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Cutie Monsters-Jigsaw Puzzles [text]

App description: Want to learn to count to ten? Each page of this ten screen storybook features a playful (non-scary) monster with names like Blushy, Toothy, Growly and Snouty. There's one for each numeral, from 1 to 10. You can read the story out loud or let toddlers have a go with touch-and-hear text, or (the best part) assemble the monster as a jigsaw puzzle.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cutie-monsters-jigsaw-puzzles/id585378286?mt=8&uo=4

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Paul S.

melissa r.

What I liked Great graphics that appeal to both genders. Great app that is fun yet educational and interactive. Daughter loved the puzzles and the "cute" monsters. The counting pages are great and its brilliant that the same monsters are used then in the puzzles for continuity. No links to Facebook or Internet makes this a sound and safe app for children.

Improvements In the "read it myself" section it would be great for child to touch the word an have it spoken to them to assist learning new words and then in other section for each page to automatically be read to them. Child had issues finding button to advance the page. It's i a logical spot but is too subtle in colouring. In puzzles section would be great if it automatically advanced to next puzzle upon completion.

General review Great app that is fantastic value for money which I would even say is underpriced. Only a few minor tweaks (ie brighter arrows and counting pages read to child) and this would definitely be a five star app! Nice to see gender neutral graphics and an app with no links to the Internet.

Jim B.

What I liked The learning angle makes the app relevant. The puzzles make the app more fun and interesting to toddlers. The app contains nice and cute monsters (although my twin 3-year old girls did NOT seem too engaged in the subject matter - may be boys would be more interested)

Improvements I didn't like having 3 separate start options - it would be nice to have just one integrated app. Here is how I imagine it should work: my toddler clicks Play to begin, she clicks on individuals words or clicks on the monster and causes the app to hide the text and breaks the monster up to pieces; after she completes the puzzle, the app should read the entire sentence and emphasize the number and flash the associated monster part. Other improvements would be to add 1 more monster (for a total of 10) and use 1 for each number (only 7 are used now), and add dotted guidelines for puzzle pieces.

General review 3.5 stars. The app looks great and is very well made. However, I'd like to see this as one integrated app instead of presented as 3 separate options on the menu screen (Read it myself, Touch read words, and Jigsaw puzzles). It should be as simple as possible for toddlers to start playing and learning and not get bogged down by options. In my opinion, this app gets the contents right but the presentation needs work.

Erin B.

What I liked I love the simplicity of this app. The colors are all bright and colorful but not overly cluttered. It's easy to focus on the main character of each slide because there is no distracting background features. I really like the artwork as well - it's appealing and great for young kids. I like the option to have the words read or not. And I really like that the jigsaw puzzles aren't the traditional jigsaw shapes, but follow the shade of the art. It's a great intro to puzzles.

Improvements On the Touch to Read Words part I'd like a way to have the entire sentence read without having to touch each individual word.
When a puzzle is completed it would be nice to have something more happen at the end - perhaps more of the counting and numbers as in the reading portions.
Also, it would be fun to have more interactions on the front - little things like the bird squeaking and the monster dancing is great and I've love to see more of that.

General review This is a wonderful and perfectly simple app for toddlers learning their numbers! The monsters are adorable and not at all scary! The puzzles are are wonderful for the younger ages as they are not typical jigsaw puzzles, but follow the shape of the monsters. The app is quite simple and not distracting, which is perfect for toddlers who are naturally easily distracted!

Lori J.

What I liked The graphics are really cute. It's easy for the kids to maneuver the pieces. I used this with two 3-year old boys and after doing one or two puzzles, they had the hang of it. They enjoyed the noises that the monsters make when the puzzles are complete.

Improvements I would like to see more monster puzzles. There are only ten and it doesn't take that long to complete all of them. There aren't very many pieces involved so I wonder if a child might start losing interest in the app after playing only a few times.

General review My overall opinion is that this is a really cute app. Kids love silly monsters and they get a kick out of the silly noises the monsters make when a puzzle is complete.. The story is cute and engaging as well as interactive. It's enjoyable to maneuver the pieces on the ipad

Svetlana K.

What I liked Though the app seemed rather simple first, I was impressed with awesome illustrations, funny interactive elements and monster sounds. A good idea to combine a simple story (good for first reading experience) and some educational activities - counting, jigsaw puzzles. The app is safe for kids - no external links in the app

Improvements Though there are enough activities for a $0.99 app, I wish more games are added so that kids could play with the app for a longer time (even if the cost is higher). Perhaps, "Color me" with color recognizion. Also an activity (or a game) to count monsters (there is a screen with 10 monsters) would be nice and would help to reinforce counting skills. I also wish there were the READ TO ME mode in the story.

General review Cutie Monsters - Jigsaw Puzzles combines awesome illustrations, nice kid-friendly interface, a simple story with funny interactions and age appropriate educational activities making it a good app both for entertaining kids and developing early learning skills. The app is safe for kids as it contains no external links and IAP.

Frances A.

What I liked First off, opening the app and seeing that it won the 2013 Editors Choice award for excellence in design had me very excited to use because I love apps that are used for educational technology. This left me with very high expectations from the app. I like that the app was very diverse. It was a lot more than what I thought it was at first just a game. I was pleasantly surprised to find an interactive counting book from 1-10 and a jigsaw puzzles with the same theme that appeared in the story. There were 9 puzzles that a child needed to match 3 or more pieces. I think it is great for children.

