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App description: Matryoshka! is a smart and fun puzzle for kids and toddlers, inspired by the classical Russian nesting dolls. What seems easy for a grown-up is a real puzzle for a preschool kid; open all the dolls, find the smallest one, and then identify the order of doll sizes to be able to stack them all together again.

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/app/matryoshka!-deluxe-for-kids/id616038955?mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Stanislas H.

Lynn G.

What I liked I love the ease in use of this app--its targeted audience will find it not only easy to play, but entertaining as well. A parent may naturally think this is a girl's game, but there are characters that will be appealing to boys. The puzzles vary in difficulty, so this game will engage a range of ages. The rewards for nesting the dolls correctly are entertaining as well--a different object with each doll. This app is worth the cost.

Improvements I hope the developers will include new nesting dolls in upcoming updates. I think toddlers will be able to master each of the nesting dolls presented in the original app--and enjoy every minute of it--but be ready for new challenges. I would not change anything in this app.

General review This game is perfect for its intended audience--it is interactive, entertaining, engaging, rewarding, and fun. Children ages 5 and under will appreciate the humor in the rewards for each nesting doll--rewards that are specific to each nesting doll. The colors are vibrant and appealing. This app is a winner!

Erica M.

What I liked I like that it resembles the real nesting dolls. Its fun! At first I thought it was a little boring. But my daughter loved it. So I played around with it a little more and found that I really liked that you can time yourself to see how long it takes to do all the nesting dolls.

Improvements I would like to see the addition of a second player option. Even though this is for younger kids, I think it would be fun to compare the speed between brothers and sisters, or even there little friends. The addition of more dolls would be great as well. But as it stands, there is clearly a lot of choices.

General review This is a very simple interactive game. Its a different kind of a puzzle. This app has appeals to all ages. As who does not like the old antique Russian nesting dolls? For the price of the app, you can get many to choose from right on your iPad without having to search the antique stores or auctions. This game is colorful and the scenes changing is a nice touch. I would recommend this app to both teachers and parents alike.

Valerie M.

What I liked This is a fun and extensive app; colorful and engaging! For $0.99 you will have hours of play; working on sequencing, motor planning, number order and so much more. This is a child and family friendly app with no in-app distractions or purchases and a child can explore various themes independently or with a parent.

Improvements Both myself and all the kids who played with it had no real complaints. I would guess it could be more educational if after correctly stacking a doll, the completed character was named/identified. Or, you could add an art component for older kids to design their own nesting set.

General review Kids, young and old will enjoy the brilliant graphics, fun themes, and just good old fashioned play. Kids with disabilities can work on motor skills and kids will learn concentration and critical thinking, sorting and ordering while having fun. Well worth the $0.99, it could grow to identify completed dolls or adding a design component. In short, we loved it!

Erin B.

What I liked I love this simplicity of this app. It takes no explanation to start. My kids (3 and 6) were able to figure out how to play by themselves with no adult assistance. I like that the entire app is a puzzle based on size. All of the themes are attractive to young kids and kept my kids engaged for well over an hour (which is a long time in the virtual world).

Improvements I'd love to see more games. The last option for the game where you match 10 Matryoshka's is great and I'd like to see more like it! Perhaps games to race the clock or match the top and bottom of the Matryoshka based on color, shape, number, letters, etc.

General review I love this app and will be suggesting it to all of my friends with young kids. Matryoshka dolls are typically a set of wooden dolls that nest inside each other. This app takes the wooden dolls and turns them into a matching and size sorting game. There are different themes (from sports, to farm, to community helpers) with great sound effects to match.

melissa r.

What I liked Original and unique app that is very popular with preschoolers. Loads of different "types" of dolls help increase the longevity of the app. I enjoyed the app as a parent especially the educational aspect however it was when my preschooler got her hands on it I truly found its niche. She loved it, and became enthral led in it. She returns to it time and time again. It's not gender specific which is refreshing! Security settings for adults is A+

Improvements Maybe have an arrow either side of main menu to help children to understand that there are more games/levels. Don't particularly like the frankenstein set as feel they are a little young for the scarier type of images. Also maybe a sound affect so children know when they have put the dolls together in wrong order.

General review Absolutely brilliant app. Intuitive, engaging and fun for children. This is definitely more than a one day hit for preschoolers. Progression of dolls helps to challenge children slowly at apace they want ie they can return to easier dolls. Sounds and graphics are fantastic.

Heather T.

What I liked I like all of the different scenes and types of nesting dolls. It was nice to see that there were different numbers of steps in each scene, making it more of a challenge and a little less repetitive. I like the bright colors, relevant sound effects, and the connections to real life. I liked the additional challenge option that gives a score, but I wish the user was told how they would be scored. (Is it by accuracy, speed, or both?)
The celebrations are fun as well! The users love to pop the balloons, etc at the end.

