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He is Risen, An Easter Story [text]

App description: He is Risen: An Easter Story is an engaging, enhanced storybook app about the miraculous Resurrection of Jesus. The app expertly combines interactivity and technology with classic art and animation for a contemporary reading experience. Features include two reading levels, learning games, coloring pages and NEST Family Chat.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/he-is-risen-an-easter-story/id621763642?ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2

Total reviews: 20

Developer: Carmen H.

Kristy Lee G.

What I liked I loved the pictures on each page of the book. The graphics were great and added a lot to the storyline. I also really liked having lots of other games to play that add to the storyline. In particular, we liked the easy word jumble. I do wish it were capable of dragging the letters around.

Improvements The maze is just too difficult to use for kids. I had trouble using it as an adult! The path needs to be wider and the touches more responsive. My finger kept getting ahead of the figure and losing connection with the path or figure. It took too much effort to navigate and was inconsistent with the accuracy.

I would also like to see page swipe on the book, similar to how kindle and other digital books do it.

General review All in all, I like the concept of this app. I think you have some great ideas. I do think it needs some more flourish spent on the implementation. It's a bit slow and heavy with the transitions and it lacks some of the standard and expected features that help in intuitive usability (ie. page swipe on the book and dragging for the word games).

Nico D.

What I liked 1. The visuals are very well done, high quality graphics, good artwork in the book.
2. I like the "early readers" and "advanced" options. Very nicely made and very useful feature for adults or kids.
3. The "paint" section and "activities" section are some good content that I get for free, presented in a very nice way.

Improvements 1. When we read the book, I would like to be a way to auto-turn the page and after I finished the book it would be nice to have a button to go "home" without searching threw the menu.
2. The paint section is nice, but I would like to see more colors in some way. You could add something for me to make my own color or combine two of them.
3. It would be very nice to add more languages. Thiis is a very good application and I would like to see it get more attention.

General review This is a wonderful application to have on my iPad. The quality is very high and the structure of the story is great. Some other mini-games add to the value of this app and I can definitely say this is a 5 star book worth every penny, especially with the Easter fresh in our minds.

Nerissa S.

What I liked I love the message that this app delivers. While my children learn through the loving and peaceful teachings about Jesus they are also building vocabulary and creativity skills. The animation in the story is detailed and intriguing.
The open ended questions at the end of the story are great discussion starters for my kids after we read the story.

Improvements I would like to see the games tweaked. A "Back" button on the maze and painting games. I would like some changes in the word jumble, like the ability to keep the letter in the tile in between finding words. The maze needs to. Be better touch sensitive. My kids got frustrated.
In the story some animation or interactions would hold the attention of some of the younger readers.

General review This app is perfect for a Christian family looking to teach a child between the ages of 4-8 about Jesus.
The activities are fun and add a nice balance between reading and playing.
There are several options for the text replaying. The "Read To me" is my kids favorite although I with is had an "auto turn page" button.
My kids really enjoyed this Book App. After a few tweaks it will be a solid app worth the price!

Misty G.

What I liked This is a great app to help tell the resurrection of Jesus. The different reading levels helps the book appeal to a wider audience. The pages are easy to read, and the colors are bright and fit with the story. I like th e additional activities like the maze and coloring pages.

Improvements I think this is a great app for the story. It is intersecting and holds a child's interests for the most part. I would like to see more interactions or animations rather than just the one picture on each page. I know my children were looking for more things to do with the pictures expecting them to move or change.i think it would be nice to have bible passages in there so you can look up where that came from in the bible.

General review Overall I think this is a great app. The story line is perfect, and the pictures on each page are nice and colorful. I like the maze and word search in activities. I would like to see more interactive areas throu the story because it is a longer story, and kids can lose interest quickly. This is one of those stories you want them to grasp the whole way through!

mandy N.

What I liked I love the pictures in the book. They are bright, colorful, and very well done. The three different ways of reading are great for many ages. I love the read and learn as it really helps out beginner readers. The story itself is very well done especially for the age groups this story is for. I also love the extra activities it includes.

