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Simply Missy:Shopping Adventure [text]

App description: Shopping adventure with Simply Missy fun and simple game to collect gems, play ball games, different timer mazes, buy some items for a party and more.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/simply-missy-shopping-adventure/id624401001

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Clarine L.

Nathalie C.

What I liked > The magical box, that gives a very original view on this shopping adventure
> The great diversity of mini games included inside the app : pong like, pac-man like, mario like, etc, but aimed at very young hands and minds with very little (no) difficulty
> The different balls and physics effects
> The ballons and bubbles popping bonus pages

Improvements > In my opinion the app lacks an introductory story / voice over / guide. Even if it is very easy to understand where to tap, it's more complicated to understand why and what for.
> The sound "tic tac" of the clock is stressful. Why it is ticking? Am I supposed to do all this in a limited time?
> This app seems to lack a real "point". There is no relationship with the items the doll can get and the kid's performance in mini games. Is it even possible not to "win"?

General review A game full of mini games to get items for Missy, the doll, in the different shops of the town. Cool mini games including great "physics" balls. A fun app that might lack some challenge for elder kids and that seems to miss a real "point" like having to come back and get better scores to choose cuter clothes / pets for Missy.

Cheryle D.

What I liked Missy is an adorable little girl. I like the concept of going shopping for a variety of items that you see/use in everyday life. This app has so much more potential for learning about earning "money" (jewels) and buying items (which I wish you could actually do!).

The variety of the mini-games was great (the second ones) like the mazes, the candy catching, the ball games, etc..

I like at the end in her home it shows everything that you purchased throughout the game.

Improvements I liked the mini- games, but three was way too many before buying the item. Only one or two would be better. Maybe take out the ball with the hoop for each one.

I wish you could actually buy the items, that's shopping! Maybe make them all different amounts using the jewels for each. Then you can count out the jewels into a cash register to actually pay for the item. You collect the jewels, but then you can't really use them. This could be in place of the bonus round where you just pop balloons and bubbles.

I would love to see the clothes that you bought to be able to go on Missy too.

General review Simply Missy is an adorable little girl going on a shopping spree. The graphics are nice and the music goes really well with the app. You have a choice of buying a variety of items in nine different categories including clothing, food, pets, flowers, and toys. Fun mini-games throughout add to the fun of this app.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. This is a nice and very good looking game for little girls. The colors really pop up and the design of the objects you buy is very good.
2. Kids enjoy this game because it's structured like a story. They fallow a cute character on a shopping spree.
3. I like what she spends her own savings from the piggy bank to buy all the thing she wants. And that she needs to work for gems.
4. Afer finishing the game the app automaticaly closed. This is a nice touch.

Improvements 1. When I first opened the game the loading time was quite long. This is not a big deal, but when the kids start playing there were lots of times they had to wait for loading times. This makes the game feel bad.
2. Along with the loading time, the app lags (on my iPad 2 with iOS 6.1.3). The ball game is laggy and hard for me to play let-alone a kid. This too adds to the overall feel of the game
3. In the bonus levels after finishing I don't get to see how many gems I collected. The score disappears too fast.
4. The game can get a little boring after playing for awhile. The game are repetitive.

General review This is a wonderful application for little girls. The visuals are really eye catching and kids love the bright colors. The story is nice too, following a girl to shopping and playing mini-games at the same time is quite nice. But all o this good content is placed in a laggy application with long loading time and unfortunately the experience is affected. This is why I give it 3 stars.

Frances A.

What I liked The app Simply Missy:Shopping Adventure is a very cute app. The graphics are nice, as well as the accompanying sounds for the game. I like that there is a wide assortment of activities such as mazes, balloon popping and dressing Simply Missy. I like that the game involves money for both counting and using it to shop. I like that a child is able to match pictures to picture/outline of shape for the shopping list and then I like its old fashioned game appeal where she collects gems in a variety of small games in order to shop for the things she needs.

Improvements What I would like to see in a future update:
- Verbal directions for children who will not understand the visual cues.
- Additional customization besides the clothing. Young girls like to explore changing hair types and colors, eye colors, and a variety of other more subtle features in real life situations.
- I think the physics part tends to get lost in the game, even though you have a child jumping and moving and following many directions, I do not believe the intent for direct understanding is there.
- Adding a male character such as a brother, would make it more appealing to young boys.

General review Overall, I think this app would be appropriate for young children. I think it is a good game to promote fine and gross motor skills. The variety of games and skills you need such as touch, movement, hand/eye coordination is very important for young children. There are a lot of things to use for children to learn with visual cues but I think that it can use something a little more engaging within the game to keep children's attention better.

Courtney D.

What I liked I had fun with this app! I thought it was a simple, very straight forward, fun for young girls. I noticed differences with every item on the shopping list, which allowed for a new experience with every numbered item. I love that it can be individualized based on the user. I like that fine motor skills and problem solving skills are addressed throughout the app. I think this a great app for toddlers-preschool age kiddos.