Improvements Things that could be improved:
I feel that there are several things that can be improved. One thing would be for the reading portion. I would like to have seen a read to me or an auto play version of the story for non-readers and early learners. I think this would increase the educational value of the app.
I would like if the app had a math concept added to it since it has the potential for it. Count how many eyes, teeth legs, claws, tails, horns, etc. The app can have them say "one", "two" when touching item while reading. Then they could learn to count better. This would be a nice in the app

General review Overall, I really enjoyed using the app but I think the app can use a few minor improvements that would make Cutie Monsters-Jigsaw Puzzles an even stronger app than it already is. The app tested well with young children. It is engaging for children and had characters that were cute and fun. The app also has a great ease of use and there were no distractions, which made it a perfect app for early learners.

Valerie M.

What I liked This is a colorful and educational app that is sure to catch the eye of the little ones it is designed for. Being able to read silently or touching for text allows different formats for presentation while the opportunity to do jigsaw puzzles encourages motor play and problem solving for toddlers. As a parent I am always grateful to see no social media links, advertisements, or other unwanted distractions.

Improvements I have struggled rating this since it is cute, but I feel the base price of $2.99 is high. It is worth the $.99 sale price. Since we cannot give half stars, I only give it 3 because it is limited and has some goals that are above its target audience. For example, a toddler will not be able to read independently. I think it would be good to have an option to read the whole page and demonstrate the numbers as the number is touched (i.e. flashing the number's target trait, or counting them as a child touched each object relevant to the number). Also, guidance in puzzles, such as dotted line

General review I like this app for its educational content and engaging graphics and lack of social media links. There is a lot to explore and learn, but it is overpriced at the regular price of $2.99, and the good value at $.99. Adding options to have the whole page read, doing a counting presentation for the numeracy, and dotted lines for puzzle piece placement would make it worth the full price and better suited to its young audience.

Sherri B.

What I liked Cutie Monsters - Jugsaw puzzles combines a great combination of learning and fun, the adorable monsters that are non-threatening to the child and the numeracy that is great for young learners to engage and learn. The colors are beautiful without being distracting or overbearing, it ads to the app wonderfully. I really enjoy the categories that they offer, I would like to see a read to me added. The animations and sounds are really enjoyable and had my son giggling through the app.

Improvements I would love to see the app expanded to include more adorable monsters and increasing levels to keep the child learning and growing and not get bored. I would like to see a read to me option added, my son is to young to read and even with the touch words option he doesn't touch the words in order

General review Cutie Monsters - Jigsaw Puzzles is a well made app that combines play and learning in one. The colors are bright and enjoyable and the sounds and narration are not boring or obnoxious. I love the adorable monsters that are not scary to a young child but leave them laughing and wanting to play more.

Libby C.

What I liked There is a nice "wooden puzzle" feel to the graphics in the app. Graphics are bright and appealing. You can turn off the background music easily on the opening screen. Words are large and clear with a good font for reading. Option to have each word of the text spoken, or read to yourself. When you touch the monster a number appears. Numbers are highlighted and spoken when touched. Puzzles are in just a few pieces which move smoothly and snap into place, making it easy for very young children.

Improvements There are only 7 monsters in the book, so some appear twice. It's not always clear what to count- teeth, mushrooms, stripes are too small. The monsters, though cute, are a stock image not best suited to a number book. Separate items which you could touch and have the numbers pop up would work better. When you try to count the items, there is a funny noise and the monster moves, but this does not help kids to count.Tracing the number would be a good added feature. When you complete a puzzle, the cheering and spinning was alarming to some kids. You can't see all of the pieces.

General review This is a visually appealing app with an old fashioned wooden puzzle feel. Some of the counting items, such as teeth and stripes on a tail, are difficult to count because they are too small. Kids cannot easily distinguish and touch the items to count them. When you finish a puzzle, the image spins and there is loud cheering which was alarming to some of my students. Not enough content or educational value currently for me to recommend it.

Courtney D.

What I liked I like the concept of the app. I think it is a great idea and the intent is apparent. I like that the monsters each have something going on around them that is tied to the numerals to allow for counting to occur. I love that there is a touch to hear option for the words, so that users can have access to that. The jigsaw puzzles were cute and applicable as well.

Improvements Some of the numbers were extremely hard to understand. The upper numbers 6-10, were, for the most part, okay, but the lower numbers seemed abrupt and cut off. I wish there was a "listen to" option. So many of the users that would benefit from this do not have the ability to read yet. Also, in the "read to self" option, it would be a great way to tie in your "touch to hear" concept. If the user is reading to self, and they need help with a word, then they can touch it. Another idea is to have the objects that the number pertains to count out loud. It would allow the user to hear all numbers.

General review I'm struggling with my thoughts on this because I like the concept, but there are pieces missing that make it hard to justify the $0.99. That being said, I think it is a great app with great potential and it has a variety of skill sets built into it for learning. The app allows for counting, vocabulary building, following directions, and more. I think, with a few minor changes, this would be a great app for young users!