wubbzy's Animal Coloring Book [text]

App description: NEW creative play app from Cupcake Digital and the producers of the Emmy® award-winning TV series “Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!® ” Wubbzy’s Animal Coloring Book lets kids tap-to-paint bright, colorful scenes starring Wuzzleburg’s favorite residents. Meet the giant sillyasaurus, style the snappity snap turtles, and discover many more lovable Wubbzy friends!

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wubbzys-animal-coloring-book/id637523697?ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone3G - iPhone3GS - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G - iPhone5

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Carmen H.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. A very good and complete tutorial at the beginning of the application.
2. The different coloring tools are very nice. From brushes to spray cans. Each has a different falling and you can create amazing effects.
3. The kids enjoy the stickers. They are very funny and easy to acces.

Improvements 1. I like the undo button on the right side, but it would be nice if I could long press it and get a blank page so the kid can draw something new.
2. I like the save option, but the icon should be different and the option should be named SAVE and not photo.
3. I would like to see more coloring pages from this application. The kids can get very fast to the end.
4. Pinch to zoom would be a nice touch on the image. The plus button is not as good.

General review Overall this coloring application is a solid option. Lots of tools with different coloring patterns that are well placed. There are good pages to draw with nice characters, but I wish there were more. The app needs a few minors touches and it will be perfect.

Lynn G.

What I liked I appreciate the fact that shading can be accomplished with the chalk and brush applications. I also liked the fact that my coloring stayed within the lines as I used the brush and chalk, as well as the eraser. There are many choices for pages, colors, and stickers. The tutorial was very helpful at the beginning. Magnification of the coloring page is helpful as well.

Improvements It would be nice if the player could rotate the stickers once they are placed on the page. It would also be nice to have some type of audio with the coloring as well. Hopefully, updates to this app will include more coloring pages. Overall, though, this developer does a nice job creating appealing apps for young children.

General review This coloring book app offers many options for the young artist-multiple pages to color within the lines, varying degrees of difficulty within that variety of pages,various tools to use for coloring, a wide array of colors, and a page that offers free drawing. This app should keep young children who enjoy coloring occupied for a long time. It is well worth the price.

Kerry E.

What I liked I like how there are very many different options for what to color with such as brushes and chalk, and not only that, a lot of different, unusual colors for the children to use. We love the cartoons, as usual. My children love the stickers, and being able to personalize their coloring pages and then take pictures of them is a big deal to them.

Improvements The first couple of screens of the app before it welcomes you, it seems like the sound is not working. I think it would be helpful to have a little bit of background music as soon as the app is opened to counteract this. The only other criticism I have is that for children who are not familiar with Wubbzy, there is no explanation of the characters, just pictures of them with no captions or anything. It's not a problem for my children since they are familiar with the show, but just an observation.

General review This is a well done app in the children's art genre. There are multiple ways to personalize the various coloring pages, with many different sticker options that the kids will adore. You can even do spray paint and chalk, and the app helps little kids stay in the lines. There's even a blank page for your budding artist!

Amanda S.

What I liked I like that there is a magic draw tool to help kids stay in the lines when coloring.
I like that there's a paint brush and different options. My six-year-old tester really like that you could put the stickers on it and change the size by pitching in or out! I like that you can save the drawing as a photo with no external links.

Improvements The introduction screens were too long, it stayed on the cupcake digital screen for a good 7-8 seconds. This is never a plus with apps for kids, I suggest fixing that as soon as possible. When I kid chooses an app to play they should get to tap and play, not tap wait and play!

General review This is a great coloring book with a loved character! The kids will enjoy coloring many different wubbzy scenes with crayon, paint brush, paint bucket, or spray paint tools! It has that magic draw feature to help kids stay in the lines! You can add stickers to the scene too! Lots of fun with many creative options!

melissa r.

What I liked Great colouring book app with loads of functions and plenty of fun to be had. I liked the number of colouring pages and that there is also a blank option for freestyle drawing. Also appreciate the block style colouring in whereby children don't have to be concerned with staying within the lines. Great variety of colours and stickers as well as colouring utensils. Fantastic that no outside link to the Internet is included that children can easily access. Zooming in and out and the fact app starts off where ended last when reopened are all signs of a thoroughly well developed app.

Improvements Would like to maybe include some background music as an option. Large variety of colours are great although some more vibrant and brighter colours would be appreciated. I enjoy pastels but young children love bright. Spray paint function could also be a little brighter when being sprayed, it took a few swipes over same spot to really see a colour change.

General review Fantastic colouring book app with plenty of fun for young children. Large variety of pages to colour in with lots of colouring options and colours means children of a variety ages have the ability to play without frustration or boredom. Love the options of photos inclusion and stickers.

Lisa W.