Improvements I would love to have the ability to save the game. I know it starts where the user leaves off, but the items don't remain in the top right area, so those items need to be replayed. I would like the ability to have multiple slots available for saving, so more than one user can play the game and others aren't interrupted. It could be helpful to have some narration to assist in what the user is to do in certain mini games, but I think the approach is good as is, too.

General review This is a fun app that allows for a user to complete a shopping trip for various items, but enjoy themselves along the way. It is all based on interaction and each item on the list brings about new challenges. This app would be great for those working on problem solving, fine motor skills, or seeking out simple enjoyment! Definitely recommended!

Shannon W.

What I liked This is definitely one of the cutest games I have ever encountered for the iPad. I love that the game takes place with a little girl inside a little wind up box. The graphics are fun and colorful. The music is age appropriate. I also love how the purple gems are so realistic looking.

Improvements Although this is one of the cutest apps available, I felt that some of the mini games were a little difficult to figure out at first. Once I played the game through its entirety it was easy to catch on. I would like to see a tab or icon that I can click for help or instructions on each mini game. If the developers are trying to keep the same look and feel throughout the game and not put text, then maybe have illustrated instructions so the non-readers understand what is going on.

General review I really like this app. Is cute and fun. I think 4+ age group may be a little old for this app. I'm thinking maybe 3-4 years old at the most. My niece is 5 and she was bored with the game.
Although my concern is that my niece had a hard time figuring out some of the mini games. Once she played with it for a bit she figured it out and had fun bouncing the ball around the screen to collect gems.

Caitlin O.

What I liked I liked the subtle visual cues that direct you on what to do. I also like that there are a variety of games within the app. They provide the oportunity to work on various skills. The colors and graphics are good. This ame may be interesting for girls or children who like to shop.

Improvements I would like to see the little girls face have a happier expression. She seems sad and depressed. I also would like to see additional directions for the games, even with the subtle sparkling cues I still did not me what to do with each game. Also the when you press the home key, it does nothing. The app did not keep the attention of my children and they quirky moved on. I would add other activities and make it more customizable such as being ble to change hair and eye color, even gender.

General review Overall, this is an ok ap with nice graphics. It has subtle visual cues to provide ditections. It would be nice for a preschooler who likes to shop. It does give the oportunity to practice some fine motor and cognitive skills but is not engaging enough for children to sustain attention.

Charlene E.

What I liked The game had some delightful graphics that appeal mostly to a girl. The game had a simple user interface and that at most times needed no verbal or written instructions. The balloon games were fun and the timer mazes also appealed to my children. The music in the game was effective and created a quiet mood which equated to my child being calmly engaged and therefore not disturbing others around them.

Improvements I mostly thought that the game graphics were quite slow especially when clicking on an icon for the next shopping item to buy. When playing the ball games, I found that the ball at times no longer followed my finger as I touched and I lost it. This is frustating for the kids. I would be nice to see some more interactivity with the girl as you shop - for instance she might comment on your choices. My four year old played the game once and was not interested in it again. For that age you may need something more challenging in the game.

General review Simply Missy is a delightful game that has great looking graphics and some fun activities. It has a simple UI that is easy for kids to follow. The game needs to have some more challenging activities and some unpredictable game-play that will encourage kids to return to the game over and over again.

Valerie M.

What I liked This is a colorful and educational game that is sure to catch the eye of the little ones it is designed for. Arcade style games are simple and realistic; encouraging play and problem solving for young children. There are great opportunities for kids with and without disabilities to work on motor skills and learn about rudimentary physics. As a parent I am always grateful to see no social media links, advertisements, or other unwanted distractions. This game is easily worth the $.99 price since it can provide hours of entertainment and skill building.

Improvements I would like to be able to return to a game. Right now, if you go to another app, you must start over. I would also like to add a setting to be able to be given a verbal cue as to what to do for what result instead of only exploring since the iTunes store descriptions mentions games easy enough for a toddler. It would be nice if the doll's hair and ethnicity could be tailored to the child's choosing. It would also be neat to have a companion app or character with a boy or tomboy since the arcade games would be equally appealing to a boy with the right character.

General review I like this game for its emphasis on motor skills, teaching basic physics, and engaging graphics. There is a lot to explore and learn, and it is a good value at $.99. Adding options to have oral directions for young players or those with cognitive deficits, ability to customize character hair and ethnicity and even additional characters would only enhance the value of this app. Kids of many ages will enjoy this.

Lynn G.

What I liked This app is colorful with cute graphics. It is entertaining. I can see preschool girls having fun moving Missy through the rooms and earning gems as they go. Changing Missy's clothes as the player progresses through the game will be engaging for some.

Improvements I would like to see more direction--either audio, to be self-learning--or written, so parents can be involved with their child. If this app will be advertised as being for both boys and girls, there should be something more entertaining for boys than shopping and dressing Missy in different outfits. Shooting hoops is not enough.

General review This app did not appeal to me. I failed to see the goal in playing with this app, except for the entertainment value, which was very low, in my opinion. It is colorful and cute, but I believe there are better apps out there that provide more value for your money.