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App description: Matryoshka! is a smart and fun puzzle for kids and toddlers, inspired by the classical Russian nesting dolls. Educational content and skills developed: ✰ concentration and coordination ✰ size discrimination and sequencing ✰ learning the importance of organization ✰ various themes to discover: animals, dinosaurs, professions, transports,...

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/app/matryoshka!-deluxe-for-kids/id616038955?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Stanislas H.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. The application has really good visuals, vivid colors that attract the kids and a nice and happy music that they enjoy.
2. The content I got for 1 dollar is very good. There are a lot of games to play from all kind of categories.
3. The last matryoshka (that I thought it was a time test) is very nice. The kids can test what they learned in a very nice and elegant way.
4. The 3 second press on the menu button is a nice safety touch.

Improvements 1. Most of the animals are well done and the kids can recognize them, but there are some animals that are not very well made and kids keep asking what are whey. This needs some improvements and maybe adding a voice that speaks out the animal when we tap on it.
2. After we finished repacking the dolls, the mini-game appeared and we had to tap on a lot of different things. It's hard for an adult to get them all, but kids are way slower, so you can imagine what happens.
3. A short tutorial at the beginning of the game would be a nice touch, not all people know what martyoshka is.

General review This is a very good educational tool for kids and toddlers. The visuals are very pleasant and the music is perfect for this game. The value is certainly here because I paid a dollar and I get a lot of content. Overall, a 5 star application that needs some very small changes to make it perfect.

Samantha L.

What I liked I love the graphics and ease of gameplay. It's cute without being overly toddler-infield, and easy to use (love having to press and hold to get into the parents section!!) with or without an adult's help. I played it myself before I brought my toddler in to play with it and handed it off to him without a word to see what he'd do. He picked the monster set, moved them around and took them apart, then worked to put them back together. He did need me to step in and help him figure out the order to put them back together in, but only needed minor prompting to do it himself afterwards.

Improvements I would like to see a few more sets, like a multicultural family or a class of students with differing abilities, but that's just because I like to work these into a lot of activities we work on. Also, the animations at the end of each set (and at the end of the challenge) are a little too long for my impatient kids, so it would be nice to either shorten the animations at the end of have a setting to change length or turn them off altogether. It would also be nice to label the characters, either in my own voice or a prerecorded voice included, to work some on speech and language skills.

General review This is a good app to work on skills like identifying sizes, working on sequencing based on the sizes, and some minor fine motor skills/coordination. I would recommend it for ages 2 and up from my own experience, but it could be used for any age when ready to work on these skills. I'll certainly be recommending this app to all our therapists and teachers.

Christy S.

What I liked In this app, the graphics are wonderful along with the sound effects. The concepts of sequencing and size discrimination are a great foundation for math skills. The app gave the option of going from bigger to smaller and smaller to bigger when stacking the nesting dolls. The visuals were very engaging and the various nesting dolls gave a choice for the child to choose and experience.

Improvements For the skills and concept of this app, I would not change a lot. Perhaps something could be developed extending the concept of size discrimination and sequencing using number or showing the amount of a number and having the child sequence it in that manner.

General review I enjoyed using this app as the graphics were visually appealing and the sounds were used appropriately. The concepts that the developers were targeting: concentration and coordination, size discrimination and sequencing, and learning organization were present in this app. There were many options to choose from among the nesting dolls and the sequencing went from small to big and big to small.

Cheryle D.

What I liked This is a great app! I liked all of the different themes throughout. The music was lively and appropriate with each theme. The backgrounds and graphics were engaging and colorful. It's a good app to work on size comparisons, vocabulary, and concepts. I really like that there is a parental lock as well.

Improvements The mini games where you pop the balloons, bubbles, etc...at the end were a little long. There was no way that I could see to stop it or skip it. Adding a button to skip it would be nice so you can choose to play, play for a little bit, or just not play it at all.

It would be nice to have levels for each scene. Some had so many it was overwhelming for some students. The first level could be with only 3 items for young children or special needs children. The other levels can gradually add more dolls. It would be fun to guess what the addition would be for the next levels too.

General review This is a nice app that incorporates a lot of different themes using nesting dolls. The graphics and music are engaging and fun. It's a nice app to work on vocabulary with the different themes and dolls. Concepts such as comparing sizes and comparatives and superlatives can also be targeted with this app.

Kate M.

What I liked I am a huge fan of nesting doll toys for working on coordination and problem solving skills. I was naturally drawn to this app, with super graphics and a variety of themes to choose from. The music and sounds were very appealing. I liked that the lids flew to the top of the screen to stay separated from the bottom halves. My child's activity was saved right where she left off when we needed to close the app and come back later.

Improvements It was not intuitive on what you actually do. I would greatly appreciate directions/instructions for the app. It was not clear from the start, and the challenge mode worked different from the other nesting doll sets, again making me wish for more instruction. I had to play with it first in order to give my kids verbal prompts along the way.

General review I was quickly drawn to this app utilizing nesting dolls! Super graphics and 9 different scenes to choose from plus a challenge mode, makes it easy to engage children of all interests. This app helps develop perceptual skills, and is helpful for children in preschool and those older working on problem solving and perceptual skills. However, the lack of directions on what to do makes me waiting for an app update already.

Maria B.