What I liked Best features:
The 16 coloring pages, plus one blank page to make their own drawing using stickers
The multiple ways to color the pages (painting, drawing, chalk, spray paint, and paint)
They loved the colorful stickers and added them to almost every page they created
They were proud of their work and save pictures on our camera roll
I particularly liked that when they colored, they were able to stay in the lines, but also add different colors to the same character
The app can be used by my youngest children because it does not require much instruction
I like the pic zoom in/zoom out feature

Improvements In a future version, some auditory feedback when coloring, like when coloring on paper, would be nice. Along that same line, some auditory feedback/sound played when a sticker is dragged and placed would be nice. Offering some patterns to color with or levels of shading on a future version would be a fun option.

General review My kids loved this app! Wubbzy is a family favorite and this app is another one in a a great line of apps. My 3 and 4 year old particularly liked coloring pages and taking pictures of their work for me to view later. Children with differing abilities of fine motor and visual perceptual skills can use this app to create masterpieces because of the different choices of writing instruments and the zoom feature. Great coloring app!

Stan A.

What I liked There is a wide variety of options for colors and tools to color with in this app. There are also some stickers to put on the paintings. It is nice to have the ability to use paint to automatically fill in all of the space between the lines while at the same time have the option to use spray paint or a brush to be able to draw more precisely, this is helpful for children who are learning to color. The zoom feature makes it easier to paint exactly where you want. The child proof lock that asks for a date of birth is great.

Improvements Although this is a coloring book app and a very good one, I would like to have some activities included in this app that are not related to coloring like some games or videos. It would also be nice to have some music or more sounds while coloring. I like the undo button but I would prefer to have a better eraser to be able to change things later, the current eraser does not seem to do this very well. The app sometimes freezes when I open it right after it goes through the credits. The tutorial comes on each time the app is opened; a setting to disable it after the first time would be helpful.

General review We really enjoy Wubbzy at my house. This is an excellent coloring book app with a huge variety of different colors to choose from. There are several different types of tools to paint with including chalk, spray paint, and paint brushes. My daughter especially likes the stickers. This app is really good but it would be nice to see some extra activities in addition to coloring.

Frances A.

What I liked This is a wonderful app that is filled with a plethora of options. From opening the app immediately the child is given a tutorial of how to use the app which is a feature I love. Children can color a picture in the book using a paint brush, spray can, chalk, paint can and more. You are also able to add pictures to your coloring page after you are done coloring which is another nice feature. Another feature I love is that after you are done creating you work of art you can photograph it so that it can be saved and printed out later.

Improvements My wish list for a future version:
- I would like to see more coloring pages added.
- I would like to see more colors added to create a wide range of colors to the photo. It would be nice to even have multiple colors in green so that the grass, trees, bushes, flowers or everything can have its own special shade.
- Extra activities besides coloring like a mini color game or ability to play with and move all parts of the picture.
- I would like to see more stickers included as well.

General review Overall, I think this is a wonderful addition to the Wubbzy app collection. I liked that it is more of a focused fun. It ensures children stay in the lines to create beautiful works of art! There are a lot of options and even a blank page so children can use their imagination and make their original Wubbzy creation. This is a great app and I would recommend it.

mandy N.

What I liked This app is very cute and friendly. I love the familiar character of Wubbzy. There is a lot of options for kids to choose from in the app with all the different kinds of writing utensils and stickers. There's a ton of colors too which is great for kids.

Improvements I'm not sure of the point of the enlarge button in the corner. I know for my kids it's kinda distracting for them. Maybe adding that in the "more" area as an option for parents to decide if they want it on or off. I would also like to see more of an opening to the app instead of going right into it like a home page.

General review Very cute and friendly app. So many different colors to choose from along with stickers and different writing tools for kids to explore. My children just loved being able to color Wubbzy and his friends in this app. The sticker assortment is so much fun to add more friends to the picture :)

Andrew M.

What I liked Great coloring app for young children. Really, one very impressive thing south the app is the fact that it packs a much wider selection of coloring tools and features into a $2 app than many that run for much more. From a wide color palette to the ability to multiple painting tools to the ability to choose the size, this app has it working. I especially like the feature that keeps the paint inside the line being painted at the time.

Improvements Based on my 2 year old's struggles, I think it is too easy to pop up extra features that stop play - for example every option on the "more" menu stops the gain by requiring a confirmation of some kind. It's good that these features are protected, but I would like to see the link to this menu be smaller or on a second screen. Having said that, I realize the developers probably do not consider children that young their target audience.

General review Excellent coloring app with a ton of features. Sixteen different coloring pages come with the app as do all these features: stickers, paint, crayons, spray paint, and chalk. Each option includes. Wide color palette and custom widths. All three of my little girls love this app. It is well made and has shown no bugs or problems in two weeks. Well done!