Improvements I would love to see the activities added to the main menu so they are more noticable. The menu screen is great but if they were included along with the ways to read I think the kids would be able to find it easier. I also would like to see in the read to me where the pages advance themselves without having to push a button.

General review This story is very well done. The pictures are very well done in the story and the three different ways reading are great for kids espcially the read and learn. The activities are done many different ways to include the younger and older readers in them :)

Christy S.

What I liked The app has 3 options to choose from on the main page. The Read to Me feature reads the story, highlights the text as the narrator read the story, and the narrator's voice is clear to the listener. The option to choose to go back or proceed to the next page allows reader to control the pace of the story. The Read and Learn feature was great as the reader could touch the text and the word is read aloud. The illustrations were age appropriate and clearly reflected the text.

Improvements Perhaps in future versions, there might be an option dedicated to each character with a character mini-bio. One could also put reading comprehension questions (multiple choice) as an option and use the Easter story as a reading lesson. Also, an option could be to have a game to put some of the events in sequential order.

General review In my opinion, this is a great app to teach or read more about the Easter Story. Not only does the child learn what happened to Jesus, they have the opportunity to read the story in different formats to scaffold their learning. With clear narration and the graphics that were age appropriate, this app is a wonderful addition to a child's e-library.

Lynn G.

What I liked This picture book has great illustrations. The accommodations for reading levels are thought out and delivered appropriately. A child can choose to have the story read aloud (with words highlighted as read), can read to him/herself and tap words to be read aloud, or read silently without narration or pop ups. Options include setting the reading pace, the background music and sound levels. The Family Chat discussion at the end of the story is a nice touch for adding family discussion of the story. I personally appreciate the addition of Scripture references in the Advanced Mode.

Improvements The only improvements I can recommend are 1) more interactions on the part of the reader (ex: tap the stone to roll it away from the opening of the tomb or tap on a character in the story to hear what they said) and 2) a definition of the word that is tapped by the reader. The story may be too long for young learners (based on the 4+ rating), but the developers addressed that by allowing the reader to choose the page to open the story at a later time.

General review This app should appeal to a broad range of ages. Not only can the story be read aloud, the reader can choose to read silently without interruption. The illustrations are nice, as is the ability to explore Scriptural references if desired. The activities are fun and leveled so that a variety of skills are addressed.

Frances A.

What I liked He is Risen is a very nice app explaining the true meaning behind Easter and why we celebrate it. The illustration are beautiful and I liked that the pictures changed and if the pictures were flowing with the story. I liked that there were multiple options to read the book, learn and plenty of activities for follow up with children such as a word search, mazes and painting. I like that the activities have a variety of levels of difficulties appropriate for a wide range of children. My favorite activity is the painting because children can take a picture of what they painted, which is nice.

Improvements Updates that I would like to see in future versions:
- Even though this is a beautiful story it isn't actually 100% accurate. I would actually like to see this more accurate to the bible. This way this app can be a reinforcement of what children have learned and read already.
- The read to me part of the app should have an auto-play feature where children should not have to turn the pages themselves. I think this would be more effective.
- I would like a version for younger learners as an option. I would like to see larger pictures and simpler text still conveying the meaning of Easter.

General review Overall I think this is a wonderful book for children showing the meaning of Easter. I like the vivid images that are almost a mini movie as you turn the pages. I think that the app if engaging and can support learning. I like that there are two different reading level (but I would like to see an easier on added). Also, it is not only a nice book but there are plenty of games to keep children interested which is an excellent addition to the story

melissa r.

What I liked Loved the feel of the app as a whole and the various sections. Great value for money. Graphics are brilliant and help hold the attention of younger members for the family. Love the activities for the various ages, helps to reinforce the story and their understanding. Also liked that individual readers can press on a word they struggle with to hear it said out loud.

Improvements We felt that the story needed a better opening to give children more of an idea who Jesus was and why he was crucified. Would like to be able to tap on the animations and have them take up the full screen as often after reading the text the children then want to look at and discuss what they see. Would be awesome to maybe have a short version and a long version of story for the various concentration levels.

