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App description: Fractions+ is an addictive game for reinforcing and mastering everyday fractions (typically taught in third grade). This app is designed to appeal to children and adults.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fractions+/id594251995?ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone3G - iPhone3GS - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G - iPhone5

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Mary O.

Kristy Lee G.

What I liked I did like how the app created a game out of math. There was a lot more depth to the game than i initially thought. It was fun to learn new levels and get various extra tools like the hammer. I did get stuck once and twice and didn't know how to complete the game, but hadn't lost so I had to restart the app.

Improvements I would like to see a bit more variety with the fractions. If it is actually meant for adults as well as children, it needs more room for difficulty. Even children would outgrow it quickly. I think the graphics could be improved as well. They were a bit boring for children. This final point is minor, but the buttons on the left side (Mute/Quit/Hint) are too small and difficult for children to use.

General review I kind of feel like the app should be geared for either adults or children and not both. it's difficult to appeal to both and doesn't seem to do either well because of that. i like the concept and I like the game aspect to it, but I think it would probably be best to focus more on appealing to children who are learning fractions.

Heather T.

What I liked This app starts with the most simple fractions and gets more difficult as the levels increase. I like that it monitors the user's speed to determine understanding and to predict the user's ability to perform at the next level. The use of numbers, pictures, and equivalent fractions is helpful too.

Improvements I do not understand the benefit of matching 3 of a kind in the practice of fractions. I think the app should focus on matching the written fraction, number fraction, and pictorial representation to be more effective.
Some more advanced users might like the ability to skip the lower levels.

General review This app does an excellent job of making matching forms of fractions entertaining. I got distracted by the various goals of the game and would prefer that it only focus on one goal - matching fractions. Young users like the game probably because it does not focus on the work of fractions the entire time, but personally and as a teacher, I would prefer more focus on the work.

sandy g.

What I liked This app is a great app for practicing work on fractions. I loved the teaching lesson/instruction that was included at the various levels. I liked that you can go to any unlocked level and complete more practice if necessary. I like that the fractions are not only included in circles but also on the ruler.

Improvements I was very pleased with this app and did not feel that it needed a lot of improvement. I did see "divide" misspelled as "divid" on the level four instruction screen. A possible addition to include rectangle in addition to the circles might add to this app.

General review This app is set up very well. The ability to choose an unlocked level would enable the school students to focus on the areas that they need to work on until the level is mastered. The cost of this app makes it a great tool that could be used both in the school system as well as for home use.

Michelle H.

What I liked I liked that there was a simple tutorial that my 4th graders would be able to understand independently. The combination of choosing the correct fraction and the match 3 game will keep the students engaged for awhile. I also like the fact that students can level up and work toward their own learning level and at their own pace.

Improvements Although there is the match-three game aspect of this app I would like to see maybe a short game that is a little more engaging. For instance once you pass your level go to the match three game. I think this will help keep students a little more engaged and willing to use this app more frequently.

General review I really like this app as it reinforces fractions in a fun and engaging way. It allows kids to work at their own pace and to be challenged when they are ready to be challenged. I am a 4th grade teacher and my students need extra help with fractions and I will be purchasing this app for our set of classroom iPads.

Frances A.

What I liked Fractions + is an amazingly engaging app that truly makes learning math fun. Teaching fractions are such an abstract concept to many children but this app starts from the most basic concepts and makes learning fractional parts into a lovely game. The game is fast paced and fun so children were concentrating and waiting for their chance to put everything into order and make the pieces disappear every time they got a fractional match right. My favorite part is that each level is a progression a child is building and reviewing what they know, while learning what comes next. It is wonderful!

Improvements What I think can be improved in future versions:
- Instructions can be made simpler for children. Perhaps an audio component could be added for children who are not strong readers.
- I did not like that the pieces locked, this caused a bit of frustration for children that touched the wrong tile by accident or who were not sure of the answer. They were saddened when they were seeing game over on higher levels.
- Perhaps making a simpler game for students with disabilities that they can drag and drop matching fractions on top of each other. This app could be a great teaching tool for them also.

General review I love that this app includes picture representation of fractions, numerical representations and that you can use the metric or standard system, which was a nice inclusion. Overall, I like that this app can be a wonderful guide to teaching children how to identify, locate and match fractions. There are so many levels within the app. The children were going past twenty and still more to go! Plenty done and more to do, this app will not disappoint.

Stan A.

