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ROAR! v1.0 [text]

App description: It's a superfun game for kids where you use your voice to roar like a lion, surprise other animals when they least expect it and make them run away! The game has beautiful artwork and adorable characters and it's the only game that can be entirely controlled by the kid's voice!!

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/roar!!!/id608059173?ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone3G - iPhone3GS - iPhone4 - iPhone4S - iPod4G - iPhone5

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Joe B.

Nico D.

What I liked 1. I like the visuals of the game. The graphics are very well done and the characters are very cute. Kids love them.
2. The concept of the game is certainly unique and very interesting, plus it has lots of potential.
3. The music in the application is enjoyable and the animal sounds are realistic and very funny.
4. I like that you can ROAR! instead of taping the play button. Very nice touch.

Improvements 1. The tutorial is missing. I know it's a basic game (you only have to ROAR!), but I gave this app to a friend and he didn't know what to do it it.
2. The graphics are excellent, but the animations are very bad, you could work on this and make them more fluid.
3. It would be nice if the app only worked with a ROAR, but now it works with almost anything loud the kids say.
4. The price is too high, this app at best should be 1 dollar, if not FREE, because the replay value is just not here. The kids got very bored of the app after they played with it for minutes. The content is very limited.

General review This is an interesting and unique game for kids, with good graphics and funny characters, but with lots of things to improve in a future version. The replay value is just not here and the price of the app is too high for me, because of the limited content.

Andy B.

What I liked - Loved the overall concept and theme, quite original I thought
- Great music and appealing artwork.
- Characters were varied and the animations entertained the kids.
- I liked the shark, the intro scene and the croc running off with TV
- Jake liked the singing animals like the seagulls and birds
- Jake liked the animals talking to themselves (fav Monkey Rated 3/5)
- Finn liked that you could scare animals (fav Croc Rated 4/5)
- Ethan liked how the way the animals ran away (fav Whale Rated 3/5)
- Poppy enjoyed the actual roaring (fav Zebra)

Improvements - The app lacks something, the roaring and scaring is over quite quickly and then there is nothing more.
- Finn tapped the animals, but didn't want to roar (initially)
- Finn would raaa, which didn't really work and he got a bit frustrated, once I told him to say ROAR then he got better results.
- Ethan thinks you should add other animal noises, so the child must Roar, then bark or chirp.
- Animals should come back if you don't roar enough
- Zebra is a little delayed response
- Try different themes, monsters, dinosaurs etc
- Animals should talk to encourage child 'you can't scare me?'

General review ROAR! is a fun way to encourage your child to open up and be confident. The app is fun and upbeat and young children enjoy scaring the animals and seeing their reactions. The app was initially fun, but after completing the three scenes, there was no real interest from the children to do it again, I would like to see some other aspect or mini-game if I was going to recommend the game to others.

Michelle C.

What I liked Both of my children have seen many, many apps but the novelty of using sound to scare the characters had them rolling with laughter, and they are much older than what I would consider the target. They both loved it. I liked the illustrations, the music, and the simple and humerous responses each animal made.

Improvements If the developer wants to aintain the price at 1.99 I think 3 screens will not feel like enough content. I'd prefer to see this app at a Tier 1 price. It is very original and funny, and could be a hit in my opinion, but the price is too high in comparison with more elaborate apps.
I would also like to see the links out of the app behind a parental filter. The icons are not clear, and even I accidently exited the app. Not appropriate or toddlers, and review sites in the U.S. won't like that at all.

General review Overall, I think the devloper has had a very original idea and great use of the iPad's possibilities to advance the story. Kids will love scaring the animals, who have been wonderfully drawn and have humerous animations. We would have liked to find some surprise interaction by touching as well, but at the right price point parents will feel satisfied by its humor and simplicity. This will make more than one baby crack up laughing.

Sherri B.

What I liked ROAR is an app focused more towards small children, it has adorable animals and beautiful illustrations, there are a total of 10 animals your child will Roar into the iPad microphone to scare them off the screen. There is not much interaction in this app which left us wanting more. The sounds are nice and not overly annoying and loud.

Improvements I would love to see more interaction with the characters and objects. I would also like to see more animals and more scenes, The app is very limited and a child will finish it in a few mins and they will eventually get bored. It is a nice app but it can be made great with a few additions!

General review Roar is beautifully illustrated and has a great grasp on what young children enjoy, The animals are simply adorable. I would love an update with more added to make it even better! The app can be used for cause and effect, animal identification an learning about habitats.

melissa r.

What I liked Really cute and attractive graphics. Love the concept. Was surprised to find that even my 4yo couldn't get enough of scaring the animals away. A potentially very noisy app but that is what is so appealing. Great app for more than just one player. Loved the different levels and the lion appearing at end of each level.

Improvements Would like to see something at the beginning showing kids what to do. It's a really basic concept of how to interact with the app but took us awhile to get it going. More levels required for the current price tag. Also would prefer the section that allows you to emailed to be on front page of app and not within the gameplay, I do like that it is hidden out of sight by one click.