What I liked I like the sound and graphics on this game. The music is fun and encouraging for little minds to explore the dolls. We specially like the football doll where the dolls have numbers and my son lines up the dolls according to the numbers and restack it that way too.

Improvements I would like to have more instructions or cues to guide children and parents when you first open the app. I had to look for the help section and though it is great it will be more helpful if it is incorporated within the app rather than opening up to a new browser.

Also, in the challenge section, it is better when a cue is provided to say, "hey it's not done yet", perhaps a quick buzzing sound. The child is able to leave at any one time and this does not distinguish the section from the others.

General review Matryoshka dolls app is a cute little puzzle game for young children. I had Matryoshka dolls as a young girl and it was always a fun game because although you know that there are dolls inside, as a child you have a feeling like "surprise!" and this app attempts to project that feeling for a whole generation being raised in the digital age.

Ricki B.

What I liked 1. Cute graphics, sound effects of animals, kids clap & say hurray, and varied background scenes
2. 10 Puzzles with different themes – like that the top goes to the top of the screen and you can move the pieces around. Like that piece bounces back if it is not the right one.
3. Like the price .99
4. Popping reward at end of each puzzle
5. Teach early skills - Critical thinking – ability to sequence in the proper size order , concepts in & out, top & bottom. Child can learn to self-correct
6. Back button

Improvements 1. Would like to be able to turn off the music
2. Help button does not have any info except for email address
3. Would like to have 2 settings an “easy” button- have a “hint” button when child doesn’t complete puzzle correctly and “difficult” button- to make the puzzle more challenging give the user an option to move all of the pieces either to the top or the bottom to make the puzzle harder
4. On the reward screen, would like to see back button too. Would like to be able to access all the reward screens – always looking for activities to work on cause & effect.

General review This app consists of 10 unique nesting puzzles that contain graphics and sound effects which attract a young child’s attention. It provides opportunities for learning size sequencing and basic concepts such as in,out, top, bottom. It also engages the child in simple critical thinking skills of how pieces fit together and what comes next. This app rewards the child with clapping and horray’s and popping balloons,etc. Lot's of fun & only .99!

mandy N.

What I liked I think the characters are cute and friendly in this app. I love the little noises they make as you take apart and move each character. I also like how the "adult" stuff is locked in the app so children don't get onto stuff they shouldn't be in within the app :)

Improvements My kids found it a bit tough at first to get the characters apart for some reason but once they figured it out they moved right along. Maybe some directions at first would be good to have included. I would also like to see where you could turn off the music in the background but keep the sounds.

General review The app is cute, friendly, and easy to use. There is many different characters included that include many different sounds to explore. Wonderful starter app for young toddlers/early preK but may get a bit boring for any older then that. Defiantly worth the 99cents :)

Andy B.

What I liked 3/4 testers enjoyed playing Matryoshka! they especially liked the variety of doll sets, cool themes, high quality backgrounds, themed music and cool sound effects, they really added to the enjoyment. Poppy loved the closing sequences and did a victory dance to the music. All kids enjoyed popping the end of level rewards. The competition mode was great for older ones.
Jake rated 5/5 - liked the monsters best & the detail of doll illustrations,
Poppy rated 4/5 - liked the spooky one best & the butterflies end of the level.
Finn rated 4/5 - liked the dinosaurs & the challenge end of level

Improvements Lacked instructions - how to open, move, play sounds.
Poppy struggled to move dolls & would keep seperating by mistake
Poppy would try & use two hands/fingers to separate the dolls
Add a randomize mode to spice it up
Add the ability to shuffle unpacked doll pieces for the older ones
Add a solve button to pack or unpack dolls maybe, for little ones
Add different levels of difficulty, as poppy would often click hard ones & get a little frustrated. Harder levels have a 'time challenge'
Add a level related to the 'lady that swallowed the fly'
Jake asked for option to create dolls from photo

General review Everyone loves Russian Dolls, especially the fun of unlocking the surprises inside & seeing just how many levels there are. Matryoshka! Deluxe looks great and didn't disappoint, it provides fun and repeat play for all ages and has lots of themes to choose from with great rewards at the end of each level. The price is right and the format lends itself for great future seasonal additions. Another great app from Kidoteca!

Shelly M.

What I liked The illustrations of, and the variety of, the nesting dolls were outstanding. I especially liked that there were community workers of varying ethnicities. I liked that there were nesting dolls of equal appeal to preschool boys and girls. The skills taught via the App, sorting, matching, and critical thinking are age appropriate and important skills for preschool age children to master. I particulary like the fact that access to other Apps and the internet is protected by requiring a three second push on the button on the opening page of the App.

Improvements I would like to be able to toggle off the music. While the theme of the music is matched to the theme of the dolls and is unoffensive until it repeats, it could be a distraction or irritant to a child who needs to focus his/her attention. I would like to see more positive reinforcement each time the player puts a doll together correctly rather than the reinforcement coming only after the entire task is accomplished. Also, I would like to see a demonstration that plays showing the tasks to be accomplished before a child can start the tasks.

General review A good App to teach and reinforce preschool age children sorting, matching and critical thinking skills in a fun way. Parental involvement to demonstrate the tasks to be accomplished in the App will be needed in most cases. Varying nesting dolls are multi-cultural and depict community workers among other things. The App is beautifully illustrated and will be of equal appeal to boys and girls. This will hold their attention for quite some time.