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App description: ***Play along with the cutest pets from Animal Planet! ***Learn fun-filled animal facts! ***Discover exciting games and educational activities on every screen! For kids ages 3 and up. Includes letter tracing, memory matching, puzzle play, creative coloring—plus a special interactive animal piano!

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/animal-planet-hide-seek-pets/id633291700?ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone3G - iPhone3GS - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G - iPhone5

Total reviews: 20

Developer: Carmen H.

Nico D.

What I liked - The game is very educational for kids and even for me with the nice Grown-up's Corner
- It has lots of different games and I like that it has "hard" and "easy" so the game is aimed for different ages
- The paint is really nice. In most paint games you chose a color and with one tap you fill out a lot of space. This is not the case here and it gets challenging to paint something with brushes or chalk
- The content keeps adding up and after all the different game the app still has some other great features like: music, stickers and learn. A nice bonus that add to the overall value of the app

Improvements - On the turtle spot the difference game the kids had some difficulties becouse the voice asked them to spot differences in the turtle tank, but not all the diferences were in the tank. The flashlight and another object were near the tank. Very confusing!
-The back button looks like a reverse PLAY button, please add a real back button
- It would be very nice if after we find the animal (for example the dog) another voice would say "i'm a dog!". The same voice is all over the application and this can get boring for kids
- There are times the application feals kind of sluggish, but nothing major

General review This is a very good application for kids. The number o mini-game you get is awesome and you even get a few extras like painting. The price can be a little high, but the content really justifies it. The app has some performance problems and uses a lot of RAM, because if i press the home button, open another app and try to switch back to this app, it stars the app like I open it for the first time. Minor problems that dont affect the value and my 5

Krista C.

What I liked There are many activities built into this app. The narration is clear and friendly. The graphics are bright and colorful with real pictures of the animals. I like the pattern making activity- that is one that I have not seen often in other preschool apps of this type.

Improvements The apps navigation can be a bit slow to respond at times making it frustrating for my children. More information about the care of pets would be nice- for instance what the pets eat. My kids would love more of a virtual pet mode where they could feed and care for the various pets. I don't love how the "learn" option goes to the "grown ups corner"- my kids were expecting more detailed information regarding the animals. I think at $3.99 it is a bit overpriced for a preschool app.

General review Animal Planet Hide and Seek Pets contains many activities to entertain your animal loving preschooler. There is so much to do and learn, your 3-5 year old will enjoy this app for hours. My childen like feeding the bird and playing the animal piano.

Amanda S.

What I liked I really liked the educational value this app has. I liked how each animal had slightly different tasks! My five year old noticed that and he liked it (for example: the cat had a 'hide and seek' and the rabbit had a 'spot the difference.' I love the tracing of the animal names or letters! I am a speech pathologist and the "Who Am I" question with clues is my favorite! I work with many kids who need this kind of language reinforcement! I like the magic coloring that helps little fingers stay in the line while coloring! I love the grown ups corner too! (Expand on that!)

Improvements When I was testing it with my 5 year old this is the only thing he commented on. When you are tapping in the scene with the animal and the facts, My 5yo said "why doesn't it tell about what they eat when you tap the feeder " (we were in the bird scene). Also there was a fact about eye sight, it would've been cool if you tapped the binoculars for that fact. I think if you tried to relate an object in the scene to the fact it would be more meaningful! In the paint section I loved the "magic painting" but 6yo wanted free range to color (maybe make that an option?)

General review This is a fun and educational app that has so many activities, your child will be delighted over and over! It teaches basic facts about pets and then gives the child several fun games to play perfect for 3-5yr olds! It includes a grown-ups corner that gives parents comprehension questions to ask the kiddos after they are finished playing! Games include: painting, tracing, hide/seek, spot the difference, numbers, music, and so much more!

Amy M.

What I liked I love that that words are highlighted as they are read aloud. My 19-month-old laughed at the animals as they were revealed. My five-year-old's favorites were the sticker page, spot the differences, and the piano, and he and I both enjoyed trying out the different painting tools. I particularly like the variety of activities that help build fine motor skills.

Improvements My five-year-old had some trouble adjusting the size of the stickers on the sticker pages. Also, the app kept crashing when I tried to play the fish hide and seek game (it happened all four times I tried it on my first-generation iPad). I have no other issues or complaints.

General review A great app for animal-loving kids of all ages! There is an impressive amount of entertaining and educational activities packed into one cute app. My five-year-old loved the pet piano, sticker page, spot the differences, and painting pages. I think older kids will like learning facts about their favorite pets. Even my 19-month-old had fun revealing the hidden animals (with assistance). Hours of fun and learning!

sandy g.

