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Math Mathews 1.0 [text]

App description: "Math Mathews" is a serious game made to allow children (and adults !) to practice multiplication tables in a playful and quality environment. It includes : - 3 mini-games created with speech therapists, based on three different methods to practice math - monitoring tools for parents to track progress - a safe environment (no ads or IAP)

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/math-mathews/id611130011?l=fr&ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad2 - iPad3

Total reviews: 10

Developer: Vanessa K.

Misty G.

What I liked I like the graphics in this app. The colors and characters are great and really draw kids in. I like the different ways you have to solve the problems on each level. The ability to keep track of the progress made on this game is a great feature. I also like the practice area where you can practice multiplication facts and personalize it to the multiplication families that you may need to work on. The ships log is a great read.

Improvements I enjoyed this app and would purchase as is. As a future suggestion, I would like to see the math families go up to 12 since that is typically the range of the multiplication table students are asked to memorize. The ability to chose different levels and families would allow kids to move up as they learn.

General review Math Mathews is a fun and engaging app that helps kids learn and practice basic math. I like the way the problems are mixed around and the variety of the problems. The animation is great. I love the timed problems where if you don't solve them eithin a specified time, something happens to the characters. It makes you think fast! I like the different levels and goals that make it more like solving a puzzle rather than practicing math skills!

Nico D.

What I liked 1. I like the gameplay of the application. It doesn't have only one game mode and this is very nice because kids get bored of the same thing after a short period of time.
2. The graphics are very good, colorful and professionally design. And so are the characters!
3. The practice section is very well made, with specific numbers and statistics on the left.

Improvements 1. This is a kids application too, so, it would be very nice if the characters would speak out and not let the kid read all of the story.
2. The "back" button is design to look more as a "replay" button and this is kind of confusing.
3. The loading time for every menu I open is annoying after you spend some time in the app.
4. I didn't see any difficulty options and for a 4 year old kid is too hard to collect all the coins and drag all the chests. Please add some options to enhance the gameplay in a future version of the application.

General review This is a good way for your kid to learn basic math in a nice game environment. The visuals are excellent and the gameplay is well done and different. There are a few cosmetic problems, but nothing majore for me, so I have to give this app a 5 star rating.

sandy g.

What I liked I loved the fast pace of this app. I liked that the app is divided into three sections with each section focusing on a different part of the mathematical equation. I like that this app not only work on finding the product by also required that you input the factors in two of the sections. I also like the practice section.

Improvements I wish you could have the option in a settings area where you could chose the factors that you wanted to be included in the problems. I would like to see the factors go up the number twelve as I feel this is what is being taught in our school systems.

General review The game part of this app is great for practicing and drilling the multiplication tables once they have been learned. The practice area would be a great place for these beginning to memorize their multiplication tables to begin. This app allows both the beginner and the master of multiplication to have success.

Holly A.

What I liked What a great way to practice multiplication facts though an adventure. The app was fast moving, engaging, visually pleasing and academic. Practicing rote facts can be tedious but this is a fun way to practice a basic skill. I also liked that the app had a story, an adventurous way to play a game to practice a skill and a report card.

Improvements I really liked the app. The only thing I can think to add as an improvement is for addition, subtraction and division problems to be added to the app. I would also like to see the coins cashed in for loot, no pun intended. It would be fun to let the user purchase a ship and put treasures, etc... with the earned coins on the ship as a reward.

General review I thought this app was great. I felt is held the attention of the user. The story, as told by the pirate, was cheeky and entertaining, perfect for third through fifth graders. As a teacher and parent, I loved the reportcard. I like to see feedback and I know children like to see their growth as well.

Kristy Lee G.

What I liked I absolutely love the drawings as well as the storyline! The handdrawn style gives it a lot of character. So adorable. My nephew and I had a blast reading through the "ship's log" and learning the story behind it. Combining math with pirates is a great idea.

Improvements For the most part, I quite enjoyed the app. The music was engaging and interesting, the animation was cute and fun. My only qualm was I kept getting the same multiplication problems. I would like there to be a bit more variety and challenge with the multiplication problems.

General review Overall, I thought the app was great. It's a great way for kids to learn their multiplication and practice without the stress of of timetables. The story line and the artwork was fantastic. I particularly enjoyed reading the history behind the characters

Michelle C.