Improvements Sometimes when moving the dolls around, the touch feature seemed to be disoriented. The user would be touching a part on the bottom of the screen, but a piece close to the top would move. This must be some type of bug within the program. In the future, I would like to see some directions on the home screen that could be read aloud when a button is tapped. A young child is not going to automatically know what to do within this app.
On the last option (the one that gives a score), I assume that it is timing the user because of the stopwatch picture, but there is no timer shown during play.

General review This seems like a simple app, but is definitely a challenge for young users. The colors, sounds, and themes are great, but some instructions would be nice to guide users through the app. The most entertaining part may be the celebrations after the user correctly puts the dolls back inside - things flying across the screen that can be tapped and effected.

Frances A.

What I liked Matryoshka! Deluxe was a very fun nd engaging app for children to play. I liked that you had to disassemble each doll as if it was a real Matryoshka doll. I liked that the app used animals and people familiar to children to make the dolls out of. I also like that the last Matryoshka doll was a mini game in which the children had To remember how to put back the dolls from smallest to biggest. It is a great app to work on fine and gross motor skills with young children. Each different matryoshka doll had its own background and music, which was really appealing to the children.

Improvements What I would like to see in a future version is:
- New dolls that are in addition to the Matryoshka in the app now but that are more realistic to what a child would see if they played with a real Matryoshka doll in person. This would help children to relate this to dolls they may see in their house and/or in the house of a family member or friend.
- Additional Matryoshka dolls (same design as now) to play with.

General review Overall I think this game is fun and engaging. It had a parent's section which was very nice, which was locked and prevented children from getting in. This is something that I feel is important in an app. The app was able to hold the child's interest. They enjoy playing in the app moving all of the dolls around. They were able to make their own imaginary scenes without losing the meaning of what the matryoshka dolls were. I hope to see new dolls.

Katy R.

What I liked The graphics are very visually appealing. I like the different scenes and themes, and the music is entertaining. The characters include diverse ethnicities and I like the different facial expressions. The activity of taking apart and putting together the Matryoshka dolls is easy and an appealing task.

Improvements For a younger child, it would be an appealing game but might be challenging. Perhaps a prompt when the child is attempting to connect the wrong top to bottom would be helpful. In other puzzle games, this in done by flashing or highlighting the correct match. Also, in the community workers scene, the background is a classroom, but there is no "teacher" doll.

General review Matryoshka Deluxe is a visually appealing, clever puzzle app for young children, including nesting dolls with different themes (transportation, community workers, insects, etc.). Children "pull apart" each doll to find another doll inside that matches the theme and then matches the halves in order to nest the dolls again or to play with them in the scene. A fun and sweet app!

Shannon W.

What I liked The illustrations and the music are fantastic. The game is easy to learn and use. I love the Matryoshka doll that has the soccer theme and numbers on the dolls. This reinforces counting concepts from 1 to 11. I also love the "challenge" mode. Not only does it teach a child patience but also size sequencing. A perfect skill for pre-schoolers and kindergarteners to learn. Also, I love how this app teaches fine motor skills! Not many apps can do that!

Improvements Would love to see the alphabet incorporated into the dolls somehow. Like the soccer themed dolls that are wearing numbers perhaps have the dolls wearing letters! This would reinforce letter skills and teach the 26 letters of the alphabet forward and backwards! Also, when you touch the numbered dolls perhaps have a sound that says the number you are touching!

General review My daughter loves playing with real her Matryoshka doll! Now she has virtual dolls to keep her entertained for hours! I would rate this app 5 stars if it had the alphabet somehow incorporated. My daughter has developed better size sequencing skills because of this app. Also, I love this virtual app because there is no risk of her choking on the teeny tiny baby doll that she has with her "real Matryoshka doll"! It's virtual so no choking on parts!

sandy g.

What I liked I like the selection of different nesting dolls. It appeals to both girls and boys. The nesting dolls are also very colorful and appealing to a young child. I also like that the number of nesting dolls varies with the different screens. The reward upon completing the screen will be enjoyed by the child playing the app.

Improvements I like the "challenge" mode of the last set of neting dolls but did not realize that was the purpose until I visited the web site. Although it contains a decent number of nesting dolls I would like to see more nesting dolls included. I do not have any other recommendations as I was very happy with this app.

General review This app would keep a youngster occupied for a extended period of time. It is great for the hand eye coordination of the youngsters. The various themes included with the different nesting dolls makes this app very appealing. The cost of the app appears to very appropriate for the content included.