What I liked This app is pretty awesome for both adults and children. I like the fact that it does not really feel like an educational app but it clearly is. The difficulty seems just about right, it can be a little bit annoying if you miss one and have it locked but not enough to be discouraging. The ability to unlock new levels by getting achievements is the perfect rewards system for this game.

Improvements I would really like to see a separate button to turn off the phone vibration because it is way too distracting, I finally figured out that it was included with the mute button but it cannot be turned off separately. It should remind us that you can move two diagrams at a time when the hint button is pushed; it took me a while to understand this feature. The tutorial is a little confusing and I found a typo. Where the note says "Answer = 0/2" there is only 1 of 2 and 2 of 2 to choose from.

General review I generally don't enjoy math very much but this a very fun and unique math game that appeals to children and adults. Once I start playing it's pretty difficult to put down. It is a perfect balance between an educational app and a fun game. It is challenging enough to keep it fun and interesting but not so much that it keeps you from wanting to play it.

Charlene E.

What I liked This App is a wonderful visualization of fractions. I liked that you could add a user and decide to do Challenge or Free play mode. The game is easy to play and I liked that you could choose between the answer first and then the model or vice versa. I found the game a challenge that allows learners to keep their focus while practising their fraction knowlege and they can have fun at the same time. While playing the game, I found the interface to be intuitive and the sound effects to be appropriate. I liked the questions on imperial and metric fractions. Each level had sufficient questions.

Improvements My biggest wish is that the "teaching text" in each level to be narrated to the learner so that the user can be taught the fractions concept by the App even if they cannot read. The hammer, shuffle and the lock tiles were not explained in the tutorial. I struggled to understand how best to use these tiles in the game. The level text for "Equivalent Fractions-Wholes" had a spelling mistake in the word "divide". I did not understand the sentence in the Zero as a Fraction which said ..."That would be silly (or philosophy class)".

General review Fractions+ is a fantastic game to help solidify fraction concepts in a visual and fun way. Their are 30 levels of game play which allows one to cover fraction basics in detail. Most importantly the fast-pased game keeps the child interested in the game while solidfying the fraction concepts taught. The instruction before each level can be improved by having an audible instruction in addition to written text.

Raphael S.

What I liked Firstly I like how simple and easy to understand the tutorial was for both adults and children. It's also very addictive once you get into the flow. The graphics are very colorful. It's only been a few days but so far I'm impressed at how fast the learning curve has been.

Improvements While it is very satisfying after completing each level/card it tends to be a little bit repetitive and after long periods of time the app can seem more like work than educational fun, especially for children. It would be nice to see something that can hold mine and others attention/concentration although I haven't any ideas at the moment as to what that could be.

General review An entertaining, educational app that has a easy to follow tutorial. The graphics are picturesque. It's a very creative way to introduce or further improve fractions to children and adults too. It can be quite challenging at times and it's most enjoyable when playing for medium periods of time.

Lynn G.

What I liked This app is hard to close--it is very entertaining and educational at the same time. The progression of skills was well thought-out. The reward for completing the task is well worth the work--as a player, you are willing to do whatever it takes to play the game, beat the clock and move on to the next level. I am impressed with the number of levels included in the app--I'm at level 28 and still haven't reached the end. The graphics are great and the intent to instruct about fractions and their equivalencies exceeds all expectations. This app is worth the cost and then some.

Improvements A bit more direction in the game area would be helpful--it is somewhat difficult to follow as the player progresses through the levels. That is a minor improvement overall, though. This app was well-planned and executed. I look forward to seeing more from this developer.

General review Fractions+ is the most fun I've had with math in a long time. It doesn't take long to work through the fraction identification before you can play the game. It starts at a basic level, identifying 1/2 of a geometric object and progresses to equivalent fractions--in metric and standard form. It is highly engaging while teaching the player. This app is a steal!

Lena L.

What I liked I like that the app uses a leveled progression approach to practicing the fractions. Each level builds upon the last and teaches the child a new concept. I also like the approach of finding the equivalent fraction circles and testing hand to eye coordination.

Improvements There are a few improvements I would like to see. First, I think the levels should have more practice time with the fractions and less time with just matching the circles to pop. Also, I would like to see a list for parents and teachers of what each level teaches, so that we will know what the child will learn and when.

General review I think Fractions+ is a fun, engaging app that will allow your child to grow in their knowledge of fractions. Children will love the gaming atmosphere and not realize they are learning fractions. Each level is a progression, teaching your child step by step how to locate and identify fractions.