What I liked As an educator I appreciate and love the grown-up corner. This area is a valuable tool to parents. I also like the inclusion of the common core standards, this will allow teachers to incorporate this app into their classroom curriculum knowing it is helping he students meet the standards set up.

Improvements I noticed that this app included mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles but there were no amphibians included in this app. As I teach the animals groups to my kindergarten class, I would love to see amphibians also included in this app. That is the only improvement I would like to see as I thought the animals facts were presented well in this app.

General review This app contains a wealth of knowledge as well as fun games and activities. My kindergarten class loved playing the various games. The animal piano section is adorable. The ability to save the pictures in the sticker section and paint section is a wonderful idea. This hour has hours and hours of enjoyment in it!

Cheryle D.

What I liked Another great app by this developer! This app is full of games, activities, and facts to learn about various pets. I like the different games with each animal. The music section was really fun. The sticker section has a lot of nice backgrounds and graphics. The core curriculum in the parents section is also great.

Improvements Not a lot I can think of. I would like to see the "learn" section have a parental lock on it. I know there's one for the feedback and rate sections, but there should be one just to get into this whole section.

I wish when you touch the words, they say the word for struggling and/or new readers. It highlights the word, but doesn't say the word.

Some of my students really wanted to feed the animals (the carrot to the rabbit, the bone to the dog). They were disappointed that you couldn't move these objects and they were just facts about the animals.

General review This app is packed with games and activities to learn about various pets. On top of four games and fun facts for each animal, there is also music, painting, and sticker sections in this app. A parent section is also included with questions to expand learning. The tie in to the Common Core State Standards is also a plus. This is a great app!

mandy N.

What I liked I really like all the info this app includes in it about the 6 animals it includes. There is a lot to do in one app from tracing to counting to learning a lot of facts about the animals which is really cool. My children really liked to play around with the app seeing what all they could find.

Improvements I would like to see the animal list expanded. Not sure where the hamster comes into play other then the beginning of the app on the wheel and in a few of the games. My children kept trying to land on a hamster and there wasn't one. When going into the games at the top of the screen the one title learn seems more like it should be in the options screen for adults as when it says learn it insinuates that you can learn about the animals not a "parents corner" type of thing.

General review This app includes some common household animals and info about them in a child friendly way. Your child can learn about the animals, paint, play music, trace letters, learn numbers, and much more in one app. The app is set up very well and is fun for many ages of children :)

Lynn G.

What I liked This app is entertaining and educational. There are many choices for preschoolers to make; they will enjoy every choice they make. The player learns several fun facts about common pets; once they hear these facts, they can choose from several activities that correlate with that pet.

Improvements I hope that updates to this app will include more pets in order to keep this app interesting to the player. There is nothing I would change about this app. The developer did a great job of making this app appealing to preschoolers, parents and teachers.

General review This a great opportunity for preschoolers to learn about pets they could have. It is colorful, uses photographs of the pets, offers choices for activities (with the ability to save their work on some), and is very engaging for the player. The option to listen to the text makes this app appealing to a wide variety of ages.

Heather T.

What I liked I loved the colorful interactivity of this educational app. There are so many facts embedded into the app that adds more value. I love all of the games that go along with the different animals and the easy and hard options. The voiceovers make this app easy to use for children of all ages.

Improvements I would like to see more animals added in a future version. Another option would be to have more advanced games for older children. Perhaps have 3 options for for each game: easy, medium, and hard. The current "hard" games could be moved to medium and more advanced games could be created to reach a broader audience.

General review This is the perfect app for young children who are interested in animals. Facts are read to them as the words are highlighted so they can learn while they play. Users trace letters, learn to write words, play matching games, and put together virtual puzzles. The easy and hard options allow the app to grow with the children.

melissa r.

What I liked Loved the number of activities for children and the variety of activities. The fact that the activities have two levels of difficulty helps this app to meet a variety of age groups and prevent boredom. Interesting facts for children is an imoortant and great addition. Great to see security on access Internet etc.

Improvements Less American related facts please. Also feel that the front home screen would be better if it had the various animals rather than the hamster and some logical and illogical items (flower, bubbles??). Would also be great if too drop down list appeared permanently down on front screen.

General review Fantastic app that is suitably priced for the fantastic array of activities and enjoyability. Love the graphics and photos of animals, very bright and appealing. Educational facts, letter tracing and highlighting of words as narrated turn this app from being just a game app to being of educational value.

Amber N.

