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Playroom - Lessons with Max, version 1.0.1 [text]

App description: Playroom: Lessons with Max is 5 games in 1 for toddlers and preschoolers to help strengthen early learning skills in a simple but challenging environment with an adorable kitty named Max.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/playroom-lessons-with-max/id594801439?l=ru&ls=1&mt=8

iDevices used for the reviews: iPad1 - iPad2 - iPad3 - iPhone4S

Total reviews: 5

Developer: Svetlana K.

Sherri B.

What I liked I liked that Playroom-Lessons with Max covers various learning concepts that children need to learn to prepare for school.
The memory game is great for practicing patience and help the child develop concentration they will need to succeed. The colors and number section is wonderful, it teaches 2 skills at once, the child learns their basic colors while learning number recognition and counting skills. The puzzle is fun and helps with fine motor skills. My son enjoyed the Peek a Boo game, I had to assist him sometimes if he could not find an item but he did great overall. A great learning suite

Improvements I would love to see a game with letters of the Alphabet added, basic to begin with Letter recognition then a game with letters and their sounds similar to the color and shape game.. I would also love to see them add more numbers so a child can advance in their learning, some more colors and shapes to keep challenging them to learn and grow in their learning.

General review Overall, Playroom Lessons with Max is a well rounded learning app for pre-schoolers or children with special needs. It is colorful and has great graphics and sounds. My 3 year old really enjoys playing with max and will ask to play the "Max game" This is an app I can feel good letting my child play anytime he asks for screen time!

Eusebia M.

What I liked I like a lot about this app! I always go to the settings first with a new app. I love the customizable reinforcement and the ability to turn the sounds on/off. The screens are bright, colorful and interesting. Peekaboo is loaded with interesting vocabulary, opportunities for categories, following commands and sentence formulation.The sorting in C&N is a great basic concept game with the number recognition added. That would also be great for following conditional directions. I LOVE the in-app purchases under the lock in the settings. Awesome! Big deal in children's apps

Improvements There were a few things I think would make the app even better. There were a few glitches: the app tuned off a few times when I went back to the home page and I recorded a voice over for "Nice Work" and it didn't play. I couldn't tell if I did something wrong. I would've liked the option to have the directions read aloud and the option for computer generated praise.

General review Great app for preschoolers. It's very colorful and easy for little hands to manipulate. Each games has basic concepts integrated with play. This is a great app for speech/language impaired students. There are lots of opportunities for vocabulary development, sentence formulation, sorting, categorization, and conditional commands.

Libby C.

What I liked The graphics are bright and vibrant and the theme is adorable. There is a nice variety of games and I particularly like that you can play all the games at once with the mix of games selection. If the child doesn't find the item quickly there is a helpful hint, so kids will not get frustrated. Settings allow you to turn off the music and the cat sounds as well as to record your own voice. Children cannot access settings so the app is completely safe. Children can play independently-navigation of app is very easy.

Improvements Mechanism for entering answer in settings is sticky. Woman's voice is a bit flat and robotic. I wish the cat gave the directions! I would like to have more pre-academic skills: E.g. Match letters of the alphabet, numbers or shapes instead of just toys. Memory game could name items when turned. Is the matching game for learning position? If so, positions (above, below) should be named. I'd like a pattern game. Numbers/colors are presented together so kids place 3 orange toys, matched by color, rather than placing 3 toys and learning their numbers. Could it be two separate games?

General review Well designed app for toddlers or older kids with special needs. Cute cat character, bright, engaging graphics. Easy to navigate and safe: adult settings are protected by a math problem. Settings allow you to turn off music and sound effects, as well as record your own voice. 5 different games or play a mix. More pre-academic skills please: letters, patterns, shapes. Color/number game is combined- if kids match by color they don't learn numbers.

Courtney D.

What I liked I am very impressed with this app. To start, I love that you have given the user the opportunity to record their own voice into the app. That is a step beyond almost all apps in the education category! I appreciate that you count while the user is placing the items in the cart. I appreciate that there are a variety of colors, which increases difficulty. I appreciate that fine motor and problem solving skills are tapped into throughout this app. I love that there are "sneak peeks" before the extensive activities. I recommend!
Showing ll objects first

Improvements There is limited that I think needs to be worked on. In the classroom setting, "violet" is not a color. It is a color, but it is labeled purple when other shades of purple are not present. That being said, that might confuse a few users when transitioning from home use to classroom use, or even within the classroom use, of the app. There is no feedback provided for errors. I noticed that Max was shaking his head, but auditorally there is no feedback. If there was a way to have the item labeled, that would help when there is an error. For instance, "car" whenever "car" is touched.

General review This is an app that exceeds my expectations for an educational app. It works on problem solving, fine motor skills, labeling, sorting, and can be expanded to other categories when utilized with an adult educator. Along with all of those perks, there is the ability to record your own voice into the app to provide the directions. This is a great tool to customize and make this your own! I highly recommend this app for early learners!

Kate M.

What I liked Super cute app! I liked the colorful visuals of the app that were very appealing to my students in the Early Childhood program. Max is a cute character who offers visual and auditory feedback on each activity. I really liked the game mix feature. It randomly cycled through game activities, keeping my kids engaged as we moved from task to task.

Improvements I really liked this app, and have little on a wish list other than more of the good stuff! Perhaps more activities, moving into matching numbers with counting, shapes, or learning letters. Maybe another addition that is Max in another environment....Max at the Park, or Max at Preschool.

General review Super app for children 2-6 years old! Very engaging with fun pictures and colorful environments. Kids will not know they are learning while playing! This app supports early cognitive development through puzzles, visual matching, and memory games. The Game Mix feature takes you from one activity to the next to keep kids engaged. Really cute!