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4 Dice: Fraction Games v1 [text]

App description: 4 Dice: Fraction Games is a math app for middle school and upper elementary students. 4 Dice game covers adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. This game also has Bluetooth capabilities which will allow two players to play competitive or cooperatively with each other in the same room on separate devices.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/4-dice-fraction-games/id583546023?ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Justin H.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. This is a wonderful tool to have in the classroom. It's very hard now-days to teach the old fashion way, with all the gadgets that they have home, so being able to teach on the iPad is quite amazing. I have them very interested in math.
2. The value is very good, I buy this application once and I can use it for years to come.
3. The Bluetooth feature is very nice, so they can work in tandem and 2 heads are always better then one.

Improvements 1. I exited the application by pressing the home button and after some time I tried to reopen it from the multitasking menu. The application was frozen and I had to manually kill the app and reopen it. This happened twice on my iPad 2 with the latest OS.
2. The animation when the dice roll is kind of sluggish. Please improve this and you can add some new dice colors and models.

General review Overall, this is a fantastic tool for teaching in school or maybe at home with parents. The application is very well developed and with a clean design. The value is certently here, because you can use it multiple years and the bluetooth feature is a great addition.

Nathalie C.

What I liked > I liked the simple yet very challenging game.
> I like the idea of being able to work with two device, either competitive, either cooperative, but I think you should provide more support for the connexion and the way to play the game. We had a very hhard time trying to connect both devices...

Improvements > I don't like direct links to appstore, even if this app is not for small kids, of course.
> I have all your apps and think you might be changing the icons on the iPad desktop (the ones on the appstore are far better)
> Instead of a long instruction manual that no kid would ever read, I think you might be willing to include a video tutorial, or a pictured tutorial.
> Are you graphics Retina ?

General review > To play, the step is quite high. There could be some help or clues to help stuck kids?
> The correct answer is just given. It's a little bit like a "guess" work... How can I work to build the corect answer, either alone, either with a pair? You could give kids some clues to achieve better.
> After a game the only option available is "roll again" What if I want to go home?

Lorraine L.

What I liked The graphics are clean and simple. The game is challenging and makes you think. It's a good test of students' knowledge of fractions. The sounds add interest to the game. The 'help prompts' are useful. I like the option of being able to play alone or with another player via bluetooth.

Improvements I would like to see more levels (simple, moderate and complex). It would be helpful to have more prompts and possibly a support video with examples showing the thinking process involved at the opening screen. It would be a nice addition to give students the option of selecting the colors of the die and background.

General review The app is a good enrichment activity for a student who is reviewing fractions. There are several opportunities to convert and reduce fractions in a motivating way. The whiteboard where students can do their computations on the ipad is a great feature. The support materials with this app are useful. This is an activity that would enhance the use of technology in the classroom.

Cheryle D.

What I liked Another great app from this developer! I like the bluetooth option to play head to head with classmates, friends, siblings, parents, etc.... It really adds more excitement for the student. This app would be great for home or a classroom to work on adding, subtracting, mutiplying, and dividing fractions.

Improvements If you get the answer wrong, your choices are "redo shot" or "shoot again" which seem like the same thing. When choosing shoot again, it gives you the solution and you can't try it again. Very confusing. It should be "give up" , "new problem", or "show solution" on the right side and "redo shot" or "try again" on the left side.

After completing a shot and getting it right, your only option is to shoot again. There should be an option to go back to the home screen if you want to switch from one area to another or if you want to quit the game.

General review This is a great app to work on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions. My fourth grade son is working on adding fractions in school right now and this app has really helped him. He loves playing head to head using the bluetooth and it makes learning fun!

Frances A.

What I liked I love that this app can be played between two players. By allowing students to connect using bluetooth they can play together. Another thing that I like about the app is that you can send progress reports. Also, using it with a variety of students you are able to be used with multiple players in order to track progress with different classes throughout the day. I see over eighty students and this app would be helpful for an educator a similar position. I like the white board feature as well. It is wonderful that students get the chance to work out the problems as they would on scrap paper.

Improvements What I would like to see in a future version:
- A hint button to help students who might get stuck.
- Multiple levels such as easy, moderate and hard; so you can choose what is appropriate for the child working on the game.
- Built in rewards for when a child gets the problem right. This is in order to provide positive reinforcement to children while playing so that they will continue to play the game.