What I liked Animal Planet Hide & Seek Pets is actually an extremely aestheticly pleasing app that is packed full of a ton of activities. The colors are bright and fun, the narrators voice is bright and expressive, and there are a ton of different activities a child would be thrilled to do. When I gave this to the little girl that I watch, she was immediately drawn to the hide and seek, animal facts, and coloring book features. As a kindergartener, edutainment is VERY big with her and she loves to repeat thing she's learned from the app constantly!

Improvements There are few problems with the app, and you can tell it has been professionally designed. However, the coloring book feature - while very attractive and intuitive - can be hard to use, even for an adult. Selecting the size of your brush is nearly impossible as the slider doesn't seem to register quite the way it should. Maybe this is a phone-only problem because it's so small, but it is an issue. This can equate to a lot of frustration for your child, especially because the app works fantastic otherwise.

General review If you have a kid who loves animals, this app is for you. It's cute, educational, and very well designed. Kids will have fun playing find-the-animal, learning about animals, coloring in coloring books, and even playing with things like a mini one-octave piano. It's really good for kids between the ages of 5-8, and I imagine younger kids would enjoy playing it with an adult. Honestly, there's not really anything bad to be said of it.

Samantha M.

What I liked I love the images and bright colors of this app! I also like that the text is highlighted word for word as it is read aloud. Additionally, there are SO many activities within the app, it will keep kids entertained for hours! My son's favorite part is playing hide and seek with the animals! It is a huge hit!

Improvements This is a great app, but if I could improve one thing I would add more animals! While my son loved all of the animals on the app, we would love to see more pets! Perhaps some snakes, lizards, a mouse, or even an hamster (My son was excited to see the hamster at the beginning, but sad to see that there was not a page for him). Also, it would be neat to see a new picture each time of the animal. Ex: different breeds of dogs, more fish, etc.

General review Overall, I think this is a great app for toddlers and preschoolers! With the wide variety of activities, the possibilities are endless for fun! Also as a bonus to parents and teachers, the link to common core standards is great! This not only helps parents understand which skills their children are working on, but also shows you what a great app this is to have included this information!

Misty G.

What I liked This was a fun and engaging app. I liked the cute animal pics and animations. The facts were interesting, and the puzzles, tracing, and games kept the kids attention. I also like the parent corner where you can get questions to help make sure your child is grasping what they are learning. Almost every kid loves animals, and this just feeds into what they enjoy! We really enjoyed reading along and trying to guess what the animal was while cutting away whatever was in front to reveal the picture. My kids always seemed to be amazed even when they had seen the same animal 10 times!

Improvements In a future version, I would like to see another level of tracing. Once the kids have gone over tracing the letters, they get frustrated waiting for the animation to go through each step before they can attempt it. Maybe a third level that is more free hand tracing. I would also like to see more apps like this with different animals. My kids would enjoy an ocean animal theme or maybe jungle animals.

General review This app has it all and is a great value for the price. Each animal page is filled with lots of opportunities for reading as well as facts, puzzles, memory match, and spot the difference puzzles. There is also an area to paint and play music. The parents corner is filled with information to help you navigate the app and all the information. Kids seem to be so intrigued with animals and their noises at this age! This app fills that fun!

Terri J.

What I liked Loved the app! It seems like there were many choices and different twists based on your choice-no getting bored! I think that it needs to be marketed to not only young children but to also teachers of preschool/kinderg. Having the common core standards readily available is brilliant! I really appreciated that the puzzle was "magnetized" once you had the piece close. The facts are short and basic - great that the text is highlighted as it reads.

Improvements To be honest, I don't think I would typically spend that amount for a child's app. I looked through the App Store and I didn't see a lite version - I would want to try it or see what it was like before buying it. I don't have improvements other than I'd like to have the option to trace letters without following the dots. I like the dots but I'd also like to just freely trace it once one mastered the dot tracing.

General review Overall the app has great graphics, facts for children, and engaging activities. This has common core standards that teachers can utilize too. It allows for the child to choose from many tasks including puzzles, letter tracing, coloring, and sticker play. I'd highly recommend this app to both parents and teachers.

Suzie W.

What I liked It's educational. I like that there are activities for each animal. My 5 year old was able to navigate everything from the start without any help from me. My 7 year old liked the coloring game and I admit even I played with it for a while too. We like how when you start coloring an area that color only applies to that area and you can do shading and such with the different tools.

Improvements It loaded a little slowly (iPhone 4) between the games and menu screens. My 5 year old would tap what he wanted impatiently multiple times while it loaded. The sticker app could also use some improvement. My 7 year old asked why the toys and the animals were the same size She discovered on her own that the stickers can be resized, but it was tricky to do (even for me) and even still the objects and animals were disproportionate. My kids also kept going straight to the games instead of clicking the different learning facts. I think if the game read facts as they played they would learn more.