General review A fantastic app that is great value for money. Brilliant graphics and is a user friendly app easily operated by adult or child alike. I appreciated that it didn't focus on the more gruesome side of the story like some app as it kept it appropriate for all age groups. Would like an extra paragraph at beginning explaining who Jesus was to help new believers and younger holders of the faith.

sandy g.

What I liked As a teacher in a Christian school I love that this app does a great job of telling the story of Easter to youngsters. It is on their level while still being educational. The inflection used is great for youngsters who are just learning to read to hear. I like the advanced mode that shared additional information for both the child reading as well as being helpful to an adult sharing this app with their child. The Family Chat at the conclusion makes for great interaction and discussion between parent and child.

Improvements I like the forward and back buttons but wish there was a mode where the pages would turn automatically. I like the advanced mode but did not realize it was an option until I went to the more help section. I would like to see this option more prevalent on the home screen. I would also like to see more colors available on the coloring pages.

General review I loved this app when teaching the story to my class of kindergartners. The highlighting of the words while it was being read made it easy for the children to follow along. The additional information in the advanced mode helps this app grow as the child comprehension level increases. The ability to choose what pages you want additional information is a great feature.

Erica M.

What I liked I liked the real authentic feel of the book while reading the story. I liked the speaker reading to you. It was a nice pace and not annoying like some read to me stories. I love the fact that there are activities to go alone with the story in both easy and hard levels.

Improvements I would love to see an addition of more to the story. I don't like where the story starts I guess. But that is my own opinion. It just feels odd. I would like to see additional activities added in future updates or even as paid in app purchases. I think for $2.99 you get a lot for your money for this book.

General review Overall this is a really nice put together app for all age levels. My whole family enjoyed it, and we had the privilege of getting the app right in time for Easter. The addition of activities that go along with the story is a great touch and helps with comprehension! I would recommend this app to family and friends.

Courtney D.

What I liked I appreciate that the story is written in a language that is understood by children. The narrator has a great voice and has inflections that are appropriate. I liked the coloring pages and different activities. I think this a great story for building vocabulary about Easter. I think the story is easy to follow and is a true representation of the Easter story.

Improvements It is a bit wordy for young readers; however, I don't know how this can be changed and still reflect all the detail. I think the ability to swipe to change the page would be a great addition. Pushing the next button gets to be somewhat cumbersome. That is certainly just personal preference!

General review A great depiction of the Easter story with great activities and coloring pages to accompany it. This book has a lot of true information portrayed in child friendly terms. This has a "read to me" option with a narrator who does a great job. The voice is not monotone or slow paced. Is your child working on reading? They can read independently but highlight words for those to be said, if necessary.

Charlene E.

What I liked I liked that you could Read the story in three different ways. I was easily able to navigate my way through the interface. My favourite part are the acitivities. I liked the different range of activities and that there were easy as well as hard activities which would appeal to a range of different age groups. The home screen music is pleasant and appropriate to this kind of story. The narration was clear and my son can easily follow the words because they were highlighted. I liked that if I changed how I wanted the book read, I can start over or i can just carry on from where i left off.

Improvements I would like to see more pictures for every page - page 1 & 2 had no pictures in the story book. The most disappointing part of the App is that that story is not completely Biblical has some extra-Biblical additions - for instance the boy Daniel, what Mary Magdaline said. I appreciate stories that represent the truth of the Bible as close as possible. Also the word apostle should be replaced with disciple as the appointment of apostles had not yet been made. The story does not emphasize with much depth why Christ died and should also perhaps include a salvation message.

General review This App contains a fairly detailed discription of Jesus' Ressurrection and life on earth before he ascended to heaven. The App is appealing to children and without prompting, I found my son went back to look at it. In general, I thought the App has great potential but the story is not historically accurate according to the New King James Bible. I would also appreciate that the story include a salvation message and have more application.

Kaylene M.

What I liked Simply one of the best Christian apps I've seen explaining the Easter story. Praise for the developer in providing explanations on every page to aid the readers understanding. Children in my second grade class loved the app and its simplicity to use independently. For younger readers the coloring pages are beautiful and easy to use. Not often does an app have a wonderful story and coloring pages and also entertaining puzzles and games. I will be using this app for a long time to come.