General review Really fun app that gets all in the room wanting to play and get involved. My children loved the app and while it is an app for amusement rather than educational I found that it was highly interactive and great for cooperative play between children. Sounds and graphics are fantastic and the variety of animals present is great. For the current price I feel it should have some more levels, even two more would just make it feel more substantial.

Libby C.

What I liked The concept is great, and my kid testers really enjoyed roaring at the animals to make them run away. The graphics are bright and very appealing. The animals react to the roar in different ways. I especially like how the whale goes under the water. The sound effects are cute and there is an option to turn them off at the top of the screen. You can toggle off the settings icons for sound, email and connecting to the app store by touching the picture of a paw on the left.

Improvements There are only 3 scenes, presented in the same order. You must play all 3 before starting over. I'd like to choose a scene from the opening screen. The animals run away in the same way/same sequence each time. Randomization would increase the replay value. The sound input was inconsistent. Sometimes a quiet roar would do the trick but at other times, we had to roar ourselves hoarse to get a reaction. The app needs more interaction, a story line, additional scenes and/or a game to keep kids interest over multiple sessions. Kids can leave the app too easily by touching icons at top of screen.

General review This app has a unique and interesting concept. Kids make the animals react and run away by roaring at them. The graphics are very appealing. But the content is limited to just 3 scenes, presented in the same sequence each time. I feel it needs more interaction, a story line, additional scenes and/or a game to keep kids interest over multiple sessions. It is too easy for kids to access the settings and leave the app for the app store or email.

Courtney D.

What I liked I love that this app has the interactive abilities that correlate with verbal language. I think this is a great app that would work with students who are emerging in verbal language. I love that it requires a specific word for accurate "startling" of animals. When I treid "rear" or "ruler", no reaction occurred, which allowed me to gain the understanding that I needed to say "roar" for any response. I think this is a great tool for use in the speech therapy setting!

Improvements I would love to see the app pertain to other words/sounds. Maybe the ability to say the animal sound to alert the animal. If more than one animal was present, similar to now, then a specific sound could be necessary to remove that animal from the screen. That would allow a wide range of users who have a wide range of abilities to partake in such an enjoyable app. The user would then be able to make the connection between the sound and the animal!

General review A fairly simplistic app that can be used to work on expressive language in and out of the therapy setting. I think this app, though it only targets "roar", is great because the user cannot say words that start and end with "r" that are not "roar" and have a reaction. This builds consistency, works on cause/effect, increases problem solving, and is all around enjoyable! I would certainly recommend it for those with emerging language skills!

Eusebia M.

What I liked The pictures and animals were really cute and silly. The artwork was great. The whale is my favorite. It is nice that the app can be used with a voice response other than a roar. It can be used as a motivator during speech therapy (or in a classroom) for target vocabulary or target sound production.

Improvements This app did not work at all on my iPad. It opened directly to scene one and didn't respond to any voice commands. That was very disappointing. I was a able to use it on my iPhone. It would be nice to have the app respond to a quieter voice. My children got tired of roaring (yelling) very quickly. I couldn't really tell the purpose of the game. My children asked me why we were trying to scare the animals away and I couldn't tell them! Perhaps a little story could help explain and encourage imagination to help with the app. Adding directions under the menu screen would be nice.

General review This app is visually appealing with great artwork and silly characters. It's a nice start to a game for children but needs some more development. There's no identifiable purpose or goal to the game and once the three scenes are done there isn't any reason to play again.

Gadi A.

What I liked The concept of the app is lovely. Watching the expressions of young children when they roar is precious and fun. Seeing their reaction when the animals run away is priceless. The illustrations are simple but effective. The sound effects are perfect, and not too overbearing. The app makes great use of the devices microphone. Overall this is a very cute app.

Improvements There are several enhancements that would make this a 5 star app. The animals could react in differing and more random ways. Please create an interactive mode where little fingers can cause interactions with objects within the app. E.G. Bananas to fall off the tree. What would make the app standout is the ability to snap photos of the children roaring. Wonderful for parents and even more amusing for little ones. To make the app more educational, please add informational snippets about the animals. Please remove access to email and itunes as they are not necessary, and frustrating for parents

General review This is a very cute app with a lot of potential. Watching little ones roaring is precious, seeing them in fits of giggles is priceless. There are several enhancements the developer could make that would ensure a 5 star app. Differing and more random reactions from the animals. Introduce interactive objects that would ensure ongoing interest. Enable the devices camera to snap photos of "want to be" lions.

Dena G.

What I liked I like the different scenes with different animals that needs to be "chased away" This is a very easy and loud game for little ones. The characters and drawing are cute but is one that should be offered as a free game. I can say that I did not like this app, very disappointing.

Improvements There is not any directions to tell you what you need to do. A narrator needs to come on and say what you need to do. I do wish that when you touch the animals you would be able to hear them say something, what sound they make or even a story.

General review There are no words or story to go along with this app. All you need to do is roar to chase the animals away. The downside is there are only three scenes then it starts over. I would be very upset paying 1.99 for this app. While it is rated at ages 4 and up, I would say this app would be for an age maximum of 4. I can not see kids older than 4 staying occupied with this app.