General review Animal Planet Hide & Seek is a fun app with lots of different games and activities for young kids. The coloring part is top notch and kids will enjoy putting together puzzles and playing memory match. The game was not as educational as I expected, but it was still a lot of fun for my kids. The letter tracing has been great for my 5 year old who is learning how to write. This is a fun app for the price due to the amount of activities offered.

Kerry E.

What I liked I like how if you stay on the opening screen and watch, little animals come out from behind the logo and make noises. It is a very cute introduction. The narrator's voice is very easy to understand to understand and pleasant to the ears. I like how the text is highlighted as she says it. This is very important for children who are beginning to read.

Improvements The animal planet animated logo at the very beginning is cut off due to screen size. You can hear what they are saying, but you can't see the whole logo. During the beginning activity, when it tells you to touch the hamster to spin the wheel, the whole menu comes down from the top, which I think was to show the user where the menu is, but it's confusing that it does that. It made me think that by touching the hamster, I made the menu come down. Also, the app froze in the middle of tracing the letter "a" in the word cat. I'm not sure what happened.

General review I am very pleased with this app. There are many different activities that your children can do, including memory match, painting, music, tracing letters and numbers, fact-learning, and puzzles, in addition to hide and seek. In fact, I think the title is kind of misleading, since this app offers so many other activities besides hide and seek. This is a great app for young children, and mine had a blast with it!

Lori J.

What I liked I love the graphics------the animals look real and make realistic sounds. Looking for the animal each time is fun, whether it is using a flashlight, or picking flowers, it's an adventure for the child. Once in the animal's habitat, there is much to learn and do.

Improvements The painting feature is a bit weak. Each time I tried to paint, I found myself trying to stroke differently using different amounts of pressure and painting with my fingers in a different way. Oftentimes, the color wouldn't show up. Couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong.

General review My general opinion about this app is that it is fantastic. It has a common core section for parents to look at and gives them questions to ask their child that taps into different kinds of critical thinking skills. While playing with the app, there are many opportunities to learn and discover interesting facts about the animals. It is a great educational app.

Erica M.

What I liked What did I like about this App? Just about EVERYTHING. For this price you get a app jam packed with fun and educational entertainment that will engage your little one to his/her little hearts content! I love that there are both easy and hard levels to challenge them. And it's always important to have the words highlighted as the reader reads to help with literacy skills at a younger age and this does a great job with that.

Improvements In all honesty I wish this question was optional for Apps like this one as I have had to go back to this app many times trying to find something it could use improvements on. I can really only think of maybe instead of just saying that the turtle is a turtle, since there are more than one kind of turtle tell us what kind of turtle it is. And then add another level of hard and have the child match the picture of the turtle (the animal) with the correct name for it.

General review Although every app could use some improvement in one way or another, I find this app to be very well thought out and engaging. I mysel love Animal Planet, and this app does a wonderful job coinciding with what kids see on TV or even at there zoo or maybe even as there very own pet. This is no boring app, and is chalk full of fun stuff that you'll be glad to have this app and won't regret paying the price.

Nathalie C.

What I liked > I liked that everything on screen gets voice over : this is great for non reader users, who can be completely autonomous with this feature !
> Il liked the mix between drawed environment and real photos.
> I liked he mini infos given when tapping, and then the activities (puzzle, writing, memory, spot the difference), with two levels each time
> I liked the palette and the stickerbook
> I liked the piano too

Improvements > I think the overall ergonomics and general navigation are very complicated in this app. I don't think young kids can navigate it at all (even with voice over), and it's hard even for grown-ups !
> The drawings are far less cute than other parts of the app (even if tools are really grat !

General review All in all this is a great app packed with many features. It offers hours and hours of free open ended play and let kids discover 6 pets animals in a rich environement. I would simplify the navigation and offer cuter drawing, and it would be just perfect.

Shannon W.

What I liked This is a fun app that has a little bit of everything in it. I love the section where the child can trace the letters and learn letter recognition that corresponds to the specific animal.
Also, the fun, interacting facts about the animals is a great way to learn about animal behaviors and feeding facts.

Improvements Would love to have more interaction with the animals. My daughter kept trying to feed the animals in their habitat and was getting frustrated when she couldn't feed them. I guess they looked so real to her she couldn't understand why a box of facts would appear on screen instead of an actual animal action.

General review This is a fun learning app that has plenty of mini games. I do not think the price of $3.99 on the App Store makes this app worthwhile though. If the developer continues to add updates with more fun games and animal interaction I can justify the price. But like many Animal Planet apps and products your paying a premium price for the name "Animal Planet". Hopefully there will be more updates!