What I liked The concept of a math game including pirates, danger and videogame playability is an original use of technology, both for teachers and parents. We all liked the illustration, music and overall look of the game. The games were designed to practice different parts of multiplication and were quite fun, good prizes and gentle feedback if you err, we found the lava platform to be wuite a bit harder/faster than the other two.

Improvements We found the story to be a bit too long, especially without narration. My eldest user is just below the target age, but even so the text was too complex for him. Maybe a shorter version would be an option, or narration of course.
The options provided in the parental control were great for us, but it is a pity that the restrictions do not extend into the game mode.
The games felt a little long for us, but again we're a bit under the target age so I hope you get good feedback my others with older kids.

General review This app contains 3 mini games for practicing your multiplication tables, all within a general story about a pirate that has been put under a curse. There is an elaborate story written with humor as well as a multi-tiered prize room where you must collect pieces from the onus rounds inmeach mini game. We were entertained and enjoyed the games, although we found each round to feel too long. As a parent I liked the stats and statistics, too.

Cheryle D.

What I liked I liked that you had three different sections to work on multiplication facts. This made it more fun and not as monotonous. It also combined the learning aspect with some actual game play instead of just a simple reward type of app. I liked the story line to go with the app as well so you can really get into the story more.

Improvements Wow, I was shocked in the diary section that "damn" was in there...this should be changed immediately! I do not want my children using this language and I don't think it should be in this app! Not too thrilled with "idiot" in there either! He's a pirate, so call him a scalywag or something else.

"to" was written twice in this section as well on the sixth page.

The lava section timer was a little too fast. It is a lot more difficult to get the correct numbers on this one and this one was pretty frustrating for my kids. All three sections may be too fast for struggling math students.

General review This is a nice app to work on multiplication facts. It makes it fun to learn instead of just drill work. There are three different sections to play and it is engaging and fun. My son does not like doing any kind of math apps and he actually liked this one. That is definitely a plus!

Courtney D.

What I liked The interaction throughout the app was a great addition. I loved the concept of a storyline when working on mathematics. I also love that the users can have equations identified that would be best targets for their practice. I found the mini-games to be engaging to myself, even though I am not learning the facts anymore. It definitely is a game suitable for people of all ages; however, I would find more appeal to classroom teachers. This would be a great reinforcer within the classroom setting.

Improvements I would like the opportunity to have reinforcement that would assist in gaining the skills rather than just quizzing them. In the practice section, I had a problem that I answered incorrectly and saw the response 54>63, or something of similarity. That is confusing because 54 is not greater than 63, but I understood that 63 was the correct answer and made that connection. I think this was only a possibility because I know my math facts. That problem solving may not occur for those that are learning.

General review An engaging, exciting, addicting interactive approach to learning math facts. This app allows the user to track specific math facts and thus works for a variety of children, whether that is by age, or mathematical ability. There are reinforcements for accuracy throughout the app, which are a bonus as well. This is an app that would work great within a classroom setting as a reward and reinforcer!

Frances A.

What I liked Math Matthews is a wonderfully engaging app for children in which they play a serious of three games in which they find answers to multiplication problems in order to advance the level. The bonus rounds are quite fun and filled with multiplication problems along with coins and treasures children can find along their way. The visuals images and characters are wonderful and the game itself is a different but excellent way to teach children multiplication. I love that children learn multiplication in a different format, one for each game which makes a child's learning complete.

Improvements In future versions I would like to see:
- An added level to go above the basic 1-9 multiplication table.
- A level or problems dealing with the multiplication of a number and "0"
- An additional practice mode that is more like the problems and in the fashion they will see within the game itself.

General review Math Matthews is an absolutely amazing app. The practice round is wonderful and it holds a stress free way to play and learn. Overall, it is an excellent way to practice and reinforce skills in multiplication. The description of this app is correct when it states the game provides a playful and quality environment for learning. I would recommend this app for parents and educators that are working on multiplication skills with their children.

Nathalie C.

What I liked > Great game, that succeeds in staying a game, while grabing the really serious issue of learning and training kids with multiplication tables.
> Great gameplay, scenario, graphics
> Great ways of studying tables
> Great lenght of play and replayability

Improvements > Text is nice but could be better explained.
> Game happen to crash sometimes.
> Games are too long and there are no options available to get shorters games
> There are not enough parameters (more than one player, only certain tables, quicker or not, etc.)

General review A great real game to grab times tables and train, train, train to succeed. A nice and really good "serious game" that will give great fun time but also be very useful. A "not to miss" app.