General review Overall, the app does encourage students to use higher-order thinking. I also like that when shaking; kids can shake the ipad to throw the dice. What I love is when using this app with students it promotes that players use problem solving skills for adding, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions.I like how it gives that answer and you must find out what would give you the answer by working with the four dice that you roll.

Andrew M.

What I liked This app presents a very engaging way to learn math. The app is very well designed and functioned correctly at all times. The Bluetooth feature made it easy to play against another human without having to pass the same device back and forth (as in other games).

Improvements I wonder what kind of success students will have transferring what they learn here to the classroom. This is a great app and helps learners approach learning from a fresh angle - I hope they will not be turned off by the fact that it is SO different. I would like to see dynamic problem selection - problems that get easier when you miss one and harder when you get one right. Feedback would be good too - reinforcing the logic or process the student used...or correcting/pointing out the flaws when it is wrong. I would like a discounted price for teachers/schools to buy multiple copies of the app.

General review A very good app to help learners practice the four basic functions with fractions. In this unique approach, players use numbers rolled on dice to build an equation to match a provided solution. The Bluetooth feature allows multi-player games on two devices. This amplifies the competition hook that appeals to young students. Based on a great concept, this app promises to solidify learners' grasp of the math concepts they practice.

Courtney D.

What I liked I love the idea of a math game for middle school aged students! I love that it is complex enough that the problems must be solved after they are created to verify accuracy, which allows more exposure to fraction problems. I love that the answer is provided and the user is to determine the problem, beyond "math skills", the user is learning problem solving and critical thinking. I love that there is a challenge mode, which steps it up even more for those that need a little more advanced pressure. I think this is a great app for within the school setting, during a center or free-time.

Improvements Some of the problems are pretty intense. I did well in math throughout my "learning" career, and some of them I struggled with. There were also some that were extremely easy. Would it be possible to set it up on a hierarchy type of scale? If the user is able to answer this question, then they move up to the next one? If not, they stay the same? I don't know if that is even an option. If it isn't, then maybe a ranking of problems being easy, medium, hard. I think those that struggle with math will not enjoy this game because of the intense skill necessary. It depends on your targeted audienc

General review This app was extremely enjoyable for me because I enjoy math. I love the problem solving and critical thinking skills that were addressed by having the user figure out the equation while having the answer. I love the Bluetooth capabilities. That was interesting to say the least! I think is is appropriate for middle school age kids who need a challenge. If the user struggles with math, this could cause frustration.

melissa r.

What I liked Fantastic app that makes practising fraction equations more lively and fun. Love that students can practise individually or compete against each other. Whiteboard facility and breakdown of equation answers are both great key elements that make this app so worthwhile.

Improvements Would love to see a difficulty setting so that students who are struggling could do slightly easier equations. Connecting the devices was slightly time consuming although this may be a hardware technicality? Remove the link to the App Store, instead provide the name of the developer for students/parents to look onto further

General review Absolutely fantastic app that helps students to practise fraction equations in a fun way. Devices once paired worked smoothly with no issues. Exceptional value for money. Great to have whiteboard facility, broken down answers and also ability to email results to teacher/parent.

Larry S.

What I liked Overall I thought it was a great math app. I like that one has the ability to print out hardcopies to use offline. I also appreciate the scratch page section where you can figure it out on your device. The layout and color make it very easy to read the numbers. Having 5 different "game" modes really will challenge the middle schoolers.

Improvements Overall the app really runs well. I did not find a lot of problems but would be curious to see if creating an iPad version of the game might be worthwhile. (I tested in on my iTouch). It would neat to see other types of math problems, other than just fractions added to it.

General review I definitely recommend this app for middle school math teachers. Students will be challenged by the different modes of play and being able to go against others to see who has the best score is good. The app runs well and is very easy to pick and play.

Heather T.

What I liked This is a great, challenging app. Fractions are typically difficult for students to understand and work with, and this app makes it fun to practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing them. Adding the two-player feature definitely stepped up the fun factor in this app.

Improvements I can't think of any improvements that need to be made. I did not experience any difficulties when testing the app.
I LOVE the instructions at the beginning. Not only do they explain how to play, but they also explain what icons do (many apps skip those instructions). AND they review the procedures to working with fractions. Great!

General review This is a fantastic app for 4th grade students and up. It reviews the procedures for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions in the instructions and gives the users challenges. The best part is probably the ability for users to challenge their friends and connect using different devices close by!