Improvements Interaction with characters on each page. children were keen to tap on each page to see what may of happened. I would also encourage the use of maps to locate time and place for children to connect with. Older children can relate to time and place concepts which can steer the way for further learning.

General review Fantastic app! Engaging, factual and combines beautifully the old with the new. Technologically enhanced story with two reading levels, this app has it all. Praise for the developer in researching and providing corresponding Bible passages that stimulates further learning. This Easter story captures the reader attention and provides a beautifully illustrated and tech savvy experience. This is an excellent app and great value for money. Love it!!

Caitlin O.

What I liked I like this app. It has a lot of options such as the ability to read as a book or to have it read aloud. I also like that it has various differentiated activities to go along with the story such as the maze and word scramble. The app is colorful and well laid out, with a nice help section for parents.

Improvements I would like to see more interaction within the story part of the book. Like if you click on a picture it talks or moves. I think this would add for interest to children. Also, I was not sure where the informational part was when you read the book and information. I saw in the help section where there was an I for it, but I could not find it.

General review Overall, a nice app with built in features to have the story read to the listener or to read the story yourself. There are colorful pictures and additional differentiated activities to include a maze and a word scramble. There is also a nice help section for parents and caregivers

Nathalie C.

What I liked > Easy to understand text for all kids to grab the story of Jesus.
> Great pictures
> Great reading options
> Great colorbook
> Activities around the book are nice for kids.

Improvements > Would be better to have arrows (back and next pages) at the bottom of the book rather than at the top.
> The narrator voice could be more cheerful as it is quite sad as it is
> Games could be more educational and / or more Biblic story and message related

General review A great way to share Eastern story with kids and between kids and parents. Packed with great illustrations, many reading options and a few games.

Marc Edward D.

What I liked I like the feature where I can select the mode I want when reading the book. I can easily choose if I want the app to read the book for me or choose just make it a plain book. The read and learn is a great feature for kids to learn how to say each word they press in the book. I also like the activities available in the app. My son likes the paint mode.

Improvements I wish to see an easy share button on the Paint mode. Like add a "Share to Facebook", "Share to Twitter" or "Email" share button to easily share the painting on social sites. Current only have save to photo album. Maybe adding a Page selection screen would be nice too.

General review This is a great and entertaining storybook app that is very easy to use and have plenty of fun activities for kids to enjoy. This is a great and fun way for kids to learn about the Resurrection of Jesus. Each pages are well voiced. My son likes the Paint mode.

Bethany P.

What I liked The pictures are well done. The games are fun for children. The story is well written. Since this is for children, it is good that it left out the more bloody aspects of the crucifixion. It is obvious that you tried to use vocabulary that young children would understand. You have good questions for family discussion.

Improvements I would like to see a mention of the fact that it wasn't just "bad men" that did this to Jesus, but that it was to pay for all of our sins. This is an essential part of the story--that we are all sinners. I don't like errorless coloring because it doesn't help motor skills as much as regular coloring.

General review This story is well thought out and interesting. The activities are entertaining and have different levels of difficulty. The text is highlighted as it is read which helps emerging readers. What I don't care for is some of the liberties taken with the story. It has Daniel saying that Jesus looked happy right before he died.

Andrew M.

What I liked Incredible amount of content for the price. I like the fact that the book can be read by a narrator or by the user. Great attention was paid to the continuity of the app - for example, the text in the story is highlighted as the narrator reads - the impressivepart is that the highlighting matches the narrator's (natural and varied) reading speed perfectly. There are lots of extra features and all are designed well and function well.

Improvements Honestly, as a book app, this functions perfectly well. I had to wrack my brain to think of any suggestions for changes, and none were to the book/reading part of the app. Some of the games could be modified - for example, the word search game could give clues if the user takes too long. The mazes could include "fail" sounds and force the character back to the beginning if the wrong path is chosen. The coloring activity could provide smaller fields so that the picture could be colored in more detail. Where it counts, thought, this app is great.

General review A very well designed and beautifully executed app. The app provides the choice of full narration, narration on demand, and no narration. Many games/activities are included; all work well and add tremendously to the value of the app. The attention to detail and the functionality are impressive. Well done.